Thursday, 18 February 2016

Make the 'Right Choice!' WAKE UP!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

I know it has been a tidbitz of a while since I last wrote a tidbit post.  We have had a lot of bittidz on our plates; and have also had to make several decisions. We are still in that process. However, regardless, we are thankful for all our daily Blessings; and Alan and I live one day at a time in His Service!

Even for the many tids of birds that take shelter in our large magnolia tree branches and chirping happily all the while!  Alan puts out bits of bird seed every morning and it is amazing how well all birds, both large and small, have respect for each other and share harmoniously.  Wonderful and uplifting Blessings, methinks! Wish human beings would do more of that!

Have also been watching the US Presidential Primaries, and listening to the Candidates; and it is, indeed, a very interesting race in both parties.  The Town Hall Meetings serve a very useful function; in that it provides each Candidate the opportunity to express him or herself on various issues of the day.  Plus it gives the viewers also, more of a tidbit glimpse into what each Candidate stands for / represents.  Watched last night (and will again this evening) on CNN the South Carolina Town Hall Meetings. Each Candidate is worthy; and good questions have been asked by interesting audience members who are participating in the event.  The Debates also play an important part in determining the nominating ‘leadership role.’ 

This morning, when I turned on our TV to listen to Andrew Wommack, the channel was on the CNN station. I was totally shocked by the comment that the Pope made in regards to Donald Trump!  That was not called for, and I agree with Donald Trump 100% on what he replied to the Pope. Could not have been more appropro.  

Some time ago, I was watching Dr. David Jeremiah (on TV) and I saw Donald Trump a few times in the vast New York audience.  Both Alan and I are Christians (you may have gathered that by now) and I discerned that Donald Trump was / is a Christian. He is a ‘Christian Warrior’, who stands up for the Truth and is not afraid to say so. With what is going on around the world today, we must always be vigilant and be on guard.

The Pope suggested that Donald Trump should not build walls, but rather build bridges. There is truth in 'building bridges;' yet, nothing has been effective thus far in dealing with the plaguing issues on immigration, smuggling, drugs. Donald Trump is suggesting his idea of how best to remedy these depressing situations.

Donald Trump very definitely wants to REBUILD (has been misquoted / and or his comments being twisted) and on the immigration matter, he wants to make immigration legal. Not to mention also, that he has provided thousands of jobs to immigrants.  As a Canadian and as a Christian, I feel that the comment the Pope made about Trump not being a Christian, was lacking in Grace, not befitting to a Pope / man of his stature.  

Perhaps a better way of looking at it, is that Trump wants to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff.’ Our Heavenly Father (Christ) does the same!  Make no bittid mistake, that Christ WILL separate the wheat from the chaff; as in a majestic Heaven or in a fiery Hell.

Tidbit - On a ‘spiritual’ note.  It is all the more vital, that the choice has to be made for one’s final resting residence.  To either accept or reject Christ. If we do not invite Christ genuinely into our hearts, as our Lord and Saviour, we will not receive entrance into Heaven. Can not imagine what Hell would be like; save that that is not where Alan and I wish to have our eternal address. We want the same for all those we love and care about; as well as for the rest of the world. There are many wonderful ministries, who are urging us all to make the ‘Right’ choice. Many of which I have gratefully referred to, in my posts. 

Bittid - The Bible is the Way and the Truth of everything. His Word is what instills within us to daily follow and live a Christian life.  Am not talking about Religion, which sadly has been misrepresented, by its misleading doctrines and / or ‘extra rules' that are not part of His Word, that IS found in the Bible.  The Ten Commandments are what is what we should all honour and live by. It is not too late to ‘Seek Christ’ and when you invite Him into your heart, He will never leave you! Take comfort in knowing that magnificent truth. Once you invite Christ into your heart, you will be transformed for evermore; as you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

These are very telling times and Revelation is happening right now!  WAKE UP!

Love the bittid photo image of the two dogs who are giving each other encouragement!

Peace and God Bless.