Saturday, 24 September 2011

A quite and restful Saturday

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have thoroughly enjoyed a restful Saturday. Woke up to a gorgeous Fall morning and eventhough the weather has been 'iffy' (raining on and off), there still is a bittid of summer left, as indicated by our outdoor thermometer, which showed temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Right now, there is a glorious sky, mixed with a bit of a sunset as well as dark foreboding clouds. We are glad we are in for the night.

The past few days have been full of tid trials and tribulations. (Quite a few of them, coming right out of the woodwork). We are hopeful and Prayful that all those concerned, will behave with honour, transparency, and integrity. Sadly, we have seen glaring untruths, lies, and deceit. However, Alan and I are reassured in knowing that God HATES inequities. We are thankful too, that nothing can be hidden from Him and the TRUTH will Prevail. We are 'waiting' for closure and it is just a matter of days. Also, Alan and I have decided that we are going to just enjoy each day and be grateful for our tidbit Blessings. We are leaving it all up to Him to Provide Solution, as per His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan.

As mentioned in the post of 'Reflective Time-Out' of September 21st, we have been exploring tidbitz avenues for the future. Alan has revisted various connections and I will be embarking upon a new adventure. In a bittidz nutshell, both of us are moving forward and embellish the changes, which is going to be positive!

My son popped in today and it was a really nice visit. Our neighbour had some extra grass sods left; and we were able to make use of it on our wee tid patch of lawn. Believe it or not, the grass turfs fit all the spots that were needful of lawn. It looks so much better. We gave our neighbour some special biscuits as a bit of a thank you, and he was appreciative.

Tidbit: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Bittid: "Love thy neighbour, as thyself."

We have been fortunate with our neighbours; wherever we have lived. This area is most refreshing, and it is, as if everyone genuinely enjoys treating each other well! That is how it should be!

I like the above photo image. Alan and I are appreciatively happy, regardless of whatever else goes on around us. We are also very thankful that He Directs our path each and every day.

Am looking forward to watching some of the ministerial shows on T.V. tomorrow on the Vision Channel. A hearty thank you to all those concerned with providing such great programs.

Good Night, Peace, and God Bless.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Reflective time-out

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Strange day here...Definitely fall. Now pouring with rain, cooler temperatures, and there is a strong breeze brewing.

Speaking of a 'strong breeze,' a lot of options have flown across our path today. I have asked Him to Direct our Path, and to Use us and Guide us as per His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan. Amazing what is transpiring along the way.

I followed up on a few tidbit leads earlier today and received some favourable responses. However, we have some matters to attend to first; so this is good for the back burner for the bittid time being. This has been a 'reflective' time-out (as in a working holiday at home) for both Alan and I. We are 'brainstorming' and doing our due diligence in checking out all our options for the future.

There have been many tidbitz lessons learned from our experiences; and we have come through several situations (with His Help). We are thankful more than ever, that Christ is our Saviour and that He has, indeed, sustained us each and every day. We are living day by day, and at the same bittidz time; it takes courage, because there is the unknown. Call it a 'Leap of Faith; and just 'keep on trekking' regardless. What we do know though, is that He does Provide and that gives us comfort and reassurance. He is our Refuge and Strength.

We are glad it is now nightfall and we are grateful for the productive day that we have just spent. We know there are changes and we are positively embracing them and going forward with whatever unfolds.

Tidbit - Ask Him to give you understanding, wisdom, clarity and discernment. Keep things simple and also appreciate the little things and Thank Him for your daily Blessings.

Bittid - Be a Blessing to others; by genuinely uplifting them. Your own problems soon dissolve, when you help others.

Am now going to go and enjoy the rest of the evening. 'Praise Him In ALL things.'

I love the above photo image; as it looks so cosy and peaceful. I wonder if the picture depicts a real location; as it is dear to my heart.

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Steadfast Focus

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Almost two bittid weeks have flown past us! To recap, we did do another garage sale on the weekend of the 10th. Eventhough we did not garner much in the way of coinage, we enjoyed meeting more people. Also, we were able to shed / unload some more bittids of 'clutter.' A lot of the people we interacted with, said that this was not the usual garage sale. I heartily agreed; and a good time was had by all. Those who were not smiling when they arrived, they certainly were when they left.

We are becoming more settled in our our new abode and we, indeed, have much to be thankful for! Since we have moved here, we have focused all the more on Christ and we believe with all our hearts, that He has a specific purpose for each and every one of us.

We have also been involved with some ongoing 'stuff' and it is just a matter of time when things will be finally resolved.

Mid last week, we were exceedingly needful of a 'helping hand' and we Prayed to Him for His 'help', as we know that He is our Provider and Saviour. Well, within a very short time later, we unexpectedly received tidbit 'word' that Alan was the recipient of a small reimbursement that was due to him some seven years ago! Talk about timely; (NO coincidence!) and it was in the exact amount that we were in major need of for that day! That was truly a Gift of Grace from Him!

This past weekend as mentioned, we did not have a garage sale; as we had had four in a row. Also, as it happened, it poured with rain; so we were happy for the reprieve and the cooler weather was refreshing.

This past Sunday, I enjoyed watching the Vision Channel. ie. 'Hour of Power', 'World Impact Ministries', and 'Living Truth'; and received some ephifancies and tidbits!

For those of you who wish and appreciate encouragement and solid teachings from the Bible etc, best to tune into these programs. ie. On 'Hour of Power,' Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman's guests Jan Coates (author and speaker) and Pastor Brad Boyd share their uplifting stories. On 'World Impact Minsisties,' Pastor Peter Youngren's guest, Pastor Age Aleskjaer of the Oslo Christian Centre (Oslo, Norway), gives encouraging suggestions on how to Pray in Jesus' name. (I have a soft spot for Norway, as my Dad was born in Trondheim). Also, Pastor Charles Price of 'Living Truth' provides meaningful insights as well. We are appreciative too, of daily reading 'My Daily Journey with Christ', published by Pastor Charles. There are many other wonderful ministires; these are just a few.

Yesterday, we had an urgent circumstance and the few people we turned to, were to no avail. We had / have a need for the short term; and with all the undue bittidz delays, it has not been easy. When speaking with a friend of ours later yesterday, I made the following comments: "I guess everyone is laughing at us; as if we are the laughing stock". No reply; so I continued with: "Well, fine, if that is the way of it; eventhough we know the truth of the matter." Believe it or not, those words gave / give me a tidbitz boost of good cheer and confidence! I also gently shared that our immediate request had been supplied by Him.

Yesterday when we were struggling with the situation,'something' within me, just said, 'Do this.' Eventhough, it was a challenge, I Prayed for the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name to Guide me; as I was very definitely out of my comfort zone. Well, one of the people involved, said: 'I will help you out of these inequities.' I was blown away; and he was surprised too by his comment. So, all I can say is that he and I were empowered by the Holy Spirit, who Prevailed yesterday, right then and there!

Apart from the move and so forth, we have also been looking at other avenues for our future. We are truly looking forward to closure, and eventhough it has been a long tough journey, the experiences have been lessons for us too.

Tidbit - Even in your worse moments, when all seems to be dim, just turn to Him and Ask Him to Direct your path and to show you the way. Seek Him out by Knocking on His door and it shall be opened unto you.

Bittid - Do not fret when faced with ridicule, indignation, dissidence etc. Calmly stay your course; by being all the more focused in your daily Walk, Faith and Trust in Him. He is your Shepherd and He does take care of you. Do not give up; as He does not give up on you. He loves each and every one of us, unconditionally and wants a relationship with each of us. All one has to do is to steadfastedly Ask, to Seek, and to Knock on His door.

Well, we have some things to attend to. It is a gorgeous fall day and we are thankful for our Blessings and joyful too, for the recent help He gave us! 'Praise Him In ALL Things!'

I like the above photo image of 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Refreshing moments!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It ia a beautiful sunny morning and fall is definitely in the air. The forecast for the week, is for hot hot temperatures; so we are extra appreciative for the cooler and refreshing start to the day.

We had the garage sale; and eventhough there were not many people (Labour Day Weekend), we again met some more of our kind neighbours in the neighbourhood and so forth. We have enjoyed everyone we have met thus far; be it through our few garage sales or whatever. As mentioned in an earlier post, there is a joyfulnees and a spirit of thankfulness that we have found invigorating. We managed to unload some more tidbitz 'stuff'; albeit giving more away than selling items - which was fine. We have been asked to do another garage sale; well, perhaps. We also just received a coupon from a company that takes away 'stuff.' We may call upon them in due course.

We are settling in and the change is for the better. We are grateful more than ever for our daily Blessings. Yesterday, a neighour popped by and introduced herself; and I ended up being given a tour of her home and meeting her husband and daughter. Methinks we will become good friends. Writing of neighbours, our past next door neighbours gave us a call and said that they missed us. We were touched and when we next go into town, we will get together with them. Also, when we are better organized (unpacked), we will invite the whole crew over for a bittidz barbecue or something that is 'no fuss, no muss.' Most likely, they will carpool.

Again, we have been reading 'My Daily Journey with Christ' (you can refer to the Sept 1st post), written by Pastor Charles Price. If it is any consolation, all that he has said, is what Alan and I have been experiencing - almost to the day! There are no bit coincidences. We are still in a 'waiting' mode and I just read Charles' insights for today: "Don't be Afraid to Wait." Very interesting.

Recently celebrated my birthday; another tid year older! My son and his girl friend came over and barbecued a salmon for us in the evening, and we were appreciative of our fun visit. Earlier in the day, my daughter and our wee grandsons came over with some lovely roses (that we will plant in the garden) and a nice home-made card.

Tidbit - Do random of acts of genuine kindness. Be it with a gentle smile, giving an encouraging word, and / or a helping hand to those in need.

Bittid - Trust in Him to daily Sustain you. When things appear to be overwhelming, turn everything over to Him and He Provides. Perhaps not right away, but He does Prevail in His Time, as per His Will, Purpose, and Plan.

Hope to be back a bittid later. Here is wishing you a great day. May this be the best tidbit day yet. Actually may each and every day be the best day; and may you enjoy each day at a time. "Praise Him in ALL Things."

Love the above photo image; very peaceful and refreshing.

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Plentiful and fruitful harvests

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, a week has flown past us! We have since had a tid garage sale and we will be doing another one this weekend. We have unearthed more 'stuff' from our move. Garage sales are very interesting; you meet all types. I know it is the nature to enjoy a good banter and bargaining at garage sales; however, there were some who went a bit overboard. To the point, where we had to say gently to a very few, 'Well, if that is how you feel, perhaps you can find a better bargain elsewhere.' We had already come down in price, to where it was ridiculous. Others who were there were also surprised by the aggressive posture; and supported us by asking us: 'How much do you want for this item anyway?' Well, we worked out a fair price with them and they were appreciative. A gracious attitude and thoughtful diplomacy goes a long way.

We have enjoyed the garage sales (You can refer to my August 23rd post, 'Strength of Character') and as per that post, we have met some wonderful people; who have become our friends. The same couple was back last weekend and we will be getting together for a meal in the near future.

There were many people who attended our sale and a lot of them asked us to continue having more! Well, I do not know about that; but we do have a lot of 'stuff' to unload. It also helps the pocket book. We met a young couple and they purchased some hangers and whatnot. They were moving into their first apartment. We agreed on a reasonable price and when they paid us, they were a few dollars short. I did not comment; thinking: 'They are nice; give them a break.' A bittid time later, they came back, apologizing all over the place. I asked them for what? Well, because they had not paid us the full amount! I was totally blown away by their honesty! I thanked them. I also suggested that God, Our Father, knows all things and watches everything and that He would be glad of their integrity. Well, they were all the more elated! I ended up saying that they were a special couple and added: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' They full heartedly agreed; and it was as if their joyful faces were shining! It was a refreshing interaction. I also said, 'Hope to see you again!' They felt the same.

Alan and I have been reading 'My Daily Journey with Christ', a tidbit booklet that we receive monthly from Charles Price, of Living Truth ( Pastor Charles Price is 'right on' with his teachings and they have helped us in our daily walk in Christ. Thank you Charles.

Also, watched 'Hour of Power' with Pastor Sheila Schuller-Coleman and for those of you who are seeking and / or are curious, best if you tune into their website of encouragement and hope ( etc. To quote a tidbitz from her: "So, that’s a typical day of abiding, being a branch, just resting in the Lord, just letting His love flow through you and me, and bearing fruit. That’s all it is. That’s all it takes."

I have been saying to most of the people who came to our bittidz garage sales:'Thank you for taking the time to stop by. If you see something you can not live without, I would rather you walk away with something you feel good about (ie that we have not over charged you) and that you leave happier than when you first arrived. We are not here to gauge you; instead, we like to be reasonable all the way around.' I felt good saying that; but then that is the Truth. People can tell too, whether one is being genuine or not. Anyway, it has been a good experience and we look forward to doing another one and meeting more friends.

Tidbit - 'Less is best.'

We have accumulated 'stuff' and we do not need it. Too much clutter etc etc etc. A garage sale is excellent for passing things on! Apart from the coin, it is well worth seeing the smiles on peoples' faces. There is too little of smiling these days, methinks.

Another experience: There is an older woman (in her 80's perhaps) and she has been to the sales we have had. I have put out some shoes and clothing from my Mum (alas, they were not my size) and this lady appreciated the quality of the items. She does not appear to have much coin; and I practically gave her some shoes and dresses (designer classics). Her face beamed; and it was as if she was a small child who set foot in a toy store. That grips my heart and I feel a lump in my throat; which leads me into the next bittid.

Bittid - 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.'

Yesterday, was a tidbit slice! Alan and I have been experiencing our share of 'trials and tribulations' (again, who hasn't?) asd we are looking forward to having resolution to various matters. We had / have some immediate challenges, and I literaly fell upon my knees and simply asked Him, 'What do we do? Why is this happening? We have done our best to be truthful, to be honourable, to be equitable etc?' I was literally in anguish, with hands on my head in our bathroom. (We have been steadfastedly saying our Prayers, Asking, Seeking, and Knocking; and things have appeared to be 'silent'). Well, the next thing I hear (a split second later) is Alan's voice shouting for me. I chose to ignore his calls; as I forlornly thought 'Now what?' It turns out that one of our few friends (whom we have confided in somewhat) called and offered her help. To us, that was an awesome miracle! God answered our Prayer immediately; which goes to show that He SUSTAINS us.

We still have some thorny issues to deal with; inequitable ones, I might add. However,it now appears that the 'truth' is finally surfacing and being exposed.
The verse Matthew 6:26 (Amplified Bible)comes is a good example of being sustained by Him.
"Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father keeps feeding them. Are you not worth much more than they?"
Also the accompanying words / insights from whomever (my aplogies, as I do not have the name), have stuck with me. ie. "The enemy wants you to be fearful of tomorrow. So your main goal needs to be to enjoy the life Jesus died to give you today. Do what you can to live in righteousness, peace and joy, and trust Him to do the rest."

Also, Galatians 6:9 says, "Do not become weary in doing good. For in due time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." That is reassuring!

Hurrah! It took a bit of persistent 'trial and error' before I was able to post this photo image. We have a dear friend (he knows who he is) and this is one of his many wonderful pictures (which we apperciate!) he has sent us. It is beautiful and indeed, it reminds me of a plentiful and fruitful harvest. This glorious picture reminds me also of Pastor Sheila's comments in her message of last Sunday, in the Crystal Cathedral.

Have to go for now; hope you have a plentiful and fruitful harvest! 'Praise Him in ALL Things.'

Peace and God Bless.