Saturday, 27 March 2010

A restful weekend

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We are appreciative it is the weekend; and it has been a most relaxing Saturday. We had a full tid week; so today, we are extra thankful to simply 'take some quiet time out'.

We have been 'puttering' in our bittidz garden; and it has been so peaceful. Wonderful time of year, to see new plant / floral life emerge and enthusiastically sprout! Our strawberry plant has multiplied; so we will locate a large plastic planter to consolidate the flourishing strawberry shoots, which leaves the other planters ready to utilize for our spring / summer vegetable herb patch. - ie. Sweet basil, dill, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red and green peppers, cilantro, butter lettuce, etc. Our other herb plants such as thyme, tarragon, mint (3 kinds - spearment, chocolate, and regular), parsley, marjoram, rosemary, sage, Greek oregano, garlic chives are already springing to life! There is nothing nicer than fresh grown produce from one's garden!

For the garden ground, we will cover the leaves with fresh soil, that Alan will shovel from a public dirt pile. It is much more economical to gather / shovel the dirt oneself, package it in bags, and then cart it off. Alan will be shoveling: while I hold the ten bags steady. We were going to rake up the leaves and put them in our compost; however, we think it is healthier (and less work) to just 'leave the leaves as is', and just add the manure topsoil to the earth mix.

Today, while we were savouring our breakfast, we read a tidbitz excerpt from the pamphlet / booklet ('Our Journey') from Charles Price, of 'Living Truth'. ie. "Revelation 2-7 says "To the one who conquers.' Conquers means "overcomes, doesn't give up, endures to the end." Similar phrases show up in Revelation 2:10-11, 17, 26 and 3:5." To both Alan and I, that is indeed, an uplifting tidbit of encouragement!

Alan and I have the Faith, Hope, and Trust in Him; anticipating joyfully and confidently that He has a GOOD plan for us. (He has a Good Plan for all of us!). Working with several options, we will know more bittidz early next week.

Tonight, we are going to relish a steak (from Costco) and Alan has marinated it for most of the day; so it will be wonderfully juicy and tender. Along with some red (red potatoes are healthier than white potatoes re: cholestoral, so it is said) new potatoes (sliced in half, baked, and roasted in a bit of garlic, butter, and dill - at 350 degrees for about 45 to 60 minutes), a Caesar salad, and a glass (or two!) of delicious South African Red Wine (Robert's Rock - a very good price at the moment!), this will be a special 'International' dinner. (Red wine is very good for you!). We have not had steak for awhile; and marinating certainly helps with the meat's tenderness and flavour! There will be a bittid of leftover steak; as we will slice it on the diagonal, as in 'Steak Chateaubriand' style. The 'leftovers' will stretch into another meal; as in a generous steak sandwich for each of us.

Tomorrow morning, I will embrace the Vision Channel - ie. 'Hour of Power', 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and 'Living Truth'. Other encouraging ministries - ie. 'Door of Hope'. 'Tomorrow's World', 'The Armour of God', etc. also provide excellent resources, as well as solid Biblical teachings.

Here is wishing you a nice Saturday evening and a restful Sunday. Alan and I are Abiding and Resting in Him. Have always loved this photo image; do not know where the picture was taken; but certainly from a beautiful part of the world, methinks! We have many Blessings to be Thankful for!

Skal with a glass of 'Robert's Rock!'

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Refreshing Blessings!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today it is pouring with rain; quite a different scene from the 'springlike' weather conditions of yesterday!

We were up and out early this morning for a long awaited appointment; which went well. Now glad to be home and to get on with some other tidbitz matters.

On 'Living Truth' ( - Charles Price), Charles and Hilary share their insights and teachings from the Holy Land. Hilary refers to the empowering significance of the miracle, when the water was quietly turned into wine at the wedding feast. For the best tidbit clarity and understanding, refer to John, Chapter 2 in the Bible. Charles is saying that we should 'hand it (problems etc) over, put it into His Hands for Him to Provide, and 'let go' of problems instead of wishing to control circumstances. ie 'As in weak, colourless, and powerless situations.' Methinks, Charles explains it wonderfully well. ie. Christ is a 'specialist in messes.' 'Leave it all to Him to Provide the 'changes' for the better. Christ is ALIVE; and ALL things are possible with Him. A simple bittid from Charles - 'Lay it all down before Him and watch Him work; instead of dragging our problems around with us.'

So, if Alan and I can work it out (in Accordance with His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan), we would love to travel to the Holy Land this November, with Charles and Hilary's tour! That journey would be forever etched in our hearts and souls. What an enriching experience that would be! WOW!

In our tid complex, there are multitudes of daffodils blooming everywhere! (Methinks, the photo image brings a bit of vibrant cheer to one's spirits!). Today, in the rain, the daffodils / flowers look all the more exquisite and special! Even the colourful tulips are now starting to burst forth! Such an invigorating and refreshing treat to the eyes! Another one of His glorious Creations and Blessings to be Thankful for!

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring has sprung!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We were invited out last night, and this morning, Alan and I are still 'basking in the glow' of a fun evening. There were many laughs; and methinks there should be more tids of laughter per day. It is amazing what happens when you give someone a genuine compliment, or make a funny joke, or uplift those around you, with a random gentle act of kindness. As a person, you feel good; and that 'spirit of joy', generally 'boomerangs' to all those you meet. Plus, you smile more readily; and after awhile, smiles and laughter become second nature!

Tidbit - 'Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone'. My Dad would say that expression often; and it is so very true.

Bittid - Make the best of each and every situation; and always be optimistic and full of HOPE, that becomes 'contagious' to others, as well. Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart; and KNOW that He has your best interests at heart; as He LOVES us all unconditionally. He has a GOOD PLAN for us all.

I repeat again a tidbit of comfort, from Robert Schuller Junior. ie. 'When you are down to nothing, you know that He is up to something. Something to the good for you.' Also another bittid of reassuring wisdom, from Dr. Charles Stanley. ie. 'That when God is silent, He has not abandoned you; He is working on your behalf.' (or insights to that effect).

On 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer -, Joyce shares that 'we should do what we can do, and to let God do what we can not do.' Alan and I believe that as well! One does their part, their best; however, leaving the rest to Him. ie. As in 'casting all your cares upon Him.' To appreciate a further clarity, I recommend you tune into her encouraging and enlightening website. Joyce also imparts, that one 'should do what is the most valuable, to bear the most fruit.'

Today, Alan and I have been given some more bits of avenues to explore. We are keeping all our options open. Speaking of 'open', we have a showing today and on Friday. Eventhough, we love our home; we are 'going with HIS Flow.' We know that 'when He Closes one door, He OPENS another door.' We do not know what His Plan is, save that it is for the best!

It is another flourishing beautiful spring day! 'Spring has sprung!' Revival of all living and growing things! (He created the whole universe in six days! WOW!). We have much to be thankful for! 'Praise Him In ALL Things.' Love the photo image and its wonderful message!

Have to go and attend to some bittidz; however, will keep you posted of any new tidbitz.

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Being 'receptive'

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We are now into Spring and glad of it! Such a beautiful and refreshing time of year! We enjoyed a quiet weekend as we 'rested' in Him; as well as embracing the Biblical insights from the Vision Channel on Sunday morning.

Once again, here are the websites for 'Hour of Power' - Dr. Robert Schuller and Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' - Joyce Meyer -; and Charles & Hilary Price - I will be appreciatively sharing some tidbitz in a bittidz; however, for those of you, who wish to learn more, and to receive solid encouragement, best to visit their sites.

We appreciate these three international ministries (as well as others); as they provide wonderful hope and enlightening encouragement; particularly during these tougher times. 'Seek and Ye Shall Find', is so vividly true.

Going back 25 or 30 years, methinks had I been more 'receptive' to Him, (a major tidbit here!) then, I am pretty sure I would have lived my life differently. However, it is never too late to turn to Him (Christ), Invite Him into your heart, and Ask Him for the Holy Spirit to indwell within you. When that happens the Holy Spirit NEVER leaves you and He Guides you every step of the way. Even if at times, it may not be readily apparent. It is when you have 'overcome' obstacles, that you KNOW that He ALWAYS has your best interests at heart. He has a good Plan for each and every one of us!

Tidbit - Live every day with a thankful and joyful heart! Treat each day, as if it is a 'mini' Thanksgiving - full of Blessings in abundance!

Bittid - 'Keep things simple'. Be open and 'receptive'- to Him.

On 'Hour of Power', Dr. Schuller expresses: 'Let's eliminate negative thinking'(LENT). Also he refers to Matthew 19:26 - " With men this is impossible. but with God all things are possible." Dr. Schuller relates how one day he had the thought of '1926'; and it sounded 'Biblical'. The year 1926, was the year he was born in; and when he checked the Bible, there was this awesome verse! Methinks, there are NO Coincidences here! WOW! An inspirational boost to one's spirits!

As mentioned in recent posts, we have various options and we are keeping them all open. Also, our new neighbours (a few years older than us) just moved in over the weekend; and yesterday, we gave them a small welcoming gift of a vanilla candle and a card. They were most appreciative, and methinks we will be seeing a lot of them! As the tid expression goes: "It is the thought that matters!"

Hopefully, you have received a bit of an uplift. I am not lamenting; merely suggesting that it took me awhile to invite Him in. But then as Alan says, I would not have met him; and at the same time, it was Alan, who re-introduced me to Christ.

After the 'Sermon on the Mount', some of Christ's disciples asked why were there some people who understood and others who did not? Jesus replied that 'it was not their time yet'. So, I guess some 25 or 30 years ago, it was not my time to be 'receptive'. However, wish I had had 'someone' who would have 'encouraged' me to be genuinely 'receptive' to Him; and yet, that being said, even if there had been an 'Alan', it still may not have been my time. So, for those of you who are curious and / or struggling with discouragement etc, take a bittid look at these illuminating websites. You will discover more of a clarity and a calm. Also, it is comforting to know that, 'The TRUTH sets you free.'

I love the photo image, with its message of heartfelt wisdom.

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Pets are a joy!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is a gorgeous day! I love this refreshing 'spring' tidbitz time of year! Actually, I appreciate all the seasons; as they each have their own special uniqueness.

The showing went well yesterday; and we will receive an update today. We have a number of 'irons in the fire'; and it is just a matter of 'timing'. ie. His.

We just took our 'pup', Blue to the vet for his required yearly shots. I chose today; as we will be home for the rest of the day, should Blue need any extra bittidz 'TLC' recoop time. He can 'chill out', without being disturbed from going here, going there, trips in the car etc. He is in good shape; save that he needs to have his teeth cleaned within the next few months. He is not six years yet; however, it is recommended for dogs to have their teeth cleaned between the ages of six and eight years. This procedure involves a day visit; with us taking him in the morning, and then picking him up later in the afternoon. Eventhough, it is a rather expensive service, we will have the reassuring comfort in knowing his teeth have been attended to properly. Thereafter, we (Alan!) will brush his teeth daily; and I gather nutrient 'tartar treats' are excellent in helping to prevent tooth decay in dogs.

Tidbit - Appreciate pets and treat them with love and kindness. They respond best to loving care; afterall, they are like a human being; a treasured member of the family!

Bittid - Pets are great company. They provide such a joy! To those of you who are 'alone', a pet can be wonderfully rewarding to one's spirits! Yesterday, I mentioned about 'house sitting', well 'pet' sitting and / or dog walking may be something to consider for those, who are not able to have / enjoy a pet full time.

I took this picture of Blue a month ago. Instead of him posing on the tid stool in our bedroom, he is stretched out upon the carpet. His nose is a bit warm; but otherwise, he is okay. Methinks we are all glad it is Friday, and that the weekend is here again!

Here is wishing you a nice weekend!

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Further tidbits and bittids:

Should add, that if we were to 'house sit', methinks we would do that for free; as it would be a place for us to temporarily 'hang our hat'. I never thought one would be 'paid to house sit'; but my friend suggested that it is, indeed, an invaluable service. However, I think it reasonable that any normal monthly bills / expenses, would be taken care of by the homeowner. If house sitting, we would put everything in storage, until we have more clarity as to where we wish to relocate; be it renting or purchasing etc. We are presently looking around; and amazing how timing is so key! We are leaving it all up to Him; for Him to work out the tidbit time frame, all the bittid 'details', etc. etc etc. Alan and I are happy that we have each other; and we will just do our best to work around everything else.

Today am feeling a bit weary; but that is par for the course at tid times. Also about twelve days ago, I hurt my tail bone; and I am surprised that it has taken this long to ease up. Early one morning (may have still been asleep), I bent down to pat our pup, and when I arose, I unfortunately, made contact with a pointed sharp end of furniture. Did not feel any discomfort for a day, which was strange; but ever since then, it has been quite uncomfortable. Oh well, guess it just takes time. So for those of you who have hurt tailbones, I certainly have an empathy. Have to go now and attend to a few things (standing; not sitting, I might add! LOL!).

A friend of mine took these pictures from her garden. As per this morning's post, we have these wonderful flowers throughout our house.

Until later.

Peace and God Bless.

We all have many Blessings to be Joyful for!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Can not believe that the last post I wrote was on Sunday, March 14th. Where does the time go?

We have had 'our nose to the grindstone'; had various tidbitz appointments, as well as showings in our home. We have another one tonight. The house is full of freshly picked daffodils; a bright and cheery touch, methinks.

We are not sure whether we will rent, buy, or housesit? If we purchase, it will be for a small mortgage; and on a property that can be rented out as an investment, should we choose to relocate. As we are not clear where our temporary or future home will be, we are just going to go with the flow and do the best we can. We are looking to Him for Guidance; as He IS the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT. We have received some bittidz good news; but more on that later, when we know more. A good friend suggested 'house sitting' (and apparently, one gets paid for it!); well, that is an option as well.

Tidbit - Regardless of your tid circumstances, remember to 'Praise Him In ALL Things', and to give Him THANKS for your daily Blessings. Also, He says: 'FEAR NOT, FOR I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD'. That being said, He has helped Alan and I overcome many an obstacle; and hence, we are all the more appreciative; as He is our Advocate.

Bittid - He wants us to be JOYFUL; and not to be 'weighed down' with daily burdens, worries, apprehensions, cares etc. When you 'cast all your cares' upon Him, you feel immediately uplifted. Things become less overwhelming. less taxing. 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'; as He IS our REFUGE and STRENGTH. Also, to have the patience to 'wait upon the Lord'; for Him to Provide Solution, according to His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan.

Alan and I know that He has a good plan for us (even if it is taking its wee bit time); and we trust that He has our best interests at heart. That goes for each and every one of us.

It is a beautiful 'Springlike' day; and are are grateful for all our many Blessings! I love the above photo image and its wonderful message!

Peace and God Bless.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Laughter is good!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have enjoyed a really nice Sunday thus far. Embraced the Vision Channel yet again; and to repeat, here are websites for those of you, who wish to learn more about Christ; as well as being given encouragement and HOPE. ie. 'Hour of Power' (Dr. Robert Schuller & Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer -; and 'Living Truth' (Charles Price - There are also other illuminating websites to tune into and appreciate as well.

As of today, we moved the clocks one hour forward; so my coffee was all the more inhaled by me this morning! LOL!

On 'Hour of Power', everyone was an inspiration! For those of you who need a bit of a boost, read about guest Scott Rigsby, who lost his legs in an accident; and how he overcame obstacles - WITH HIS HELP. An awesome story; is told in his book, 'Unthinkable'. Sheila Coleman, who is a breath of fresh air, shares that it is important to GROW during the tough times. ie. In tid times of 'Not knowing' why or what is happening; simply just say 'Thank You' to Him, and 'Praise Him in ALL Things'. Romans 5:3-5 tells us about having PERSERVERANCE, CHARACTER, HOPE, which brings about endurance, patience, and GRACE. Sheila wrote a poem 'Anchored' and it is 'right on'.

On 'Enjoying Everyday Life', Joyce and her guest, Dr. Linda Mintle (a family therapist and author of 'Press Pause, Before You Eat') spoke about the TIDBITZ importance of sound sleep, healthy eating, MORE laughter / singing out loud, spicey foods, exercise, etc, to live a happier and less stressful life. Also, it is meaningful that a family sits down together for their family meals; as opposed to always being in a hurry, fast fooding, etc etc etc. In a BITTIDZ, 'slow down'; take the time to enjoy nutritional food and social dialogue / meals with your family; rather than being constantly caught up with 'busy busy busy'. When one is on such a hectic treadmill, one becomes 'irritable', 'stressed out', as well as a future potential candidate for heart attacks, run-down immune systems, disease, etc.

On 'Living Truth', Charles and Hilary Price revisit their trip to the Holy Land. Enlightening Biblical insights about Jesus' life. As well as about Moses' journey of going 'around and around in circles'; that ended up taking forty years, isntead of eleven days! Alan and I still would love to go to the Holy Land with 'Living Truth' in November, 2010; and we remain forever hopeful that things will work out in this regard. I have already checked into the itineray; and all I can say is WOW! WOW! and WOW!

Alan and I, along with our 'pup', Blue, have been invited to my son's for dinner tonight (as per my March 12th & 13th posts); should be a fun evening, methinks! Also, as per yesterday's post, the above photo image reminds me of our dear friend who passed away two years ago today. I will never forget his wonderful sense of humour!

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Uplift Others!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has been a relaxing one; and we are thankful it is the weekend! Methinks with all the events of this past week, we are happy to take a bit of a breather. Our weary bodies are saying, 'rest'; as we know it will be a full week ahead of us.

This afternoon, we enjoyed a refreshingly long walk with our Blue Heeler pup; amidst threatening black clouds and high gusts of wind. It is now pouring with rain, and we are glad to be home for the rest of the night. In our meanders with Blue, Alan picked up some more 'fallen' daffodils. I gently sprayed the dirt from their tid faces; and they have happily revived in various vases, that are scattered throughout our home. A nice bright touch; particularly on a dark day!

Our plans for Sunday have been postponed til mid week; as the people in question, would like to meet us in a group, for the best results. The March 11th post, 'A new lease on life!' provides you with a bittidz of background.

Also, for a further tidbitz, my March 14/09 post of 'Remembering good friends', is in honour of a very special friend of ours, who sadly passed away from cancer two years ago. So, 'Here is to you, Almond Roca Man'. Methinks, readers, you might enjoy perusing some amusing tales.

Tidbit - A sense of humour always helps, no matter what! There is always someone else who is in a worse off situation than yourself.

Bittid - Appreciate your family; and also remember those special people who truly touch your lives. For those who are still living, let them know they are 'special' to you. Because when they are no longer here, it is too late to let them know. While they are still alive, they themselves, may also be given an extra boost of loving encouragement, knowing you genuinely care about them. You feel better as well.

Tomorrow morning, I look forward to embracing the Vision Channel - ie. 'Hour of Power', 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and 'Living Truth'. In the evening, we will be going to my son's for dinner and to watch the hockey game; that will be a fun visit! Apparently, he has his apartment clean and tidy! LOL!

Took this photo yesterday, of some 'fallen' daffodils, that Alan 'rescued' on the morning walk with our five year young 'pup.' Also, last week, our nursery friend gave us the yellow gerbera, which is still wonderfully fresh! This particular friend is very 'special' to us; and Alan let him know our heartfelt sentiments earlier today. It turns out, that the elderly gentleman is having his tid daily challenges; so Alan's genuine empathy, reinforced and uplifted his discouraged spirits.

A tidbit - Be it a genuine compliment, a warm smile, a gentle word, and / or a kind deed, this can be a 'life saver', to those who are feeling 'fallen' (like a daffodil) or whatever fits. We will invite him over for a meal; be it here, or to our new home, should we relocate. Alan most likely will have to drive him; but no problemo! Every little bit helps!

A further bittid - 'Give unto others'; have a 'generosity of spirit', to all those you meet; thus impacting others with genuine good cheer; which in turn helps them to be of a genuine good cheer and a Blessing to others!

Tonight, we 'spring forward'; as we move the clock one hour ahead!

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 12 March 2010


Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, Friday again! We are thankful it is the weekend! Has been a full day; and we will have more clarity next week.

Alan and I receive a wonderful monthly (free) pamphlet, 'Our Journey', from Charles Price's Ministry, 'Living Truth' ( We have totally appreciated and enjoyed reading each day's message from this bittidz booklet. For example, today's teaching is to 'Keep Recognizing Jesus'; and here is an invaluable tidbitz quote: "If you are truly recognizing your Lord, you have no business being concerned about how and where He engineers your circumstances". That elegantly sums up so much; and it a reassuring huge comfort to us!

Basically one needs to cast their 'ALL', their 'everything' upon Him and to not be fearful etc. This reading gives Alan and I extra bit of 'starch' to 'keep on trekking'; very timely tidbit. Since my last post, we have experienced a bittid of challenges; however, we are 'leaving it all up to Him to work out'.

The above is another photo of some freshly picked daffodils from our complex; accompanied by two beautiful Lady Head Vases in bright yellow attire! A good friend is going to be the happy recipient of these lovely ladies; so I wanted to take a tid picture of them, before they left our home. With the recent rain and snow, Alan has been 'rescuing' many a fallen daffodil. We are Blessed with a surging abundance of these flowers; and what a splendid joy they bring to our home! Also, we are filled with encouragement and joyful Hope, TRUSTING that He has our best interests at heart. (That goes for each and every one of us; as He LOVES us all unconditionally!)

Tidbit - Focus SOLELY upon Him; and Rely not upon your own understanding.

Bittid - Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! KNOW that ALL Things ARE Possible with Him!

My son popped over for an impromptu visit later this afternoon. It was an unexpected tid treat; and it was great seeing him! We have been invited to his place for dinner on Sunday; so we are extra Blessed, methinks!

Looking forward to embracing the Vision Channel on Sunday morning! However, it needs to be everyday that we follow Him; and, to always do what is fair, right, and equitable!

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

A new lease on life!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a fairly busy time for us. As mentioned earlier, our house is up for sale and we have had a number of showings. Most people who have seen our place, love it! With the past year or so of financial melt down, we have thought it best to sell our home. We have (and still are) trying to refinance our commercial property; however, by selling our home; we can do what we had envisioned originally. The question remains; do we rent or do we buy? ie. If the rent costs the same as a small monthly mortgage, it would make more sense to invest in a property; that we could rent out, should we ever chose to relocate. However, you never know, we might just really enjoy rural life!

Alan and I have quite literally thrown everything upon Him. Basically a major TIDBIT - from Proverbs 3: 5-6 -" Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path".

That bittidz being said, unexpectedly yesterday and early this morning, we were presented with some other tidbitz options to consider. We will be meeting with various individuals on Sunday to determine our best course. We have been through many hoops; and this could be a better solution!

Another BITTID - What keeps going through my mind is: "Be still and know that I am God" - Psalm 46:10. Alan and I are totally 'resting in Him'; and it is true that when you genuinely 'surrender' and 'cast all your cares upon Him', He, does, indeed, shoulder and carry them for you. We have experienced this today. Reflecting back upon past events, He has been there for us. He has provided our 'daily bread'; and has helped us overcome many obstacles and challenges. We REJOICE in that TRUTH!

Earlier, I had made some tid notes from the Vision Channel; from 'Hour of Power', 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and 'Living Truth' to share with those of you who are interested. However, with us being on the go with 'showings' etc, am 'passing the buck' to you. It is better for YOU to check into their websites;, as you will receive their insights and teachings directly. Plus there are many wonderful resources that are helpful; and you may know of others, whom you wish to 'Pay It Forward' to. The movie, 'Pay It Forward' was such an awesome movie!

Also, what Joyce ('Enjoying Everyday Life') was sharing from Matthew 11: 28,29,30 is so vital! You can refer to my March 7th post of 'Blessings in abundance!'; as that will give you a bit of background. We are quite weary; but we have been REFRESHED, knowing that He has a great Purpose and Plan - for each and every one of us! In other words, turn everything over to Him to Provide Solution. That also helps us all to be all the more THANKFUL and JOYFUL! - regardless of circumstances.

Today, I Prayed outloud - ie throwing everything upon Him; and it was shortly thereafter, as if a 'green light' had gone on! Bingo! It was as if a 'new lease' on life appeared before our very eyes. I thank and credit my dear friend (she knows who she is!) for today's title: 'A new lease on life'. Great things are happening in her life as well!

Tidbit - Live one day at a time; and ENJOY each day, as best as you can. (ie ALWAYS think positive thoughts!) GIVE HIM your best; by being PRESENT; (He IS forever PRESENT!) not lamenting on the previous day or worrying about the next day.

Wish I had known that, when I was in my twenties, thirties, forties! A lot of issues would have been solved! No kidding! However, I am not 'crying over spilt milk'; rather, embracing now whatever happens to unfold. Changes, the works! I thank Alan again for sharing the message with me: 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Bittid - Have a genuine empathy for others. Do your best to be of 'good cheer' to all those you meet in your daily walk. Also, when one has been through 'trials and tribulations', one generally has more empathy. compassion, understanding, and patience towards others.

We were out earlier today; and in passing, quite a few people asked me how 'was I doing?'. They actually stopped to listen for my response; which sometimes does not happen. At times, people ask how you are; but keep on moving. Methinks, so why bother to ask the question? (It just fills in space). However, I reply loud enough for them to hear me; and they generally STOP in their tracks, in AMAZEMENT.

So today, without even thinking, the words,' Never better!' flew out from my mouth! Well, I instantly felt uplifted when I said those two little words; BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY, so were the people who were kind enough to ask me! They went on to comment that they would reply likewise in the future, to those who ask the same of them!

'Love one another as I have Loved you' keeps popping into my mind and heart; as well as, 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you'. I have written a couple posts on "Never Better". It was in January 2008; should you wish to glean some gems. I was remembering a dear and inspirational friend of ours, who always lived his life with great gusto! He lived one day at a time!

Have to go for now. Hope these tidbits were bittids of encouragement to you (they were to me). Took this photo of the freshly picked daffodils by Alan; daffodils are abounding everywhere! Eventhough overall, we have enjoyed a very mild winter, we woke up this morning to an inch of snow! Weird to see a white blamket surrounding all the flowers etc!

Peace and God Bless.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Blessings in abundance!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It was such a glorious day yesterday (Saturday). Blue skies, no clouds, brilliant sunshine, and 'springlike temperatures!' Even at 5:30 pm, as we sat outside on our bittid bedroom balcony, the rays of the sun were still exuding warmth, and the yellow forsythia and daffodils were majestically aglow! These are wonderful tidbit Blessings! The Holy Spirit has reinforced and rekindled within us, an inner peace, a joyful confidence, a steadfast calm; and encouraging us, to 'keep on trekking!' in any and all circumstances.

The other night, we watched the inspirational movie, 'Tuesdays with Morrie'; and for those of you, who have not yet seen it, I heartily recommend it. A very magnificent story of hope and courage.

Tidbit - Do not lose Hope; continue to be of positive spirit.

Bittid - He IS our Refuge and Strength. We are thankful it is Sunday today; and we are Resting and Abiding in Him.

Watched the Vision Channel this morning and embraced some more awesome messages / ephifanies! Here again, are their websites, that provide enlightening encouragement, as well as insightful teachings of the Bible and of Christ. ie. 'Hour of Power' (Dr. Robert Schuller and Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer -; and 'Living Truth' (Charles Price - Plus there are other International Ministries who impart their messages; and to all of them, a Big Thank You! They are, indeed, a Blessing, as they genuinely share the message of the Good News.

In a bitttidz, I will tie in a few of the tidbits from last week, as well as sharing some further bittids, appreciated from today's empowering messages. Best still though, for those of you, who wish to learn more, to check into them for yourselves.

Going back to last week, on 'Enjoying Everyday Life', Joyce Meyer referred to Matthew 11: v 28 - 30. 'Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My load is light."

Those wonderful Biblical words provide me with refreshing comfort; and, perhaps some of you may experience a tidbitz of reassuring solace as well. Joyce today, also shares about those who are 'gamblers' and those who are 'investors'. Her message is 'right on', and provides a vast wealth of fruitional information. I encourage you to tune into her wonderful website!

Also, today, in closing on 'Hour of Power', was a portion of Beth Groombridge's strong song "All Things Are Possible' (March 4th post). That is such a rousing song; and methinks, those few powerful words should be repeated / 'piped in', whatever, at the end of each 'Hour of Power' session. Invigorating and uplifting thoughts! ie. "ALL Things ARE Possible, with God".

Also, well regarded Bishop Kenneth Ulmer was a guest today on 'Hour of Power'; and he shared his illuminating insights on Psalm 23; 'The Lord is my Shepherd'. Strangely enough, I had recently read Psalm 23, and I had pondered about some of its Biblical meaning. Pastor Ulmer, in his message,'A Strange Place to be Blessed', gave me a further clarity and understanding as to the simple contents of Psalm 23. Thank you, Pastor Ulmer! We all have 'our valleys' to go through; and it is in our daily walk in Christ, (IN these valleys) that we experience many 'trials and tribulations'. HOWEVER, KNOW, that He ALWAYS takes us THROUGH these valleys. Hence, we can be joyful; as 'He IS the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE'.

Also, yesterday evening, as we gratefully contemplated all our Blessings, outside on our tid patio, and enjoying the gentle glow, we 'Thanked Him for our Blessings'. Alan and I do not know what will transpire this upcoming week; but we DO know, that He will Guide us THROUGH the various 'valleys'. When I listened to Pastor Ulmer this morning, there ARE NO Coincidences; as his message took me back to yesterday evening, when Alan and I were 'Praising Him In ALL Things'. Plus, 'ALL Things ARE Possible' with Him; and He says: 'Fear Not, For I Have Overcome the World'. We are Resting in Faithful Hope and Trusting Confidence, that He Will Prevail, as per His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan for us. That goes for each and every one of us.

Briefly, on 'Living Truth' today, Charles Price shares about how Thomas the Disciple, has made such an IMPACT on others; eventhough Thomas is known more as the 'Doubting Thomas'. Where in actual fact, Charles was emphasizing that one who initially has doubts, upon conviction, invariably turns out to be amongst the strongest Advocates and messagers of Christ. Thomas ventured all the way east to India, and established a ministry there; that is still present and sharing the message of the Good News today. Suggest too, that should you wish a further appreciation and expansion of knowledge, tune into Charles' solid teachings.

The 'above' pictures are those that I 'captured' in a fleeting bit moment, from our upstairs balcony, of the glorious sunset colours of the 'Heavenly' skies on Thursday evening. Methinks, the wonderous clouds resemble angels or doves (I LOVE white doves!). Some more gracious and breathtaking Blessings to enthusiastically Thank Him for!

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday afternoon reflections

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Has been an 'interesting' time around here. A few more tid options have surfaced. More ephifanies!

Alan and I received some dismaying news this afternoon; so we immediately went to a wonderful local park for a bit change of scene. It is a gorgeous and cloudless day here, and relatively mild temperatures. A perfect day for a walk for us and our Blue Heeler 'pup', Blue. We met a number of other 'doggie people' in the park; and I left thinking that it is refreshing to meet others with their 'family' of pets. We ran into an elderly gentleman and his eleven year old 'Brown Lab'; and we could tell that he 'thrived' on his daily walks; as that gives him a cheery uplift, when he runs into other people. Also, he lives on his own; so his dog and he are encouraging company for one another. We were glad of the good conversation; and we look forward to seeing each other again.

Tidbit - Make Him your SOLE focus; Rely upon Him ONLY; not upon others. That is about as simple as it gets. He will Guide your way, as 'HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT'.

Bittid - Thank Him ALWAYS for your daily Blessings; and 'Praise Him In ALL Things'; regardless of your circumstances or disappointments. You gain an 'inner' strength. It is 'how' you handle your challenges; and hence what choices you ultimately make.

Alan and I have experienced our tidbitz share of 'ups and downs'(today included); however, we will ENDURE, with PATIENCE AND HOPE; to WAIT in FAITH for Him, to 'Step In' and work all the bittidz through. Basically, we feel that He has a much better plan for us; and, it is that simple. Thus, we are going to relax and enjoy the weekend; and also, be totally thankful for each and every day that He gives us! We ARE thankful! And, we are glad it is the weekend! Hurrah!

The photo image is of a double bloom type of narcissus? daffodil; we saw many of them today in the park. Amazing all the beauty He creates! We have much to be THANKFUL for! The days are getting longer; a refreshing sign of Spring!

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

'All Things ARE Possible!'

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have been on the go; and am appreciative for these few tranquil moments, before the day jumps into vivid play. Am reflecting, as well as enjoying my second cup of freshly brewed coffee. Our 'pup' Blue is happily curled up under my chair; a nice quiet and relaxing scene.

Alan and I have been doing our due diligence; and there are some new wrinkles; however, that now means further options. Once again, we have done everything we can; and we have quite literally 'cast all our cares upon Him'. We are trusting in His GOOD Plan for us; and we take solace, knowing that He knows what is best for each and every one of us.

Tidbit - He always has our best interests at heart. If any of you feel at times, your Prayers are delayed and / or not answered, TRUST in FAITH He has something better in mind for you.

Bittid - Always have HOPE in your heart! Remember too, to 'Praise Him In ALL Things' and, to Thank Him daily for your Blessings.

Had made mention that I was going to share a few tidbits from the programs I watched on Sunday on the Vision Channel. If you wish a bit of clarity, you can refer to my two recent posts for bittids of background.

On 'Hour of Power' (, I embraced some more ephifanies!

eg. Beth Groombridge sings the inspiring song 'All Things Are Possible'. Well, I keep hearing those four tidbit words, along with the 'catchy' tune revolving non stop in my head and heart. If you tune into 'Hour of Power', you will be uplifted asap, methinks! The whole congregation (it is huge and it wonderful how it keeps bountifully growing!) were all enthusiastically joining in and clapping in joyful beat.

Another guest, on 'Hour of Power'. was Jessica Cox, who was born WITHOUT arms. My goodness, if any of you think you are having your bittid challenges, read about her awesome story! WOW! Jessica suggests (a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt) - " Identify your greatest fear and walk directly towards it". Dr. Sheila Coleman Schuller endorses that 'success is a journey in FAITH; thus face your fears head on.' She refers to Psalm 139; in that we are all special and unique for His Divine Purpose.

Dr. Robert Schuller enlightens us with his empowering 'emotional therapy session', re: 'Unsinkable Hope!' ie. He refers to Hebrews 6:19 - " This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil."

In closing, one of my favourite Hymns (379) is 'Our Hope in Ages Past'; have always loved the tune and the words, and what a wonderful way to tie in the service!

Love the photo image, as well as its positive message. The beautiful daffodils in our complex, are sprouting in abundance; methinks, such a vibrant Creation / Blessing from Him. Cheers to one's spirits; in that Spring is on the way! Hurrah!

Will be back in a bittidz with some more tidbitz re: 'Enjoying Everyday Life' ( and also, 'Living Truth' ( etc. Here are their websites again; should you check them out, before I write the next post. 'All Things ARE Possible", keeps springing from my heart!

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Thank you!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

The 2010 Winter Olympics were magnificent; and all the games were well run; and were fair and square for all participants. Vancouver, Whistler Mtn etc, has endeared the world; and, we are Blessed that we live in such a beautiful and vibrant city.

Alan and I went out yesterday afternoon for a short while; and it was heartfelt to hear the beeping and honking of cars, as well as the contagious cheering of so many happy people. Of course, we joined in; and the streets were filled with empowering enthusiasm! This united and positive mood has swept right across our nation; and methinks, the Canadian spirit is here to stay! It is both great and refreshing to see so many 'young' people take such an active part and interest; and this will bode well for the future. Canada now owns the podium with 14 Gold Medals; the most in Olympic history for a host nation!

I embraced the Vision Channel yesterday morning; and will share some tidbits before too long. All I can suggest is that apart from their Biblical teachings and insights, they offer genuine encouragement; and for those of you, who feel 'strung out', check into 'Hour of Power' (; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (; and 'Living Truth' ( If some of you feel you are 'down in the dumps', tune into these programs; and your troubles / worries will be far less. No kidding. And / or, you may know of those who need to be hugely uplifted; and you would be a bit of a hero to them, by letting them know, where they can learn more about Hope, Faith, and Salvation.

We have a glorious calendar from 'Living Truth', and I would like to share a few encouraging bittids from Charles Price. The pictures are breathtaking, and Charles has provided some inspiring 'words of wisdom', as well as Biblical passages, as per each monthly photo. His insights bolster one's spirits, methinks; and what I am about to quote, validates Alan's and my experiences, in our daily walk with Christ. These 'gems' are further 'ephifanies' to me; particularly when we (most of us) have been / are in the throws of tid 'trials and tribulations.'

ie. January - "How is the presence of the Holy Spirit expressed in our lives? One way is through our attitudes to circumstances - and we will be characterized by joy, peace, and patience."

ie. February - "When Jesus is alive in us, we will see God in the circumstances we face in life. We no longer need to fear the events we did not anticipate or which seem even bigger than ourselves, for 'we see God' in His sovereignty working out purposes that are good."

ie. March - "When we go out on a limb with God, we learn things about Him we would have never learned otherwise. That's why we need to obey God in areas where we don't necessarily feel able, but where He is leading us. It's then we discover the sufficiency and the ability of Christ."

Once again, we have many daily Blessings to be thankful and appreciative for! ALWAYS, 'Praise Him In ALL Things'. A big THANK YOU to Him! The above photo image is of Whistler Mountain!

Peace and God Bless.