Thursday, 16 August 2007

Always be ever "ready".

Good Evening!

It has been a full day! Had a few appointments; and the one we were especially geared up for, has been postponed until tomorrow am. He had an emergency dentist appointment, tidbitting about appointments.

We are going to be out of town for several days; we may be having to come in one day next week to sign papers; however, we will know more after our morning appointment.
We are leaving tomorrow afternoon; all being well.

We ended up going instead to Costco and to our favourite Fresh Produce & Plant Farm to stock up on "supplies". Had we had the appt this afternoon, we would have done the shopping tomorrow; so the good thing is that the Friday shopping is behind us. We are about to enjoy a good night's rest.

Tidbit - When your body is tired, go with it; listen to your body. No sense fighting it; particularly at night.

It is now pouring rain, dark skies, winds, and all; so getting into bed sounds like a heavenly plan. We did not sleep much last night; because Alan's shoulder has really been acting up. Painkillers have not helped. He is waiting for an ultra sound appointment. It most likely is a pinched nerve, or tendonitis. It has spread from his shoulder (internal) down to the elbow; so it is extremely painful. We stayed up most of the night; since he could not sleep.

Bittid - "The best laid plans of mice and men" - that is what happened with us today; and it has been to the good; in hindsight. Hope that is a bittid of an encouragement for you; when things do not go as planned. Always be ever "ready" for whatever action befalls you.

On that note, am saying Good Night and God Bless. I am "ready" for a wonderful night's sleep. We also have an early start tomorrow; so am wanting to "be on the ball".

Faith; as in Tending to Roses

Good Morning!

Once again, here is the photo image of the Queen Elizabeth Rose. We have 2 of them in our bittid garden! One that I gave my Dad for Father's Day so many years ago; and then ours, that survived the traumatic plant move, from last year. Both rose bushes have blended and bloomed beautifully, and in the fall, Alan will do a tidbit trim, to merge and shape them into even a better form!

Enjoying a tid of tea this am; normally I am a coffee drinker. However, there are times, when a bit of tea hits the spot!

Had a full day yesterday; with Alan's parents; legal appointments etc.

Today, we have various other appts; one, within the next hour. More on that later.

Tidbit - "Praise Him in All Things". We are solely relying on Him to provide solution(s). As mentioned in an earlier post, that can be hard to do; and yet, when you 'get into the habit', of relying on Him daily, and having the genuine Faith, solution(s) do occur. For those of you who relate to what I am saying, can appreciate these thoughts.

Bittid - For those of you who do not understand etc; if you wish or when you are ready, all you need to do is to "Let Him into your heart"; invite Him in and He will provide. "Fear Not"; for He is always with us. That is very true; just have the patience and the Faith in Him. Like tending to roses.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Blog journal

Good Morning!

Well today is a day we have been waiting for! Will keep you posted on that endeavour. It has felt like "Mission Impossible"; however, we know that All things are possible with Him; as long as you have the Faith. We had some rather disappointing news last week; however, we think it has been for the best; AND WE ARE RELIEVED in hindsight. And, something else, unexpected, for the better, 'fell into our laps!' They say 'be careful for what you wish for'; change that to 'be careful for what you PRAY for'. Words are very important in Prayer.

In the meantime, it is a beautiful summer morning. Fall appears to be in the air; eventhough it is a pleasant 75 degrees. With freshly brewed coffee in hand, went outside, and was "wowed" with our clematis, which now has 11 gorgeous rich shades of royal purple flowers (see photo image) draped around our healthy pine tree. A tid of a tidbit - the fallen cones make wonderful decorative pieces!

I am contemplating about blog writing, and the blogs I read. Those that have helped me with 'Blog Technology 101', all know who you are; even in just the reading; and / or making comments. A heartfelt thank you. I have come to enjoy the "blogging". It is quite the exercise; particularly if you would like to participate every day. I feel it has become a bit of a bittid journal to me. "What you see, is what you get" -be it in person, or in the writing.

Tidbit - Discipline is good; particularly if it is generated enthusiastically. It may be a challenge at first; however, when you perservere, it becomes something you enjoy doing, for the sake of doing.

I have the genuine desire to write every day; and, straight from the heart. Also, I like to offer tidbitz or bittidz of encouragement to all those that read my blog (including myself). I do not go out of my way, to intentionally "hurt" anyone's feelings; however, we all have our uniqueness, different styles and "takes" on things in our lives. For me, the blog has taken on a bittid life of its own. It has become a bit of a tid journal to me; so down the road, I can refer to it, reflect, and appreciate life all the more.

Bittid - Know that each of us are "special". Make the best of each and every day.

The photo image is of a 1977 journal. 1977 was the year of my son's birth; and he will be hitting the big 30 this year! That is another wow! Of course, I was a young mother at the time; and am now a very young grandma - to my daughter's twin baby boys! LOL!

We will be going out of town for bits and tids; however, when we return in tids and bits, I look forward to updating my "journal" and enjoying the blogs of others.

God Bless.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Garden Surprises!

The first photo image you see is of a multi coloured clematis! We have the exact one in our back bittidz patio! It is so awesome; amazing with all the detail and magificent hues!

The next photo image is of "Morning Glory". Well, a tidbitz of a tale for you! This "weed?" was "growing" from our upstairs patio window boxes. Hmmmmmm. We encouraged its development with fertilizing, watering etc. And, lo and behold, these are the vibrant flowers that have appeared! They are now hanging over our railing; so we will train and guide them along the whole outside area of the window planters.

The third photo image is of the Hisbiscus variety. It is called "Blush Satin" ((Rose of Sharon). It is very faint gentle pink, with beautiful blooms; and it is busrsting forth in our tid garden!

The last photo image, I just GRAVITATE to! I LOVE dramatic whites, in the contrasted midst of colours! (or black). In this case, the boldy defined flowers! They are really trumpeting wonderfully in our bit garden. This is the "Diana Rose of Sharon" / Growing Star" kind of hibiscus.

As a tidibt aside, our antique glass wrought iron black table, along with its matching ice cream chairs, coiffed with their white seats, make such a robust and artistic statement to the eye.

Tidbit - Appreciate nature; and its incredible magnificence! Eluded to that in yesterday's post. It is good for the soul.

Bittid - We are still awaiting "news"; am taking the moments to peacefully enjoy what is before us. Praise Him in All Things; and be thankful for what you have already. We have total Faith in Him; and we are just simply, awaiting His solution.

Please feel free to make comments. Will keep you posted. God Bless.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Our Climbing Hydrangea!

Climbing Hydranges - Hydrangea Anomala

Tidbit Description - Magnificent climbing, deciduous with large, flat-topped clusters of pure white, fragrant flowers in summer. Glossy green, heart-shaped leaves adorn handsome cinnamon-brown branches. Delightful cover for walls or arbors.

Was outside early this am, with coffee in hand; and making the time to enjoy the bountiful harvest of flowering plants from the summer sun! The Hydrangea Anomala is the type of hydrangea we have trailing around and around, on our brick columned entrance to our front doorway. It is 'pleasing to the eye'; to all those who pass by. The photo image is very similar to our actual hydrangea.

Our neighbour (the one we gave the flowers to; and she in turn returned our vase with some bluey purple hydrangeas, from her lovely garden) popped over and offered to water our plants when we are out of town. She loved our front hydrangeas; and was amazed at its "tenacity"; it is like an ivy,"gluing" and wrapping itself around our post.

Our cherry tomatoes are coming out in tida and bits, and alas we will not be here to pick them off the vibrant vines. However, she has a "standing invitation" to "help herself" anytime, to our bit fresh garden produce. The same offer is open to our immediate next door neighbours. Ran into them also this morning; and we look forward to extending to them the same hospitality they showed us, when they invited us to their place; a few tid weeks ago.

Tidbit - Appreciate a genuine "give and take" attitude; and for the "win win" situations that it creates for all those who participate. It rather reminds me of the wonderful movie, "Pay It Forward". Also, speaking of vines, it appears as if the 'wheat is being separated from the chaffe'; and that is to the good. Genuine friendships is what it is all about.

Bittid - Also savour the beautiful simplicity of nature.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Work out & Enjoy!

Pork recipe: (Probably could substitute a roast beef, lamb roast)

On cutting board, chop up very finely Rosemary, add grated pepper & salt; and mix right into the board. Then get the rolled up roast, fat side down first; and roll it and then do the other side. Sear the roast in some olive oil and butter. Then put in oven to cook for about an hr. Also, have chopped onions and garlic in pan...Oh, use the rest of the spices from the cutting board, to sprinkle on top of roast.

Roast potatoes & onion recipe:

Potatoes - have them already pre cut and cooked (5 min) Then put them in an oven proof dish, add butter & margarine, and onions (looked like red onions - Spanish? International!).Season. Then add half a bottle of cheap Balsamic vinegar. Yes, go for it!. This will adhere to the potatoes and onions, as they cook together, along with the seasoned and oil/butter mixture, already in the dish.. Cook for about 50 to 60 mins; and the vinegar will have caramelized the potatoes and onions. MMMMMmmmmmmm...

I decided this am to "work out" on our Tony Gazelle machine. (see above photo image) It has been sitting idle, in our second / guest room since we moved here. Well, there is also a TV in there; it is an old timer (was my parents); but it still works! Does not have tons of channels; but it is enclosed in a beautiful Asian / mahogany antique cabinet. I think that is part of the "old world" charm!

Of course, there was a food channel; and oh caught my interest. I think I gained a few tid pounds; just from watching! And yet, the idea was to get into a bit better shape! LOL!

Tidbit - "Food for thought". Utilize and have fun with it! Thought I would share what I could remember from the 2 recipes with you. You may want to add other ingredients or substiute the meat or veggies. In our bittidz garden, we have some onions, and rosemary; and some other tidbitz herbs, that I will throw in. Sounds intriguing, with the Balsamic vinegar. Am going to "run with it;" as well as using the machine daily. Good way to gather recipes! "Food for thought!"

Bittid - Enjoy!

Have to run for now.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Appreciate history and antiques!

Alan was at the Cancer Clinic / Hospital with his Mum and Dad. As mentioned in an earlier tid or two in some postings, Alan's Mum has terminal cancer. They went to see the specialist today; and the treatment that she was / is on, has been changed to something less taxing, both on her time and on her body. We will know a bit more about those things, in the next while.

Alan and his Dad have had their difficulties with each other over the years. Well, the Dad is so grateful for Alan being there to genuinely help them with their current issues. It has been a complete personality switch /change for his Dad. I think his Dad realizes that "life is short"; and he may as well make ammends and enjoy his son, to the fullest. This has been wonderful! Alan and his Mum have always enjoyed a very special friendship; and the father has always appeared to have been 'jealous' of that unique bond. I think he now has a different attitude; and wants a better relationship with his son. The Dad has a great sense of humour; and, he is a good mimicer.

When Alan returned home, he arrived with a beautiful framed large print, from his Dad. His Dad gave it to Alan; and now it hangs wonderfully in our front tidbitz entrance hall. 'Well', (there is that "deep" word again, "well") we also hung up a pair of historical snow shoes, and an "old" Indian print, with "suede" framing. Looks fabulous with the rest of the "decor!" (if I tid a bit on, myself! LOL!) Our front hall looks as if it has been brought back to the mid 1800's era. Instead of stepping into a 'time machine'. just step into our front bittidz entrance way! History! Wow! I saw the print and the snowshoes earlier today in our basement / garage; and thought hmmmmmm, it would be nice to hang those! Looks as if my wish was granted!
When you view the photo image, our snowshoes resemble the pair on the right, as you look at the picture. They really add to the ambience!

Tidbit - Appreciate the beauty of antiquity and history! Going through momentos earlier and then participating in this, has been a great boost to the spirits and to our home!

Here is wishing you all a nice weekend!

Right underneath my nose!

Have you ever had days when things just "turn up?" ie unfound objects become "foundable" again. Have been looking for our strong "fold up plastic crates" to carry items to Pasley; and since the move, have looked tid here and there for them; with no success.

Finally came to the conclusion today, that I would go to "Plan B" and "find" something else that would serve as a viable alternative. Well, lo and behold! There they were, right underneath my nose!

In the process of "hunting" in our garage, I uncovered more "treasures". We know we have a major rainy day / procrastination task to do, with our garage. When we moved about 14 months ago, boxes upon boxes, have yet to be even be looked at! That will be one of our fall projects! A lot of items are in storage from my parents; so who knows what there is; as well as quite a bit of our piled up stuff. One of my best friends, who unexpectedly passed tragically away earlier this year, sold us her pool table; (a tidbitz smaller size than a regular pool table) and it has thus far, been utlized as a bittidz storage area. So, it will be a relief to enjoy the cleared up space. Of course, we will have to park our car on the street; when "her" pool table is in use; because the garage is only so big. Alan is a very good "pool" player; I am a novice; but will happily learn! He has "beer" tastes; and I have "champagne" tastes! BUT, it WORKS!

Tidbit - When you find unexpected "gems", it really is quite an exhilerating find! Brought back some memories; good and not so good; memories though, nonetheless. It could be looked at as a "healing", in a comforting sort of way. I feel too, that I was meant to discover these precious momentos today; and not a tid moment before. In the unraveling, it led to other things; and I believe that there are no coincidences. Call it Faith.

Bittid - The weather is "iffy" today; a good day to stay indoors; and tackle bit projects. It is darkly "black" outside; so am making the best of the day. And, am also relying and calmly (remember "cool as a cucumber", from yesterday's post "Cucumbers! Glorious Cucumbers!") waiting on Him to provide the solutions. It is hard at times to remain "patient"; however, that is where Faith steps in. He says, "Fear Not, for I am with you". I hope this bit, gives you a tid of encouragement, as it does to me.

God Bless.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Cucumbers! Glorious Cucumbers!

Wanted to tidbitz about our garden cucumbers! They are wonderfully maturing! They have beautiful yellow flowers, just prior to blossoming into bittidz cucumbers. We have both the sliced and the bush pickle variety. You can see the pickle jars beside the bush pickle type. Hmmmm. maybe I will pickle this year! We have never endeavoured to grow pickles before; however, it has been an interesting journey; and one we will enjoy doing again.

Our cherry tomatoes are well over 6 ft in height; and the blooms are expansive and massive! Have no tid of a notion as to how many we will have. Without a bit of exaggeration, there could be about 400 tomatoes from the 4 "beanstalk" plants.

Our other herbs are luscious as well; and our "regular" flowers are busting and bursting forth with energetic colour and vivacious health.

Tidbit - Appreciation is the key! Be thankful for what you have! There is "something" quite "down to earth", about having your own 'home grown produce' and fresh flowers; be it in a huge garden, or in a bit of a tid patio (like ours).

Bittid - It is a major plus if you live in a part of the world, where you can readily grow your own flowers and fresh eating herbs. Many areas do not even have the nuturing climate, let alone enough rainfall to support and sustain life.

Eventually, when we purchase a digital camera, I will LOVE taking photos. I will apologize to you, in advance for all the pictures! LOL.

As I was closing off, a thought just hit me. "Cool as a cucumber" - that is so very true. We are in a "waiting" mode, as eluded to, this am. Well, better to be calm and cool; rather than not; because that does not really solve things. We are just going to be patient; but will gladly make the best of what there is; and to be thankful for what we have, at the same time. 'They' say; " take time to smell the roses"...well, check out the cucumbers! Quite the unique flower / veggie. don't you think?


Good Morning! And a good morning it is!

Was up this am at 5:30; LOVE that time of day (that is, if not still asleep!) Put on the coffee pot; and whilst it was brewing for the few tid moments, I reflected on how fortunate we are! Majestic nature, the peaceful stillness in the early dawn; for a bit of a moment, the world was on a blissful hold.

Have been without the computer; was not able to have internet connection; so no blog yesterday. So, now I sit with coffee in hand; and 'taking an inventory' of how blessed we are; regardless of "slow downs."

Tidbit - Always treat each day as a new day; regardless of what happened the day before. We actually had "stuff" in the works for yesterday or today; however, it looks as if things have literally been put on hold, until early next week. Frustrating as it is, I have decided to be "joyful" in the waiting process; rather than be "down in the dumps". Summer, holidays, work schedules, family matters, etc are all in the mix, it would appear. "It never rains, but it pours"; as one would say. So, I take a deep breath, and "Praise Him in All Things", and focus solely on TODAY.

Bittid - Prior to this morning's post, I "rearranged" our bittidz kitchen shelves / counters again; and it amazingly works! Plus moved a few other items around in our tidbitz family room. They also say a "change is as good as a rest!" Well, I "joyfully" went to it. So this is an "up and at it jump start" to a "summer" cleaning; which is a bittidical overdue.

LOVE the photo image; R & R for the soul!

Tidbitically, it is in the "waiting"; how you wait and what choices you follow. And, when there are delays, challenges etc, I just turn to Him and trust Him with providing the right solutions.

God Bless.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

"Hot" Cooks and "Cold" Cooks!

You may be wondering, what on tidbit earth am I posting? "Hot' Cooks and "Cold" Cooks? It is a bittid phrase that I learned from my Mum. Tidbitically, without exaggerating, my Mum was a wonderful gourmet cook; and she referred to herself as a "Hot Cook!" She never followed recipes to the bittidical degree; always added a bit of this and a tid of that; and somehow, what might have been a meager meal, was transformed into an awesome "talk of the century" meal! My Mum's strong point was NOT baking; which in her mind, she readily attributed to a person blessed with the PATIENT gift of baking wonderful cookies, cakes, pies, strudels, that sort of thing. She flourished instead, in the "habba dasherry" preparation of the actual meal; but floundered hugely with the exact measurements of ingredients for the "Cold" Cook's speciality, which was the baking of sumptuous desserts. In a bittid, we very rarely had dessert; save for a tidbit item purchased from the local "home" cooked bakery. Over the years, I was inclined to agree, that the bakery pie, tart, or cake was a better plan! LOL! Well, as it turned out, surprise, surprise, I am a "Hot" Cook as well!

Last night, we had some aging bananas; well, I thought I will make some "Banana Bread", no sweat! Well, it was no major feat; save the fact - a) I did not have the "right" sized pans; let alone baking pans - must still be sequesterd in unpacked boxes from the move; guess you can see where my priorities are or aren't! LOL! and b) not all the salient ingredients! Well, I had to improvise - hugely! Far easier to be a "Hot Cook"! LOL! When you are a "Hot" Cook; no problemo; because you can create "whatever". When it is down to an "exact science" for 'baking'. per say, hmmmmmm.....That is why I am not in the "Cold" Cooks category; not even close. Nonetheless, it mysteriously "worked out"; and if I say so myself (no one was more surprised than me!). it did not taste too horribly. Made a "regular" banana loaf bread; and, a CHOCOLATE banana bread loaf. It is chewy; but extremely filling; I will leave it at that.

In the meantime, we were with Alan's parents today; they have had some issues with the Power of Attorney; and they wish to make Alan a POA; and "rescind the POA" from his sibblings; because the sibblings have been defiant in their use of their "power" of attorney. They think they have the control; they do not! Very sad state of affairs; and Alan has stayed completely out of the mix; until his parents beseeched him to step in and put things right. Thus, we met with a highly recommended lawyer today; this should help with sorting things out. I went as a support system only (went through the same thing with my brother, who also did not handle his POA properly); and I gave the parents some banana bread (both types) to help uplift their spirits. "Homebaked" goodies; and some fresh grapes; along with some lovely serviettes, to show that they are "special" people. Presently, they are in an "old age" home; and they have been "discarded" / 'dumped' in the place - pretty tragic, when it is also your own family "doing it to you".

Tidbit - Think of putting a smile on faces; to all those you, friends, strangers... "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you". And, have compassion for those that do you ill will. That is what He wants; and how you (He) triumps over the "enemy" (spiritual forces at work!)

Look forward to feedback, if there are some of you who are experiencing this "stuff". From "Hot" Cooks to "Cold" Cooks, to family POA matters, or whatever you want to express. I am more than happy to be a bittid "sounding board" for all tidbits.

God Bless. AND, Praise Him in All Things. That is so very true and REAL.

P.S. The first 'borrowed' photo image is an 'apple streudel' re: the "Cold" Cook; and the second picture is for the "Hot" Cook. It may be a chicken or fish dish; or whatever you wish to make it in your cooking dictionary.

P.P.S. In the next little bit, I will learn how to utilize to a tid, our new cell phone's tools; from pictures we have snapped; next, how to send them, and then to finally download them on the computer. Then you will be able to receive legit fun photos!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Setting a good table! ie Generosity of Spirit & Genuine Hospitality!


It’s called BRELLA LIGHTS® – PATIO UMBRELLA LIGHTING SYSTEM. An innovative outdoor lighting idea that easily attaches to the ribs of an 8 rib patio umbrella and provides an alluring festive or romantic atmosphere to compliment any after dark patio or deck activity.

BRELLA LIGHTS® is the perfect lighting to set the mood. The delightful aesthetically appealing subtle glow of soft light from our enhanced IN-LINE light design offers an inexpensive and decorative way to extend your outdoor entertaining long after the sun goes down. And, when the sun goes down, that’s when we really shine.

With the convenience of light and the “Power Pod” receptacle at tabletop you can read, watch TV, listen to music, work on your laptop, blend a smoothie, cook dinners at the table on an electric Wok or just relax and enjoy late night gatherings and conversation on your patio with family and friends. Fits patio and market umbrellas up to 9 feet in diameter with 8 ribs.

I came across this really neat company! . Please Click here. Yahoo, managed to follow Cathy's directions to a tid re: "Click here"; however, our computer is not being overly cooperative. Perhaps you are able to access the "Click here". Nonetheless, I will perservere with this; many thanks again, Cathy, for your wonderful & helpful instructions.

The tidbit description was so apt and clear; that I thought it best to copy it; along with the 2 photo images.

Am thinking that with summer here, so many of us are extra appreciating being outdoors. The company I just mentioned, also supplies other enticing bittids.

To update a bit, we invited Alan's Mum and Dad over here today for lunch. We so enjoyed them and our patio this afternoon. We had fresh herbs and lettuce from 'our garden produce' in our scampi salad; as well as shrimp croissants, fruit salad with lime sorbet; garnished with mint, also fresh from our 'patch'. We HAD one cherry tomato (the only one that was ripe!) that served as a bit of colourful decoration. It was soooooooo intoxicating! And a lovely bouquet of our Queen Elizabeth Roses was on our antique glass patio table. (July 25th post is about the patio furniture)

Alan's parents do not get a chance to relish fresh asap picked produce etc; so it was an extra special time. They were so relieved to get out of where they are living currently; even for just a few hours.

Tidbit - Setting a good table, creates an ambience, a mood, a warm welcome. When it is done with generosity of spirit and genuine hospitality, that is what matters most! Even those on a "shoestring budget" can improvise and create a loving and caring atmosphere; which provides wonderful memories.

God Bless.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Green glass hatted Lady Head Vases

Wanted to share some joyful news! Pretty soon, the "twin sisters" will be taking up residence in our awesome cabinet. For those of you that do not know, I collect Lady Head Vases; and have enjoyed that passion since 1991.

I was very fortunate to have found "Steph", the Lady Head Vase, on the right; who is wearing the gold heart shaped earrings. Also, I have been making "Layaway" payments for her. "Lady away" payments, is more like it! I do not deserve the credit for that phrase - "Lady away"; a US friend of mine, came up with that bit term..

"Steph" or "Stephie" is named after my wonderful Aunt Steph, who passed away a few tid years ago. My aunt was a very special and interesting woman; was loved by all; and this Lady Head Vase resembles her so. Same dramatic demeanor, artistic charm, appealing appearance, unique flair, and great fun. In the meantime, the kind person who is holding Steph for me, has a Lady Head Vase "twin" to Stephie; and I have been given first dibs on her. She is also exquisite; and I can not bear to have them be separated from one another. So, I will be on another lay away plan; and when both "sisters", Stephie and Sophie arrive, I will be extra blessed! Have cleared a wonderful spot for them both; and they will be adding a lovely warmth to our household.

The "twins" are a bittidz different; as you may be able to tell. However, there are some original heart shaped earrings; and we will be replacing those as to what Sophie is presently wearing. Actually, one of the tidbitz earrings fell off, so she "spoke up" perhaps. It definitely will make a better look; particularly with the heart shaped necklaces they are already adorned with.

Tidbit - Sometimes, the "wait is well worth the pain of waiting!" because you can appreciate it ("them" in this case) all the more! These particular Lady Head Vases with the glass coloured hats (come in yellow, red, pink, and blue)are very very rare; and to enjoy 2 of them; and as a "set", makes things that much more unusually interesting to a 'collector at heart'.

Bittid - For those of you, who may have these types of Lady Head Vases, there are "replacements" for the glass hats. Happily, the glass hats on these Ladies, are the original ones!!! Eventhough, these "ladies" are quite 'antiquey', they will always remain well preserved! LOL!

Before I also forget, our neighbour returned our vase, that held the wonderful lillies. Please refer to July 25th posting of 'Serene, gentle summer skies", for easy reference, if you would like. I LOVE that photo image - the setting looks so calm and peaceful; as if the whole world was "put on a tranquille hold!"

Instead of an empty vase, it was filled with beautiful bluey/purple hydranges from her garden! (see the photo image similar to the colour of hydranges she gave us) It is always so wonderful to give; but even nicer, when something is given back unexpectedly; and, from the heart. That is a bit of tid, or a tid of bit to reflect upon.

God Bless.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

New Lease on Life!

Whew! Just came back from the ears, nose, and throat specialist! He was excellent! Had a build up of wax in both ears; and the left ear has been so very painful, that I had to finally succumb to taking extra strength tylenol 3, with codeine for the last couple of days. I am not a "pill popper"; however, the pain was unreal; and brought tears to 'me eyes', particularly when I would swallow food and drink, or sneeze. Not pleasant; at all. For those of you who have had ear infections, or water build up, due to wax build up etc, you can appreciate the excruciating pain, I am posting about. Plus, I could hardly hear. Now I can even hear the noises of the computer; everything seems so LOUD! Wonderful!

Thank goodness for the Dr and also the expediency of an appointment. The earliest I could "get in" to see him was on Aug 30th (we return late that day from Pasley)and quite honestly, I thought, I do not know if I can "hang in there" with this horrid ear ache until then. When I described the "symptoms" etc, they had me come in right away. It was the easiest and quickest doctor's appointment I have ever had; less than 10 mins; which included the waiting time to see him. The final straw was when I went swimming in the ocean with my son this past weekend; and the salt water just adhered itself further to the already hard chunks of 7 yrs of wax build up. I used to go and get the ears cleaned every year. Am going to start again and stick to that regime for the future. Not worth having deaf ears! Hmmmmm. That makes me also think of some of those who can literally hear, but things appear to fall on "deaf ears". Hmmmm. I will have to remember to always "listen" and have constant compassion; so that "stuff" does not fall upon "deaf ears". Now, that is a bit of tid for me; as well as a tid of a bit for you. Hmmmm.

Tidbit - Appreciate your ears; and look after them! ie removal of wax build up; if there is a tendency for wax gathering in your ears. I feel so sorry for those that are not able to hear, or have lost their hearing, in some capacity. Thank Heavens for Ear Doctors and, for "state of the art" hearing aids, if needed. Alan's Mum and Dad have the hearing aids; and nowadays, you can hardly see the inserted hearing aids!

Bittid - If you are fortunate enought to be referred to a specialist, that is the best way to go. My "GP" is great; however, cleaning out wax is not his specialty.
He would squirt water in the ear drums (ouch, at the untantalizing thought of it) to remove the wax; but going the route I did this afternoon, is far more preferable and easier on the ears.

In short, this clean up has given me a "new lease on life". What a treat to be able to hear again; and properly!

Will blog in a bit; glad to say that my ears are unclogged now; hope this blog helps those with "clogged" ears.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

August 1st; Can you believe it!

Hi, am back!!!

We returned home Monday evening. Yesterday was spent "playing catch up". There is a lot going on; and now I have a couple of tidbitz moments to bittidz about with you.

Went to our beloved Pasley last Thursday; and we took up Alan's Mum and Dad with us. They totally totally loved it; the scenery, the natural beauty, the ambience, the whole 9 yards. His Mum had been up there earlier in the month with us; but this time, we had Alan's Dad with us. They both stayed in the "new" cabin (as seen in the photo); slightly off in the woods, a beautiful ocean view; and they had the best time ever. It was so therapeutic for them! The next time they are up, the bathroom project may be completed. ie toilet, shower, and sink. Alan's parents were great; eventhough they needed to be watched every single second; particularly his Dad. His Dad "wandered off" a few times; but Alan was able to find him, and take him gently by the hand and lead him back to our place. The only way he can get off the island is to "swim" across the Sound; however, do not think this would too intriguing an option! LOL! His Dad loved Blue; and threw our "aloof puppy" (who just turned 3 yrs young! - today)several sticks; they both wore each other out! The deer, the eagles, the seagulls, the geese were all there to create a further majestical bliss.

Also, my son Arthur, came up for the weekend; and it was really nice that we all were able to inter relate so well with one another. For example, we have Arthur and Alan's Dad conversing; his Dad and myself, Alan and his Dad; and the same with his Mum. Alan's Dad was sharing "war stories" with us; and it sure makes you appreciate how others, such as him, put their lives on the line for us; and for a better future. We also have an old magnificent set of candlebra that was lit(by candles; as there is no electricity; very rustic) and Arthur and Alan's Mum played crib by "candlelight". It was certainly an evening she will not forget; and meanwhile, we three were outside enjoying the beach view / sea breeze, along with the summer evening moon and stars etc.

Tidbit - Joy is in the "giving"; and, in this case, the parents were given a wonderful R & R; a new lease on their lives. We plan to return mid August; and all being well, we will take them both back up with us for another tranquil R & R.

Bittid - Enjoy your family; of all ages! Appreciate them - PERIOD.

God Bless.