Thursday, 30 April 2009


Good Afternoon,

Had a long overdue hair appointment! 'The before and after!'

With all the challenges going on around us, we are being exceedingly prudent. My hairdresser, who is also a dear friend, offered to do my hair today for 'free'. Well, not exactly for 'free'; but gave me a 'break'; and I can repay her another time. She suggested that 'getting my hair done', would be good for my spirits. Also, I drove there on an 'empty tank'; and only had $4.00 in change with me. Without going into tid details, I made it; putting our car into 'neutral' as I 'coasted' down various hills and with many earnest Prayers to Him! There was also, a very steep hill; and I was literally registered on zero! As well, there were a lot of 'new drivers' out; so perhaps going a much slower speed than usual, may have helped, extend the life of the gas! Plus, I had to put $2.00 in the bit parking meter; as there was no parking available on side streets etc.

On my way home, I 'coasted' down a hill, turned right into a corner gas station! Whew! It was a 'self serve'. Fortunately, a kind person helped me fill our gas tank, as I have been 'spoiled rotten' by Alan, who always fills our tank. Now I have learned how to fill our gas tank; not so scary after all! My hairdresser friend also gave me $20.00; out of which I spent $15.00 on the fuel; with a dollar going to the nice young man who helped me out. He was grateful for the coin. Returned home with $6.00, a 1/4 tank of gas, and a new hairdo! LOL!

'Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you', very true. Also 'beauty is only skin deep'; and, it is on the 'inside that matters' most. However, getting the hair done was a great uplift; and 'when you feel you look good on the outside, you feel extra good on the inside'. So, I Thank Him for my Blessings! ie. That I did not run out of gas on route, that my friend 'helped me out'; as well as the gentleman at the service station showing me how to fill our gas tank. Plus, my friend gave me three awesome cooking magazines; so I am looking forward to browsing through them, for future tidbit ideas!

I have been feeling a bittid sad today, as I miss both parents; however, on a brighter side, it is a beautiful warm 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has not been a 'bad hair day!'

Have a few tid things to do; maybe be back a bit later. If not, tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying a nice day! I love the above photo image!

God Bless.

'Thank you Dad!'

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, my Dad passed away eleven years ago today. It seems as if only a few years has gone by! I think of him often; and in yesterday's post, the portrait of the 'pensive' woman also made me think of him. As a boy in Norway, he grew up with this unique painting in his house; and apparently the portrait had always been in his family! Once again, wonder what were the young woman's thoughts?

Writing of thoughts, my Dad was always full of them! I wish I knew more about his early life; however, those that would have any bittids, have all passed away; primarily due to old age. So, I must remember my Dad when I knew him. When I was a youngster, we did many wonderful things together. ie. He would take me skiing. I knew no fear of steep hills then; methinks I was closer to the ground, when I fell; which I am sure I did often! He enjoyed shooting pheasants and ducks; and I would pluckily go with him, even in the rain. Today I do not think I would have the heart to kill any animals; unless it was for sheer survival. The years flew by; and I do remember some good tidbits that my Dad used to say to me.

'Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone'.
'Life is like a bank account; what you put into it, is what you take out of it'.
'You live only once; so make the best of it'.
'Enjoy your life now; because you are young only once'. (In other words, do not 'waste' it).
'Life' is not a bowl of cherries'.
'Be slow to boil'.

Interestingly enough, all those expressions are good advice! 'Be slow to boil' was how my Dad was; I am of the same 'disposition'. It takes me a long time to become 'annoyed' or angry; however, when I finally reach a 'boiling point', well, then the 'Viking' water boils, shall we say!

Will add, that since I have accepted Jesus into my heart (thanks to Alan), I do my best to even be 'slower to the boil'; even with all the turmoil that is going on around the world today.

My Dad was a very caring, compassionate, and kind man; and he abided by a steadfast and deep Faith, that always stood him in good stead. He was upbeat and positive in attitude, along with a calm and cool thinking 'Viking' resolve; mixed in with humour and endurance. He was held in high regard by all and was a 'mentor' to many.

'Thank you Dad'. And, 'Skal to Absent Friends' (with my cup of coffee on this beautiful sunny Spring morning).

Thought I would also share both posts of April 30 / 2007 & 2008. Gives you a bit of further background; as to the 'tribute' to my Dad.

"April 30, 1998- A Tribute to my Dad! Now, April 30, 2007.

My Dad died on April 30, 1998. He was only 79 yrs old. He had battled cancer for a number of years; then "one day", it spread into his lymph nodes, and he was instantly GONE. He used to say that there are only 2 things you can be sure of in life - death and taxes. Well, our tax date in Canada, is April 30th; and death is death. AND, he died on April 30th; so I am paying a tribute to an awesome person.

THANK YOU, Dad; for what you did for me. I know you did the best you could; and you were first class! My Mum and my Dad adopted me when I was just a tid of a babe. For those that have been adopted, or are considering adoption, I can share a tidbiticle with you.

My parents told me I was adopted, when I was about 5 yrs old. I was (still am, have been told) very inquisitive; and my parents thought it best to tell me, before I found out elsewhere. I remember nodding my head, thinking 'that makes sense' - or whatever a precocious 5 yr old would say... Anyway, my Dad would often say that I was the 'carbon copy' of both he and my Mum - "made to order" - and that it could not have been any better, had they produced a natural offspring. I liked that explanation!

Also, my question - "how did you chose me?" Well, my Dad said it was the nursery, there you were...we were looking for a baby girl that had a good set of lungs (nothing has changed! LOL!) and that I was the only girl in the nursery; amongst several blue blankets. The blue blankets were all quiet! Hmmmm. I thought.

As I look back, I had a fantastic childhood - both parents did the best they could. We had our moments; but they WANTED me; because they were unable to have children. So, I was a 'selected' choice!

My childhood was wonderful! I was a 'tomboy'; wore a 'Davey Crocket' cap; climbed trees (high up! now, different thinking!), made forts, the works. The people next door to us, were Mr. and Mrs. Lord. Lovely couple -I thought old....but nice. She always baked cookies for after school visits (which were several!) and special occasions! I asked them why they never had any children....their response, was "we have you!". Well, that made me feel good. Then, they added, " We are like the 'Wilsons'" as in Dennis the Menace; and you are the female version. Well, I LOVED THAT! I could relate easily to Dennis the Menace! LOL! My poor Dad would have to go over there quite often to fetch me home; and then hear about the latest 'adventure!'

I guess I bittidulized for a tid of a bit; but I did enjoy my early early years - not to say, that I have not appreciated the years! I appreciate them a lot more now! LOL!

My Dad was, indeed, a wonderful man; I realized it more when he was no longer with us; and to this day, I know that he was an exceptional human being; and a self starter and a visionary. All those who knew him, would appreciate what I am saying; and I MISS both him and my Mum. So, I will say "Skal & Absent Friends" - a Norwegian custom. My 'earth Dad' was Norwegian.

I did a bit of a tid of checking who my blood parents were / are. It so happens, both sets were / are Norwegian! YES! I wanted to know for medical history reasons; because of my children. When filling out 'applications forms' or whatever, I would always be asked about health history of the blood parents; and I wanted to have more clarity. Well, I was told that the blood parents were very young when they had me; they were both athletes (hence my tree climbing abilities at an early age! LOL!), and that there was nothing to suggest ill health etc. If the blood parents are alive today, they would be in their mid 70's approx. I have left it alone; because my parents who brought me up, WERE / ARE my parents.

A tidbituary - I was having dinner one night with my parents; very casual; and my Dad asked me if I had heard from the Adoptive Renunion Agency. Well, you can imagine my surprise! I said, yes - today. Meanwhile, my Mum is having a fit; and worrying that I "might be taken away from them!" I quickly assured her that - no way...because of my age etc. But that tells you, how much she cared. - LOTS! That just choked me up a bit of a tid; even now as I post. Hmmm. God Bless her and him. I then told my Dad, that "I knew all along that I was Norwegian; stubborn - like you Dad...." Well, what could he say! LOL!

Tidbit - If I can give any advice, or helpful suggestion, spend time with your family; before it is too late. We tend to take our lives for granted; particularly with the "older folk" - that we can see them anytime...well, it does not exactly work that way.

However, I do know and have comfort that my Dad is no longer suffering. He is in HEAVEN with his beloved wife, my Mum; who loved him to bits.

Thank you to those who read this posting. It is indeed, honouring my Dad. He was a special guy.

Good Night and God Bless. Please feel free to comment, if you would like.

Oh, a further Bittid - The photo image of the Queen Elizabeth rose, was one of my Dad's favourite flowers. He grew roses; a great gardener, with a green thumb! I gave him a Queen Elizabeth Rose; and it still looks FABULOUS! We have since moved into their townhouse; and we will plant our Queen Elizabeth Rose beside 'his'; and I think the two rose bushes will provide many years of pleasure! Such a beautiful pink colour! One of my favourite colours and roses!

And, I thought this was going to be a short post! LOL!"

April 30th, 2008 post in my Dad's memory" - 'My Dad loved Roses'.

"In closing, my Dad died 10 years ago; hard to believe that the time has gone by as quickly! I did a Tribute to Him in my blog, of April 30/07, if you care to read it. We miss him; but at the same time, we know he is in a happy place, called Heaven. The above photo image, is of the 'Queen Elizabeth Rose'; my Dad loved that particular rose; and, I do as well! "Skal, Dad! Here is to Absent Friends". 'Absent Friends', is a Norwegian custom, hence toast; that remembers those that are not with us; either by their passing, or just not being present at the time".

We have a full day coming up; however, I wanted to share some posts in 'special' memory of my Dad today.

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Was awake early; and thought may as well get up! Am enjoying my morning elixir of coffee; and it is tasting extra good today! It looks like it will be another gorgeous Spring day!

Want to address a comment made to me re: 'Birks Sterling' from yesterday's post. I am delighted for the comment; and I replied with THANKS! You may wish to refer to the comments for a tid of bittidz background.

Also, in the above photo, there is an oil painting of a rather pensive looking woman. That painting was from my Dad's side; and it looks as if it is from 1786 or 1886; all we can see is / 86. We are doing our best to 'decipher' some history; hard to read the name of the artist. On the back, there was 'brown parchment paper'; which we removed; and 'lo and behold', there was an old painting of a an old fishing boat, two fishermen, their nets, driftwood, the outgoing tide, and the beach! It would be interesting to 'restore' the scene; it really is quite lovely; UNUSUAL. Both antique dealers specifically expressed interest in that piece (a couple of other oil paintings as well); so we gingerly brought the portrait down from the wall. Along with the horse vase; only to be replaced with the bronze lady Head Vase - looks much better to the eyes. (You may be able to see the bronze lady Head Vase; she is 'pensive' as well - from earlier posts...April 21st etc). Anyway, I thought that was a bit of tidbitz to share with you!

Also, have not forgotten about sharing a few tidbits from 'Hour of Power' (; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (; and 'Living Truth' ( However, methinks it is best if you check these International Bible Teachers out for your own knowledge and wondrous benefit. I just 'ripped up' my notes; because they are from a few weeks ago; and I do not think I can do them the proper justice now. Instead, (apart from watching the Vision Channel on Sundays), will also refer online, and then copy / paste some of their encouraging bittids on to my posts. Then it is more accurate, direct, and perhaps even more impactful and empowering for your 'Seek and Ye Shall Find' mission, if you wish to know more about Him etc.

Tidbit - Reflect and appreciate your Blessings daily! Ask Him to Guide you through each day; it is amazing how much better you feel!

Bittid - 'Pensive' is an interesting word.
"pen·sive (pnsv)
1. Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful.
2. Suggestive or expressive of melancholy thoughtfulness".

I looked up the meaning of 'pensive' and this particular description makes me pensively think of the Pensive looking Portrait of the young woman on our wall. Wonder what her thoughts were at the time when she was painted? The antique dealer (the one who was here in the morning), suggested that the woman should be smiling? Well; that is part of her charm, methinks.

Can also enjoy a passionate fascination for the history of antiques, collections, wonderful family sentimental heirlooms, or whatever. There is always something new to be learned; as well as hearing interesting tales from others, associated with various old, historic, rare, and / or dear to the heart pieces! Pondering, and being genuinely appreciative of knowledge is good, in all regards, methinks.

Have to go for now; hope to be back later.

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Another found treasure at the bin!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting you to you, in your part of the world!

The time has 'flown by!'. In between our business projects, we have had other issues 'on the table'. Basically, two antique dealers came over yesterday (one in the morning, the other in the afternoon) to give us 'almost like an antique roadshow' experience, of 'stuff on the table'. It was very interesting and most educational; and I was like a bittidz sponge! I LOVED it, and we are most appreciative for their insights!

'Gleaned' more about silver. For ex. If you are wanting to 'downsize', unclutter, sell, whatever, to make life easier / simpler, you may wish to have a 'sorting system'. This was the sage advice from our afternoon friend.

The pieces that have 'dents' or 'dings', set aside; as well as 'silver plate'; and also, put aside 'Birks Sterling'. Apparently, as beautiful and as reputable a name, 'Birks Sterling' is, the silver does not go up hugely in value; even after 200 years! (ie. We have a few small spoons etc. 'sitting on the sidelines'; however, we may give them as 'special' gifts from time to time. - Which may be a nicer personal touch than buying a 'gift'). I was surprised and amazed; however, I love 'Birks Sterling!' Of course, if it is a rare and special silver piece, different story!

If one has 'heirlooms' from family generation(s) (or other 'special' pieces), and there is a genuine sentimental attachment / significance, then hang on to those pieces! Should you ever need to sell / or whatever you wish to do with those 'treasures', you will find that their value will have increased over time.

Of course, I love the 'dings'; as to me, they help add 'character' to the piece or pieces. However, in this case, the items are at least 200 years old! If brand new, perhaps I would not feel the same heartfelt sentiment. The tidbitz thing is, the pieces one sets aside and 'lets go of', basically will be sold to those who not only love silver; but they will appreciate the beauty of also affordable prices! A tidbit uplift all the way around, methinks!

This afternoon, I spent time going through our silver items; and I have put some aside; in the event if / when we 'let them go'. It may never even come to that; however, it felt good to 'organize' various bittid pieces. Our trustworthy friend will help us disperse with them; so that it is a good win / win situation all the way around. Plus, when one 'lets go', you feel at peace; because a decision has finally been made; which may have been 'gut wrenching' to begin with. As I made mention in a very recent post, "We come into this world with nothing; and we leave with nothing".

Also, was researching various artists; and did not have a lot of tidbit success; inasmuch again, as we are looking back into a few centuries re: our few oil paintings! No data; perhaps, because paintings have to be 'listed for sale', in order to have 'something' show up?

It looks too, as if the exquisite Indian woodcarvings may have found a home with a brilliant professor. Do not have any more bittid information there!

Writing of tid 'treasures' ('Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'), as Alan was depositing Blue's bit 'contribution' to our garbage bin, he found and brought back a funky, fun, neat purse to me! It is in excellent condition; save for a couple of straps; which our wonderful local shoe / purse repair man will 'fix up' to make the purse as good as new! My much loved purse fell apart last week (will have that repaired too!); so this was, indeed, a 'Blessing' today! You can see the photos; the material appears to be 'rainproof'; and the black & silver purse looks as if it can hold much; as per all its zippered compartments inside and outside! There was even a dime in one of the pockets!

Also, the Ladies are starting to 'filter out our door!' I am glad; and am at peace with offering fair prices for our collection of Lady Head Vases to those, who share the same genuine passion of collecting them! Have to admit, I do have a few favourites; so methinks those Ladies will continue to reside with us!

Here is wishing you a nice evening; hope these bittids of tidbits are of encouragement; particularly during these challenging economic times!

Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, 27 April 2009

The Truth Sets You Free!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

First of all, my apologies for not writing til tidbitz now. The tid time has literally flown by! We have been 'busy' (do not really like that word; wrote about being 'busy' in a past post); but we have been on the go, non stop. Have had a lot of 'brush fires to put out'; as well as 'sowing seeds' for future harvesting / fruition of many projects. Also, have had a fair amount of 'education' in the last few bittidz days!

Plus, a major plus! Watched the Vision Channel on Sunday morning (yesterday!). All I can express is, that for those of you, who wish to know more about Him, please tune into the following wonderful websites!;; and All their teachings are so inspirational and 'right on!' - Given too, the turbulent and trying times we are all facing, this may be a bit of an extra encouragement to you!

Glad it is the end of today. Home for the night! We enjoyed a pizza, created by Alan; and the glass of South African red wine we shared, made it all the more 'special!'. Plus, we are going to enjoy watching the various hockey games tonight!

Tidbit - TRUTH. honour, and integrity is the best way to conduct oneself. That is what He wants; complete surrender to Him, and being 'truthful' to Him in all ways. When one looks to the 'Truth' and lives / behaves in a 'truthful' way, it is amazing what takes place! It is as if a huge load has been released; and, as the expression goes: 'The Truth sets you free!'.

Bittid - Be genuinely grateful for the end of the day; and at the same time, 'Praise Him In All Things!' By 'Thanking Him' for your daily Blessings, this helps prepare you positively for the next day! ie. Having a confident and joyful attitude is all to the good!

Love the above photo image of the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Rose. If you wish, you can refer to my posts of April 30/07 & April 30/08 for a bittid of tidbit. My Dad passed away on April 30/98; and these are 2 posts / tributes in his memory. He loved 'tending to his roses'. I will be remembering him in my April 30/09 post as well!

Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, 24 April 2009

A peaceful start to the day!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Was up early this am; actually Alan got up for a tid moment and put the coffee on for me. Such a nice thing to do; and I am very appreciative of how beautifully he treats me each and every day! As if I were a 'Queen!'. He must hsve sensed I was awake this morning! It is so peaceful to be up early before the activity of the day begins. No phones, no people, total quiet! Save for the wonderful musical sounds of the robins and other happy bird bit chit chat.

Our dog Blue is comfortably lying on our blue chesterfield in our living room. It has only been recently, that we have allowed our 4.5 year young 'pup' to be on the furniture. I would have had him up since Day One; however, Alan finally 'relented' LOL! Not because of me; but he also senses that Blue is a lot more confident and trusting, when he is given a tidbit of extra loving comfort. When we 'found him', he was 3.5 months old; and sadly to write, he had been abused. It has taken a while for him to 'come out of his shell' and adjust. However, he realizes that we are not going to hurt him; rather we are his protective and caring 'parents'. Afterall, he is a family member!

Blue brings us so much joy; even yesterday; when he discovered a way to open up his dog food container. Hence, he enjoyed a bittid of extra breakfast, until we put a stop to it! LOL! He knows NOT to do that again; by us simply saying "NO", and turning the container around so that his claws can not open it. Blue Heelers are smart and intelligent dogs; and this dog is right up there! Of course, we are a bittidz bias! LOL! Apparently, it does take Blue Heelers a few years anyway to 'mature'; as they are 'just that way'. Blue is a cross between a Blue Heeler (Australian cattle / sheep dog) and an Australian Shepherd; basically the same thing; the ratio being approximately 95% Blue Heeler & 5% Shepherd / Sheep dog. Have written some posts (Jan / Feb / 09 etc) on him; if you wish to refer to them.

Am going to share some tidbitz thoughts quoted by John Maxwell, who is an awesome guest on the 'Hour of Power'; and, is the website for you to follow along. You may find Dr. Robert Schuller's website, very uplifting; particularly during these challenging and trying times.

"Let me ask you a question. How many of you would raise your hands and say, "John, in the past I've had a bad morning? How many of you would raise your hand and say you've had a bad day? A bad week? Maybe you'd raise your hand and say I've had a bad day this week. Bad days happen, don't they?

As we follow Joseph on his dream journey, we find he had a lot of bad days, too. He had a lot of misfortunes. As a very innocent young teenager, he was sold into slavery in Egypt, and then, an innocent person, he was framed and put into prison. When he was in prison, he helped a fellow inmate, began to share with him his dreams, and asked to be remembered, and then he was forgotten.

If you look at the journey of Joseph, the thing that absolutely stands out is that he had a lot of very difficult times. In fact, he lost some of the best years of his life. Yet, not one time do we see Joseph have a bad attitude. Not one time do we see him do something or say something in his reaction to negative events that, perhaps, would be disappointing. You see, Joseph realized that it's not what happens to you, it's what happens in you that really counts.

You see, you and I cannot choose all the time what will happen to us, but we can choose at all times what happens within us. We cannot always choose the spirit of another toward us, but we can always choose the spirit within ourselves toward others. Why? Because our attitude is a choice. The attitude I have today is an attitude that I have chosen. The attitude that you have right now is the attitude that you have chosen. It's a choice.

That's a disgusting thought, isn't it? Wouldn't we rather blame someone else for our attitude? It's my boss, it's my work, it's my physical ailment, it's my spouse. We all would like to blame someone else for the attitude we have when it's not a good attitude. However, to be honest with you, it's a personal choice."

Tidbit - If you read, watch, and / or listen to John's message; it is very impactful; and may encourage you to enjoy a happier, simpler, and Blessed life.

Bittid - Appreciate the wisdom and understanding, that can be gained by 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'. It is ongoing!

Have to go for now; however, am looking forward to sharing a few tidbits from 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer - a bit later. Also in the near bit future, a few bittids from 'Living Truth (Charles & Hilary Price - Giving you their websites; should you wish to also tune into their insightful teachings of Jesus and of the Bible.

The above picture of Blue (without his perriwinkle blue bandana, that matches his blue eyes) was taken earlier this year, after his bath! LOL!

God Bless.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Appreciating a Spring evening

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a full day and we are home for the night! It is a gorgeous Spring evening (albeit a tid 56 chilly degrees Fahrenheit); and am about to go and enjoy a bit of the eventide and reflect upon the positive outcome of our day. "Praise Him In ALL Things!"

Had some bittidz matters to attend to; went through various tidbitz hoops; however, at the end of the day, we received a great and unexpected surprise! We are totally grateful! We are appreciative for these latest Blessings; as well as being thankful for His Guidance, in these challenging times.

I listened and watched 'Hour of Power' yesterday evening; and John Maxwell is fantastic! - - very worthwhile! Will share a few bittids tomorrow; however, to gain direct knowledge, best if you check out the website for the valuable tidbits from John Maxwell.

Also, love the above picture (you can refer to yesterday's post, if you wish); save that now we have added some more beautiful daffodils to the wonderful pottery bowl ( Alcobaga, made in Portugal). Am now going to enjoy the fresh Spring air and appreciate our thriving garden / patio.


Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Be of good colourful cheer!

Good Afternoon!

It has turned into a beautiful, albeit windy amd chilly afternoon (48 degrees Fahrenheit). However, makes such a cheery difference when there is dazzling sunshine and clear blue azure skies!

On that tid note, I took four more photos! One of them being of the daffodils that Alan picks up as 'fallen flowers' (caused by rain, wind, or their sheer weight). Love the vibrant colours of bright yellow & white and 'cornflower' blue together! The other pictures are perhaps a bit more revealing of our display cabinet, shown on the left side of our exquisite quartz fireplace! Also, I opened the sliding glass door a wee bit, thinking it would mitigate the glare. Do not know if that was effective; and yet, it was well worth a tid try; eventhough the cabinets are glass with mirrors. However, we love the cabinets; and am happy to share, that it was Alan's idea to suggest the two display units be built!

When I have a bittid moment, am going to take some tidbit time out to listen and watch online 'The Hour of Power', as I missed watching the program on the Vision Channel this past Sunday (we slept in). John Maxwell was / is one of the wonderful guest speakers on Dr. Robert Schuller's program. Once again, here is the website for your ears and heart!; so that you can receive insights and knowledge first hand.

Tidbit - Appreciate the beauty of colours and being joyfully and artistically creative with them!

Bittid - Keep things simple; and always, 'Praise Him In ALL Things'. While all those around you appear stressed, fearful, doubtful, etc, remain 'calmly confident', knowing that He WILL Provide your needs, through your Faith and Trust in Him.

We still have a few tidbitz calls to make and appointments to schedule; however, hope to be back a bittidz later; and, if not, tomorrow.

Peace and God Bless.

Keeping things simple!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Here are six pictures that I took yesterday of our two tidbitz display cabinets that are alive with Ladies! Even with the blinds closed, I was still not able to erase a bittidz of glare, largely because of light shining down through our skylight. I will learn how to adjust the camera re: the blinds etc. However, as a beginner, am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with our digital camera; and in time will be much better! As the expression goes, 'Practice makes perfect'.

Thought best to at least attempt to take some 'updated' photos; and my apologies if there are some sore eyes. LOL! You can also refer to my posts of April 4th & 5th, if you prefer to also catch a further glimpse of the Ladies. Beacause there are Ladies on our table, there is more room for other Ladies to grace the shelves.

A bit off topic, the Canucks were successful last night; it was a close game!

Have not forgotten to share some tidbits re: the Vision Channel - ie 'Hour of Power' (Dr. Robert Schuller -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer -; and 'Living Truth' (Charles & Hilary Price - We have had a few tid busy days; and, before too long, I look forward to writing some bittids or thoughts that may uplift your spirits a bit. However, it is still best if you check these wonderful and insightful International Bible Teachers out for yourselves, to gain the best knowledge and empowering encouragement. 'Seek and Ye Shall Find' is most appropriate; and perhaps some of you, may receive some enlightening ephifanies! Hence, Blessings! etc!

Have to go for now; appointments beckoning. However, perhaps these pictures will give you a bittid of fun info to digest. Pehaps you have various pieces / items / collectibles that you are considering to 'let go', as well. As a tidbit, it is a good and peaceful feeling once a decision is made; should you choose to go that route. The way I see it, why not let someone else enjoy! "We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing". You may find something else also to 'collect'; but always remembering that everything is temporary; 'on loan' if you will.

Keeping things simple, being joyful and content, being genuinely appreciative for your daily Blessings, and thankful for each day, and 'Praising Him In All Things' gives you a peace of mind and an inner calm confidence. Living one day at a time! No sense worrying about what has past (ie crying over 'spilt milk'), nor should you 'fret' for tomorrow (the future); but just simply enjoy and live in the present - today (living each day at a time) the best you can. Relying on Him and 'Seeking His Counsel' and Guidance is paramount to enjoying your life and having a positive outlook; regardless of circumstances.

Here is wishing you a good one!

God Bless.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Spring for fresh produce!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you in your part of the world!

Have been out since the am; starting off with Alan's ear appointment; he has been given an antibiotic drip to help clear up an inner skin infection. He is feeling much better now; plus he can hear properly again!

Have decided to offer the demitasse set of six (Hankook Bone China - white, with delicate gold trim) to someone who would appreciate their elegant, exquisite, and simple beauty. Eventhough we are downsizing, I do have a bittidz of a 'sentimental attachment' towards a few Aynsley tea cups, which we will keep for our enjoyment. The ultimate thought though, is that our two 'fireside' display cabinets will house some other 'special' quality pieces, along with a few favourite tidbitz Lady Head Vases!

Just took two tid photos of the set of demitasse set; hopefully it is easier to see.

It is nice to be home; and, we are looking forward to enjoying tid leftovers for our dinner, and cheering on the Canucks! So far, the score is 1-0; Wellwood scored! Yahoo! We think Kyle Wellwood has a 'gift'; a great touch!

Also, on our way home, we went to our favourite Produce Farm / Nursery; and it was nice to see the family again, who have become our friends, who run a wonderful family business (mentioned in previous bit posts). Glad they survived this tough year; and their veggies, fruits, and flowers are better than ever; fresh and at good prices! Nothing nicer than fresh produce! Will locate the posts for a bittid of background for you; however, we really enjoy going there from Spring to Fall; and it is well worth the tidbit drive!

Tidbit - After a full day, appreciate being home for the night; and giving Him Thanks for all your Blessings.

Bittid - Appreciate fresh produce; be it from a Farm or from your own garden! It tastes so good and healthy!

Peace, and God Bless.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Evening Sunshine!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Believe it or not, it wss 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the sunshine, at approx 6:30 pm; and I have been out on our garden patio, basking in the remaining warm rays of the evening sun. Such a peaceful time of night; and it is so wonderful to hear robins and other birds chirping all around us. Refreshing too, that the days are longer!

Also prior to going outside, took some tid photos of our 'leaf extended table' with the Ladies and our collection of Aynsley Tea cups & saucers. Thought this makes for quite a colourful display! Why not have the Ladies enjoying a cup of tea! LOL! If you wish, you can refer to my March 14th post, 'Appreciating happy memories' for a bit of background. Love the magnificent 'stripes' created by the sun'a reflecting rays along our dining room table!

Tidbit - Be thankful for the night; particularly after a joyful and productive day. Put business matters 'to bed'; just chill out and relax, so that your 'batteries are recharged' for the next day. Make a choice to enjoy each and every day; and always do your best to be upbeat and postive; regardless of the circumstances. Plus Pray to Him for 'Blessings', and 'Praise Him In All Things'.

Bittid - Appreciate your garden, your surroundings, and the glorious majesty of Spring!

Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Joyful Blessings!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

This morning I enjoyed the Vision Channel. Have to admit, I slept in and missed most of the 'Hour of Power' (; however, I passionately look forward to watching that online before too long. John Maxwell was one of the guests; and he is terrific! Appreciated Joyce Meyer of 'Enjoying Everyday Life' and Charles and Hilary Price of 'Living Truth' today. I will share some tidbitz within the next few days. Joyce is wonderfully insightful -; and Hilary Price illuminated us in her excellent sermon about the story of John the Baptist - Best though, if you check their websites out, to gain the best knowledge!

Have also been trying to locate antique data about our 'find' yesterday; ie the demitasse set of six. You can refer to yesterday's post, if you wish a bit of bittid background! Have not been successful with gathering much info; however, I will include a bittidz that I did find re: Hankook. The pattern is simply elegant; as if there is an 'old world charm' about this opulent looking set. Here is possibly a tid of interesting info tidbit.

"Hankook China (Korea)

Established in 1943, Hankook Chinaware Co., Ltd. is known as Korea's most prestigious manufacturer of high quality Ceramic Tableware. With 10 manufacturing plants, including operations in Indonesia, Hankook's monthly capacity is in excess of 3 million pieces of tableware. In addition, the group also produces 1 million sheets of high quality ceramic Decals a month. The Hankook Chinaware brand name ranks as number-one in its domestic market. Hankook is First Company in the Asia to produce Fine Bone China made from calcined cattle bone ash has gained world wide recognition. 1991 Hankook, Invented Super Bone and quality has received the highest acclaim from their customers worldwide over 50 countries. Being equipped with the largest manufacturer in Asia, space approximately 300,000 sq.ft. It has supplied fine quality tableware to Vatican, Indonesia President palace, Royal house in England as well as Korean Presidential mansion.

The Challenge

Hankook engaged DB for their advertising campaign and corporate brochure for their first retail store in Singapore. Photography was done in their Indonesian factory in Jakarta as well as meet the Korean management and see the factory production of one of Asia’s finest bone china manufacturers.

The Solution

Elegance, fine quality and a sense of European tradition and inspiration was the theme throughout the marketing collaterals designed for Hankook Singapore".

The above photo image is of Sango, the Larry Laslo Collection Maui; we found three of these 'in the garbage' area as well! I love the artistic splash of colours!

Tidbit - Appreciate 'found treasures' and take joy in discovering their history and origins! There is always something new to learn!

Bittid - Enjoy a quiet time each day (not just Sunday), reflecting upon your Blessings from Him. 'Praise Him In ALL Things!'

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Joyful finds!

Good Evening,

It has been a really nice Saturday! Blessed, comes to mind!

The couple came by later mid morning, and were delighted by two of the Ladies from our Collection. And yes, I have 'let go' of the Lady Head Vases; and I am happy to know that these two 'special' Ladies have found such a wonderful home. It was a win / win for all; and that is the way it tidbit should be!

Also, our friends that came by last night, suggested we could take our Indian wood carvings to their dealer / friend, to seek a bittid of knowledge as to their history, origin, and a possible value. Well, we made the highly regarded dealer's day! He LOVED our three pieces (they were collected by my parents when they were travelling around the world in 1964). Two of them appear to be 'museum pieces'. We do not have room to hang these exquisite-in-depth 150 to 200 year old carvings; and thought perhaps someone else would joyfully appreciate them! One carving, which is very 'neatly' carved, apparently is the more modern (for the tourist market); however, the other two, are in spectacular shape! Their quality of wood, as well as the aging of the wood, is how one can tell; which is why there is a high value placed on them. Perhaps we should hang on to them and make room for them on our walls! LOL!

However, we feel that someone who is into this, would really appreciate them! It is true; 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder!' We have given these pieces to this trustworthy dealer on 'consignment'. As I was walking first into the antique shop carrying a carving (heavy), a customer came right over to me and absolutely 'fell in love' with the piece! He and his wife 'collect' them; and he feels these artifacts would be very complimentary to their collection! Methinks, this is where it is all at - 'generosity of spirit!'

Afterwards, we had a 'run about errand day'; invited our special friend, the 'Bakery Lady' over for a glass of wine (on another day; she would also love the Ladies and could utilize them in her business!).

Once home, I carefully washed the 'found treasure!' (If you wish, you can refer to my May 28/08post, 'Finding Treasures'). There are 6 demi tasses (ie. here is one - Hankook Bone China England), as well as a sugar & creamer; and 5 saucers, 4 floral handpainted teacups (also flowers handpainted on the inside and on the handle; here are two) - Hoya Honey Bone - Japan. We are incredulous and thinking WOW! 'Those' were in the 'garbage?' (neatly in a box to the side of the bins) Also, 8 elegant plain white plates; as well as 3 'collectible' art / deco cups and saucers from Maui; as well as 3 china coasters, with the inscription, 'Sharing is Fun'.

Our favourites are the demitasses and the floral set. We have a friend coming over on Tuesday evening to view the Ladies; however, she also loves selling various china 'estate' pieces. Hmmmmm. Don't know whether we will 'surrender' them to her; as both Alan and I have taken quite a 'liking' to these particular 'found' pieces. Am going to do a bit of research; as thus far, I have not been successful in 'locating' much data on them. Methinks, they might be quite 'old'.

Alan's ears (the left one in particular) is really bothering him; and his appointment with the doctor is first thing Tuesday morning. He is a tid under the weather (ear infection); and we are glad that we are in for the evening; and methinks we will be calling it an early night; shortly after our dinner.

We are going to enjoy 'M & M's' - Beef Wellington; already made up, frozen, just a matter of throwing it in the oven and voila!) and asparagus on sale etc. Mmmm! Hope there will a few good movies on tonight; a perfect Saturday night to stay home and relax.

Tomorrow morning, I look forward to watching the Vision Channel, as mentioned in my previous posts.

If anyone has any tidbitz info on the 'found china treasures', please do not hesitate to comment; because I honestly do not know much bittidz about them; save that we like them! 'Perceived value' can take on so many different meanings. We just happen to think they are a 'special!' Feel like a little child again!

God Bless.

'New found Blessings!'

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Glad it is Saturday morning! It is quiet and peaceful; methinks the sun is hiding behind the high clouds and is going to appear any second! My tid apologies for missing a few 'blogging' days; however, we have been 'on the go' with various bittidz matters (as per yesterday's post).

Am appreciating the delicious coffee Alan has made for me; it is hitting the spot more than usual this am. He has also turned on the heat a tidbitz; which we turn off at night, to help manage the high heating costs.

Am reflecting on how much we have to be Thankful for! ie Spring flowers in bloom, blossoming trees, thriving green growth, chirping birds, all the simple things etc. We savoured an extra special Friday dinner last night; that Alan creatively prepared; and I was the 'salad girl'. Chicken, veggies, and a healthy salad was just 'what the doctor ordered', along with a glass of red wine, while we watched the hockey game. Mats Sundin scored! Yahoo! We think he is such a wonderful addition to the team! Also some friends / neighbours came by a bit later and we enjoyed a fun visit with them. As a 'happenstance' (methinks there are no coincidences) they offered us a tidbit tip about our antique wood carvings; and we will be looking into that later this morning / early afternoon.

Tidbit - Appreciate the 'calm' beauty of your home, and enjoy a bittid of reprieve, rest, puttering, etc to recharge your batteries for the upcoming week.

Last night we also said an 'Absent Friends' Skal to our family friend, whose murdered body was found two weeks ago yesterday. Very sad; and worse, if the killer is never caught and brought to justice.

Bittid - Life is short; enjoy each and every moment that you have been given, and appreciate your family and friends. During challenging times, do your best to remain upbeat and confident, knowing that He is your Advocate! 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light!' Plus, do your best to continually uplift others; 'it is better to give, than to receive' as the expression goes. ie. A smile (freely given; costs nothing), a gentle word / genuine compliment, or a random act of kindness.

I love the above photo image! If you wish you can refer to my post of April 10th, 'Imagination and Celebration of Life'. Speaking of 'celebration', Alan just brought me some more 'fallen' daffodils; daffodils make such a magnificient and cheerful display!

Also, whilst Alan was out with our Blue, he came across 'some found treasure' in the complex's garbage bin area. Will share tidbits about our 'find' in my next post! Am really excited about the beautiful and delicately exquisite china 'find!'. Wow! Plus a lovely couple are coming over to view some 'Ladies' in the next short while. Definitely, we have much to be grateful for; and are very appreciative of our Blessings; some of which are 'newly found!' There are even bittids of 'Sharing is fun' coasters. How empowering is that!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and I will be back later!

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 17 April 2009

A peaceful Friday evening!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Whew! The last few tid days have been on the go; particularly today! However, a lot was accomplished and we are now thankful it is the weekend. It is also a beautiful sunny spring evening! Amazing what a bit of good weather can do! Apart from invigorating one's spirits, many bittid blooms (ie our pink camelia, daffodils, tulips) are blossomng forth like crazy!

There is not a lot of news to share; because we have had 'our nose to the grindstone'. However, we have done some 'fun' things (re: our Lady Head Vase Collection) as well as successfully dealing wtih some umpleasant matters. Regardless, the weekend is here again! We give happy Thanks to Him, and we Praise Him always in ALL Things.

Tidbit - Apart from having Faith, put your total Trust in Him to Provide the Solution. Be of good cheer, like David! Reading the Psalms in the Bible is a wonderful uplift! Rely on Him; do not rely on your own understandings ever.

Bittid - There are NO coincidences. We received a few 'curve balls'; and yet, they turned out to be 'Blessings in disguise'. 'Keeping things simple' and appreciating your daily Blessings with an open, joyful, and genuine heart, works best.

Love the above restful tidbit photo image; that is Alan and I tonight!

Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Appreciating happy memories

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has come and gone! It has been very quiet; and yet we managed to get a lot packed in for today! Took the above photo; and it is self explanatory, methinks! Also, you can catch a glimpse of the daffodils, as well as seeing the exquisite antique crystal chandelier from Czechoslovakia.

Started off this morning, with adding two 'leafs' to our dining room table; so instead of the usual seating for four people, we can now seat fourteen (two at each end & five on each side)in a tidbitz tight pinch. The table with its added table space, brought back many wonderful memories from my childhood! The beautiful old mahogany table that belonged to my parents' parents, took awhile to assemble with the 'leafs'; as the connecting holders had to fit exactly so. It used to take my Mum and I a long time to put the table 'leafs' together; however, it was always worth it! Particularly for festive and fun gatherings of family and friends! I ended up polishing the table, including the 'leafs'; and the table shone; as if it took on a 'new life!' It was as if I had gone back to earlier times; as I could almost feel and hear the din of happy voices and joyful (yet gentle) clinking of wine goblets. The 'Skals' were great in our household!

The table soaked in the oils; and after a bittidz awhile, I put an old white tablecloth (that also brought back warm memories) on the table. The purpose for all of this, is that we are 'passing on' to interested others, our Lady Head Vase Collection. Thought it best to take some photos of 'a tidbit few' of the Lady Head Vases (You can refer to April 4th & 5th posts for photos & background), on the table, so that they would be better viewed.

Also, just brought out a 'few more' Lady Head Vases; and our table offers them a bit more 'breathing room'. Eventhough, I tidied / rearranged our cabinet shelves; it still does not look as if there has been much of a dint in our Collection! LOL!

Tidbit - Happy memories can never be taken away; and it gives one a tid of peaceful solace to remember the 'special' times with family and good friends. ie. Christmas Dinners etc.

Bittid - At the end of a day, it is always a restful comfort to be reflective and appreciative of one's Blessings.

Am going to call it a night. Think also, there is a good movie on in a few minutes.

Good Night, Peace, and God Bless.

Monday, 13 April 2009 - Because He Lives

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Had hoped to have written a post yesterday; however, it was Easter Sunday; and it was a significant time to reflect and to also be thankful for all our Blessings; both big and small. Jesus died for us, so that our sins would be forgiven forevermore; and that we would all have everlasting life in His Kingdom!

I watched the Vision Channel yesterday; parts of it. Slept a tid in; insmuch as we watched well into the wee morning hours, the majestic movie, 'The Ten Commandments' with Charleton Heston (he was one of my favourite actors!). Am so glad I watched it; always learning new messages and gaining enlightening epifanies! I again, recommend you check into 'Hour of Power' ( with Dr. Robert Schuller to glean and gain insight.

Also, started to watch Joyce Meyer (I think she is just wonderful!) of 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (; when we received a few telephone calls of 'Happy Easter wishes'. So much for hearing the rest of her inspirational messages; however, when there is a bit moment, I look forward to 'soaking it up' online!

However, we did manage to watch 'Living Truth' with Charles and Hilary Price; their 4th sermon out of five teachings. ( Pat Russell, who has a magnificent voice, sang, 'An Old Wooden Cross', as well as the heartwarming song, 'Because He Lives'. And that is so true, Jesus IS ALIVE! Am giving you again, 'Because He lives'. by Allison Durham Speer (You can refer to my post of March 10/08, if you wish a bit of background). Both Pat and Allison have been Blessed with the Gift of beautiful voices! It was awesome to hear Charles' illuminating teachings, standing just outside the Tomb of Jesus! WOW! As I mentioned in an earlier post, Alan and I passionately want to go to the Holy Land; and we think Easter, would be the most meaningful time to be there! Breathing in the Holy Land air and appreciating its rich and vibrant Biblical history! WOW!

In the afternoon, a few friends popped in for a tidbit visit; and it was nice to see them again; as it had been awhile. Then Alan and I, appreciated a left-over dinner of Alan's delicious home-made tomato soup, while we watched the great movie,'The King of Kings'. Later, we retired to bed and from the comforts of our warm cosy bed, we watched 'Spy Game' with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, again, well into the morning! The luxury of a long weekend, emthinks! Excellent movie too; we appreciated Robert Redford's calm and confident manner, in successfully resolving outstanding issues.

Today, we have been out for a good part of the day; and then a friend dropped over for a bittid while. He just left; so we are looking forward now to making our tidbitz dinner! Caesar Salad, breaded baked chops from Costco, roast herbed potatoes, and cauliflower with cheese! Mmmmmm. Yum! And, a glass of our South African red wine! Skal! We have much to be grateful for; and we 'Praise Him in All Things' each and every day. Hope there is another good movie on! I guess we are on a bittidz of a 'movie roll!'

Tidbit - Music is a wonderful healing uplift to the soul! The amazing song, 'Because He Lives', delivers its empowering message; not only at this 'special' and significant time, but for each and every day!

Bittid - Be of good and confident cheer when you wake up everyday! Thank Him for your Blessings, as well as Praying for His Guidance, His Grace, and Understanding; and Depend upon Him to Provide you with Solution. He does not want us to to 'Rely on our own Understanding'.

I love the above photo image: 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Be of Faith, Joy, Hope, and Grace

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Tonight, this is just going to be a short bittid post. My apologies; but we have not been home long since the Memorial Service for our family friend. There were over 1000 people in attendance; and the tribute to her was grand! She was a very special person; and she is an inspiration to us all, that will live on. She has left a tremendous legacy! We 'celebrated' her life today; and while the speakers were sharing their memories / stories, I noticed a huge 'golden light' that was being reflected from the palatial suspending hanging lamps via the high glass skylights. It was incredible! I do not know if anyone else noticed; but it was almost blinding; and yet so full of glorious comfort!

No further bittidz details about her sad death; save that once today passes, I am Prayful that the killer(s) will be hunted down, found, and brought to justice. If it was a 'random act'; perhaps the killer(s) will never be found; hardest case to unravel and solve, as it has been revealed by forensics. However, the police, as mentioned in a recent tidbit post, are keeping a very 'tight lid on things'. Here is hoping that they will continue to find and build up concrete evidence; and that it is just a matter of tidbitz time, that the culprit(s) is identified.

Tidbit - For all you 'joggers', never walk or jog alone (women in particular!) and, preferably, do not wear head phones covering your ears! Save the music to listen to and enjoy when you return home safe and sound! There was a 'run' yesterday; to 'take back the park'; well attended by at least 1000 people. Apparently, there will be future 'companion runs' to encourage ongoing use of the park, without fear; and yet with other companions.

Bittid - One never knows what they have lost, until it is gone. That is generally true. And yet, a lot of us know that our friend was a very special human being, who had the Gift of Grace and impacted us all.

Am going to go and enjoy a glass of South African red wine, prior to our dinner, of wonderful home-made tomato soup that Alan has created; it smells so delicious throughout our house. (You can refer to an earlier bit post for the recipe; am not able to locate it at the tid moment). Perfect repas for a nasty dark night like tonight! Plus, after the Service, we nibbled on squares, cookies, fresh fruit & healthy veggie dips, and imbibed on coffee, water, or punch. Beautiful voices in songs, along with gorgeous Spring flowers everywhere! She had a deep love for Spring, for nature, and for her garden; and, it was an enlightening event and courageous 'celebration' of her passionate life, that touched so many hearts.

Am looking forward to watching the Vision Channel tomorrow morning: - 'Hour of Power',; 'Enjoying Everyday Life', www.joyce; and 'Living Truth', (Charles and Hilary Price are in the Holy Land; and tomorrow will be their 4th out of five teaching sessions! How majestic to be in the Holy Land at this significant time, where it all began! WOW!

Also the silver vase (yesterday's post, 'Imagination and Celebration of Life'), has now been polished up; and what an illuminating difference it makes; particularly with the freshly picked daffodils, Alan 'rescues' on his walks!

Here is wishing you Peace, Good Night, and God Bless us all.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Imagination and Celebration of Life

Good Evening,

Have just taken a couple of pictures of some 'fallen' daffodils that needed a home. Many daffodils in our complex, are blooming forth; and some of them have 'collapsed' or 'folded' over. So when Alan is on his morning walk with our Blue, he picks me a few of these 'fallen' flowers! Plus, when we were out this afternoon for a breath of fresh air; we 'found' a whole bunch more! Could not resist taking these two pictures! I forgot to polish the silver vase on our dining room table; quite the contrast; however, I will happily restore the vase to its shining lustre! It feels so good to enjoy fresh flowers in your house, doesn't it? In this bittid case, it did not cost us anything; save a bit of a 'rescue mission', comes to mind!

Am thinking also about Easter; and its historical significance. Basically Celebrating the Birth, the Death, and the Ressurection of Jesus Christ. I am also remembering our family friend, who was murdered a week ago (you can refer to my recent posts, for a bit of background); and tomorrow we will all be 'celebrating her life' at her Memorial Service.

Thought I would also include an older "post", 'Imagination', from March 19/07; for a 'retreat', which uplifts my spirits a tid! With all the turmoil and turbulence happening around the world, feel this to be a peaceful and soothing beautiful spot of quiet comfort and appreciative reflection!

"WOW! To me, this is a major one of the "paradise" places that I would "journey to" in my imagination! So thankful to enjoy various scenes in my mind! I LOVE this photo image! This is where I would retreat to, early morning dews until evening dusk! With pen and paper (maybe a laptop to write my blog etc), reading materials, various kinds of food and drink; I would delight in such calm reverie!

I would be like a "Hemingway"; although, I have "escaped" many a time to a glorious beach, white sands, turquoise ocean, palm trees, gentle breezes, etc. A "Bohemian" way of life comes to mind! Love it!

A garden is SO peaceful; and with this particular rotunda and columns, a statuette, I am immediately immersed in a classic world, elegant, yet simple appreciation of this haven! All my senses; swirling, and being part of life's majesty and nature; and all the ever vibrant sounds of LIFE! ie Birds, bees, whatever comes to your mind!

Tidbit - Imagination, is a wonderful retreat, an uplift, simply a change of scene; just like the snap of your fingers! It is of no cost; save to those, that do not wish to utilize their born gift of imagination! I also Thank Him for providing us with this endless imagination!"

Also, I will be sharing a tidbit story in the next tidbitz while, of how I started collecting Lady Head Vases; 'the telling of the tale is half the fun'.

Here is wishing you a nice evening. We have much to be Thankful for! Am about to go and watch the evening news, as well as savouring a glass of delicious South African red wine, before dinner of wonderful leftovers of chicken and pizza. We will also say a 'Skal' to 'Absent Friends' for our slain friend, in honour of her life.

You can refer to my December 24/08, 'Skal to Absent Friends' for a bittidz of background. ie."We will also do a very special 'Skal to Absent Friends'- a Norwegian custom, to toast those that have either passed away; or those living, but not able to be physically present".

Good Night, Peace, and God Bless.

Appreciate the special significance of Easter

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My apologies for not writing a post yesterday; however, we were experiencing 'internet' connection / difficulties throughout most of the day. Computer was finally operational in the evening. Since, it had been a full bittidz day as well, I thought it best to call it a night.

We have done everything to be 'prepped' for next week. As some of you may know, we have been working steadfastedly towards fruition of our business projects. It has taken a lot longer, however, since it is a significant Weekend, we are going to appreciate the meaningfulness of Easter.

The Memorial Service for our family friend, is tomorrow; and it is just so sad. The police are not providing any details at this time. I can appreciate that tidbitz tight-lipped sentiment; and our hearts are with the family. May we all have 'courage' on Saturday to 'celebrate' her life. Both Alan and I believe that our friend is in 'GOOD company'; particularly at this historical time of year - Easter.

As mentioned in earlier / recent posts, I am offering our Collection of Lady Head Vases (collected since 1991) to those who would appreciate a few Ladies and / or a collection; or perhaps parts of the collection. I will be fair with the prices; and yet at the same time, I will not be 'ground down' to unreasonable offers; because these Ladies are worthy investments.

Have also been offered some excellent tidbit advice from a highly regarded Lady Head Vase Collector; which is, not to 'give' them away. Am very grateful for her 'generosity of spirit'; along with her encouraging and wise suggestions for me. I sincerely believe that the true value (prices) will go back up; however, when the economy has stabilized. I also enjoy some 'favourites'; some of which are extra special, and those may be sold, however, for their full price. Ultimately, our display cabinets will house antiques that are presently 'roughing it' in our garage and enclosed cupboards. LOL!

Also, have a wonderful friend, who has an awesome collection of Oyster Plates! She is also selling; and yet 'safe keeping' her favourites, the more rare and unusual Oyster Plates, because they will never lose their value; and those if ever sold, will fetch the full price! (like my favourite 'rare' Ladies). If any of you are interested in Oyster Plates, (I like her slogan: 'Your antique oyster plate connection'), here is her website: oyster plates.

Hope these tidbits help, when or if ever, you choose to sell your collections; whatever your collecting passions might be. However, if you do not need to rush into things, all the better. However, that being said, if you are going to sell, do it well. Once again, I am appreciative for the info bittids I received yesterday from a well known Lady Head Vase Specialist.

Tidbit - 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I should also add 'value', as in 'perceived value' of 'collectibles' / antiques etc.

Bittid - 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you'.

Here is wishing you and us, an extra special 'Good Friday' and 'Easter Sunday'; and to also thankfully reflect upon our Blessings, we have all been given by Him. I love Easter Lillies; they exude such heavenly fragrances!

God Bless!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A 'Thanksgiving' for each day!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Have to apologize that I have not 'been my usual tid self'. We have really been struck by the tragic death of our family friend. There still are no details about her brutal murder; save that it was a senseless vicious act. Her Memorial Service is being held this coming Saturday afternoon.

Also, have made the tidbit decision to part with our Lady Head Vase Collection; save for a few of our favourites. Some of you are 'in the know'; and for those who wish to make a comment, please feel free to do so. You can refer to the posts of April 4th and 5th, that have some bittid info, as well as pictures. Came to the conclusion on Sunday afternoon; and it is amazing how much better one feels, when one has made the decision! We have various friends / associates who will be coming to our home, looking to either add to their growing collections, and / or as 'starter' pieces, to build towards interesting collections. Or even purchasing as unique gifts for 'special' people / occasions. Am also, in touch with a few trusted Dealers. A quality suggestion may be to divide our collection into two, or three, or four, to make it easier for those who wish to invest.

Tidbit - Always believe that He has a Purpose (to the GOOD), in everything that happens; and to Rely upon Him for daily Spiritual Substenance, Guidance, and Direction.

Bittid - Appreciate each and every day you have been given; and to 'Praise Him In ALL Things'. We have many Blessings to be thankful for; as in a 'Thanksgiving' for each and every day.

Eventhough, I will share some tidbitz thought, my suggestion right now re: 'Hour of Power' (; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (; and 'Living Truth' ( is to check into their websites for yourselves; as they offer wonderful teachings and empowering insights. With Good Friday and Easter Sunday fastly approaching, this is an extra significant and 'special' time in all our lives!

With the upcoming Holiday Friday and Monday, we are attending to as many bittidz projects as possible, given the 'short week', of this week and next week.

Felt like displaying this bit photo; primarily because of the Lady Head Vase looking 'upwards'.

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Love the photo image!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

The tid day has come and gone! Was up tres early, had a number of things to do; and then a very dear friend came over in the afternoon to celebrate her 'special' birthday. She brought some 'bubbly' with her; and apart from a fun bittidz visit with her, the champagne was a nice added sparkly touch!

Have been quite 'out of it', since the brutal murder last Friday, of our longtime family friend. The police are saying nothing (fair enough), and am sure that most of us, are shaking our heads about this senseless killing. It makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever! I was up a few bit times during last night, as I could not sleep. Enough said; as there are no bittid words to express all the mixed emotions we feel. Life is so fragile; and all too often, one does 'not know what they have missed, until it is gone'. That is sadly so tidbit true.

Am saying a daily Intercessary Prayer for our friend, as well as for all her family and friends. I would like to think, it is a tidbitz uplift for all those concerned.

Am glad it is the end of the day; so here is wishing you all a Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, 6 April 2009

A Monday Spring Morning

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

This morning, it is a clear sunny day, with vast blue skies! Can appreciatively see the beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance; and when one can view the mountains, good weather is in the forecast! Was up early; I love this special time of year! ie the freshness of new growth and thriving life.

Am content to 'letting go' of our Lady Head Vase Collection, and to that end, I have been in touch with a few people to offer them 'first dibs'. I have enjoyed these wonderful 'Ladies', since I started to collect them in 1991. Now, it is time to share them with others; and I will save a few 'favourites' (there are so many; perhaps I will keep 20 out of the approx 750). We have 4 boxes of gently packed Lady Head Vases, that have yet to make it to the cabinets (not enough room); as well as more Ladies perching on the underneath covered shelves of our display cabinets. Plus, the few Ladies in our 'cooking cupboard'; you can refer to my January 24th post, 'Food for thought!' for some bittids of background. Also, to the January 26th post, 'Our Lady Head Vase Collection' for some extra tidbits; as well as the two most recent posts.

When the Ladies have moved on, then I look forward to rearranging some items! LOL! ie To replace the Ladies on the cabinet shelves, with antique china and various silver pieces; which will be further protected from dust and tarnish.

Also, I 'collect' oyster plates; have not done so for awhile; however, the ones we have, I love; and perhaps when things stabilize, there may be one or two more to add. They may also reside in the cabinet! It is so easy with 'collections' to mushroom; particularly over the years! Am sure some of you who 'collect', can relate! LOL!

Methinks, 'less is best'. Enjoy the few tidbit pieces you collect, have been given etc; and keep things simple; and be Thankful for your Blessings as well. As a 'collector', it is fun and interesting to 'collect'; however, I have reached the stage where we have 'enough'. Everything is 'on loan' anyway, as it all belongs to Him. 'When you come into this world, you bring nothing with you; and when you leave, you take nothing with you'.

Writing of 'passing away', a family friend was murdered a few days ago; and we are numb with shock; there are no words to describe this senseless killing. None of it makes any sense; all very strange. Will say an Intercessary Prayer for her and her family each day.

Tidbit - 'Power of Intercessary Prayer' is such a huge comfort; and apart from Praying for others, it is also uplifting for the ones Praying.

Bittid - 'Keep on trekking'; and having a positive attitude, Relying on Him, works best, in all situations.

Hope to be back in a bittidz with some tidbitz from the Vision Channel re: 'Hour of Power', 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and 'Living Truth'. The daffodils are now starting to bloom mightily forth; we have some (store bought) in our special silver vase. In the near future, will take a picture of this vase, with some freshly picked daffodils from our bittid garden!

God Bless.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Our Lady Head Vase Collection Re re-visited!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

A good friend of mine has asked me to take some photos of our 'Ladies'. I have attempted to do so again! Fourteen pics in fact! LOL! Apart from me still learning the 'digital camera ropes', there is a glare that is not easily hidden; due to the light via the skylight, the windows, even with the window blinds closed. However, this should give you an idea of the 'Ladies'.

Am thinking that it is 'time' for me to 'let them go'; and may they find a wonderful home with someone(s) passionately likeminded! Am going to be offering them from our home, at 'doable' prices (for me and for the buyer(s)); and methinks cash works the best. My thought is 'keeping things simple'; and creating fun and pleasant interacting experiences at the same time!

Also have interesting Ladies that are good for the 'starter' collector; and at the moment, they are in boxes and other shelves, as we do not have the room to display them! They also would make nice gifts! Also, methinks that our china and our silver pieces (won't get as tarnished as quickly) will look wonderful in our display cabinets. Time for a change! Eventhough it is hard to choose, as I love them all, I will keep a few 'favourites' for us to enjoy over the years. That works!

At the bittidz moment, equipped with my morning 'elixir of life' - coffee, I am 'posting' the 14 photos, as I am listening to 'Hour of Power' ONLINE, and WOW! Ron Blue (author of 'Surviving Financial Meltdowns') and John Maxwell, who has just published another awesome book,'Put Your Dream To The Test'. Will share some tidbitz thoughts later; however, it would be good for your spirits to tune into Dr. Robert Schuller, along with his inspiring guest speakers! Also to, 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer -; and 'Living Truth' (Charles Price -

God Bless.