Friday, 29 February 2008

Happy February 29th!

Happy Leap Year!

Boy talk about one Leap Year Day, we will never forget!

Have you ever had a day when everything, and I mean 'everything' leaping / flying all over the place, off the wall, out of left field, not making any sense, assward backwards, etc??? Today, is that day for us.

We are involved in a major Spiritual Battle here. These siblings just HATE Alan so much, that they are striking out with full vindicative force! However, I have to agree with Alan, that we must be doing 'SOMETHING RIGHT' in Christ's Service, to be under such viscious attack! And, I 'tid' you not!

A few weeks ago, He gave me a Gift of 'Discernment' about the siblings' character / behaviour in this whole matter. I felt a bit uncomfortable at the time, because the Discernment was not even a bittid positive about them. However, as Alan pointed out, it was an empowering tidbit of information for me and for me alone, to be aware of. If called upon, I will be Guided by His Powerful Words of Truth. Thus, a Warrior in His Service.

What is going on, is WRONG. 'They' KNOW that; and so do we. They do not like that!

Tidbit - Put on the Full Armour of God; when you are confronted with evil.

Bittid - Keep a calm composure and express a joyful spirit! HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT.

I know that Justice will be Served - ULTIMATELY - by HIM.

God Bless.

It gets down to "Heart"

Leap Year! the 29th of Feb. Wow! Every 4 years, is Feb 29th! Interesting for those who are born on that date; they could continue to be young in age, celebrating a birthday every 4 years! LOL!

I feel as if we have 'leapt' into this year, 2008 very quickly. Ever since Alan's parents moved from the horrid old age home at the end of November/07, there have been several leaps. Alan's Mum who was 'copus mentes,' was going to check herself and her husband out of 'prison'; come heck or high water! Into a hotel, if need be! We fortunately were able to provide an apartment for them; and eventhough the time was brief, Alan's Mum was able to die with some dignity, as per her final wishes. She made Alan promise that he would take care of her beloved husband. So, to that end, Alan will. As you may have read in previous posts, we have had various challenges; primarily with Alan's 3 siblings. All I can say is that they have really surprised me to the core, with their spiteful and malicious behaviour towards Alan. I have witnessed much; and this is totally off the wall.

It feels strange too, that Alan's Dad is not here; as he has been living with us for a month. He is now in another old age home; and as mentioned, it is a sad set of circumstances. However, we will do everything we can, to remedy the situation; so that the promise Alan made to his Mum, will be honoured. I have been sharing this with you; - as a bit of a journal / diary for me; and also to be of a tid of help for any of you going through this type of 'stuff'.

We will be going to Court; no question! And, to think that these types of situations exist; whereby the elderly are ignored and shoved aside. ie as in the case of Alan's Dad, he has dementia; but the attitude is, 'who cares? he doesn't remember anything anyway'. Well, I beg to differ...he has feelings and deserves MORE. And, it is a known fact, that those who are able to have 24/7 personal live-in home care, end up leading happier lives; because there is a quality of life provided to them. That type of stabilized care helps them, in coping with the dementia better. Rather than being dumped in an old age home / institution, understaffed, and then administered with 'seniors cocktails', to keep them 'limpid' and.... need I say more? Scary, isn't it? Now, there are some homes / medical care facilities that are better than others; but the last one the Dad was in, was truly awful.(I have some posts of approx 6 to 9 mos ago, if you wish to read them).

I was unable to fall readily asleep tonight; and finally got up to write a bit; eventhough I am a tid tired from the long day. We are Praying Intercessary Prayers for the Dad; that he will be okay during all this. He is pretty fragile, as you can imagine. With Alan now not being permitted to visit his Dad; and with a court case coming up, we have many concerns as to the motives and agendae of the siblings. However, the Truth is coming to the forum; so this will be to the GOOD.

Tidbit - It all gets down to HEART; not the money.

Bittid - "Love thy neighbour, as thyself". And, place your Trust and Faith in Him; for He always Provides the Solution.

Good Morning and God Bless.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Be appreciative and positive, even in challenging moments


It is now evening. Glad of it; been a rather 'unique' day.

A good family friend has just been denied access as well; by the 'out of town' sibling; apparently it would cause a 'disruption' because the oldest sibling is there. Our friend said, 'well, shouldn't he, the Dad, be surrounded by those that love and care for him?' The reply on the phone, by the 'out of town' sibling was suggesting that 'they could have used her services over the last 3 months'. What a nerve; and she told him that as well. So, good on her! The siblings are besmirching Alan; left, right, and centre. Getting and 'revving up' various people against Alan; plus the siblings will be working on the Dad, all over again. This is a Spiritual Battle. However, I know that He has already won; and that He will take care of things, the Way He wants it.

Tidbit: When the Truth is being exposed or uncovered (largely by the 'guilty ones'), 'they' tend to 'run', 'dodge', 'delay' and / or weave more webs of deceit; to avoid being found out! If you have ever experienced that with 'some'; then you know of what I blog. 'They' try to go onto other issues (and petty ones, at that); anything to 'get one off the track or trail'. 'They' are showing themselves up, by their 'words, actions, and deeds'. Have the Faith in Him; because He always Prevails with the Truth.

Bittid - It is so easy to become bitter and angry with wrong doings etc; however, do your best to maintain a calm composure; and just continuously 'Praise Him in All Things'. I know He puts everything 'right' in His time and according to His Will.

Time to say Good Night; am going to go and enjoy a good dinner, avec a glass of South African Red Wine. Also, the above photo image is of a 'Hotei' Rhododendrum. We have 2 tid ones in our planters; and we look forward to planting them in our bit garden this spring. There are buds appearing! Am going to continue to remain appreciative and positive!

God Bless.

The Truth is being exposed.

Hi, Maybe this serves as a tidbit of a bittid breather!

Alan took his Dad to the home...Guess what? He has been restricted ACCESS to visit his Dad....Can you believe it? The Dad was a) furious for having to go to the home; and when he saw the out of town sibling, he was angered (went ballistic, is more like it); and Alan had to calm him down and b) when the Dad found out that his other son, Alan, had been refused access, he was livid. Once again, Alan had to soothe his Dad's anger.

Alan was able to get his Dad to the 'institution' peacefuly, and suggested that 'Dad, I will see you everyday'. Well, you can imagine how much more upset the Dad became, when he heard / saw that his son, Alan was denied visitation rights to him. (for 5 days; now it has been increased to 10 days...hmmmm.just around the 'court time! interesting, isn't it?) The 'Head' Administrator said, 'oh well, this is the norm'. Well I beg to differ HUGELY - it is NOT the norm...Yes, I can appreciate getting used to a 'transition' / whatever; BUT, being RESTRICTED???? Alan has since been in touch with various 'professionals and highly regarded citizens' (who are intelligently in the loop) and 'they' are thinking this is 'insane'. Personally, I feel the siblings; the oldest one for sure, SHOULD BE COMMITTED....Yes, I am venting a tid; but this is backwards.....And now, as I type, these questionnable siblings are suggesting further 'B.S.' It is all to suit their agenda; and to take Alan 'away' from the focus of doing the 'right thing'. And that is, honouring his Mum's wishes and his Dad's; and what is also genuinely in his heart(mine too, for that matter).

I suggested yesterday to Alan that perhaps the siblings that have children should pay major attention to this....perhaps their own children will enslave them to this type of abhorent treatment, AND SUBJECT THEM TO AN INSTITUTION, WHERE THEIR RIGHTS ARE IGNORED. Would they like that? I think not. However, in this situation, the shoe does fit, should the children of the siblings 'dump them in a home' down the road. Then they might have some empathy and a serious rethink; as in OOOOOOOOPS.

Excuse me for this, but what I have seen, is WRONG and SPIRITUALLY NOT RIGHT. The siblings are doing 'things' for the wrong reasons. They have allowed their hate, jealousy, whatever it is, towards Alan, to get in the way of making the best heartfelt quality of life decisions for their Dad.

We think that this upcoming case in court will set a precedent to all those - ie seniors who have been abused by their own flesh and blood; and the system, as it currently stands in the care of the elderly. New just laws are needed to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE for senior citizens.

Tidbit - Keep having the Faith that He will provide the just and right solutions.

Bittid - Do not allow the evil one to take away your joy and your calm. Keep on trekking.

God Bless.

Do what is right in your hearts.

Good Morning, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of thw world.

As soon as my head hit the bit pillow last night, I was out like a light! The body lets you know when it is a tid tired, doesn't it? SLEEP, is always the best!

To post that we have a lot going on, is a bittid of an understatement! We have had deadlines for numerous projects; and, it is interesting how tidbit things all seem to happen at the same time!

This is the day Alan will be taking his Dad to the old age home; personal belonging, affects etc. Alan has had no help from his siblings; save that they are AGAINST whatever he says and does. I am looking very much forward to 'our day in court'. Sadly it did not have to be this way; however, when you are not heard and thus ignored, this is the only way. And, I repeat, 'Justice will be Served'. The angst is so huge aganist Alan, that Alan will be in a position to question the rational and motives of his siblings. Once this is all said and done, I am quite happy to have nothing to do with any of them - ever. However, He wants us to "Love one another, as I have Loved you"; so, we must still 'welcome them into the fold'; should 'they' wish to return. The Biblical and wonderful story of the 'Prodigal Son' keeps coming to my mind.

Our morning is in full swing; phone calls, the Dad; and getting him 'ready'(washed clothing etc). As I mentioned, he is extremely upset with all of the 'goings on'; and we feel his pain and deep sadness. He has dementia; yes; however, he would thrive in a 24/7 Personal HOME Care far better than in an institution; where he will not be receiving full care; as eluded to in yesterday's blog. We do have him on a 'waiting list' for the old age home of his wife's choice; and it is a lot cheaper and has a nice atmosphere for seniors. It is only 3 to 5 minutes away from us; however, if we can place him in our old apt, with 24/7 personalized HOME care; that would be better yet. Then when there is a spot available at this particular home, we can re-evaluate his circumstances at that time. He may then, require that type of institutionalized care as his disease progresses; but we are simply now doing our best to follow the Mum's wishes, the Dad's feelings, and what we also feel is right in our hearts. The siblings are not concerned that the Dad will be 'traumatized'; like 'he will get used to it...give him a week or two'. That is not the point. Like right now, he is crying; and repeatedly saying to us, that if it was anyone else but Alan, the siblings would listen and think ' great idea!'

Tidbit - I am glad that He will Prevail and I know, 'Justice will be Served'. I look forward to that day.

Bittid - Praise Him in All Things. Let Him be your Guide.

Bye for now. God Bless.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Justice will be served!

Good Afternoon or whatever the applicable greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

Well, in a nutshell, the sibling saga is still ongoing. The behaviour of the siblings has been glaringly appalling; even today! The oldest sibling 'apologized' to Alan that she had excluded him from her message at the Memorial Church Service (mentioned in Feb 25th post). Well, ahem, many witnesses beg to differ; it was very obvious in her tone of voice and mean manner, what her malicious and vindicative intent was / is towards Alan. However, it gravely backfired on the sibling; as will be indicated in the Supreme Court, within the next few weeks. Even when she spoke at the Service, she spoke with such 'pursed' lips and did not appear to be genuine to many who heard her. That was volunteered information / feedback we received from a number of those present at the Service. They came up to us; and could not believe what they heard! As a bit of tid, Alan and I believe that her lawyer suggested strongly to her, that she make a tid of a bit apology. Hmmmmmmmm. Interestingly enough, the Church always 'tapes' the Memorial Services; we never knew, we will have her icy voice as evidence, on tape.

The Dad is devasted because he is going to an old age home (at least for the time being). The siblings are not considering what is best for their Dad; and they are going by a 'piece of paper'; re: their POA status for the Dad. Unfortunately, that 'representative agreement' is in place for now; however, Alan has registered a Committee Application in the Supreme Court; and that will hold weight at the end of the day. That being said, Alan will then continue to abide by his Mum's wishes, as well as respecting his Dad's sentiments. Who cares if the Dad does not remember what day it is? He still has feelings...We are not questionning the 24/7 care; he needs that - no dispute; it is how it is being done; and without regard. And, the timing -so soon after his wife's passing etc. - Like what is the rush? Perhaps business as per usual; as the 'out of town' sibling is returning to his home at the end of the week. Hmmmmmm.

Alan has a viable plan for him; whereby, he would receive 24/7 PERSONAL care; should he reside in our old apartment. He would not just be isolated in one room. He would be given quality full time care; and we feel that he would have a much better quality of life; and probably would live longer too! He would also be more up to date on 'things'; because he will be in constant care; rather than just dumped into a home and left there to die. I understand also, that in these various homes, there are staffing problems; particularly at night; so at least he would be provided with consistent care. We have professional support as evidence; in that 24/7 personal home care is by far the better scenario. The case may set a precedent for the future care of senior citizens.

Tidbit - Do what you know is right in your heart. Have Him Guide you on a Righteous path.

Bittid - Take each day as it comes; and make the best of it. We know that Justice will be served in the next short while. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

Bye for now. God Bless.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

It is night time! Night night!

Good Evening, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, it has been a day of 'grieving'; we are all pretty tid tired from yesterday; which was the Memorial Service for Alan's Mum. We have kept a bit to ourselves today; ie. the Dad looking at photos and cards, reflecting and sleeping; Alan has been on the phone handling our business projects, as well as 'everything else'; and me, well? - Have been 'puttering about' and rearranging various shelves and cupboards; in between 'everything else'. May as well 'put out our stuff'; so that we can enjoy it; as opposed to it all sitting dormant under cover. Plus, it is a form of 'therapy' for me; because I LOVE to decorate; and this was like a 'Spring Cleaning Indoors' for me.

Tidbit - KNOW that He is ALWAYS with you; and RELY on Him to help you through everything.

Bittid - Be thankful for your health; and at the same time, have empathy for those that are not as afflicted with disease etc.

Also, I have reflected about various 'friendships' I have had / have now; and I can honestly say that I can count on my fingers - 3 close friends; that are "true blue". I feel very Blessed that I have these 3 wonderful friends in my life; and they have 'shown up' like 'major troopers' at this sad time. I do not think they read this blog; save for one, who lives in another part of the world. You are all very special and dear to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, 25 February 2008

'Three Tired Puppies'

Good Evening!

We are now home; and what a relief! Whew! The Memorial Service went well; considering the delicate sibling situation. I saw the siblings; met one for the first time; she was gracious to me; and apparently gave Alan a hug. The 'out of town' sibling was 'okay'; but the oldest 'in town sibling', behaved disgracefully. ie. In her message in the Church, she talked about the Mum; and it was as if Alan had never existed as a tidbit family member! Can you believe that? She mentioned the three of them; but 'left out' Alan completely. Unreal! At that bittid moment, I Prayed that the devil would not take away my joy; and immediately, I was calm in composure. What she had hoped to stir up against Alan, backfired on her; and she simply showed herself up. This was observed and witnessed by several. By her own words, actions, and deeds she has sadly convicted herself. Then when Alan was the final speaker (apart from the Minister), he included ALL of his siblings; and referrred to each one by name.

The reception afterwards went well. The Dad was surrounded by many friends. We think there were about 200 ish people that were in attendance.

Tidbit - When you Ask Him for His Help, He is ALWAYS there for you.

Bittid - Be thankful for the end of the day; particularly, if it has been a long day!

Am going to call it a night. The Dad is relieved too; and he loved his Shepherd's Pie.(Costo makes such a good one!). He ended up having his dinner served in bed; is watching a movie on T.V. and is presently enjoying a Scotch and gingerale. He is exhausted, but in a happy way.

On that note, I am saying: "Good Night and God Bless".

The Memorial Service is today.

Good Afternoon or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Today, is Alan's Mum's Memorial Service. I am now 'ready' to go; and Alan's Dad is in the shower, with Alan following shortly thereafter. Alan's Dad will look totally 'spiffy'; with polished shoes, his Royal Airforce fighter's squadron jacket, etc.

Alan will be the last Speaker in the Church; he has written a wonderful Eulogy in memory and in celebration of his Mum's life. Very loving and very touching. I think there will be many tears; but in genuine appreciation and love for her. She was an outstanding human being; and she is now at peace, in His Mansion in the sky.

Tidbit - We are going to act with Grace and Love! That is the ONLY way!

Bittid - Give Him Thanks and Praise in ALL things. And, go with His 'flow'; and take comfort in His Holy Spirit! Amen.

Will blog later this evening; if I have a moment.

Here is wishing you all the best for today.

God Bless.

P.S. My Dad always said that a vodka and clamato juice was a 'necessity' prior to a Funeral or a Memorial Service! Well, Alan and I have both had one, in this case.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Reflective insights

Good Afternoon. or whatever the appropriate greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

This has been another beautiful day; and it is Sunday!

This morning, I enjoyed watching 3 ministerial programs; ie 'Hour of Power', with the Schulers; 'Enjoying Everyday Life', with Joyce Meyers; and 'Living Truth', with Charles Price. Alan brought me my cup(s) of coffee in bed; and not only did I watch the 'Vision' Channel on T.V, I had wonderful vision of our beautiful surrounding trees and snow capped mountains in the distance. The birds, such as robins, finches, chickadees, hummingbirds, and sparrows were doing amazing acrobats from branch to branch! I became a 'member' of the "Sparrows Club' today, from watching the 'Hour of Power'; and will be receiving a gift of wonderfully decorated Sparrows on a music box, that plays "Amazing Grace". Interestingly enough, (no bit coincidence, I feel!) that this is the hymn that Alan and I added from other already picked hymns, for his Mum's Memorial Service for tomorrow -'Amazing Grace'. We have a small tid mahogany table (was my parents; and, it has an extra special sentimental value to me) in front of our bedroom bay window; and this little music box will be located in the perfect spot!

'Faith is in the unseen', as Robert Schuler was true. We walk 'by Faith and not by Sight'. Also, a man by the name of Casey Treat, was a guest on the Hour of Power today. He has written an incredible book called, 'How to Feel your Best, when you feel your Worst'; and it tells of his triumphs over drugs etc. At age 19 yrs, he was faced with 2 choices: prison or rehabilitation. He chose rehab; and what a wonderful choice he made. Inspirational, I think! In the Bible, Paul the Apostle, suggests: "let's Glory in our Weakness". Robert Schuler was talking about LENT; as well as saying:'let's Eliminate Negative Thinking'. I thought that was an intriguing thought. For those that watched the program, "Rise Up" was a fantastic and uplifting song! I went through the motions as well; eventhough I was just watching from the T.V.

Next with Joyce: 'The Power of Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue'. Words contain creative or destructive power; you have a choice with words. Also, if you want a positive life, do not continue to repeatedly talk / think in negatives. Also, from Romans 10, verse 9, as in the Power to be Saved...'Believe in your Heart and Confess with your Mouth'. All very true. For those who oppose you, Ask Him to Move 'their' hearts.

Then with Charles: "Love your enemies and Pray for those who Persecute you". I thought this was very appropro for the Memorial Service tommorrow. Charles basically said to have HIM handle everything. In other words, do not take the Law into your own hands, and do not act with vengeance. (even if tempted!). Leave that all to HIM.

LOVE and GENEROSITY IS; NOT an 'eye for an eye'; instead, 'Love thy neigbour (or enemy, for that matter) as thyself'. God is LOVE; and everthing FLOWS from LOVE. So, 'Rise above it, and act with Grace and Love' is what Charles is saying.

Tidbit - I think the above aptly gives wise counsel.

Bittid - Now, we just have to put this all into genuine practice, what we heard today. We will be Praying for Him to help all of us through tomorrow's Memorial Service.

The sibling and son are over at this bittidical moment. I choose not to be present. Call it a tidbitical discernment. However, I will Rely on His Guidance and for His WORDS of Wisdom; should He wish me to speak a few moments tomorrow.

God Bless

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Recipes have 'sprung' like Spring!

Good Evening, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a BEAUTIFUL Day! It was just like 'spring' outdoors; it would appear that "Spring has Sprung!" And, it is still 'light out!' Love the above photo image; fresh spring produce! Mmmmmmmm yum!

We were all up a tid early; and then headed out to hair appointments for both Alan and myself. Alan had his hair trimmed; and I had a bit of 'help' to continue with the legitimately natural fair hair colour I had, when I was a child and throughout my teens. Plus, I had a shaping / cut; and you know how you feel, when you look 'younger!' LOL! It has been a bittid overdue; so, this visit to my friend / hairdresser, was a much appreciated treat! Alan's Dad sat in the comfy chairs in the front of the cosy tidbit boutique / shop; and we had fun waving to him! Since I was going to be quite a bit longer than Alan, both he and his Dad left, to make sure the Dad's shoes, a white shirt, suit etc was all in perfect tid order for this coming Monday, which is the Memorial Service for Alan's Mum.

I enjoyed looking at a magazine with various recipes for my remaining hour ; and ended up writing a few down; which I would like to share with you! I am sure you can make substitutions; ie if you do not have Pomegranate Juice, perhaps Cranberry Juice might work just as well?


Sandwich in a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche between the pancakes and the salmon. Makes 30.

3 eggs
1/2 c milk
2 scallions, thinly sliced
2 TBSPS olive oil, plus more for frying
1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice
3/4 c instant potato flakes (the potato flakes make it!)
1/4 c flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
8 oz thinly sliced smoked salmon
2 TBSPS fresh dill sprigs

1) In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, scallions, 2 TBSP oil and lemon juice until blended. Stir in the potato flakes, flour and baking powder.

2) Heat 2 tsp oil (per batch) in a large non-stick skillet or griddle over medium - high heat. Drop ptotato mixture by tablespoonfuls into pan. Cook pancakes until golden brown and firm enough to flip; about 1 minute per side.

3) Tear off small strips of salmon and arrange on each pancake. Top each with small sprig of dill. Serve warm.


Pour 1/4 c chilled Pomegranate Juice into each of 6 glasses, and top off with 1/3 to 1/2 c sparkling dry white wine (a 750 ml Prosecco is perfect!). Will give you enought for 6 drinks. (photo had long tall glasses)

(makes 2 cups)

1 15 oz can chickpeas, drained
1 12 oz jar roasted red peppers, drained
2 TBSP cream cheese
2 TBSP garlic - infused oil
1 TBSP fresh lime juice
1 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp salt

In a food processor, puree all ingredients about one minute.
Store in fridge up to 2 days.

These 3 appetizers caught my eye a tidful, for bitful delights! Looks to be very easy to prepare and very scrumptious!

Also, there was a 'funky' black and white picture for sale; showing various old street signs; and I have contacted the artist for further info. I am thinking this would make a wonderful birthday gift for Alan! We have our garage still packed full from our move to here, of 1.5 yrs ago! One of these days, we will organize our garage / basement properly, to create a pub like setting, with our extra small pool table; that currently is the grand central storage holder of many unpacked boxes, on top and underneath the table. Hence, the picture with the 'signs atmosphere', will really add to the den ambience. Of course, when we do play pool,(Alan is a very good player; I am a beginner), our car will need to be parked elsewhere! LOL! Plus, I have always LOVED the chic and dramatic colours of black and white, when they make an artistic statement!

Tidbit - Be joyful! We have left 'everything' up to Him; so, we may as well enjoy the 'journey' while we 'wait' for His Solutions.

Bittid - Give and share good will to others. Amazing how uplifted you feel!

The day has been just what was needed; a bit of a breather from the past tid few weeks. Very thankful it is the weekend.

Also, we are getting 'ready' for Monday; and the message, "Love one another as I have loved you"; keeps filtering into both my heart and mind. We are 'pacing ourselves' to rise with GRACE and LOVE on Monday, when we honour Alan's Mum. It is her day; to remember her and to rejoice in the celebration of her life.

God Bless.

Friday, 22 February 2008

The Joys of Jello!

Hi again! It has turned into a gorgeous day; and the sun feels so good on one's face!
Am about to go outside on our patio, and enjoy the fresh air in a bit; might clear my head a tid! LOL!

What has been going on, is shamefully unreal; for lack of a better description.
However, I know He knows; and He has everything Righteously in Hand. I have Faith and Hope and comfort in that belief.

Also, we are a bit 'jello ee' around here; small wonder! However, just received from a wonderful friend a "The Joys of Jello" along with some bittid molds for jello or other tidbit goodies. Am thinking that 'Grandma' here, will have her wee grandsons and other future grandchildren over, many a time, to make these fun tid jello desserts! The kitchen walls may need a touch up or decorative flair from time to time! LOL! a la jello and in different colours, perhaps? See the above neat jello cookbook and molds!

Tidbit - He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

Bittid - Be calm; regardless of what is happening all around you. A sense of humour always helps too!

God Bless.


Hi again!

Am going to post a bit part of Rudyard Kipling's "If", enclosed in an old card to Alan from his Mum. I think it is most appropriate(particularly at this time); given the vile and viscious behaviour exhibited by the siblings; and all before her Memorial Service....hmmmmmmmm.

Am quoting just 2 tid verses from this excerpt. This is both a tidbit and a bittid to all those, who can read or be read to.

"If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs, and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowances for their doubting, too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good nor talk too wise;"

At this tidbitz moment, the 'lull' or the 'calm of the storm' is starting to 'fester' a bittidz. We will meet the 'gathering storm' in full force, with Him on our side. He has already won; and the Truth is illuminated always.

God Bless.

Appreciate favourite moments

Good Morning! Or whatever, is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the World!

Had a deep sound sleep last night! And eventhough it is a grey day, spitting with rain from overhead clouds, it is a neat start to the day! The robins, chickadees, finches are all flying about and singing! The cheerful song, ('Singing in the Rain') comes to my tid mind! The above photo image is of a beautiful pink Queen Elizabeth Rose. We have two of them in our tid garden; and you can see their faint bit beginnings of Spring. 'Take time out to smell the roses', so the expression goes.

Have you favourite moments of the day? I have several that I appreciate; however, it depends on which one, you delight in at the time! This morning, I am enjoying reading my emails, correspondence, and blogs; with a large cup of freshly brewed coffee by Alan. Our Blue (our gorgeous Blue Heeler, for those of you, that do not know who Blue is) has been walked already, and Alan's Dad is still fast asleep. Sleep and rest are probably best for the Dad right now; considering that it has been a tough ordeal for him.

Am also browsing through photos of our twin baby grandsons. They are sooooooooo dear; and most handsome, if I add a bit myself! They have beautiful eyes; they will be 'hunks', I am sure. However, what is most important, is what is on the inside at the end of the day.

Tidbit - 'Beauty is only skin deep'; so 'they' say. It is on the inside of a person that matters most! Wonderful to be Blessed with a good looking exterior; but the interior is where it is at!

Bittid - Appreciate the 'lull'; as in 'the calm before the storm' (Feb 20th post).

I have shared a few tidbitz tales (ie. sibling saga) with you; and now it is simply a matter of 'waiting' upon Him to bring to Light the various bittidz indiscrepancies and /or contradictions. Indeed, it is 'the calm before the storm'; and we are looking forward to His Resolutions / Solutions.

God Bless.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Appreciate a rest

Good Evening. Glad it is the night! I think I blogged that last night! Where has the day gone? Well, I know; gone in a bittid!

We are going to bed early tonight! In fact, the dinner we had planned, we have put aside for tomorrow, and instead, have ordered in a pizza. The steak (from Costco!), will just have to marinate for tomorrow's juicy tidbit meal!

Tidbit - Sometimes, when you are just plain 'tired', best to listen to your body and say 'good night' a tidbitz earlier.

Bittid - Enjoy having a sound night's sleep; so that you when you awaken, it is with recharged batteries! And, positive bittidz ones at that!

Good Night and God Bless.

He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Here is another beautiful day; with bits of Spring on the way!

To say that 'a lot is going on'; is a tid understatement. Suffice to state, He IS 'the Way, the Truth, and the Light'. Love the above photo image.

Tidbit - He is never fooled. The TRUTH always surfaces.

Bittid - He has already won!

God Bless.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Glad it is night time!

Good Evening. We are glad it is night time! It has been a full day! Plus there is a full eclipse of the moon tonight; and we are in the prime area to see it!!!

The 'quiet before the storm'....yep. A bit of a tid storm is starting to 'brew'. More of a frothy broth, a tidbitz later.

Tidbit - Know you have done your bittidz best for the day.

Bittid - Things always work out. That tid of thought is a good bit of encouragement.

Good night and God Bless.

The 'calm before the storm'

Good Morning, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world!

'Well' is a deep subject!(If you wish, you can refer to the post of 6/13/07).

Today, is the 'calm before the storm'.

Tidbit - Always be calmly 'ready' for whatever happens; even out of 'left field'.

Bittid - Have FAITH in Him. HE ALWAYS prevails; to the GOOD. The TRUTH will be illuminated! I like the above photo image.

God Bless.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Spring is still in the air!

Good Morning; or whatever greeting is appropriate to you, in your part of the world.

It is another beautiful day! We have so much to be thankful for! And, Spring is still in the air! Although, we have observed that a lot of 'stuff' is 'assward backwards'. Perhaps, some of you can relate; if you have experienced similar situations?

With the recent passing of Alan's Mum, there is a lot of bittidz to do; between now and her Memorial Service. We know that her Service will be well attended; as she was very much loved, by all who genuiunely knew her. She had such a generosity of spirit! An exceptional human being.

Eventhough it is a gorgeous day, I can not help but feel a tidbitz 'numb' at this particular moment. Plus a tid of seagulls just flew by; and their unique cries hit a bit of a chord within my heart. I have Prayed to Him to help us through this challenging time; and to also have COMPASSION towards our foes; quite literally. Strange perhaps; but not really. I could write a book / movie on what has been / is going on; very much like 'Rosemary's Baby' scenario.

Tidbit- Am asking for the "Full Armor of God" for all those concerned; including our foes.

Bittid - He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light. He has also said, "LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS I HAVE LOVED YOU." So true. AND, He has already WON. That is a major comfort and joy to us.

Also, I LOVE the above photo image; it says a lot!

God Bless.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Spring is in the air!

Good Evening, or whatever the applicable greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

It has been a full day; starting tres early. Just sat down for a brief bittid; have some tidbit things left to still do; before dinner time; and we are having company over for dinner! The food is already prepared; save just popping the dishes in our oven; and the Caesar Salad will be done closer to our dinner hour. The wine (South African) is already opened to breathe!

Tidbit - When you are on a 'roll'; keep at it, if you can! ie bittidically cleaning house in my case, or whatever it is you find yourself doing. Plus, the 'cleaning' is a good bit of a 'healing' process.

Bittid - Appreciate the comfort of your home!

Today it is gorgeous outside! And, while I have been tidying, the brilliant sunlight that is filtering in through various tids of our crystal pieces (ie wine decanters; the above 2 exquisite Green Glass Hatted Lady Head Vases (Sophia and Stephanie); etc, is tidbitically sparkling everywhere!

The red roses that Alan gave me for Valentine's Day, are just as beautiful; as are the 2 bouquets of wonderful fresh spring flowers from my children. "Spring is in the air"; and I have a 'spring in my step' today!

Once again, 'Happy Presidents Day' to all those who are celebrating the occasion.

Praise Him in All things!

God Bless.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Tidbits & Bittids!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Today it is Sunday; and it is a beautiful sunny day; with blue skies. Cold, but nice!

Was watching the Vision Channel this am; 'The Hour of Power',(with the Schullers), 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyers), and 'The Living Truth' (Charles Price). All 3 programs were excellent and had wonderful 'tidbits' to offer!

On the 'Hour of Power', Robert Schuller Jr, was sharing a bittid, that 'if we are down to nothing, God is up to something' (on our behalf). So true!

With Joyce, she was suggesting that we all have been given 'Gifts' from Him; and that we should just all do our tid part. We do not need to be jealous of what someone else has, or try to be like someone else. We just need to be thankful for what we have and do our bit; with what we have been given! Joyce was saying that we need to 'Wait on God?' Well, what do you suppose that means? She was sharing that it is how we 'Wait'. ie if we have a positive and joyful attitude, great. We may as well enjoy the 'journey of the 'Wait'; and become 'like a child', 'full of Hope, Anticipation, and Joy'. Also, when you EXPECT GOODNESS to occur, 'things just happen' and you become a "Blessing' to others. In a tidbit, Joyce is wonderful; and she has a lot of gems to impart. Also, do not let the evil one succeed EVER, in taking away your joy!

With Charles, he was sharing that once we are 'indwelt with the Holy Spirit', our lives are forever changed - different! HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT. Truth involves communication, character, and committment. With 'communication', WORDS are so powerful. A kind word can do so much; and an unkind word can destroy so much. As far as 'character', well, God HATES LIES; and DELIGHTS in TRUTH. The lips that 'lie' HATE, and want to HURT. In 'committment', "Yes, means yes"; and "No, means no". If you are 'clear' with either a "Yes or a No", it is from HIM.

I feel as if I have shared some tidbits; so perhaps some bittids have reached your ears and hearts. Love the above borrowed tidbit info, with the showboat!

Abraham Lincoln in his 'Gettysburg Address' of 2 minutes, turned the Civil War around; with his short speech of 230 words. The power of WORDS is so important! On that note, I wish Americans, "Happy Presidents Day" for tomorrow.

God Bless.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Michaelangelo Sky!

Good Evening!

Wanted to write a quick bit about the glorious and Heavenly 'Michaelangelo Sky' that we have tonight! It is totally AWESOME! The beautiful blues, and the 'golden' apricoty hues etc....takes your tid breath away! It has been a long time since I have seen such a magnificent sunset! And, to think, He created the Universe in 6 days! Wow! And, now there is more daylight at the end of each day; a tidbitz of 5 mins more per day! My daughter and her husband are going out this evening to celebrate their first year anniversary (tomorrow is the actual date). What a gorgeous drive they will have to reach their dinner destination!

The bittidz visit appeared to go well with the sibling and the Dad. Alan was in the other room; and I was 'not around'. I think the sibling suggested that perhaps Alan take his Dad to Church tomorrow (that is when the minister, who came here yesterday, will be letting the congregation know about the passing of Alan's Mum); ie. that he might wish to see some of his friends there. Well, the Dad does not want to go tomorrow; toooooooo soon. Apparently the minister and the Dad spoke yesterday; and it was the Dad who brought it up; and volunteered he was not interested in going this Sunday. The minister quite concurred. So, here we are again, 'business as usual' or an 'agenda?'

Tidbit - Do you know why you have a "gut" or 'intuitive' feeling about certain 'things?' Well, it is like a 'built in detecting' device. Go with your God Given Gifts and instincts. And better still, when you place your Faith and Trust in Him, He Provides Guidance in Everything! He always brings to "light" the Truth.

Bittid - Be grateful for the day and then for the night. Simple, but true.

And this majestic Michelangelo Sky is 'out of this world!' I 'searched and searched', and finally 'borrowed' a photo image to describe our sunset tonight. A stunning white horse, ocean waves, and lush palm trees do not look too hard to appreciate either! And, I repeat, He created our Universe in 6 days! Wow!

Good Night and God Bless.


Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Well, it has been a 'quiet' day, thus far! Last night, I think we all fell asleep, like tired tid puppies! Alan's Dad is having some time to himself; trying his bit best to 'adjust' to the new situation.

The minister was here yesterday; I met him; very lovely man; then the 'out of town' sibling soon came in, along with the grandson (which was a surprise and unexpected visitor). I thought it wise for me to not be present at that time; one less body to overwhelm the Dad etc. The sibling kept 'pushing' his agenda; to have the other 2 siblings (who were waiting in the car in the visitor's parking area) to come in to see the Dad; and then take him out to dinner. That is the last tidbitical thing the Dad wanted to do!

The Dad wishes to 'stay put'; and was very clear that he did not want to see the other 2 siblings or go out. He has since said, that he would see the other siblings; BUT, one at a time, AND, HERE, with Alan present. That is reasonable enough at this time.

It would appear STILL, that the siblings are blythely going about 'their' business. It is 'Business, as per usual'; goes the saying. They have certainly not paid any attention to the repeated requests. The sibling(s) disregarded the Mum's wishes yet at Christmas, when the Mum did not wish to see the siblings; and 'they' foisted themselves anyway on the Mum; (in an earlier post) and then when the Dad did not wish to see the 2 'in town' siblings yesterday. I guess, because the Dad has dementia; 'they' can just automatically ignore his thoughts and feelings. Pretty sad bittidical state of affairs. Even, after the fresh overnight passing of the Mum, this type of 'behaviour' is glaringly apparent!

Alan is not excluding the siblings; yesterday was just not good timing for the Dad; plain and simple.

Before I 'forget'; I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family (ie my children) for their flowers and kind words of encouragement to both Alan and I. We very much appreciate your generosity of spirit; and we look forward to enjoying you very much, in our lives. Also, a thank you to friends, for your kindness at this time.

Tidbit - Genuineness is the key. Like I may be faced with Alan's siblings who may be 'nicey nicey' with me; but, not to Alan. Hmmmmm. And eventhough, I am doing my best to behave 'cordially', I may say with a firm gentleness: 'Please do not bother to 'fakeroo it' with me; would rather witness your hostility or whatever, instead of 'covering' it up with me etc. In other words, no "B.S." Am sure most of you know what that stands for.

Bittid - LOVE CONQUERS ALL. I know He has a Solution already in place for us all! And, once again, as with each passing day - 'Praise Him in All Things'.

Right now, we are just doing what we need to do; and ALL with His Guidance. When there is more to add, will do so.

Love the above photo image of the daffodils. Bright yellow and cheery. However, we have also been Blessed with beautiful 'indoor' flowers from my children: fresh pink tulips, white budding freeschia (sp?), peaceful lillies, splendid coral gerbera, and lots of vivid greens! It is a dull, dark, and dreary day today; so these 2 bouquets are a 'breath of fresh air!' Also, Alan's long stemmmed dozen red roses are truly gorgeous! So, THANK YOU again!

Also, a dear family friend expressed today to Alan; her support re: trials and tribulations; that, 'You'll get time to mourn your mother a bit down the road' True; because there has been no time; with everything else going on; and all at once. However, Alan is rejoicing in her life; because, that is how his Mum wants us to be. That is such a comforting thought; and once again, she passed away on Valentine's Day. LOVE Conquers All!

God Bless.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Until later

Until later...well, now it is evening our time! I am glad it is night time; as it has been a full full full day.

It is unreal with all the 'stuff' going on. You can choose your friends, but not your family; so aptly true!

To act with Grace & DIGNITY ('Dignity' being a recent blog subject)is a MUST. Very hard to do! I will spare you the tidbitical details at this time; except that we are doing our bittidical best to act appropriately; and for the right reasons. One wonderful tidbit consolation, is that 'the TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES & WINS!' He has already won!

Tidbit - Enjoy the end of the day; particularly, if it has been an eventful 'day!' There was a lot to do, in a bittid.

Bittid - Be really Grateful for what YOU have! Health, peace of mind, sense of humour, whatever!

I just LOVE the above photo image! What a wonderful, well weathered, but lovely kind face; full of character and dignity re: many life experiences! I bet, whoever she is, has (or had) many fascinating & wise tales to share about 'taking time out to smell the roses!'

Am now going to say Good Night & God Bless.

Love Conquers All!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world!

This post is going to be a tid short. Alan's Mum passed away last night; and was declared 'legally dead' at 12:35 am, Feb 15th. A bit of a thought...she actually passed away at 11:18 pm, Feb 14th - Valentine's Day. I feel it is no coincidence that He chose her 'time', to be on Valentine's Day; a Day that has a special historic meaning; known all over the world. The Mum was full of LOVE, a very genuine and giving person. As Alan said, she has moved to a new address - 'to a Mansion in the Sky.' I think this is a wonderful way of illuminating her ascent.

Two of the 3 siblings (as mentioned earlier) have had such a deep rooted ANGER AND a HATE in them - directed towards Alan, for all these years. So, with the Mum passing away on Valentine's Day, this is all the more awesome; because, LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

It has been quite a tidbitical 'cycle' of events today; as you can well imagine; and 'then some'. The family minister is coming over here this afternoon; so that will be a good bittidical visit for whomever shows up! I am looking forward to meeting him; as I understand he is an exceptional man.

Tidbit - Keep 'things' SIMPLE.

Bittid - When you rejoice, as in celebration of a loved one's life, that makes things easier to bear. I like my Valentine analogy of LOVE, with regards to Alan's Mum's passing!

Until later.

God Bless.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine evening

Am back! It is now evening in our part of the world. However, still Valentine's Day!

Just came back from visiting Alan's Mum, at the apartment. The apartment looks very lovely; and very peaceful, in keeping with her dying requests. I have not seen her for the last tid few weeks. Last week, I went with Alan and his Dad to the hospital; but sat out in the waiting room; as I knew his Mum was not really up to taking on more visitors; save Alan.

You remember the word,'Dignity?'- well, I totally respect that wish. I had the opportunity tonight, to speak to her; eventhough her body was / is rapidly 'closing down'. I told her she was / is an awesome human being; and that I was glad to have met her; and I thanked her for all that she taught me. She immediately stirred and turned towards me! Apparently, she has not moved a tidbitz for quite a bittidz; so I have been told. Her breathing is becoming heavier by the moment; so her time is short. I also shared with her, that LOVE is what matters MOST...and that we ALL LOVE her. I wished her well in her next journey; which is even more awesome than Earth! HEAVEN!

Alan will be going later again there this evening - twice or thrice - to 'administer' the necessary medication needed for his Mum; eventhough, there is an overnight nurse, overnighting there. As mentioned in my earlier blog (yesterday, Feb 13th -Sibling Saga),the oldest sibling needlessly frightened the heck out of the night time caregiving group; so they now they feel very uncomfortable giving the prescribed medication. It has to be an 'RN', with 'RECOGNIZED CREDITS' in our part of the world (even if they have the 'credits' in their part of the world; crazy, isn't it? a bunch of "B.S." comes to my mind), that has to give this medication. And yet, it is okay for a bit family member, to do that task? Medical system at work!!!

Tidbit - Do your best to still have humility, understanding, and LOVE. A forgiving spirit, is very KEY. Ask Him to HELP you forgive; if you find it tough to do. Think MACRO!


Alan's sibling had a good visit with the Dad (I hope); and the sibling will be back tomorrow.

Am now going to call it a day. Good night & God Bless.

Feb 14/08 - Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day again!

Hope you are all enjoying a nice one! Ours, has been a bit poignant and one Valentine's Day, we will not ever forget. And with everything else happening, I have received a dozen beautiful long stemmed red roses from Alan!

Alan's Mum is 'passing away', as I write for a tid. Alan has been outstanding; in dealing with everything! The 'Sibling Saga' is still 'lurking'; but, at least, we know that we have done our best for Alan's Mum. However, MORE importantly, Alan has honoured HER final wishes. Alan took his Dad for a haircut; and the Dad is pretty exhausted with all the 'goings on'. Right now, he is sleeping; and, on freshly washed sheets. A haircut and clean sheets help a bittid!

I have made our abode 'ready' for whomever. ie soups, casseroles, buns, salads, fruits, cookies, coffee, tea, pop, beer, wine, whatever suits. The siblings, both 'in towners' and 'out of town' ones, have been invited to our home, both by Alan and his Dad. So, it will be interesting, won't it, to see who turns up? ie today, or within the next short while. Hmmmmmm. The Memorial Service most likely, will be held next week. The 'out of town' sibling may show up to see the Dad today. Apparently, this sibling is in town 'indefinitely'.

Currently, Alan has been given a list of people to call re: his Mum's passing; and he is handling that right now. She wanted her Memorial Service, with no fuss, and in the small Chapel. Well, she was / is a much loved human being; and the Minister (of their choice, who saw her today) knows, that her Service will have to be held in the Church; because there will be a lot of people, who will genuinely miss her. The Mum is still alive; but barely. She is in a very similar 'comatose' state like my Mum, who passed away 2.5 years ago. It does not seem that long ago...feels more like yesterday to both Alan and I.

Am doing my best to remain 'neutral'; however, not easy. 'Neutrality', in regards to treating the siblings with Grace and Compassion. I do not know any of the siblings; but then, they have gone out of their way to not have much, if anything to do with their brother, (primarily the 2 "in of towners") for all these years. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Alan has been like a "Joseph, with his coat of many colours". HOWEVER, if the siblings behave rudely (very snarly) to me, or to their brother, in my presence, I will have a few, but CHOICE words for them. The CALM words of 'WISDOM' will be from Him. He knows exactly what has gone on, what is the TRUTH, and what IS.

Tidbit - Confidence, and a CALM is good.

Bittid - Rely on Him for Direction and FOLLOW His Guidance.

Alan's 'out of town' sibling just arrived. Well, I hope it will be a better visit than yesterday.

Will write later on.

God Bless.

Happy Valentine' s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

There is always a new day; and am particularly glad today is Valentine's Day! Maybe it just gives one a bit of an an extra 'spring in one's step'. The birds (chickadees, finches, robins etc) are chirping away; that is always such a happy and cheery sound! Also, it is inspiring to see our tid feathered friends, flying here and there; doing athletics from branch to branch etc.

Tidbit - Live one day at a time! Do your best with what you have; and make the most of it!

Bittid - Be glad, be joyful; and calm; under all circumstances. Praise Him in ALL Things.

Also, if you have a loved one(ie your Valentine), let him/her know that they are very 'special' to you. Was sent an email Valentine this morning; and I love the above photo image! The heart shaped chocolates look sooooooo good! Plus the soft delicate colour of the gentle roses.

A rose is a rare beauty in itself. I have always appreciated a rose(s); as did my Dad; who loved gardening; and he had a 'knack' for growing and cultivating roses. Our tidbitz garden will be springing forth a number of wonderful roses; so our cosy bittidz abode will be flowing with fragrance and beauty.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The purpose of war, is peace

Good Evening; or whatever is the appropriate greeting in your part of the world.

It has been an unique day. I enjoyed having lunch with my 'partner in crime' good friend. We 'hit it off' as per usual; and it was a 'saneful' break from the last tid few interesting weeks. I invited my friend to come in for a glass of wine; as we had barely scratched the surface! And, lo and behold...the 'out of town' sibling was at our house. He and my friend had experienced the same part of the U.S. for a bit; so that was a nice introduction; before she and I disappeared to further enjoy our visit.

The sibling was 'pressuring' the Dad' to 'bond'; as in getting him out of the house. Apparently, the sibling was not going to take no for an answer; inasumch as the Dad was tired from his earlier daytime committments. This has all been pretty exhausting for the Dad; dementia or not. Well, the Dad let the sibling 'have it!'. Basically, WHY all the attention NOW? and that he definitely does NOT want to see the other 2 siblings...That is how he felt at the time; and how he truly feels. Alan had no idea of what his Dad was going to say on the phone, when he handed it to him. That was when the Dad discouraged the sibling to take him out; then the sibling came over to our place.

Eventhough, we were in the 'other' room, we could hear the conversation; even over our own. ie The sibling was pressuring the Dad; and being a bit of a 'pr- - -!" Excuse me, but you can fill in the blanks. I was so tempted to 'jump in' there and 'set things straight'; but CHOSE not to; and also thanks to my friend, who agreed, not a good idea at the time; in other words, let them ' work it out'. Plenty of time later to express my thoughts to the siblings. This sibling is 'micro minded'; no more, no less; and this same sibling will be in touch with Alan, as per visiting the Dad - here. This should be interesting...I have already asked Alan that he be here, when that happens; just take my word for it. Alan also invited the other siblings via this sibling to come you can come over and see Dad as much as you want..We do not think that is a likelihood; but we are "ready" should that ever take place. The other 2 siblings are so angry and so full of hate. We know that with PEACE and LOVE; that works best.

We are glad it is the end of the day.

Tidbit - Value your genuine friends!

Bittid - TRUTH always sets you 'free'.

Good night and God Bless.

Sibling Saga

Good Morning, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, for starters, it is a beautiful sunny morning! Blue sky abounding everywhere; admist 36 degrees F. A tid chilly; but refreshing, nonetheless.

Was debating whether I would write a bit more or not, on the 'sibling saga'; because what has been taking place is just 'unreal'. This is most definitely, a 'spiritual battle' happening. A dear friend who faithfully reads my blog, helped validate my questionning thought; she was 'dying' to know what happened with the unexpected visit from the 'out of town' sibling. She then went on to say that what has been 'occuring', is 'surreal'; so many thanks my good friend, you have given me a tidbit of courage to continue with this tale. However, I will not go into all the bittidz details; because some of them are just too 'nitty gritty' and sinister. Perhaps, when things are said and done, I may add a tidbitz in that regard; that is when Justice is done. Put it this way, you would most likely, not believe me, with what is presently unravelling, because it is 'unreal'.

The bittid visit with the sibling went okay. As mentioned, I had to leave the room. Very hard to sit with someone, who is not on your side; ie of Truth. However, I did return to the 'fray'; and was 'calm' and 'cordial'. There are times, when you must 'know your enemy'; and go into 'their camp'.

Unfortunately, Alan and I, and various integrity driven professionals, are 'skeptical & suspicious' of the erratic behaviour that has been exhibited thus far. In other words, it is not just Alan and myself, thinking this way. Why yesterday, the 2 'in town' siblings, called the police because they were not being 'allowed' in. That being said, 'they' (one of them in particular; and when asked, lied blatantly)intimidated the 'heck' out of the caregivers. Anyway, Alan came out 'smelling like a rose'; a)he had done nothing wrong; and b) he turned the tables on the siblings; and the police left scratching their the 2 siblings are totally totally off base; and disregarding all the wishes of both the Mum and the medical people. "Wing wang' or "pyscho" comes to my mind. They are quite unbalanced; and once again, by their 'words, deeds, and actions', they have convicted themselves.

Plus the 'surprise' visit of the 'out of town' sibling (who said to Alan, that Alan would be advised of flight arrivals etc) was there; so Alan had to place his trust in that sibling; - to make sure eveything, was 'kosher'. And, after that visit, the sibling came up to see the Dad, (at Alan's suggestion) who, as you know, is staying with us. I will add a bittidical: the oldest sibling (the one who is not truthful) frightened the 'living' you know what out of the 24/7 help. HOWEVER, IT HAS BEEN NOTATED IN THE NOTES...So the sibling(s) is / are exposing themselves. All I can say is a big "Thank you" to Him.

Tidbit - I am leaving my Trust in Him to Work out everything to the common GOOD, and to put things to right.

Bittid - "LOVE one another, as I have LOVED you". Such a true message. What we are experiencing is the total tidbitical oppposite. The 2 'in town' siblings have displayed jealousy, anger, and HATE; and the 'out of town' sibling appears to have added to the 'confusion' and is in collusion with 'them'. Once again, 'they' are ensnaring themselves in their own 'web of deceit' etc. He can not be fooled; and, I "Praise Him in All Things".

God Bless.

P.S. The oldest of the 3 nephews, (mentioned in yesterday's post), confirmed with Alan that he wants nothing to do with the 2 'in town' siblings; and yesterday, when he wanted to see his "Grandma'; and heard his mum and aunt were there, he said, 'Forget it, I do not want to be anywhere near them' - or sentiments to that effect. So, GOOD on him!

P.P.S. The 'husband' of the the mum (not sure whether they are 'estranged' or what the current situation is)just called Alan; and thanked him for treating his sons 'like men'. Alan's reply was, "I had to". Afterall, these nephews are 'young men'; not juveniles. Although, interestingly enough, it would appear that the mum and the aunt are behaving as if they are juveniles.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Alan's sibling from out of town, just arrived here. (Alan called and gave me a 'heads up'). I was able to stay for a few tid minutes; but then had to leave the room. I am not particularly endeared by the attitude of the sibling(s); so, I just gently and quietly left the room. Alan is outside returning our business calls; so perhaps, this gives the sibling and the Dad a private bit of private time together.

Tidbit - Rise above all circumstances; regardless of how challenging things can be.
Ask Him for Guidance to always Act with Grace.

Bittid - Now, just make sure you do it! I am struggling at this tidbit moment, to Act with Grace; and it is not a bittid easy! However, we must always be 'ready' for whatever happens.

God Bless.

Always be 'ready'

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world.

At the moment, there is not a lot of tid to blog about...Alan's Dad received a phone call later last night from the out of town sibling; and we presume the conversation went 'fine' and 'above board'. However, the Dad woke up this morning; quite distraught and 'disoriented'... Like he was asking me repeatedly, "Why Am I Here?" I replied: 'Good question; I ask that too of myself, many a time!" (particularly as of late! LOL!) I was simply attempting to add a bit of humour to the current situation. Hmmmmmm. Ha Ha.

Alan just took his Dad down this morning to see the Mum. She is losing ground quickly. The doctors and nurses have specified that short 'set' scheduled visiting times are better for her to see people; because of her weakened state. And it is also better, at this time, for the Dad to NOT stay there. I think you can have empathy for the outcome / trauma. It has been disregarded even again, last night - ie by 3 grandsons; who arrived in the evening. Alan went down to meet them; and he has not seen them for years. We can appreciate them wanting to see 'Grandma'; but they were quite 'snooty'; their attitude being, 'that we were told that we can come whenever we want to"....that sort of thing. Well, Alan's 2 other siblings have been a real piece of work; and the Mum is just too fatigued to argue with them. When Alan extended his hand out to the nearest nephew standing closest, the young man rudely ignored his greeting. Alan said, 'you know, I do not need or deserve this; and you do not know me; and I would like to get to know you; but whatever you have been told about me, is not true' - or words to that effect. He did let the nephews in to see their grandma, who was sleeping; so they just gazed at her. Alan gave each of them, a piece of paper with our telephone numbers, if they wished to contact him. So, who knows? When leaving the building, the oldest brother blurted out, 'that he would be more inclined to believe Alan, than his mum or aunt'. So, way to go, to that one!!! Perhaps, they have had their eyes opened. Too bad, more often than not, it takes the death of a loved one to illustrate that message.

Alan is still down at the the siblings have arrived unannounced and tried to 'flounce' in with groceries...the works....a bit late...The Mum can not swallow anything. They are disregarding both Alan and the health authoriites....namely, because it is Alan. He could charge them with 'tresspassing'; to which they replied, the property is your wife's. Well, in name yes, but it is ours. However, I could and am sorely tempted to do just that...charge them....however, they are going to be brought to task very shortly. They have exposed and convicted themselves, by their 'words, actions, and deeds'. I guess He has a Lesson here for us all; and very often, He shows people up for their behaviour, and at the exact right time. So, personally, I have Faith that He will do what He needs to do; as everything is in His Hands. The siblings are now sitting in the car, waiting for Alan to leave. Hmmmmm. not a good situation....'they' have really contributed to their's Mum's demise.

Tidbit - Make up a dish of need the sustenance. I ended up whipping up a bunch of tuna fish sandwiches, with a mayo & sandwich sweet pickles mixture; and Alan's Dad and I enjoyed a bittidz of lunch. I made enough for 'an army'; could be dinner tonight too! Gave my father-in-law a beer to calm him down; and I took a visit to South Africa ( a glass of red wine!).

Bittid - Be 'ready' at all times. I may have said that a tidbitz before; but it is true. Other than that, "Praise Him in ALL Things". I love the above photo image!

Have to go for now.

God Bless.

Monday, 11 February 2008

'Never worry about getting knocked down, just put your mind on getting back up'

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has been a 'test'. Many emotions; and much is expected of us - on all fronts.

Just received an email from a friend of mine; and he gave me some wonderful encouragement; given the sad news of a longtime friend of mine, who has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer (in yesterday's blog, I made a bit of a brief reference). In tid fact, the above 'title' are the words he told me in the email! It uplifted me hugely; so, 'Thank you, Steve!' Also, Kris, many thanks for your kind comment; I will send you an email with my friend's name and home address. He will love that! I appreciate your generosity of spirit!

Tidbit - Go with the flow! That is what I keep repeating to Alan's Dad...he is very tearful; and I have told him many a time today, that his wife is 'sleeping'; and she should be allowed to rest. When she wakes up, then he can go to her. Alan's Mum is on a new medication; which apparently will help her sleep better; and ease the severe pain that she is undergoing. However, she has her wish! She will be passing away in a peaceful setting; and NOT in the coldness of a hospital.

Bittid - Resign yourself to be 'ready' for whatever happens. It is ALL up to Him; so leave it ALL to Him! Death brings out either the best or the worst in us; or a combination of both. So often, it takes a death, before someone invites Him into their heart. Perhaps, consider inviting Him in today. You will be amazed at the changes within you.

Spring is just around the corner..well, maybe not quite yet..but various bit blooms are coming our 2 tid Hotei rhododendrum plants.

Bye for now; and God Bless.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

'Seek, and Ye Shall Find' - So True!

Good Evening, or whatever is the appropriate greeting, in your part of the world.

It has been another full day! I think and hope tonight's blog will be a short one! Perhaps you may breathe a sigh of relief, reading that bit of news.

Two of the siblings visited Alan's Mum today; that went okay; although, they are totally ticked off that they can no longer be 'in control'. Alan tried several times nicely to explain to the other (out of town sibling), that he is not preventing the local 2 siblings to visit their Mum. It merely depends on how she is feeling and it is her call to make those visit determinations. The 'phone sibling' does not appear to 'grasp it'; and figures that the siblings should be able to visit whenever they wish. Well, if any of you have ever experienced someone needing their rest and / or passing away, you just can not go in 'hunky dory'. ie disturbing them. Anyway, enough is all a tid too 'plebian'. Draining, comes to mind.

Just received a phone call from a friend of ours. A good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer; and it looks as if he will not last to summer. I will be giving him a phone call tomorrow am; as per our friend's request. Apparently, he loves to receive mail; and funny mail at that...So, I shall do that as well. If he wishes to see us, we will be there for him. A really sad tidbitz; and he is our bittidz age...too young!

Tidbit - Appreciate your life. Value it.

Bittid - Continue to have 'Courage' and 'Strength' even when things are 'glum'. That is when you need to Rely on Him all the more! ie. "Seek, and Ye Shall Find". I love the above photo image! Very true.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Dignity is so vital!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Here is Saturday. Since we have been up from 7 am onwards (early for a Saturday, I think!), it has been a full bittidz day, thus far! We have been playing 'catch up' with our business; as we have let it 'slide' in favour of helping the parents etc. The projects do not go away; however, we are doing our best to deal with everything at once. The siblings have been a real source of 'irritation'. All I know is, that they are not going to be the winners in the end. That is a reassurance to me. Their behaviour is immature and just "not on" anymore. I have strongly suggested to Alan that he NOW has to 'lay down the law' to these 'people' who are just not 'getting it'. 'They' are totally disregarding their Mum's wishes; and are really imperically foisting themselves on her. Too little, too late, is what I feel. And yes, they have the right to see their Mum; but they are going to have to put 'their agenda' / anger mode aside for the few minutes allocated, to visit with the Mum. She is just plain worn out; and tires very quickly. However, she is very happy to be where she is!

None of the siblings believe Alan; they think he is lying. Hmmmmmm. NOT SO; as he is following his Mum's last wishes.

Have experienced those who DO lie; and am sure you can recognize the following 'dodge symptoms'. ie Protesting very loudly; accusations (towards Alan, in this case), which are unfounded and untrue; delays with supplying info; not wishing to directly speak with him etc. Running away; and turning things around, so as to avoid being 'exposed' themselves. Hmmmmmm. I could go on and on...however, no point; and it is a tidbitz draining, right? However, 'they' have, indeed, convicted themselves, 'by their words, actions, and deeds'; that is a very real and comforting thought to me. And, it did not ever have to be this way; however, the siblings have brought it ALL on themselves. None of us are perfect; definitely far from it! BUT, this is not right; and Alan (and I) are doing our best to help put things 'right!' AND, most importantly, we are LEANING on Him to put things right.

Tidbit - When you feel you are genuinely doing the 'right' thing, continue! And know, that when you RELY on His Guidance, His Wisdom, and Truth, that you are on the 'right' track.

Bittid - Be grateful and thankful for your health and for your Blessings. Have 'borrowed' this photo image again (post of Feb 4th); I just LOVE it! Dignity is so vital!

God Bless.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Sense of Humour

Back for a tid! The above photo image is titled, 'Strange sense of Humour', in a hotel room. I suppose it is a bit bizarre! However, I love the gorgeous simplicity of the maghonany table; and the unusual display! LOL! Reminds me of our cabinet collection of Lady Head Vases and Oyster Plates!

Tidbit - Humour helps! Or, as they say, 'when all else fails, have a sense of humour!'

Bittid - Appreciate genuine friendship of all ages! You can learn so much!

Should add that the neighbours tonight are all old enough to be our parents; so it will be an interesting and fun time! Thought you may have surmised that; and yet, I may be 'ready' to check myself into the above hotel room! LOL!

Til later. God Bless.

Neighbours can be Good!

A bit of an update! We are in a waiting mode; so a lot of things have been 'put on hold'; as this is a priority.

The 'plot gets thicker'. Hmmmmm. The other 2 siblings (not the one on the phone from yesterday) were at the entrance door of our old apt; and they were LIVID! The Mum does NOT wish to see them; or not right now...and Alan has been carrying out his Mum's wishes. You can refer to the last tid blogs about 'stuff', if you wish a bit of background. The 2 siblings were full of venom and accusations towards Alan; when they saw each other this morning. Alan, Thank God, chose to rise above it. The siblings' behaviour is really bad news; and it is of all their own doing. I am tempted to pick up the phone and call the other sibling; and give that person, my two tidbits worth! However, I must act with Grace as well, concerning all these bittids of emotions flying here and there.

I know things are 'happening for a reason'; and that there are 'some lessons to be learned', by us all. Also, I feel that 'they' are being 'EXPOSED' by their actions, words, and deeds re: towards the parents and Alan. And, the sad thing is, all this could have been avoided so easily. But, when you are confronted with seething rage, rancour, jealousy, envy, deceit, malice, piety, and confusion; hmmmmm. - Best to just leave it all to Him to handle. And, I have the Faith, that He will Provide what is the right, fair, and equitable Resolution.

Tidbit - We are fortunate that we have 'souls'; thus, we have freedom of CHOICE. We can make GOOD or bad choices. In this event, we choose to act in accordance with His Word and Will; and just to Rely on Him for Solution. In a bittid, we have the ability to make choices; best to always 'rise above it!'

Bittid - 'Love one another, as I have Loved you' is so true.

We have been invited over 'for drinks and cheese' at our neighbour's tonight, for a tidbit visit; and we can bring Alan's Dad with us! Interesting just lost his wife; one's wife just went into hospital; one's mother just passed away; and, the woman who is inviting us, has recently put her husband into a 'home'. So, this will be a good boost for each and every one of us. Apparently, these people would meet weekly at each others' homes; and it was a fun and casual way of 'keeping up with the neighbours!' LOL!

Will be back later. God Bless.

It's always a new day!

Good Morning, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Have been up early; took our 'puppy' out; and am now enjoying my wonderful second cup of coffee!

We all slept well last night! Was a much needed bittidz!

Alan's Dad was up a tidbitz earlier also, got himself dressed; and by the time he came downstairs, his cereal and bananas, toast with homemade marmalade (nade by our next door neighbour), apple juice & am pills, along with a cup of tea & milk, was ready for him. He is in better spirits today; and at the moment, he is watching the World News on T.V. and appreciating his cup of tea. He said he 'feels safe' here; and with us. That is all to the good. However, when his wife does pass away, he will be considered as a 'crisis situation'; and will be moved into a 'home'; who will be better served to attend to his 24/7 medical & supervisory needs. Plus the 'home' is 'kind' to its inhabitants; and we took both him and his wife there last summer to check it out for future living. They thought it was very nice. Meanwhile, we are doing the best we can for him; and at least, he will only be a tid 5 minutes away from where we live. Alan will be seeing him almost every day; or as much as possible; and we will have him over here too. He can be very sociable; 'gift of the gab'; much like his son! LOL!

Have come to the conclusion, that eventhough he has severe dementia; and it is becoming worse with each passing day, that he should be treated with respect, kindness, humility, PATIENCE, compassion, love, caring, and be encouraged to live as 'normally' as possible. ie his cup of tea & breakfast, that he is up and dressed for; his dinners should be good and a glass of wine does wonders too! He likes to be included in the family. As I said, if our abode had more space, we would have him in his own lovely room; with his things, and a live - in caregiver in another room. Much reminds me of "My Three Sons"...loved Fred McMurray as the Dad; and the grandfather was a classic! 'If it were a perfect world', that would be great if we had 2 more bedrooms; because it would work, I believe. I have been told that no, he is truly better off in a 'home' regardless...He is. However, if 'it were a perfect world', I would endeavour to make that possible.

We are just playing everything by ear. And yes, we do live each and every day at a time. That is the best and only way....however, even at bit times like this, can be difficult; but He is the Solution. Everything is in His Hands; and we are leaving it to Him to take care of it ALL. We are anticipating the passing of Alan's Mum at anytime; however, even when the moment happens, will we be "ready" to face that stark reality?

It is my role to keep everything (with His Help and Guidance) 'calm'; to make sure the 'home front' and 'burning fires' are maintained well. The 'buffer' when needed. We do know that the Dad will NOT take the death well, when her time comes....that is why the 'home' deems it as a 'crisis situtation'.

We are working out the 24/7 caregiving schedules. Also for the Dad; because he will be staying / living with her; once the 'sofa bed' arrives. A further 'newsbit' Alan and one of his siblings spoke on the phone last night; and it was a much better dialogue. In a 'tidshell', the sibling was treating Alan as a human being. The Mum would like to SEE the sibling, face to face; NO PHONE CONVERSATIONS. So, we shall see what happens. Alan was very gentle on the phone with the sibling; and at the same time, has no hesitation to 'go to a fight'; if required, to put things 'right.'

Tidbit - Lean on Him always, to help you cope with whatever siuation befalls you.

Bittid - ASK Him to uplift your spirits and to carry your burdens. That being said, you, yourself become a lot stronger and experience a CALM within. I love the above photo image; to me, it says much!

Bye for now. God Bless.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Go the extra mile!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a full morning / afternoon! Alan currently is at our old apt; where he is standing by; awaiting for the hospital ambulance that is bringing his Mum. He is also meeting with the care givers; and getting things organized for 24/7 help.

Have been in touch with a tid of utility companies; ie the heat, the electricity, phone, and the cable; so that 'things' are as smooth a transition as possible. The cable will be hooked up tomorrow.

Also, have just ordered a 'sight unseen' (save for the black and white fax) 'sofa bed' (a "Manager's Special!" on sale); that will be useful for Alan's Dad or the overnight nurse. We have a queen size bed for the bedroom; which Alan will be 'hauling over' later this afternoon. Yet to be determined who will be in the bedroom; whatever makes the most feasible sense. Alan's Mum will be on a hospital bed in the living room; which overlooks the park; and it is a beautiful and peaceful setting. There are expansive open windows; as if you are immersed in a botanical huge lush garden! The 'sofa bed' will be a much welcomed addition; most likely for the 24/7 caregivers. Our old apt is one big room; with a cosy alcove; which is where the sofa bed will be. We are hopeful the 'sofa bed' will be delivered this coming Saturday!

Alan's Dad is naturally taking this all very hard; and with severe dementia, this does not help the situation. However, we are doing the best we can, with what we have to work with. He will be going to see his beloved wife later today; and most likely will be back here for dinner and to spend the night with us. We need to have the bed arrangements in place; ie first for the caregiver and then for the Dad. 'One thing at a time'.

A tidbit piece of irony. One of Alan's siblings called today; (I was not near the phone; however an actual message was left) and wanted to know the state of the Mum's health; and that an update would certainly be most appreciated; that sort of 'lordy lordy' bittid. 'Well', Alan has diligently tried to be in touch with the siblings; one of them hung on up him (as mentioned in an earlier & recent post); and the one today, has not been very 'receptive' either. (diplomatically put - hmmmmm???). Blog about trying to 'twist and turn' things around, to make it look as if Alan is the 'guilty one' etc; and not giving them updates. AND, he is merely following his Mum's last wishes; and she does not want anything to do with the siblings. She is dying of a broken heart; as also mentioned in an earlier blog. Her cancer has aggressively come back; and because of the horrid behaviour of the siblings, stress has ravaged her body; thus adding to her demise.

Once again, to the siblings: - SHAME ON THEM! By their ' words, actions, and deeds', they have convicted themselves.

Tidbit - "Go the extra mile!" Alan is following his Mum's wishes; right down to the last bittid. ie She wants to die in peace and dignity at this 'green' location; so we are 'going all out' to make her last days on earth, a wonderful place. We know that she will be going to a better place; once she leaves this earth.

Bittid - "Go out well" - that is what Alan's Mum is going to do! Also, she will be given a 'grand going out well' send off!

Bye for now. God Bless.