Monday, 31 March 2008

Know when to call it a day!

Good Evening,

'Well', it has been a rather 'unique' day. And brilliant sunshine, shining all the while! Interesting; hmmmm. 'The devil uses a lake, to camoflouage a pint of poison'.

A decision that has been 'in the works', has finally been made. Without going into too much tidbit detail, we are currently seeking 'greener pastures'; with regards to having better 'quality' tenants, in our business. The 'new' tenants, must pay for their own freight! Pure and simple! That is the 'norm'; you would think? Anyway, we have been like a 'bank' (quite 'charitable', I might bittid) to this 'organization' and now, enough is enough. There is NO more FREE LUNCH. I eluded to this, in one of my posts, this past month. We have done our utmost, to 'help' this 'group'; but 'they' have chosen to do 'otherwise', these last 3 years. We have 'carried' them long enough. The interesting thing is, that we will most likely, be portrayed as the 'bad guys'. ie Their 'twisting' of the actual TRUTH, is glaringly evident; just like the sunlight that glares into or through your very eye sockets.

However, I have always been an optimist; so I believe, that 'when one door closes, another door opens!'. I have FAITH in Him, that He will provide a Solution. I have not gone into a tid of bitditz here; because - well, just because....All I can say is HE KNOWS THE TRUTH; and that is a good bit of comfort for me.

Tidbit - KNOW when you have been taken advantage of! It is good to 'help'; but there comes a poignant point, when the TRUTH is staring right at you. Like, no more 'free lunch!'

Bittid - Have the FAITH, the Courage, and the Enduring Strength to follow what you know to be 'right'; regardless of all the 'fluff stuff' going on around you.

When you are in His Service, the road is not easy! In many respects, Alan and I are travelling on a path, less travelled. We are, and will be, always very Thankful for our Blessings! And we know, that all we have been 'given', could not have occured, without HIM! And, there may be some of you, who may dispute this; but that is okay. However, if you invite Him into your Heart, things just 'change' for you. And, your life, is never the same again! And, for the better! If you try it, you may see things a tidbitz differently.

'PRAISE HIM IN ALL THINGS'. We are like fragile little puppies. Love the above photo image! We are leaving everything up to Him!

Good Night and God Bless.

New Day!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Woke up from a very sound sleep, to a beautiful sunny day! The temperatures are 'winter like'; but it is so wonderful to see the sunshine; and particularly first thing in the am!

Am enjoying a savouring tid cup of coffee and listening to Allison's awesome voice. If you would like, please click onto the 'Because He Lives' Post of March 28th. I do my best to listen to her every morning; and it is amazing how you much better you feel, after hearing her sing! An invigorating strong start to one's day! Plus, I turn the music up full blast; and even our Blue is enjoying the Hymn!

We are anticipating a full week; however, 'time management' will kick in; but on His Time frame. We are leaving everything to Him to help Provide all what is needed, on a day by day basis. We are doing our best; however, we rely upon Him to Guide us in making the 'right' bit decisions / choices.

Tidbit - Have FAITH and Trust, that He Directs your path; as 'He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.'

Bittid - Enjoy each day as it unfolds; one day at a time. And joyful music is such an uplift to the Soul!

Until later.

God Bless.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Epiphany; as in Smelling the Rose!

Good Afternoon and 'Skal!' I am saying 'Skal' and to 'Absent Friends' (a Norwegian custom) to primarily to our friend, 'John', and to a 'group of us' who were his Bohemian 'island buddies' over the years. I might add a tid, that I am joyfully raising a glass of champagne! 'John' would heartily appreciate this 'toast!'

However, am still feeling a bit 'sad' though, about our friend, 'John'. And, I can not help but think, that his 'death' is a strong illumination to those of us, still left on this secular earth, 'to love each other, and to support one another to the fullest!' I have to confess a tidbit; I have been quite disappointed with various so called 'fair weather friends'; but 'John's' message was /is extemely LOUD AND CLEAR. I plan to follow it through; plus there are lessons here, for me to learn as well. What I am also 'discerning' is, that generally people prefer things to be 'nicey nicey; and with minimal or no change' to the 'Status Quo'. It would appear, that it is so much easier to 'bear false witness against thy neighbour'; and / or 'run away'; rather, than take a stand for the Truth; which at times, takes you out of your 'comfort zone'. Thus living on the 'Edge'. (even Dr.Robert Schuller Sr made mention of 'Living on the Edge', today).

This morning, I watched the Vision T.V. (channel 105); and enjoyed a bittid of 'The Hour of Power'. Very inspirational! Robert Schuller Jr, suggested that music is a wonderful way to help uplift us. True! Robert Schuller Sr. also, was sharing that CONFIDENCE is so important; and that when you have FAITH in Him, you are given that confidence, BECAUSE you have ACCEPTED Him genuinely into your hearts. Robert Schuller Sr. shared a very wonderful story about the artist, Eric Sloan; and how his belief, "God's Providence Is Your Inheritance" brought about his great gift of art. You might wish to check it out on the website or T.V.

In 'Enjoying Everyday Life', that was excellent too! Have a Passion and a Purpose for your life. You may wonder, how to do that? Well, as a start, 'doing things for the RIGHT REASONS' is best! Also, 'Destiny unfolds and we take steps. He directs our steps, if we just let Him. And also, be full of zeal when you are 'corrected' by Him, because He LOVES you!'

And with Charles Price,(you can refer to earlier Sunday posts), he basically said, "The Lord will Provide". It depends how deep your roots are embedded in FAITH, within you. It is fine to Praise Him when there are blue skies and sunshine; but when there are darker times, of heat, drought, and famine, it is just as vital to be THANKFUL for all your Blessings. Thus, 'Praise Him in ALL Things', is so true!

Tidbit - 'The LORD will Provide; because HE is Eternally Sufficient. Do not rely on your own 'stuff'; turn it all over to Him to Provide the Solutions. Your roots in God, will secure you', ie in hardship. (If you wish, you can check into Joyce Meyers, 'Enjoying Every Day Life').

Bittid - There are times (when you are tested) when you get an 'Epiphany'; which brings you closer to Him; that is, if you let Him in.

'Well' (deep subject; wrote about it in an earlier post), the death of 'John' certainly did 'that' to me. ie I believe in my heart, that he was a Christian; even the rousing Hymn, "Onward Christian Soldiers", sung in closing, was completion. The minister, was tremendous, and he was requested by 'John' to give the Memorial Service.

Here in our part of the world, it ia a beautiful sunny afternoon; with a mix of dark clouds and blue skies! It is windy, with cool temperatures; BUT, you can see the magnificent mountains in the distance, covered with stark white caps! We thank Him for ALL our Blessings and for today!

Love the above photo image of the Queen Elizabeth Pink Rose, shown in full bloom! We are looking forward to the growth of our two pink Q.E. Roses, in our bittidz garden! Currently, there are budding tidbitz leaves starting to take colourful red / green form on those rose bushes! Also, our daffodils and tulips are now starting to blossom forth!

Am going to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and nature!

God Bless you all!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Love and Compassion

Good Evening, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Am feeling a bit 'out of sorts' today. I guess with 'John's' death and his Memorial Service yesterday, things have caught up with me, a tid. I am one that has 'delayed reactions'; have been like that all my life.

Am reflecting upon our friend's life; and how both the Church Service and the gracious reception back at the family home, truly celebrated the life of a very gifted man. I called 'John's' mother today; and she apologized for admitting that she had a 'good time' at the Reception; and that perhaps she should not have; inasmuch as it was the funeral of her oldest and very dear son. I shared with her that it was wonderful, that she delighted in yesterday; I did too, for that matter. Plus, as I mentioned in the bittid blog yesterday, 'John' was hosting there 'In Spirit'. The Mum and a few of us, will be getting together in the near future, for lunch; and perhaps it will be the start of a genuine and fun friendship for us. 'When one door closes, another door opens'.

We feel for 'John's' Mum, because it appears that she is going through a similar sibling scenario, as is Alan. However, I know deep in my heart, we are doing the right thing; and that is honouring the wishes of Alan's Mum. I will embark upon the 'sibling saga' when there is more 'light shed' on tidbit matters.

Also, my son-in-law's parents were in a 'freak' accident today. The Dad was driving, with the Mum following him, in her car. They were taking her car in for service / maintenance at the local garage. Well, a truck 'out of nowhere' came flying through a red light at the intersection, at 120 kms / hr!!! Hits the Dad's car, the Dad spins around and around in circles, then hits the mother's car, and then the mother is also going around in circles, and also 'connecting' with the truck. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. If there had been a passenger in the Dad's car...the news would not have been good. The Mum went in for X rays; apparently the force of the collision, caused the seat belt, to put additional pressure on the Mum's ribcage. Thank goodness, she was wearing her seat belt! Generally, seat belts (when worn, that is), save more lives than not. The 3 vehicles were totalled! The Dad will have his car replaced; and the Mum's car, I guess as well. The Mum's car needed some repair / maintenance work done on it; so perhaps this 'was a Blessing in Disguise". (for her car).

Another 'weird' thing is, that at 'John's' Service, in the Church, the song 'The Circle Goes Round and Round', was 'John's' favourite song; and 5 men (the 2 brothers, a nephew, & 2 close family friends) sang the song. It was all very touching. But it just hit me about the cars in circles, going around and around'. There are NO coincidences!

Tidbit - Life is too short; it can be over; like the above near example; or just like the 'snuff of a candle'. Make the most of your life; and enjoy your family and treasure your friends.

Bittid - "LOVE one another, as I have LOVED you" ; spoken by Him. At 'John's Service yesterday, the Minister passed on 'John's' message; and that was to 'take solace in our friendships with one another. AND, that those of us who were 'John's' friends, should become even better friends with each other, throughout the years'. In short, 'cherish one another; and be kind to one another'. I think this is a BIG Tidbit/Bittid. Also, another good sized Bittid/Tidbit, is that Funerals / Memorial Services are for the 'living' as well.

In closing, am feeling a bit 'sad' and 'numb' today about our friend; and yet, I know he does not want us to mourn too tid long for him. So, I take deep comfort in those reassuring thoughts; and I now raise my glass of red wine (South African)to him! 'Skal 'John'; and God Bless you, and I know you are at Peace. We, as your friends, WILL put into practice your wise suggestions, to LOVE, support, and encourage each another for the rest of our days'. Life is very fragile; and I hope this enlightens all those who read this blog. I LOVE the above photo image.

Good Night, and God Bless you all.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Glad to be home!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.
We have not been home all that long; and as you may know, there 'is no place like home!' We are happy to be back in own tid abode! Am thankful too, that it is Friday evening; I think I blogged about that, just a short bit ago! Where oh where, does the week or time go!

We went to 'John's' Memorial Service; it was very touching. The Minister was excellent; and I believe 'John' was wonderfully 'sent off'. We know he is in Heaven; and is finally at peace. The closing Hymn was 'Onward Christian Soldiers'; totally totally LOVE that courageous and feisty Hymn!

We went back to the family home for delicious sandwiches, appies, cookies, and beverages etc. Because it was in a house, which was crowded with people, there was not much of a chance to speak on behalf of a friend of mine (she is away; and will be doing a 'dance' and song in Belize, on top of one of the pyramids...very fitting, I think!); as well as me telling the 'Almond Roca Bar Story'. However, I did take some 'fresh' Almond Roca Bars along with me; and gave them to the few people that I thought would enjoy and appreciate them! I have decided to 'bronze' the original Almond Roca Bar; thinking that would be the tidbit best thing to do! Changed my mind about taking a bittid bite out of it today! LOL!

Tidbit - Life is so short. Make an effort to be an encouragement and an uplift to others. ie 'John's' Mum is concerned about moving out of their family home of 60 yrs; well, my heart went out to her. I said, that myself and another friend would meet with her for lunch; she was grateful for that invitation. There is a 'sibling clash' and unfortunately, 'John' is no longer here to protect her from his siblings; who have their own agenda. Very sad.

Bittid - I suggested to the Mum; 'Please do not worry; just take your time. You do not need to make any decisions right now'. She took comfort in those words. However, there is a tendency, isn't there, when there is a death or tragedy, that snap decisions must be made? The best thing, is NOT to make any decisions whatsoever; and just let 'time' and HIM work things through.

LOVE the above photo image; I enjoyed 'borrowing' it in my post of July 6th; ie "A Quiet Evening'. I just reread it; and it sums up a nice cosy Friday evening! Plus, that particular blog shares about our tidbitz garden in our bittidz patio! Won't be long, til we can enjoy our garden AND, home grown produce once again, when the season is kinder. Although it did snow earlier today, it warmed up for a bit; and the falling rain has now melted all the tid snow! However, that is not to say, that we might still receive cold temperatures tonight. Glad we do not have any pressing plans first thing in the am tomorrow! Am sure, some of you can relate!

Well, am going to go and enjoy a good movie or two; and just 'chill out'; as it has been a long day. Time to 'veg' and 'recharge the batteries!'

Good Night and God Bless.

Because He Lives

Good Morning; or whatever the appropriate greeting is to you, in your part of the world!

It is SNOWING! The large thick flurries are sticking to the ground and on to our skylights; quite cosy in a way; eventhough it is 'Spring?' In a few bittid minutes, I think a fire is a must! Do you know that no snow flake is ever the same? Each one is unique! Am like a little child here, watching with wonderment at the unlimited flakes making countless swirly shapes and majestic designs on our skylight window. We have a bit of a loft; so you feel as if you are in a tid 'treehouse'; and it makes for such a peaceful setting; along with our computer, a cup of coffee etc.! Our Blue is currently wrapped around and underneath my chair! LOL!

This afternoon, is the Memorial Service for my friend, 'John'; and the service is on the 'other side of the water' via a huge bridge, or 'on the mountain side'. In other tid words, this is not the best day for driving out in this 'stuff!' So, the snow ploughs, sand trucks etc. may have to come out of bit 'retirement' and 'spring' into 'winter' action pronto! Winter is in full fledged motion!

This morning have a few reflective thoughts. I guess with 'John's' passing; it does make you think a tidbit.

Tidbit - When you come into this world, you bring nothing; and when you leave this world, you take nothing with you; except your soul. And depending on how you live your life, is where your soul will have its eternal resting place. ie. 'What does it profit a man, to acquire all the wealth of the world, but to lose his soul'.

Bittid - Keep things SIMPLE. Appreciate the little things and be thankful for what you have been Blessed with! Have a true and generous heart, with a giving and caring 'generosity of spirit'. Do your best to say a kind and gentle word to all those you meet each day.

Just listend full blast, to the uplifting Hymn, 'Because He Lives', sung by Allison Durham Speer; she has such an inspirational voice! You can click on to hear her, if you wish, by just clicking on to the above title. Also, the above photo image with daffodils in the snow, is exactly how it is today!

Will post a tidbitz, at a later bittidz.

Hope you are enjoying today!

God Bless.

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Good Evening, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has been a 'quieter' type of a day; eventhough, we have been out on appointments, and have a fair bit of projects on the go! Am thankful we are now home for the night!

A few tid things we have had to postpone and rearrange til next week; but that works out even better for us; in hindsight. This gives us more tidbitz time to handle some other tidbitical tasks. Also the 'sibling saga' has been an interesting eye opener; and as I have mentioned in previous posts, 'by their words, actions, and deeds', they have and are exposing themselves. Will share more of a bittidical bittidz with you, at a later date.

Tomorrow afternoon, is the Memorial Service for 'John', my friend, 'The Almond Roca Man'. I wrote about the amusing tid tale of the Almond Roca Bars, in my March 15th blog, if you would like a bit of background.

Tidbit - Make the best and most positive use of your time; particularly when there are changes in your plans. Even if it is solely recharging your body and mind.

Bittid - Things happen for a reason; and I feel, it is always for the best! So, I have appreciated a tranquil day; as next week, will be a bit of a whirlwind! Pace yourself for a tid; so that you are 'ready' to take on 'whatever' occurs each and every moment.

Am now enjoying a glass of South African Red Wine. Skal!

Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A smile freely given, is worth its weight in gold

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Was up at a tid early hour; did a bit of 'housework' (LOL!), took our Blue out; and then rearranged a bittid of our tidbit 'trinkets' in our living / dining room. What a delightful difference!

Will let you in on a bitidz secret! We are Blessed to have a wonderful friend that comes in every once in awhile and cleans our house. Thus, I was up early to make sure our house was 'tidbitz' or reasonable enough for her to 'get at things!' LOL! She has been coming to me for approx 22 years; and this morning, she brought us 2 beautiful bunches of daffodils from her garden! It is as if a 'brightness' has taken over the whole household; in more ways than one! She is here today for 6 hours; she has not been here for several weeks; so I have been looking forward to seeing her and also, to her Spring Cleaning expertise!

It is raining this am; no snow fell upon us last night; although, that was and still is the forecast. When I was out with Blue, it was so invigorating to see all the blooms and buds, and hear the cheerful sounds of Spring; regardless of the dark and cloudy, overcast day! We are thankful we did not have to drive 'up country' today; as the highways are extremely treacherous. This also gives us a bittidical breather, to deal with other 'tidbitical' matters.

Tidbit - Appreciate and be joyful! Smile more often; it is amazing how a smile 'perks' you up and uplifts others around you! And, when you receive a smile back, that is a compliment. A smile costs nothing to give!

Bittid - 'Do unto others, as you would have others, do unto you'; is TRUTH. Also the saying, 'what goes around, comes around' is very true as well.

Will be back later. Hope your day or night, is great thus far! Love the above photo image!

God Bless.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Good Afternoon, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world.

It may be the Season of Spring; but we are experiencing still a bit of Winter temperatures! Cool and windy; with snow forecasted for this evening. We were leaving tomorrow, for our 'out of town' business; but the road weather report is not a tid promising. Plus, one of the main people we were going to get together with, was unexpectedly called away on family matters. Having checked with everything else, we can postpone things til next week.

Tidbit - Timing is everything; as in 'the best laid plans of mice and men'. Things are 'unravelling' all the time; and it looks as if it may be for the best!

Bittid - When there is a change to your plans, welcome whatever may next unfold! You can 'focus' better, on what simply needs to be done at that particular moment. One day at a time works best!

Love the above photo image of the colourful Crocuses; regardless of the upcoming snow conditions!

God Bless.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Appreciate each moment!

Good Morning, or whatever is the appropriate greeting for you, in your part of the world.

Woke up to dismal rainy skies; but am relieved that it is an extension of the 'Easter Long Weekend' Holiday! Am moving a tid slowly this am; and am so appreciative of Alan, in so many ways! He brought me, my coffee in bed this am; and leaning back against puffed up pillows, I was able to enjoy the tid birds springing back and forth on the branches of the big old tree, outside our bay window. Spring is definitely here; rain and all. We even are expecting a bittid snow fall, can you believe that?

We ended up watching another movie last night until about 12:30 am; so the morning arrived too quickly, as far as I am concerned! LOL!

We will be going out of town for our business within the next few tid days. We will be probing the winter /road conditions; and hope that the weather will be cooperative. Also, our friend, 'Mr. Almond Roca Man's Memorial Service is being held at the end of this week; so we plan to be there for 'John'. If you wish you can refer to the recent posts (ie March 15th). As memtioned, I most likely will be bringing the 'ancient'antique Almond Roca Bar to the Service, as a bit 'momento' for 'John'. I will also be taking a bit of a bite of the bar in remembering him. Hope my tid teeth will still remain intact! LOL!

Quite late last night, we received a telephone call from one of the 'chaperones' from the lunch on Good Friday, with Alan's Dad. The sibling has the 'chaperone' doing her bidding. It was a very strange call; and since we had 'retired' for the night, it was not the best time for a conversation; so Alan said, "Good Night". Fair enough; and frankly, the sibling should be calling; rather than using this ploy. An interesting tidbit of observation.

Tidbit - Life is BRIEF. It is like a mist in the morning, and then it vanishes. Enjoy and appreciate each moment to the fullest. Praise Him in ALL Things.

Bittid - When you are on a 'course', it is so easy to be 'sidetracked' by 'stuff'. ie the late 'off the wall call' last night. 'Keep on trekking'; and maintain your focus; on doing what is 'right'. The good thing is, the Holy Spirit is our ADVOCATE!

Am now going to go and listen to 'Because He Lives'. Please click onto the title of yesterday's post, if you would like to hear her wonderful voice! I feel it is such an uplifting and strong start to the day! Also, I love the above photo image of the Sparrow. And do you know? The sun just came out - brilliantly!

God Bless.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

'Because He Lives'

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you today, in your part of the world.

It is Easter Sunday; all day! The Day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We have experienced all sorts of bit weather changes today; brilliant skies, sunshine, then dark clouds, rain, winds; back and forth.

It has been a very thoughtful and reflective time; have had a few 'Revelations'.

Watched Joyce Meyers and Charles Price this morning on the Vision Channel; they were so awesome with their message. Jesus IS Alive. He arose from the dead! The Bible IS the best historical evidence; and IS accurate in portraying the events and stories that took place. (See Luke 1: 3,4. as per Luke's supportive findings).

Joyce Meyer's guest, Mark Hankins (pastor and author), mentioned,'The Holy Spirit IS your ADVOCATE'. And, as per Charles Price's message, The Resurrection is the Ground of 1) Faith, 2) Fellowship, and 3) Future. You may wish to check out the Vision Channel for more information.

Just listened to the beautiful angelic voice of Allison Durham Speer singing the Hymn, 'Because He Lives'. Brings tears to my tid eyes. If you wish to click onto the Title, 'Because He Lives', you can hear her incredible voice! Some of you, may have already heard her, as per my earlier referred to posts of this month (ie March 12th).

Tidbit - Believe and have FAITH in Him; because, He LIVES. Once you invite Him genuinely into your heart, you will never be the same again. You will have 'CHANGED' - for the better! He, as the Holy Spirit, LIVES within you.

Bittid - 'Love one another, as I have Loved you". He IS the WAY, the TRUTH, and the Light.

Just finished watching the 3 hour movie, "The King of Kings". Very illuminating! Eventhough it is an 'old' movie (from 1961), it wonderfully depicts the story of Jesus. Also, the Beginning music', the 'Intermission music', and the 'Exit music' add all the more to the significance and grandeur of this enlightening film!

This is a special day to many of us around the world. A time to reflect on our Blessings.

Happy Easter Blessings to you.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


Hi again!

Do you ever have days where your body is just CRAVING certain types of food and / or drink? Well, we went out a tid ago to do some errands and ended up doing an extra bit of grocery shopping. I was feeling totally 'depraved / deprived' without tidbitical morsels of fresh seafood and salad! Desirable of healthy green foods, rich in vitamins and minerals; as well as the seafood, with Vitamin D for a bit more 'brain power'. LOL!

Dinner tonight is going to be that much more appreciated! A good hearty salad; as well as handpeeled cooked shrimp in a delicious home made sauce; and a tidbitz of RAW oysters, marinated in a bittidz of vodka, lemon juice, tid dashes of tabasco, & seasonings to taste! I LOVE oysters; Alan does not; so I will really enjoy them! LOL! Alan sequestered some big strawberries; and these will be marinated in a 'tid liquer'; as an excellent treat for dessert! Love also, the above photo image of the tomatoes. They are so good for you too! (Vitamin K?) Tomatoes will be a welcome hit / bit in our salad! It is so exciting to see the advent of fresh Spring veggies, salad makings, fruit, appearing now in various stores and produce stands!

I think with everything that has been going on, we are a bittidical weary; and because it is a 'long weekend' (hurrah!), we are now in a 'relaxed' mode.

Tidbit - Keep everything SIMPLE. That is what we are going to do this weekend! And recharge our 'batteries'.

Bittid - Many people are 'away' for 'Spring Break' and Easter; however, there are times too, when it is wonderful to just enjoy one's own home!

The weekend weather is supposed to be 'iffy'; however, we are happy to be staying home, at this time. We will be 'going on the road' for our business within the next few days; so this is a nice respite for us. We are also looking forward to renewing our passports and returning to our beloved Zihua, when various issues ('sibling saga' etc) have been 'put to bed'. By then, we will be most ready for a 'wind down' and 'away from it all!'

Should add, we feel very Blessed and Grateful, that we live in a part of the world, where food and water, is so readily plentiful!

God Bless.

Be Thankful!

Good Morning, or whatever the best greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

Here it is Saturday am, although it feels more like a Sunday. Perhaps because of the holiday 'Good Friday' and 'Easter Monday'; and with all that is going on, I have just 'spaced things out' for a bit.

Before I forget, Mattias, I have left you a comment on the March 10th post. My apologies. Will also write a tid in the comment section of today's blog.

It definitely is Spring! It is neat to see the little birds so full of life; as they fly back and forth, jump around, and hop from branch to branch. We have a large tree right outside our bedroom window; and the birds seem to congregate there; as if there is some grand convention underway! LOL!

I love this time of year (actually I appreciate all the seasons for their uniqueness); with all the buds, blooms, new growth emerging. The days are getting longer; which means more daylight and of course, warmer temperatures! We love to barbecue; so this summer, we will get a barbecue and really enjoy our bittid patio! We go to a Chinese Produce/Farmer from April to November; because they have a wonderful garden centre, as well as great produce, at good prices. I always get a tid of a lift when I go there; it is as if you are in another world! Quiet and peaceful!

Am most grateful for my cup of coffee this am; and I can enjoy reading others' blogs and writing my own! A very tranquil and Blessed start to today! And, with the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, it is a good time to reflect and appreciate what you have in your life!

Tidbit - Exactly! Appreciate what you HAVE; rather than what you do NOT HAVE! Even if it is simply the sound of the tid birds, or watching Spring in its early bit stages, whatever gives you joy! And be thankful for your 'home'; whatever / wherever that is. 'Home is where the heart is', so they say. Does not matter how big or how small; home is home!

Bittid - Also, be glad for what you CAN do; do not lament for what you can NOT do! Everyone has a 'Gift'(or gifts); just a matter of recognizing it and then putting it to GOOD use! Ask Him to Guide you and to 'direct' your course; as He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Many a time, I have asked Him for His 'Words of Wisdom'; well, I do my best to 'follow' His counsel. And eventhough, I make mistakes etc; it is a lot easier with His Help; rather than trying to do it on my own. Hope that makes a bittid of tidbit sense. I know what I mean with this tidbit of bittid! Everyone has a "Gift" - be it in a sport, speaking, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, sewing, being a Good parent, whatever!

Will write a tidbitz later. The bittidz 'sibling saga' will unravel the way it is meant to. I have full FAITH and CONFIDENCE in Him to bring Resolution. I keep thinking enthusiastically, about the story in the Bible, about David and Goliath! David, by his Faith, was able to slay the giant. Perhaps that is what we need more of, in this world. - FAITH.

Friday, 21 March 2008

It is never too late!

Good Evening.

Well, it was a rather 'unique' afternoon. We met Alan's Dad for lunch; as was the 'prearranged' plan; along with 2 'chaperones'; set up by the siblings. Alan has not been 'permitted' to see his Dad for 3 weeks. Those that orchestrated this, are most aware of their MO. All I can say, is that He is never fooled. What goes on in this 'secular world' is only a 'stepping stone' to Everlasting Life in His Kingdom. ie Heaven.

Tidbit - It is NEVER TOO LATE; to invite Him genuinely into your heart. Even in all the foibles and mistakes we make, just ASK Him for His Forgiveness; and because He Loves you, He Forgives you. I love the above photo image of 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Bittid - Those that are not on His side, well? I do not think their eternal address will be in Heaven. Pray for your enemies; have Compassion for your foes.

I might add, Alan's Dad was happy to see us today; as were we!

Alan and I took our Blue for a wonderful walk in the park; as it was a beautiful sunny Spring day! We think the Dad would have enjoyed the refreshing outdoor outing as well; however, that did not appear to be a possibility.

Have 'laid low' on the 'sibling saga'; because it is a rather 'delicate' matter. However, in the tid appropriate time, I will share a bit more; which hopefully, will be taken as an encouraging uplift; particularly to those who have / are experiencing such moments themselves.

Good Night and God Bless.

Good Friday

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Am so thankful it is SPRING! It is such a wonderful time of year; new growth etc!

We were at my daughter's and son-in-law's last night for dinner; and it was a very lovely tidbitz visit. She served roast beef; we have not had roast beef for a bittidz age! It was one of the best roast beefs, that I have ever relished! I can still taste it! Mmmmmm. Yum. Delicious! Not over cooked, rare where needed, and wonderfully sliced thin! 'Grandma' made the gravy; which was very good, if I tid a bit myself! LOL! I am the first person to say something tastes good or not good; when I make it! LOL!

The twins were full of motion; RAN a bit here and a tid there on their wee legs; and were enthusiastically into everything! I even ran a tid around the table, playing hide and go seek. 'Kid at heart' comes to mind! Have you ever tried running around, hunched right over? Hmmmm. The older bones say; it actually was / is a good bit of exercise! LOL! Our 'Aussie puppy' and their ' Pug pup', once they re acquainted themselves, also frolicked happily about! My son was there as well; he brought the red wine; so a good time was had by all! A contented family scene; and we are looking forward to spending many delightful moments with our family!

Tidbit - Appreciate your family, whenever you see them. Focus on enjoying one another! As HE says, 'Love one another, as I have Loved you'.

Bittid - Always have something to look forward to; ie the next family visit!

Also, my son-in-law showed me how to use our digital camera! So yes, folks, ultimately I will be able to take some tid photos and post them, from time to time on the blogs! However, I will still always appreciate various 'borrowed' photo bit images; like the one above, of the beautiful bouquet of fresh Spring flowers!

Today is Good Friday; and is a time to reflect and to be grateful for what Christ gave up for us. Praise Him in All Things.

God Bless.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Happy Spring!

Good Afternoon, or whatever the appropriate greeting is to you, in your part of the world!

We are now into Spring! Since it is a 'Leap Year', Spring is one day early! Today, the weather has been most strange; sunny, rain, tidbitzing back and forth with pre 'April Showers' and then brilliant glare of sunshine!

Have had to make some tough decisions; and sometimes it is the prior 'bittidzing' about, that is the hardest to go through.

Tidbit - There are times when you just have to 'trim the tree'. ie As in business. You can only do and give so much; but if you are taken advantage of repeatedly, there comes a time; when enough is enough. Life, is not a 'free lunch'; so we have had to 'bite the bullet' today. It was not an easy decision; but I feel better that one was finally made.

Bittid - Spring is the time for 'pruning branches' etc; with the hopes that there will be new growth. This applies as well to the above 'tidbit'. Hopefully something GOOD, will come of this decision today.

We are looking forward to going to my daugther's tonight; whereby we can enjoy a nice visit with everyone. It will be a combination celebration of Easter and of Alan's birthday.

The above 2 photo images are of our beloved 'Zihua'; we were there for our first visit a year ago. (I blogged about Zihuatanejo approx a year ago; if you wish to read about 'Zihua').

Here is wishing you a Happy Spring and also a Blessed Easter.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Enjoy the 'Journey'

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world.

It has been a full day; awake at 4:00 am, and then finally got up at around 6:30/6:45 am. Still was dark out; and still pretty bleak after 8:00 am. Nonetheless, did a bit of housework, took the dog out for his constitution, lit a fire, had my 2 cups of coffee, and then got into the full tid of 'Spring Cleaning' our home. It seems so much later in the day, than it actually is at this bittid time! Love the above cheery photo image of the Spring daffodils!

On an ongoing basis, we have been dealing with Alan's siblings; and 'things' have been becoming more revealing, as the days fly by. All I will choose to say at this tidbit moment, is that the Truth will be illuminated before too long. HE and the TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS. You can never hide from the TRUTH.

Tidbit - ENJOY the 'journey'; even if there are unexpected petty 'irritations'. Also, channel your energies into accomplishing other things; while you wait for Resolution. It helps keep your spirits positive, calm, and on track. Also, just handle and live one day at a time!

Bittid - There are always lessons to be learned from such 'stuff;' and we are simply relying on HIM to Provide Solution in His Time and according to His Will.

Am about to go and make a delicious dip to take to my daughter's tomorrow night. I have never made this dish before; and if it tastes totally awesome, I will give you the recipe!

God Bless.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Good Evening,

Well as a Canadian, I can certainly express that it is a very interesting political, economic, and spiritual time in history for us all; particularly, our fellow Americans. Given the tight race in the Democratic Party between Clinton and Obama, and then ultimately taking on the Republican Party, to elect the next President, these next number of months are going to be extremely educational.

If I were from the United States, I know which Party I would vote for. However, it does come down to 'Free Enterprise'; and, which Party can best get the job done, to satisfy and reassure most, if not all Americans.

Tidbit - The above paragraph is a poignant albeit, brief tidbit!

Bittid - Place your Faith, Hope, and Trust in Him; in ALL Endeavours. HE Guides you always! Just LET HIM 'IN'. Love the above photo image!

Good Night and God Bless.

Glad it is today! (Each and every day!)

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

The day has just flown by! Up very early; EARLY phone calls, and then appointments; non stop. Finally stopped for breakfast / lunch at approx 1:45 pm. Enjoyed a fabulous fresh shrimp, mayo, lettuce, and cucumber sandwich on sourdough bread! Along with a tidbit spinach salad; and a glass of red wine. Red wine is good for the bittid arteries, so 'they' say! LOL! Ran into a few friends; and it was nice to have a fun exchange with them. On our way out, (we are now home!)I saw some older ladies playing bridge; and the one who had our back to us, looked very much like 'John's' Godmother. It turned out, it was not her; but I knew 3 of the ladies; and the other one, I had met long ago. They had a wonderful seat by the fireplace; and they have lunch and play bridge there weekly. So, good on them! They asked how I was; to which I replied 'Good!'. They immediately said, 'We can tell!' I then gave them a bit of a tid uplift, which is the following Tidbit!

Tidbit - 'Never Better'. That is such a breathtaking reply to someone when they ask how you are? Like it is quite a provocative statement! You, all of a sudden, start feeling better, and it rubs off on them! And, I did tell them, that I was feeling 'Good'; but that 'Never Better' is a wonderful comment, regardless! If you wish, you can refer to my bit of tid posts of Jan 7th & 8th; to give you an update on 'Never Better!'

Bittid - Enjoy the day and appreciate a New Season! Spring! We have flowers, trees, plants, shrubs, etc all blooming magnificently forth; AND, it is relatively warm - in the sunshine! Am about to go and enjoy some fresh air and our tidbit patio with our bittid garden harvesting all around us.

God Bless.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Happy March 17th!

Hi again!

Did not write a post yesterday (March 16th); however, nothing has drastically changed in our lives. It was Alan's birthday on the 16th; and the 'covert operation' went off without a hitch. LOL! (If you wish, please refer to March 1st blog).

Alan had a really nice birthday; and the 'surprise' picture is awesome! The young photographer delivered the dramatic black and white scene. There is a genuine friendship here; and between us, we came up with some good tidbitz ideas; as well as for the 2010 Winter Olympics! We are going to assist him, to become better known in his field. He has been Blessed with an incredible 'Gift'; and good on him for recognizing and making use of his remarkable talent. Perhaps some of you have listened to the Hymn by Alison (her voice is incredible, as mentioned in my earlier posts); well this photographer has been Blessed with an unique eye for photography!

Our very good friend came over in the afternoon; and we celebrated Alan's birthday with a bit of champagne. The time went by a tid too quickly!

I also watched Joyce Meyers yesterday morning; and what a wonderful bittidz she shared with all those who were listening (key word!). She was very uplifting - again! Basically, we should look at what we CAN do; not at what we can't do. So many people set themselves up for the fall.

Tidbit - Enjoy and appreciate friends of ALL ages. We have been introduced to a refreshing young man; and 'like mindedness' always plays a major role, regardless of age.

Bittid - Recognize your 'Gifts', and develop them! So many of us do not; be it out of fear, lack of confidence, or whatever. You would be amazed how things change 'right before your very eyes', when you go for it! I am thinking of a little 'Leprachan'; with regards to things changing 'right before your very eyes!' LOL!

Love the above photo images; they are from last year. Once again, Happy St.Patrick's Day! I love St. Patrick's Day; and I am wearing tid green booties, emerald green top, and green earrings. Feel very mischevious! LOL!

HE will GUIDE you; all you have to do, is 'Ask Him for His Guidance', and HE will Help you with the rest!

God Bless.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tidbit - May you have an 'Attitude of Gratitude!'

Bittid - Kick up your heels, have a 'spring' and a leap in your step, and heartily enjoy today!

God Bless

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Here is to 'John'

Good Evening,

It has been a quality day! This afternoon, a longstanding family friend dropped in; and we had a really nice visit. Lit a cosy fire and we were able to play a bit of 'catch up'. Am now enjoying a delicious glass of red wine (South African, you guessed it!)and the dinner is cooking in our oven. It smells soooooo good!

Will share the tale, as per my earlier posts of today.

Am 'creating' names; to make it easier for you to follow. 'John' was the friend that passed away. Some 7 summers ago, he and I 're-acquainted' ourselves on the Island where my family have always enjoyed spending the summers; away from the city. It was at a special annual 'Island Event'; and he was the houseguest, along with 2 other invited friends, of a couple, called 'Dick' and 'Jane'. Sadly, 'Jane' had been diagnosed that afternoon with terminal cancer. We knew she had her challenges and tests; but that was the final straw. At an otherwise social and happy 'Bohemian' event, there was, understandly a major damper on all those who, were privy to the deathly news. When the event was finished, I was invited back to 'Dick' and 'Jane's' cottage; of course, I accepted - I think we all needed to have a few stiff drinks. I had known 'Jane' since childhood and we had gone to each other's birthday parties (often held on the island). I always remember that at her birthday parties, she always had a 'doll' (like a Barbie doll) in the centre of her cake. I thought that was the 'real deal!' So imagine my appreciative delight, when I finally had one in my cake! I was the happiest kid going! Anyway, I tidbitzed a bittidz. Perhaps some of you can recall such memories with 'dolls' in cakes. And not, a live one, I might add! LOL!

Well, the nightcap went into several night caps. Fortunately, I had a flashlight (never leave home without one!) so, I was able to 'weave my way home' on foot, in the wee hours. I had been invited for lunch to 'Dick' and 'Jane's' the following day; and on 'island time'. Fine by me and my head. I showed up at 2:00 ish. Well, there was 'John'; plus the other guests, as well as 'Dick' and 'Jane'. The lunch continued into a dinner invitation; and then I was invited to spend the night with the 5 of them. I was 'on my own'; and had been 'single' for about 10 months; and, if you read my earlier blogs, you would know that the boyfriend I had gone out 'perpetually' with, for many years, was no longer a part of my life. (Actually, in hindsight, I think I had 'wasted' a part of my life with someone, who was not 'really into me'; to the extent I was into him. And believe me, after 5 years with Alan, I KNOW he is 'into me! and still!). So, it is never too late to start over again, if you wish! I have a story to share about how Alan and I met; however, that will have to be told at another time. As I may have alluded to in recent posts, our story is worthy of a book, if not a movie / screeplay. I tid you not! We even have some Film Producers, actors/actresses in mind!

Anyway, I accepted the kind invitation of 'Dick' and 'Jane'. One supervisory proviso; my son who was up with some buddies, became like a CHAPERONE; yes, a CHAPERONE to me. Can you believe it? He made various inquiries to 'John'. I was shaking my head; like excuse me, I am an adult here (or so I thought).

I accepted 'Dick's and Jane's generous invitation, so that I could continue to enjoy the 5 of them emerging as a fun group; as well as I am sure my son was just as happy to be without 'Mum' looking over his shoulder and over his buddies. We had a dog (he was about 8 yrs 'young'; and I still called him my 'puppy' - great dog!); I will give him an 'unusual' name too. How about 'Spot?' 'Spot' stayed with the boys; and I was given the 'go ahead' to be 'allowed' (LOL!) to stay with the others; that is, after my son confirmed that I was sleeping in my OWN room, by MYSELF. 'John' assured him most definitely, that this was the case. It was really all quite hilarious; and 'John' and I spent the next few days...yes folks, FEW days 'kidding about'. It was a wonderful memory that I will always cherish. But, it gets better!

We were clowning around (partly on purpose!)because of the bleak news of 'Jane'; so we were doing our utmost to create laughs; and that we did. 'John' and I were like a 'duet'; a comedy act. We were good; very good, if I tid a bit myself. The invitation by 'Dick' and 'Jane' extended to a 3 day stay; and you know, it was fantastic! Of course, we would walk over to our cottage daily; and my son heartily assured me that eveything, including our 'Spot,' was managing just fine. So, I now reflect, that it was a good bittidz for a good tidbittzed rest for all those concerned. Wonderful friends, excellent created meals, (I 'raided' our kitchen larder & wine supplies to contribute), gorgeous vista; it was great!

Now during all of this, at nights, it started off with six of us; and then after dinner 'nightcaps', and then 'Jane' would retire ('John' and I think that apart from her 'cancer sentence', we may have worn her out, by her own laughter at our overly 'silly' antics to cheer her up!). Then it dwindled down; and it ended up with 'John' and I. We would have such fun and such merriment; and whatever the conversations were, lasted til about 4:30 am! 'Dick' was generally the last one with us; and he gave us a container of - perhaps you have guessed it? - ALMOND ROCA BARS! Well, 'John' and I thought this was 'perfect'; so we would be left with this tin of bars. Well, we do remember that they tasted quite crunchy; and rather hard on the teeth; and 'Dick' told us on the third night, before he went to bed, that the Almond Roca Bars were a gift and were about 5 years old at least! You see, 'John' and I had remarked several times, that the Almond Roca Bars were good; but???? Hmmmmm. You can imagine our surprised looks on our faces when we heard that! So, actually, 'Dick' had the last laugh! LOL! That particular night. 'John' had a 'gift' for me; I never even thought about it; he wanted me to check under my pillow....well, there it was - still a wrapped up Almond Roca bar!!! (there were 6 left untouched, I might add; once 'John' and I heard the history of these 'rock hard' candies).

That was when our 'prankster' days took root. From that moment on, I was like one of the 'Grumpy Old Men'. LOL! The next morning, when 'John' was leaving with the other 2 houseguests, I offered to carry one of his bags; he thought that was really nice of me. Well, after we said our goodbyes on the wharf, I am waving with a smile on my face! YES! He had FIVE Almond Roca Bars in his bag! LOL! And then that is what happened over the next few years...whenever we would see each other, we would go out of our way; quite literally, and play 'jokes' on each other with the Almond Roca Bars. I kept one for 'insurance'; I think that one went back and forth between us several several times.

So, for what is worth, 'John' and I made a difference to 'Jane's' grave news; she had no time to be upset or sad; because we would have her laughing so.

Earlier this afternoon, I was writing some notes, beside the large bowl of 'Almond Roca Bars'; well it almost looked as if one of the (royal blue) bars had partially opened before my eyes? Hmmmmmm. I thought, 'What the heck; okay, 'John', I will enjoy'; and each time I ever see, think, taste an Almond Roca Bar, I will always think of 'John'.

Tidbit - 'You do not know what you have lost, until it is gone'. Very true. As I mentioned in this morning's 'tidbit', communication is vital.

Bittid - Rejoice in the celebration of someone's life. Easier said than done; but it is better to remember the person for whom she / he was; and the grief is easier to bear.

In this case, I know that 'John' would not want any of us to be sad for too long. I think he will happily appreciate my tale! So, Skal 'John'; it was an honour to have known you. We hope you are having a joyful time, and laughing with 'Jane', and gathering 'Almond Roca Bars' in Heaven!

Good Night and God Bless.

Almond Roca Bars!

Good Afternoon, it is here, anyway.

We went out for a 10:00 am appt and that went superbly. Then, we drove to Costco. Perhaps a lot of you, enjoy the savings as well, as all the neat 'stuff' at Costco. Have found, that it generally is quite competitive to secure an immediate parking spot in the large parking lot; well, we found one asap, right by the front doors! Then we are indoors, doing our shopping; AND, there before my very tid eyes, were ALMOND ROCA bars! (Talk about 'Ides of March!' - depending on which way you look at it - good or not so good). I thought, 'Wow!' Inasmuch as I had mentioned a bit about the Almond Roca bars in today's earlier post, I just had to have it! No other way around it! No coincidence here! On our way out, we 'lucked out' at going to a counter, with NO lineup. It was the easiest and quickest trip yet to Costco! It was a pleasure!

Then, when we are putting away our items, I have an overwhelming urge to open the package of the Almond Roca bars; and place them in a dish or two. Was wondering whether I should eat one, for 'old time's sake'. Well, I noticed that in the midst of pouring them into a large bowl, there was an empty wrapper! Hmmmmmm. Then, I readily discover the one, unwrapped! Just waiting to be devoured! Well, it looked too good to resist. So, I said, "Here's to you", outloud to my friend that passed away yesterday; and of course, enjoyed the Almond Roca bar immensely. They are seductively habit forming! Don't you think? LOL! If you have never had one, I suggest (ad of Mikey) 'Try it, you might like it!' However, there are 2 different colours of wrappers on the bars, the gold (which was the unwrapped one, on its own) and a royal blue. Well, I thought, 'have another one (one in royal blue) for him'. So there you have it. Plus the Almond Roca Bars were at a wonderful savings. And, the photo image is exactly perfect! Two unwrapped Almond Roca Bars! Cheers!

Will share the funny story about the Almond Roca bars...maybe later today or tomorrow. It would then perhaps, make a bittid of more tidbit sense to you! LOL!

Tidbit - Nothing is ever a coincidence!

Bittid - If you feel you are being 'Guided' in a GOOD way, go with it!

Til later for the tid tale. My friend and I thought that it was hilarious and we enjoyed many laughs. After I just made that bit comment, the sun immediately appeared in full brilliant shining force! Now it has completely disappeared. Hmmmmm.

God Bless.

A time to reflect

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Here it is, Saturday morning! Glad of it! The weekend! It has been quite a week; so we are very thankful that this week has passed.

A lot has happened and a lot has been done. So today and tomorrow, Sunday, we can take a bit of a breather. Eventhough we do have some tidbit things to do in the next bittid short while; we are going to appreciate the day as it unfolds. It is also Alan's birthday tomorrow; and I have planned a wee bit of a nice surprise for him.

Our friend passed away yesterday early am. I am one that gets 'delayed reactions'; if any of you can relate to that scenario. It always takes me a day or a tid few to have the reality sink in about the finality in the passing of a close friend. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, he was too young to die; however, the good thing is, he is now at Peace. No more suffering, no more discomfort, no more pain. As strange as it may sound, I look forward to his Memorial Service; and if any of us are encouraged to speak, I will; as I feel, I have a very funny story to share. I will remember him best as the 'Almond Roca Man'. That is an inside private joke that he and I had for years. We always played 'pranks', silly mischevious jokes on one another! You know the movie, 'Grumpy Old Men' - well, we were a tid like that - in a fun way, though.

He is much missed; he was refreshingly intelligent, had an excellent sense of humour, and a very quick wit. We lost touch with him for a bittidz; however, I have good memories of his friendship to sustain. I made a tidbitz mention of him in my post of Feb 10th. Terminal cancer finally overcame him.

Tidbit - Communication is so vital; because once someone has passed away, that's it. A closed door, if you will. So, if there are people close to you, work on building a better rappoire and friendship before they are here no more.

Bittid - 'When one door closes, another door opens'. That may have happened, as in yesterday, when myself and another friend of our departed friend, made email contact; and that was a comfort, I think to us both.

Have to go for now; may be back later. Today, is the Ides of March (see photo image). If you wish, you can refer to my post of March 15/07. Am also about to listen to Allison's wonderful voice! Such an uplift!

God Bless.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Happy Friday

Good Afternoon!

It has been a full day, thus far! And, am really glad it is Friday (again!). Listened once again, to Allison's awesome voice (see March 10th post, if you wish).

We were out early this morning, with various appointments. I also got my hair cut by quite a tid; and with all due respect, it looks wonderful! Nothing like a 'new hair style or cut, to give you a lift!' or a bit of a 'spring in your step!'

Am home; and quite happy to be settling in for the weekend. At the tidbitz moment, it is pouring with rain; so am appreciative of being indoors! Will be lighting a fire in the next bittidz!

A close friend of mine, has just passed away in the wee hours of this morning at the Palliative Care Unit in the Hospital. He was too young to die; however, he had an inoperable tumour and he fought a good, hard, and brave fight. He kept up his 'off the wall' sense of Humour to the end. A wonderful friend took on the tough role of being the 'conduit' of keeping us all in the loop; thus, my hat goes off to her for her courage. Our dying friend did not want to see too many people; because he had gone downhill so much. Understandably so; because he wanted us to remember him, when he was well. So, I did not see him either; however, as a solace, I do remember him in his better days; and that is how I will always remember him. A Norwegian custom my Dad taught me, is the wonderful toast, "To Absent Friends". I hereby, in honour of my friend, say 'Skal', may you rest in Peace; and To Absent Friends'.

Interestingly enough also, there are family issues going on there with siblings. That is all I will say with regards to his / their situation. And yet, if there is anything that Alan and I can do, we will.

With the ongoing 'sibling saga', we are going to fight it; and He is on our side. That is of great comfort to us. Also, a 'precedent' will be set. Will keep you posted when I have more bittidical bits to share.

Also, received the lovely gift of a small music box, as a 'thank you', from the 'Hour of Power" today. I had referred to that in earlier posts; and that by donation, we have become members of the "Sparrows Club". The tid music box with Sparrows, is made of exquisite porcelain and when wound up, plays the Hymn, 'Amazing Grace'. That was a bit of an uplift for us. No coincidences here, as to the timing; it arrived at the best time!

Tidbit - Always look to find some joy; even in the tidbitical tids of things. ie in the various birds flying about, such as sparrows, finches, robins etc. Or the nature and vibrant blooms of Spring.

Bittid - Appreciate giving kindness and encouragement to others. It is always better to give, than to receive.

Here is wishing you a nice R & R weekend. God Bless.

Good Night and Good Morning!

Good Morning, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

It is a very early 'Good Morning' at this end. We watched a movie tonight from our bed; and you know, I got a bit of a second wind. It is a very peaceful time of night / next day; when all about you, is hushed with a gentle quiet; including the pitter patter of rain, just starting to fall upon our skylight.

Just was also reflecting a tid about our day. As mentioned earlier, we had a phone call yesterday morning, and that set the day off in a joyful motion of FAITH. All sorts of things - GOOD things were happening! Blessings!- 'Out of the woodwork'; and non stop!

Then after dinner, something occured right 'out of left field', which took away our joy for a short time; however only for a few moments. "Praise Him in ALL Things". I kept / keep thinking of the inspirational movie, 'Facing the Giants'. (see recent posts). They Praised Him when they won their games, and they Praised Him, when they lost their games. They just grew and became stronger in their FAITH, with each passing day.

Tidbit - Keep the Faith. Am going to do the same tonight, as I did last night; which is to just fall off to a sound sleep, and leave it all to Him to Provide Solution. Why worry about 'stuff' that you have no control over? Instead, just let it go. Plus my body and spirit is happy to simply 'surrender' to His Will.

Bittid - Am looking forward to today. Apart from it being Friday (again!) we have another full day; starting with early morning appointments - all to the GOOD. eg. A Hair appt. is slotted in there as well! LOL! Having a positive and upbeat attitude, really helps! Also, when someone asks you, 'How are you doing?' Give the reply, 'Never better!' You may be amazed, by and how those 2 bittid words affect you and others in your sphere. If you would like to refer to posts of Jan 7th & Jan 8 th, 'Never Better', please feel free, for a further tidbit!

Am now going to say 'Sweet Dreams'. Love the above photo image of the brilliant daffodil!

Good Night, Good Morning, and God Bless.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Faith is Good!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting for you, in your part of the world!

Well, another day! Do not know exactly which bittid to begin with. Hmmmmm.

Last night, we received a late phone call; most troubling and challenging in a tidbitshell.

And here I am, blogging about FATIH; and about the awesome movie, 'Facing the Giants' in an earlier post. FAITH for thought. Pretty dramatic and challenging situations for the characters in the movie and for us, as of last night. Well, I 'talked' to Him from my heart, in silent conversation. The evil one does not have access to your innermost quiet thoughts. Know that and be comforted with that thought. That is WHY, He is Omnipetent; because HE already knows all your thoughts, even before you think them! I will do a bit blog some other time, on that one - which is a true experience that happened to me, some 10 years ago. That was when I KNEW that He KNOWS everything! Kid or tid you not!

Well going back to last night, all I kept hearing was, "FEAR NOT, for I have Overcome the World". And, I also kept hearing, 'Go to sleep, go to sleep, Fear not'. So, I took His Counsel, and exhaustedly fell asleep. Woke up extra early this morning. I was still wondering how 'things' would be resolved (oh, I knew WHO was going to resolve them; but when?); and then the phone rang. That changed everything; and we have been on 'Cloud Nine' ever since! Then there were a few other 'things' that occured; and I am still overwhelmed! Much like the coach in the movie; when he threw everything to FAITH in Him, asked for His Help, and then he was BLESSED with one thing, after another. That has been the wonderful type of day, we have enjoyed. Strange, going from one extreme to another. Love the above photo image! 'Never Back Down, Never Give Up, Never Lose Faith!'

Tidbit - It is how you handle the challenges, the stresses, the uncertainties. The uncertainty is a big one; just take the 'LEAP OF FAITH'. I have to confess too, that I think I was so tired, that I just 'gave in' to FAITH - overnight - while I SOUNDLY slept! He worked on the rest!

When we were out and about today, one of the scenes I saw, was a little old man, pushing his white miniature poodle in his walker / stroller / buggy. You usually think the other way around...However, this old man was delighting in caring for his animal; the dog was old; and he kept joyfully sharing, that the 'dog was too old' and needed the ride. I thought that was quite touching and here is the following bittid!

Bittid - Pets are great therapy for older people! Like if you have an dog (or some other pet), that needs a home, a senior would love the companionship. A pet (in this case, a dog) was wonderful for this man's morale and spirits! I had to laugh though, because this gentleman, was no 'spring chicken'; but 'Spring has Sprung'; so good on him for enjoying and being 'young at heart!'

Good night and God Bless.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Hi Again!

Last night, Alan and I watched the movie, "Facing the Giants". What an awesome and UPBEAT message! FAITH! The title, reminds me of David and Goliath!

Tidbit - If you have not seen the movie, or are feeling 'down' or 'let down', tune in to it! The Faith in Him touched the lives of the coach, the school football team, and all those who came into contact with them, AND HIM. You can see the above photo image! So powerful and so true!

Bittid - Praise Him in ALL Things.

The team Praised Him when they won and ALSO, when they lost. Good to do that! Basically the team played their best to HONOUR HIM. The Blessings kept coming; and the coach was 'overwhelmed' with all the 'Doors Opening!'

As mentioned in earlier posts, (now I have a Search Box to help you refer to the posts - thanks to Mattias), Alan is being 'beseiged' by his siblings - wrongfully. Character assassination. We have the FAITH, that He will expose the Truth ultimately. HE is our greatest Ally. The movie we saw last night, was just what Alan and I both needed to watch. FAITH is so HUGE. And, even with all the falsehoods, we Praise Him in All things.

At the tid moment, I am enjoying the quietness of today. I feel at Peace; eventhough there is a lot of 'stuff' happening. This morning's cup of coffee, or I should say cups of coffee, is that extra bit good.

Here is wishing you all a great day!

God Bless.


Hi Again!


Thought I would give you this site again(was referred to in recent posts). Yesterday's blog had the audio message; this is the actual site and you may enjoy a browsing read.

God Bless

Good Morning!

Good Morning! Or whatever is the best greeting to you in your part of the world!

Just listened to the above heartfelt Hymn; turned it up full blast! Fantastic start to one's day! Made mention of Allison's beautiful voice in recent posts. She has been Blessed with a wonderful voice; a Gift!

Am going to add tidbits and bittids throughout the day.

God Bless.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Some Helpful Guidance!

Good Evening, or whatever the applicable greeting is to you, in your part of the world!

Here it is still a tid light outside; along with a beautiful sunset!

It has been a full full day; had a number of bit errands etc to do. One of them involved going to a Crematorium; and I could not help but think about all the scattered graves / tombstones; all of different sizes and shapes. Like how old are the graves / tombstones? (a few hundred years old perhaps); what is inscripted upon them, as in an epitaph; how old the person was, when he or she passed away; what was their life like. etc. etc. etc. Questions, full of questions. It was very peaceful, believe it or not; and I thought eventhough, these people have died, have left this Earth; here is Praying that their souls are in Heaven, and enjoying Eternal Everlasting Life. While driving through the graveyard 'parklike setting', there were bouquets of Spring flowers here and there on various graves; as well as one touching sight to me. A little old lady, stooped and hunched over, in an old but warm blue coat, was tending to placing some flowers on a grave. She had a walking cane; which was propped up against the stone; but she was diligently and lovingly remembering a loved one.

Carried on with errands, and whilst out and about, noticed there is a lot of construction / building taking place. Immediately, I thought of how vital it is to have a firm foundation. That is so true too, with human life; very important to be grounded in a firm understanding of what is right and / or wrong.

Also, picked up a water filter for our fridge; could not help but appreciate that in our part of the world, we have an abundant source of water; as well as having the wonderful convenience of going to the outlet for refills.

Went to the Church also, to pick up a tape (that is the norm apparently, to tape Services and give tapes to the family members) of the Memorial Service for Alan's Mum. There were 5 tapes in total; 4 for each sibling, and the Dad. Alan had made prior arrangements that he would pick up his and his Dad's tape, when the tapes were available. Well, today we discover that the oldest sibling had already picked up Alan's and the Dad's tapes??? However, the Church suggested to Alan to take one of the 3 tapes, still left. So, Alan ended up with a tape, regardless. The sibling who spoke at the Service, left Alan out entirely in her speech in the Church (Feb 25th blog?)whereas, Alan included her and the others, in his Rememberances of his beloved Mum. The oldest sibling apologized in the lawyer's office; that it must have been an oversight, that she made no mention of him. Hmmmmm???? The good thing is though, the lies, the deceits, the malice, the anger, the hate, the jealousies, the petty and false accusations etc, are going to lose in the end.

Tidbit - It is so easy to flounder, flutter about, and / or be frustrated when things are amiss; and or being harassed with petty bittidy details; designed to throw you off track. I believe it is in the HOW we function with all the tidbitty inadequacies, dodge tactics, and challenges. In other words, brush it off; and Praise Him ALL the more; BECAUSE, He has already WON!

Bittid - Rise above all things; and even when 'things' are premeditated, pervasive throughout, and insiduous insinuations, just appreciate that He always Prevails with the TRUTH. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Seek and Ye Shall Find.

Have managed to link in a site (March 3rd Post) with some helpful Guidance.

Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday night!

Good Evening! Glad it is coming to the end of the day! Things have been rather 'unique' around here. We have been 'attending to business'; as well as 'playing a bit of catch up' with our various projects (some of which have been long in the works).

Am going to call it a night; it is teeming with rain outside, so it is a wonderful night to just be comfy indoors. Am going to snuggle under the covers early!

Tidbit - When the body says 'rest'; I am going to appreciatively follow that message tonight! I am sure some of you, can relate! I think it is partly to do with the time change; ie moving the clocks forward one hour. This morning arrived all too quickly! LOL! However, it has been quite the 'merry go round' of activities for us; so I am happy to say 'Good Night'; and the dark looming skies overhead, definitely endorse that thought; and afterall, it is Monday, the beginning of the week again. Love the above photo image; that is Alan and I! LOL!

Bittid - "Sleeping on things" is always the best. ie When there are decisions that need to be made etc, a good night's rest is always a plus.

The 'sibling saga' will be 'heating up' before too long; so, we are also 'pacing ourselves' for the next tid of days. However, we are going to live each day at a time. He says, 'Fear not, for I have Overcome the World!' That is such a comforting thought to us.

Good Night and God Bless.

Great Voice!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is appropriate to you, in your part of the world!
This is a quick tid! If you have not heard the above singer, she is outstanding! She has been blessed with such an incredible voice! I listen to her each morning; and what a wonderful uplift to the start of your day! And, when you turn the sound up full blast, it is just awesome!

We have a lot happening; but then for the most bit, who doesn't?

Tidbit - Make / create a quiet time to 'talk with Him'. If you can do that (ie mornings are good) at the beginning of each and every day, it is amazing how the rest of your day unfolds; even through tough moments. I usually have a bath in the early mornings; that is the best time for me; and then I can lie there, Pray or "talk" out loud, and gaze upwards towards our skylight! 'Praise Him in ALL Things!'

Bittid - Be calm; have the strong and courageous Faith in Him. He always Provides Solutions and to the GOOD.

Today it is pouring with rain; so the above image and a cosy fire is invigorating to one's spirits. We still have the 'sibling saga'; and when there is more bittidz to blog, I will. For the tidbitz time being, we are preparing (along with His help) for what needs to be done.

Bye for now. God Bless.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

A Day of Rest

Good Evening, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Today has been a quiet 'day of rest'; quite literally. Very peaceful; as well as a much needed 'recharging of the batteries'. Plus, our clocks have 'Sprung into Spring'. Today, we set our clocks an hour ahead; so it was refreshing to see daylight after 7:00 pm. This is going to be a busy bittid of a week for us; will blog more tid in a bit!

Tidbit - Appreciate R & R when you have the tidbit opportunity.

Bittid - You do not always have to be 'on the go'; it is good to just 'chill out'. And, being a Sunday, makes it all the more a wonderful Blessing. He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Weekend Reflections

Good Evening, or whatever the appropriate greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

As tidded in yesterday's post, am glad it is the weekend! Today, has been a rather interesting day. Bitted about here and there, with tidbitical 'things'. Not a lot was accomplished; however, a much appreciated R & R was enjoyed instead. And throughout, I reflected on some bittidical 'stuff'. I also came across a couple of wonderful 'quotes', I had saved from 2002, in my email folder; and thought hmmmmm. These are so provocatively true!

Tidbit - "Most of us miss out on life's big prizes. The Pulitzer. The Nobel. Oscars.
Tonys. Emmys. But we're all eligible for life's small pleasures. A pat on
the back. A kiss behind the ear. A four-pound bass. A full moon. An empty
parking space. A crackling fire. A great meal. A glorious sunset. Hot
soup. Cold beer.
Don't fret about copping life's grand awards.
Enjoy its tiny little delights.
There are plenty for all of us".

~United Technologies Corporation advertisement ~

Bittid - "Success is the ability to go from one
failure to another with no loss of

~Sir Winston Churchill~

LOVE these inspirational quotes! Am also listening to Allison again; she truly has been blessed with such a beautiful voice! Please see recent posts to hear the Hymn, if you wish; it is awesome!

Am going to call it a night now; as we are watching a bit of hockey and then will treat ourselves to a good movie a tid later. A relaxing Saturday evening! We enjoyed a very good dinner; along with a hearty glass of South African Red Wine. 'Praise Him in All Things'.

Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, 7 March 2008

It is the weekend! Yahoo!

Good Afternoon, or whatever the appropriate greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

Am relieved it is Friday. The weather is not promising (a cloudy, rainy day); however, it is just 'nice' that the weekend is here - again! This weekend, in particular! I think with all that has been going on, we are glad for the 2 upcoming days. Will be lighting a fire in the next little bit; it is a 'perfect' day for a roaring fire!

It has been a full day thus far. We have accomplished a lot since 7:00 am this morning; and there is still a bittid more to attend to, before the afternoon is over. This is just a quick tid of a tidbit break!

Love the Seasons! And now, it is the 'heralding in' of Spring. Many buds, blooms are all shining forth with the upcoming season. Love daffodils; and the above photo image is a gorgeous vibrant one!

Also listened to Allison's beautiful voice (as per recent blogs; ie yesterday's post); great uplift to the start of one's day!

The 'sibling saga' is very much in the tidbitical works; with 'them' in full malicious force against Alan. C'est la vie. We are just biding our time; and He Will Prevail, with what is Just, Right and Equitable; and, more importantly, in His time frame. 'They' all know of what I speak, in a nutshell. Christ said, 'If we have the Faith, the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains!'. I believe in that powerful message; and this is certainly going to be an interesting court case. As a bittidical, I would not want to be in the siblings's shoes, at this particular time! Plus 'they' know already of the serious ( a most gentle description) consequences for their actions. They have already convicted themselves several times over, 'by their words, actions, and deeds'. 'Praise Him in ALL Things'; is what I keep hearing in my head and feeling in my heart.

Tidbit - Do things for the 'right' and genuine reasons. He can never be fooled.

Bittid - Take comfort in knowing HE has already won! He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

God Bless.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

This Hymn is so inspirational!

Good Morning; or whatever the applicable greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

The above Hymn is awesome; I think! She has such an exceptional voice! Am listening to her this am, as I enjoy my freshly brewed cup of coffee (made by Alan)and writing a tid for this morning's blog! I have turned the music up 'full blast!' It is a great way to begin the day!

I also have included a picture of myself, my Mum (who has since passed away), and my daughter. For whatever reason, this dear photo seemed appropriate whilst I was listening to the Hymn. My daughter has also been Blessed with a beautiful voice; or at least years ago, when I heard her sing in the school choir. As a Mum, I guess I can go on a son, also has a good voice. Me? well? no; although I do enjoy 'belting out' certain Hymns! LOL!

Tidbit - If you have been Blessed with a 'Gift', use it! We are all given various 'gifts'; however, the key is to recognize and appreciate / enjoy your 'gift' - whatever it is.

Bittid - When things around you are 'off the wall', just play and listen to some music! Even sing; who cares if you can not carry a tune! Amazing how much better you feel!

LOVE makes the World go around; LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Spring is on route!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Today is gorgeous outside...clear blue skies, Spring is definitely on route! Various tulips, daffodils etc wonderfully 'popping up!'

It has been a 'nonstop' day of activity; and I just took a tid of a few moments to appreciate this glorious day! The beautiful sunshine on my face was / is warm and gentle.

Thus my bit thoughts, as well...warm and gentle.

Tidbit - My Dad used to say to me: 'Put your finger in the dirt'. That basically plummets you to earth 'reality' of various situations. I thank him for that wise message; it is so very true. By doing that, you gain 'stock' on what is or what isn't. Very clear.

Bittid - Be appreciative for what you have; not for what you do not have! 'Angst not', keeps coming to my mind at this time.

God Bless.

P.S. Love that Hymn (see yesterday's post!)- so uplifting and a great way to start your day!