Sunday, 31 May 2009

A day of rest!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have had a wonderful day thus far. We were invited to breakfast by my son and the few hours just flew by! I savoured delicious 'Eggs Benny' with salmon instead of bacon; spinach would also be a good healthy substitute.

Forgot to mention in yesterday's post, that we also planted Butter lettuce; and it is thriving beautifully! Am going to spend this afternoon on our patio; it definitely feels like a Sunday today! We have a lot coming up this week; so we are joyfully appreciating this quiet bit of a breather. Also, last night the barbecue and outdoor ambience, was just what the 'doctor ordered'; and it was such fun to get caught up with our good friend.

Did not watch the Vision Channel this morning; however, will embrace (online) the illuminating insights from ''; ''; and '' a tid later. These Spiritual programs share meaningful teachings from the Bible, as well as offering quality uplifting encouragement on how best to live your life.

Tidbit - 'Keep things simple'; and be genuinely Thankful for your Blessings of each and every day.

Bittid - Enjoy some calm 'Sunday' moments; as well as taking some 'R & R' time to recharge your batteries for the upcoming week.

Happy Sunday! Actually 'Happy' every day of the week; appreciating one day at a time. No sense worrying about the past, or being 'angst' about the future. Live and simply enjoy the present - today! At the end of the day, Give Him hearty Thanks. You will have a much better night's rest too. By following this simple tidbitz, day in and day out, you are more content, as well as being better equipped to handle whatever bittidz unfolds each day.

I love this gorgeous picture of the gentle purple Iris; looks so restful to the eyes! This photo was taken by a kind friend; and heartfelt thanks to her, for providing me with such a lovely picture(s) from her garden!

God Bless.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

A touch of green!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is now turning into a beautiful afternoon! Have enjoyed a restful morning; inasmuch as I was wide awake at 4:00 am and could hear the sounds of chirping birds outside our window. I had two choices; to get up and / or to go back to sleep. Chose the latter; and slept in til after 9:00 am! Our Blue snoozed in as well! My right shoulder / arm has been a bit of a bother; so I ended up taking an Acetaminophen, which helps to relieve pain. Do not know if it really helped; but whenever I take a pill (which is rare), it tends to 'slow' me down for a tid. Therefore, am moving at a bittid 'snail's pace' at the moment.

Going back to Wednesday, May 27th post ('Updated Lady Head Vase Pictures!'), the medication suggested to Alan for his knee, is 'Celebrex'; and as mentioned, expensive. When we were at Costco yesterday, he checked out the price and as a tidbit, it will be much cheaper to purchase there. Celebrex is more of an anti-inflammatory measure; which methinks may help to also reduce his pain / discomfort.

As per our Lady Head Vase Collection, have unwrapped more Ladies (five boxes from our 'cluttered' garage / basement) that were not able to fit on our shelves, due to lack of space. Also have displayed our 'damaged' Ladies; so it has been a tidbitz exercise in organization.

Also, the above photo (taken by a friend of mine) is of our special Green Glass Hatted Lady Head Vases. You can refer to earlier posts about the various Lady Head Vases; including this exquisite pair.

Tonight we have a dear friend coming over for a barbecue. She is bringing steak (special treat!) along with a bottle of wine; and we will be supplying a baked potato, with all the trimmings (ie garlic chives thriving in our bittidz planter), as well as a creative Caesar Salad, and a bakery treat of a fruit flan / torte for dessert. We will delight in using our barbecue and she can simply chill out on a comfy cushioned lawn chair! Am planning also to try the Lamb Kebabs on the barbecue (recipe in yesterday's post) in the near future! Mmmmmmm.

Tidbit - Be thankful for good friends and their 'generosity of spirit!' (I like the steak and wine suggestion! LOL!) Also, 'What goes around, comes around!'

Bittid - Appreciate your home and garden. Take some quiet time out to reflect upon your daily Blessings; and 'Praise Him In All Things!'

We are joyful for the vibrant growth of all our plants and colourful flowers! ie. Cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers, cucumbers, brocoli, aparagus, strawberries, sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, margoram, tarragon, parsley, garlic chives, chocolate mint, and spearmint mint, dill, and sweet basil etc. Plus our newly transported rhodos appear to be 'happier' in their more spacious location. (You can refer to my post of the past few weekends if you wish). Lots of dragon flies, hummingbirds, bees etc! Very robust and healthy atmosphere!

Have a few bittidz things to do; hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Lamb Kebabs!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My apologies for not writing a bittidz post yeaterday. We have been involved with various business projects; and the tidbitz time has just vanished!

Have to share, that my dear classmate re: my May 27th post, there are NO bit coincidences! Alan and I ran into her yesterday at Costco; and to boot, I was just thinking about her and wondering if she ever goes to Costco. And voila, she appears in the aisle! Methinks, this is all part of His Magnificence and Purpose! She was with a friend; who apparently had heard about us; and I joyfully said, 'of course, good things!' She agreed; so it is interesting how He works, isn't it?

It is the weekend - again! We are glad; we have had a 'full plate'. Our barbecue is looking pretty tid good! LOL! May do the Lamb Kebab Recipe on our barbecue!

Here is the recipe I said I would share with you. I copied this delicious and easy to make recipe in the waiting room, while Alan was seeing the doctor on Thursday.

Greek Lamb Kebabs with Tzatziki (You can use frozen ground lamb, or lean ground round, or 1/2 and 1/2).

1 lb ground lamb or lean ground round (or half and half)
1 small onion (peeled and grated)
1/2 c soft bread crumbs (about 1 slice of bread, bulger, or couscous)
1/2 c crumbled feta (optional)
4 cloves garlic crushed
1 large egg
2 - 4 TBSPS currants or chopped raisins
1 TBSP grated fresh ginger
1 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
canola oil, for brushing

Preheat overn ot 400 degrees
(soak bamboo skewers in water, at least 10 minutes)

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and shape meat mixture into flattened sausages about 3" long around the ends of the skewers.
Place on a rimmed cookie sheet; brush with olive oil and roast, turning often until cooked through.

Hope to share with you a few tidbits from 'The Hour of Power', 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and 'Living Truth' before this Sunday. If not, please check out their wonderful websites of illuminating teachings and encouraging enlightenment for yourselves! - www.;; and

We are also thankful for all our Blessings for each and every day!

The above photo image looks so mouthwatering! Here is wishing you a nice R & R Friday evening; and may the weekend weather be great for barbecuing! Tis the season!

When there are some more bittids to share, will do so.

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Updated Lady Head Vase Pictures!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a great tidbitz day! Started with us going early morning, to see the doctor for Alan's knee re: an upcoming long overdue surgery. It looks as if a) the surgery won't take place til after the summer and b) the surgeon feels there is not much he can do; save that Alan's knee won't be worse off. Apparently the skin infection did not help his injury 21 months ago; and the muscles are damaged permanently. He has been given a prescription for the pain; however, the pills are extremely expensive! After the doctor's appointment, we went to the hospital for further X rays; so if nothing else, there is some bittiz progress being made.

Also amazing all the people one meets in the hospital 'waiting room'; everyone was sharing about their injuries. The chap beside me, had his index finger 'flattened' or 'smushed' flat (he showed me); was on a painkiller injection; and some one else, was in extreme pain with an ongoing knee problem; and he could hardly limp. He shared that he moved out 'West'; and eventhough there are not many people here with Alan's last name, there were many with the same name, where he came from. Small world! Alan immigrated to Canada from Scotland as a wee lad; and his family made their way via train to the 'West'. Most likely the ones in the 'East' are relatives!LOL!

Might add too, that at the doctor's (prior to going to the hospital), I wrote out a tidbit recipe (easy to make, methinks!) from a magazine for 'Greek Lamb Kebabs'. Sounds delicious; particularly served with a Tzatziki dip. Will give the Lamb Kebab recipe to you tomorrow; no recipe though for the Tzatziki.

A friend of mine rightly suggested an update of our Lady Head Vase Collection; so here are several photos; and if there are any questions, please ask. I am 'learning the ropes' on how to use our digital camera; as you most likely can see. Please bare with me; as we also have a large skylight, as well as window blinds; and even when the blinds are shut, there is reflection.

There are NO coindences. Apart from the unique people we enjoyed meeting today, also ran into an old classmate, (a dear friend of mine) at the bank. She turned a 'certain age' today; and Alan and I sent her a card, with a 'spiritual message'; and we signed it with 'LOVE AND GOD BLESS'. Going back a couple of years ago, she was 'unkind' and I called her 'on it'; and she did not like that; because she knew her 'words, actions and deeds' were FALSE. So, 2 years have passed; and I 'remembered' (Guided by Him!) this morning, it was her birthday. It was a bittid matter of forgiveness on my / our part. When I saw her at the bank (after the medical appointments), I gave her a big hug and she was grateful! She was appreciative for the card re: 'Blessings and Joys' on her day; and she knew that she had been forgiven by us for her 'untruths'. At the time when she had been 'mean spirited', she could provide me with no bit explanation; save that the information had been 'fabricated' by her. Have had tid nothing to do with her since; until today. Must make mention too, that we have recently 'run into her' a few times (at the bank) and Alan and I have said 'hello'. The last time, she ran into Alan, she wanted to make sure that he said 'Hi' to me (he passed on her greeting).

Also, another chap was in our thoughts today; and we literally ran into each other in passing. NO COINCIDENCES! I felt empowered to uplift all those I saw today (actually make that a plan for everyday!); and methinks, there were genuine 'smiles' everywhere! So, that is why I say it was a good day!

We also enjoyed frozen prawns (from Costco) wonderfully cooked up by Alan; and my 'creative' healthy Caesar Salad for our dinner, along with a glass of South African red wine! We are glad for the evening, when all can rest!

Peace, Good Night, and God Bless.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Much to learn from 'young people!'

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My apologies for not writing til today; however, it has been a 'whirlwind' of tidbits of activity, these past few days. If you wish, you can refer to May 22nd post of 'Meaningful Moments!'; and to May 23rd's post, of 'Appreciate Your Blessings'; for some bittids of background.

To recap, we enjoyed a warm sunny weekend. Sunday afternoon found us gardening and clearing up 'clutter'. Amazing what had accumulated; even before we moved here, three years ago. In the morning, I enjoyed the Vision Channel; and I will touch briefly on their wonderful teachings in the next few posts. However, if you are sincerely interested to expand your knowledge of Him, and to genuinely gain a better understanding of His Message, best still to tune into 'Hour of Power' -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' -; and 'Living Truth' -

Yesterday (seems so long ago) was a full Monday; and we are grateful to have accomplished a fair amount of tidbitz. We know we could not have done it alone; and we are Thankful for His Guidance and Direction; hence joyful Blessings in abundance, that came our way! We must NOT ever Rely upon our own understandings; He wants us all to always Depend on Him; so that He can Direct our paths for His Purpose.

While we were out yesterday, a couple of people ('young people!') asked how I was doing. I immediately thanked them for their kind words; and replied, 'Never Better' (Wrote a couple of posts - January 7th & 8th of 2008); and when I told them the story of 'Never Better', they beamed and it was as if they 'shone' for a bittidz! One of the people, I gently 'witnessed' to, was totally receptive!

There are NO coincidences! Last night, we watched a special program, 'It's Hip to be Holy'. To give you a bit of gist, here is a tid of encouraging news, methinks!

"Toronto youth pastor Nate Gerber, who's known for replacing hymns for hip hop, features prominently in new Global documentary Hip 2 B Holy".

"Narrated by Global National anchor Kevin Newman, who also co-wrote and co-produced the documentary, Hip 2B Holy ventures inside Canada's evangelical underground to reveal its growing influence, supporters, and political aspirations".

"For instance, the documentary introduces viewers to the Connexus Community Church, a church in Barrie, Ont., that holds its services in a local multiplex movie theatre, and uses the Internet and Video on Demand to reach its congregation".

"The documentary also follows the stories of young people associated with the evangelical movement, including Nate, a charismatic youth pastor in Toronto who replaces hymns with hip hop, and Aaron, an atheist whose devout girlfriend hopes he will embrace her faith".

Also, upon reflection, I am glad 'Aaron' is attending the services; and gaining further insights of Jesus Christ, as well as enjoying the Bible. I hope he and his girlfriend, Heather, will ultimately make their lives together; however, in the 'bigger eternal picture', he will have a better address with Jesus, if he chooses to 'embrace Him'. If Aaron decides to 'reject' Christ; methinks that he will not be residing at a good address. (If you wish, you can refer to my posts of June 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th of 2008 etc, as they share tidbits of how Alan 'witnessed' to me; thereby, me genuinely inviting Jesus into my life). Amazing what does happen, when one accepts Jesus Christ into one's heart; as, you are forever 'changed', and you look at each day, very differently; as well as very thankfully.

Hope these are bittids of refreshing encouragement to those of all tid ages! The above photo is of Nate; and good on him, for what he is doing to further spread the message of the Good News!

Peace and God Bless.

P.S. 'Am Young at Heart'; and yet, Hurrah for the 'young people!!!' There is much to learn from them!

P.P.S. Am thankful for the rain today; it is just pouring! However, all the flowers are being wonderfully watered etc, and I am appreciative for this quiet moment, to 'Praise Him In All Things!'

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Appreciate Your Blessings

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a great day; started at 5:30 am! Beautiful sunshine streamed in through our bay windows; birds chirping! Just had to get up to welcome the majestic morning! 'Opened the house' whilst the coffee was perking (pre set the night before by Alan); and just literally enjoyed the dawn in all its glory! Multi coloured rhodos, flowers about to bloom, chickadees, finches, robins etc. Very peaceful.

We have had quite a tidbitz week; and this morning, I was feeling a bittid 'down' and weary. I was Praying to Him; and Thanking Him for our Blessings; as well as saying that I have the Faith and the Trust in Him, and that I will continue to be of Good Cheer, and that I am looking joyfully forward to Him Providing Solutions. That we have done our best; that we have thrown all our burdens upon Him, and that we are totally RELYING upon Him to handle everything, according to His Will. Well, in the midst of all those thoughts, I was 'Guided' over to our fridge, where there was a message on our bittidz fridge magnet. "STRENGTH - He gives Strength to the weary and increases the Power of the weak. Is. 40:29". I thought, 'WOW!'. Then I was 'Directed' to rearrange our kitchen; which I did! Now, we have a much tidier and a more 'ship shape' kitchen! Very therapeutic, methinks!

While we were 'out and about today', we received a tidbit of good news; and we know that He has brought this about; and all in His 'time frame'; not ours. We do our best, to live one day at a time; and sometimes, that can be hard to do; particularly when one is faced with many challenges. However, we just 'Prayed in Earnst' to Him all the more; and I know we were 'helped' by Him! 'Patience' can be difficult to stick with; however, it is esential to be 'patient' and to SIMPLY KNOW that He will PROVIDE Solution; as He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light. One just has to keep on trekking!

Tidbit - Reflect upon the day's events; and Thank Him for the Blessings, that He has Provided you with during the day; as well as appreciating the gentle comfort that evening brings.

Bittid - He says to not worry about tomorrow; to fret not; and instead to be of good cheer and give Him today! If one can keep their cool and be calm under all circumstances, that is the best.

WE are glad it is Saturday night. Will keep you posted when there is more bits of tids. Looking forward to watching the Vision Channel tomorrow morning - 'Hour of Power' (Dr. Robert Schuller - www.; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer -; and 'Living Truth' (Charles Price - Encouragingly recommend the enlightening insights shared by these illuminating International Bible Teachers!

We are about to watch a movie; so 'Skal' with a full glass of South African wine! Love the above bit photo image; that will be Alan and I before too long, as we had an early tid start to the day!

Peace, Good Night, and God Bless.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Meaningful Moments!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My apologies for not writing a post yesterday; the day just vanished! We are glad it is Friday and the weekend again! Feel that I just said that a short bit ago! LOL!

To recap, yesterday was a full day and then some! However, we are thankful for our Blessings and we 'Praise Him In All Things'. He wants us all to keep on 'trekking'; regardless of 'trying' circumstances we may find ourselves surrounded by.

Today has been a gorgeous, sunny, and warm 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the weekend weather forecast is for much of the wonderful same. Throughout this 'short week' (Queen Victoria Weekend was last weekend; thus a holiday on Monday), we have tackled various bittidz projects; and now we are going to appreciate the 'TGIF' R & R on our bittid patio! We plan over the weekend to complete some tidbitz gardening tasks!

Would like to wish our fellow Americans (we are Canadian) an extra 'meaningful' Memorial Holiday Day Weekend! A special friend sent me a couple of emails this morning; one being a Memorial Day message, and the other about 'Parrot Flowers'; including the magnificent photos of colourful beauty. A heartfelt thank you to her!

Tidbit - "Take a moment to pray and have a wonderful Memorial Day!" (from her email message). Also, quoted from a greeting card; thought you might appreciate a tid of info, in case you were not aware of a bit of history. "What was the original name of Memorial Day? Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day. After World War II, the use of "Memorial Day" became more common, but was not declared the official name by Federal law until 1967".

Bittid - "This is a flower from Thailand .
It is also a protected species and not allowed to be exported.
This will be the only way we will be able to view this flower.

Hope you enjoy this weekend, and may your spirits be uplifted a tid!

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Depend upon Him (Seek and Ye Shall Find)

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Have not been able to write til bittidz now, as we have been on the go! Eventhough, it was a good day, we are thankful it is evening! Just finished a tidbitz meal of wonderful pasta and a glass of South African red wine; just what the doctor ordered, at the end of a full day!

We have received various tidbits of good news; however, will share those bittids, when they reach fruition.

Tidbit - 'Keep on trekking' courageously and confidently, regardless of challenges and obstacles. In one of the Psalms in the Bible, simply: If you place your Faith in Him, your TRUST in Him, and be of Good Cheer, He will Provide your needs (to those who place their total TRUST in Him). Those words of encouragement are alive in my heart!

Bittid - 'Praise Him In ALL Things'; and be genuinely grateful and joyful for your daily Blessings! Also, RELY and Depend upon Him; and not upon your own understandings.

Am going to enjoy a bit of the evening sun, as well as a second glass of wine on our tid patio.

Peace, Good Night, and God Bless.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

'Bloomfuls' of Blessings!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We were glad to see our bed last night; as the wonderful fresh air from the day and the past few 'gardening days' was a soothing factor, condusive to a sound tidbitz sleep. This morning, the weather is an 'iffy' mixture of rain, clouds, sun, blue skies, a chilly wind, and a chilly 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We were Blessed with the weekend mix; just as we were with planting colourful mixes of easy care, yet lovely flowers.

Wrote yesterday a bittidz about my Dad and how he loved 'tending to his garden' (particularly to his roses). That was his solace, his safe retreat, his quiet time to recharge, to refocus, and to reinforce his thoughts and effectively direct his energies. I thought perhaps, as in 'tending to a garden', how do we attend / 'tend to our daily lives?'. Do we offer respect to others, as well as to ourselves, TLC (tender loving care), encouragement, particularly to those less fortunate than ourselves, and so forth. Even a gentle smile, a kind word, a 'generosity of spirit' deed or action, towards all you come into daily contact with?

Interestingly enough, we had a weekend where we had a fair amount of 'interaction' with various neighbours; and it was heartwarming. 'Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you'. ie Our next door neighbour complimenting us on our garden flowers, giving us a jar of fresh homemade marmalade, and other 'passer byers' admiring our front tid patio. We enjoyed a genuine exchange of garden banter; you can refer to my two recent posts for a bit of tidbitz. One of our neighbours made the comment that I was the 'farmer's wife'; inasmuch as I appeared to be 'rooted' in the same spot, dressed in the same garb (with holes) as the day before. I was adding the Orange Trailing Mimulus and the Fuchsia Begonia to our two hanging baskets, that I had previously put together. We laughed; and he is just as joyful as we are in eagerly anticipating the growth of all the wondrous plants and flowers! Forgot to mention, that certain types of impatients attract hummingbirds; I think that is a great Blessing too!

The photo image is of the elegant Queen Elizabeth Pink climing rose. It is gorgeous; and that was one of my Dad's favourite types of roses. You can refer to posts of April 30th for 2007, 2008, & 2009, if you wish a tid of bittidz. We are looking forward to nuturing the two roses to gentle fruition, as they provide such simple beauty outdoors, as well as indoors.

To recap, it was Queen Victoria's Birthday; Victoria Day being yesterday. Also, May 17th, is the Norwegian Day to celebrate their National Holiday. You can refer to my two posts of May 17/07, & of May 17/08 for a bittid of tidbit, if that is of interest to you.

Hope to be back later with some more tidbits. We have some business bittids to attend to in the next short bit; however, we feel refreshed and our batteries have been recharged by our weekend journey into the garden; now less of a jungle! LOL!

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Garden Blessings!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My apologies for not writing a post yesterday; We were 'heavy duty' into gardening! The hours evaporated; and eventhough we enjoyed the day, we were relieved to see our bed! LOL!

To recap yesterday - Alan made and brought my coffee to me in bed. It was a gorgeous sunny morning at 60 degrees Fahrenheit; even at 6:45 am! Put on my mum's beautiful apricot coloured dressing gown and my beige 'summer' slippers ( a la Costco again!). Could have sworn that I smelled my Mum's wonderful perfume, as soon as I donned on the 'special' dressing gown. Enjoyed my morning 'elixir', as well as viewing various splendid rhodos from our bedroom window!

After a bit, went downstairs and watched the Vision Channel. On 'Hour of Power', Dr. Robert Schuller's guest (, Michael Guillen, is 'right on', when he shares about a 'giving glow'. Recommend you tap into his invaluable insights.

Joyce Meyer and her guest, Dr. Clinton, on 'Enjoying Everyday Life', are excellent as well. Also the transforming story of a woman whose life wonderfully changed; and for those of you who wish a bittidz of an uplift, please tune into Joyce ( for further tidbitz encouragement.

Charles Price on 'Living Truth', is sharing: "What makes a true and effective Disciple of Jesus Christ?" Basically, a good soldier, who has endurance; a good athelete, who has discipline; and a good farmer, who has patience. Charles was referring to Paul who was trying to help Timothy. 2 Timothy 2 in his walk with Christ. Luke 8 is a parable about the sowing of the seed (Word of God). Once again, a good tid thought to check into his website -

After our breakfast / brunch, I enthusiastically put on my 'grubs' (holes in clothing!). Brought back memories of my Dad's favourite jacket, which had continual patches sewn on the elbows! Used to drive my Mum nuts. However, I can relate to his sentiment. Also, my Dad loved to be in the garden; he had a 'Green Thumb.' If you wish, you can refer to my posts of April 30/07, 08/ & 09 for a bit of background. He used to tell me, that one always feels and thinks better when one 'putters' in the garden. Mehinks now, I have a tid more of an understanding of why he was 'extra' calm and relaxed, after he spent time, tending to his garden.

Gardening is so peaceful; working with our hands and at the same time, 'Praising Him In ALL Things' and being hugely thankful for our Blessings. We are grateful, appreciative, joyful, and have the Faith and the Trust to Rely totally upon Him, knowing He will Provide, as 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'. We were outdoors til almost dusk. We watched a couple of good movies; and it was a refreshing way to wrap up a productive day in the garden. We were glad for the holiday Monday!

This morning was overcast; and we were glad we did most of the planting yesterday. We ended up going back today, to our favourite Nursery / Produce Farm; and selected a few more plants to add to our two hanging baskets (ie Orange Trailing Mimulus and Fuchsia Begonia); as well as tidbit veggie herbs of Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme. Also, at another spot, found Marjoram, Parsley, Dill, Boston lettuce, AND Brocoli! That will be a new experience with the Brocoli, which you may already know, is very healthy for one's diet! The Sweet Basil we brought home with us on Saturday, is indoors; as methinks it is a tid too soon for it to be outdoors. We also have some Tarragon; and I have replanted it; so hopefully it will continue to thrive well. Interestingly enough, there was NO Tarragon to be found at the little places we went to on Saturday and today. Maybe it is a bit too early in the season?

We also bought two 30 pound bags of soil. We had planned to go to a designated spot, whereby one can shovel the soil themselves; as it is much cheaper, as well as receiving the benefit of a good bittid mix of soil nutrients (ie mushroom manures). However, apart from Alan's shoulder bothering him, it started to pour with rain. 'Best laid plans of mice and men', methinks! We look forward to shoveling the bags another time; as we have decided to simply ('Keeping it simple!) add that soil to the already existing leaves and soil. We have a compost we use all the time; however, why rake up all these tid leaves, when it may be best to let them mulch with the 'new' soil?

We transplanted a couple of our rhodos into larger plastic pots, despite the rain. We prefer utilizing the plastic containers, as they withstand winter temperatures better than the pottery clay pots (eventhough they are lovely looking). However, the plastic planters (terracotta coloured) are quite 'real' looking and they work well! Alan also (yesterday), took a small dead tree out, to create a corner space for one of the larger rhodos; and the rhodos appear to have taken on a new bloom, methinks!

It is now pouring with rain; so the timing was just right for us to call it a day.

You can see the three photo images, along with descriptions of both the Orange Trailing Mimulus (Monkey Flower) and the Fuchsia Begonia. We have enjoyed Fuchsia, although, not of this variety; and have never planted the Mimulus, which comes in different colours. The larger picture of the Mimulus shows the 'monkey' flowers when growing wild; however, thought you might appreciate their intricate beauty.

Tidbit - Orange Trailing Mimulus: " Ht. 8" (20 cm); Space 9" (23 cm). Part Shade. Lots of bright orange blooms cover compact spreading plants. A superbe choice for beds, pots, hanging baskets. Plant in moist fertile soil". I like the vibrant colour; and adding two colourful geraniums, white Bacopa, and the Fuchsia Begonia, the hanging baskets should be attractive and offer very easy TLC.

Bittid - Fuchsia Begonia (Begonia Fuchsioides). "Splendid mass of glossy green leaves on burgundy stems with drooping clusters of rose pink flowers". The combination of Fuchsia & Begonia sound intriguing; and with the combination of the Orange Trailing Mimulus, the two geraniums, and white Bacopa; again, an appealing mixture.

Am now going to call it a night, as we have a full day tomorrow. Here is wishing you Peace and a good night's rest.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Garden contentment!

Good Evening!

It has been a great day! Wanted to share this tidbitz with you! Am 'quoting what I wrote to a wonderful friend' about our visit and shopping experience today to our favourite Nursery and Fresh Produce farm.

"We got a fair amount of plants (seedling geraniums - cheaper to buy at the onset - 75 cents each; but they do grow into beautiful flowers in our balconey planter
box etc - they last til November - no kidding! - we need 16 there...THEN,
added 8 more seedlings, 4 double Guinea impatients, 6 little impatients, 6
little begonias, 2 white bacopa; that equals 42 plants!!!! Then herbs (just
got a few; not quite in season) sweet basil (2 love sweet basil, and its
smell!) , 2 cucumbers, 2 peppers, 6 cherry tomatoes - 4 sweet cherry & 2
Sweet Millions - methinks the Sweet Millions are the best; but we got a mix.
There are also Tiny Tims cherry tomatoes; but we passed on those. Love
Boston lettuce; but the brand that is hardy and delicious was not in the
grouping of lettuces; so passed for the time being. Oh and 2
petunias...Black Prince (black) and also cheery bright yellow type".

Forgot to say, that we also ended up with a large bright yellow double begonia; and both the tid 6 begonias and bit 6 impatients, ended up being more like 15 to 18 flowers instead of 6 to plant! So, we can 'stretch many' into various pots and planters! Ended up planting a mix of the begonias and impatients in our wrought iron planter that holds 11 small bittidz pots. Looks fabulous, if I say so myself! Also, have set aside some of our pots for 'veggie plants'; and we will consolidate all the soil and save the unused pots. Am looking eagerly forward to doing that fun project tomorrow.

Tonight, we are cooking up a small roast, along with roasted dill buttered potatoes, and it smells so good! Also, I cut 'slits' of garlic into the roast; and that gives the roast beef an even better taste; along with other sprinkled herbed seasonings! Am now enjoying a glass of our 'Roberts Rock' South African Red wine, before we sit down to dinner. Skal! Should mention too, that we bought 3 packaged small roasts from Costco (You can refer to my May 13th post, 'Make the best of a 'dull' day!'); and the other 2 roasts are in the freezer, until needed. We have also packaged the other cuts of meats that we purchased in bulk from Costco. Helps with meal planning, as well as economizing with Costco's good savings!

Tidbit - When you spend time in your tid garden, you feel much better. Particularly, if you have made ready the bit soil and planted fresh flowers, that will bring you joy all summer long; and / or even into the cooler months.

Bittid - 'Do unto others, as you would have others do to you!' Very true; and if you have been 'Blessed' with good neighbours, let them know they are 'special', and that you appreciate them. Am looking forward tomorrow to enjoying some of our neighbour's homemade marmalade jam for breakfast!

It is now a warm 72 degree Fahrenheit; and the sun is bursting forth! A lovely Saturday Spring evening; a great way of ending a day! Love the above photo image; you may have seen this gorgeous rhodo picture in recent posts. ie 'Rainy rhodos!' - May 11th; and 'Flowers mean so much!' - May 13th.

Here is wishing you an awesome evening!

God Bless.

Appreciate colour and bloom!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Slept in this morning; as we watched a movie until 2:00 am! We have had a full week; so we are thankful it is Saturday. It is wonderfully peaceful at the moment. Later in the morning (closer to noon, methinks!), we will go to our favourite Nursery / Produce Farm. If you wish you can refer to yesterday's post for some tidbitz.

Eventhough it is an overcast day, the rhododendrons are just as beautiful with their vibrant colours and different shades of purples, pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, and whites! Some have blossomed forth; however, most of them are just starting to bloom. Colours and rhodos abound everywhere! Where we live, used to be a golf course / park; and the developer took great care to build the complex around all the existing shrubbery, rhodos, and trees. There may have been the necessity to relocate some of the plants; but TLC steps were taken to preserve the quality of life of these wondrous 'gifts' of the garden.

The above photo image is of the yellow Hotei. You may wish to refer to my May 26/07'Hotei Rhododendron' post for a bittid of background on the rare yellow Hotei rhodo. We had found two; unfortunately one did not survive; however, the other one is showing sprouting signs of a 'happier' life! Will take a picture, when it is in actual tidbit bloom. We may add another Hotei in the near future; as it is such an exquisite rhodo!

Forgot to mention another Blessing from yeterday, that we received a jar (a large one!) of freshly made marmalade from our neighbour! He loves making homemade marmalade every year, and we give him all our jars for his 'jam sessions'. We saw him briefly yesterday and I told him we have some jars for him; to which he replied that there is a jar in return, for us. I let him know that we were not expecting anything from him; save that we are happy to give him all our jars. He has a 'heart of gold' methinks; and he replied that he knows that we just enjoy giving him the jars, period. He and his wife are delightful next door neighbours. He complimented us on our bittidz patio garden; primarily on the colour of our healthy and thriving azalea, an orangey coral colour. Eventhough it was a harsh winter, we have noticed that most plants / shrubs are stronger and better than ever! We have all been 'Blessed' with a 'parklike' atmosphere; and we are appreciative of all this stunning natural beauty!

Tidbit - Wake up with a 'joyful' spirit and 'Praise Him In All Things'. Amazing when you do that, how light your heart becomes! Plus, you are better equipped to 'receive' His Blessings for the day. You are filled with confident positive thoughts, and in turn, can uplift all those around you! For those of you, who are feeling down, overwhelmed, fearful, weary, etc, just simply ASK Him to 'carry your burdens'; and immediately, it is as if a huge weight or load has been lifted from you! You experience a calm, a soothing peace, and there is more of a 'clarity'. Enjoying each day as it comes, and 'keeping things simple' works best!

Bittid - You may wish to listen to the encouraging song from yesterday; it is an awesome 'pick me up' either for you, or for others you know that might appreciate a tid of TLC (tender loving care).

Also, for those of you who want to 'Seek and Ye Shall Find' Him; once again, here are some wonderful websites, as per earlier posts. 'Hour of Power' with Dr. Robert Schuller and his guests -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' with Joyce Meyer -; and 'Living Truth' with Charles Price - They are recognized as International Bible Teachers; and their insights and teachings are well worth checking into, methinks. We look forward to watching and hearing them tomorrow!

Have to go now to make a bit of breakfast; and to refill my 'elixir' (coffee). Am extra appreciative for today!

God Bless.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Uplifting song!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have had a full tid day; and have been out for the most part. Am glad now to be home and in for the night! The weather is a 'perfect gardening' temperature; so we plan to 'dig in' tomorrow, after our enthusiastic stint last Sunday.

We will also be going to our favourite Nursery & Produce Farm tomorrow morning, to pick up some fresh produce, as well as seedling geraniums and other colourful hardy flowers for our pots and planters. Plus, we will enjoy selecting our herbed plants for our bit veggie garden - cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, cucumbers, peppers, Boston lettuce etc. My April 21/07 post, 'Fresh Produce!', gives you a bittid of background on this tidbit 'sanctuary', which is like 'a breath of fresh air' to us! Well worth the drive!

The two vibrant pictures were sent to me by a kind friend; she is amazing with her camera and has a glorious array of beautiful flowers in abundance! Love the pinks and greens of her flowering Plum Tree; and the 'Black Tulips'. If you wish, you can refer to my May 5th post, 'Tuesday tulips!'; those are the same as we have! Many appreciative thanks to my friend's 'generosity of spirit!' Also, (hard to believe 2 weeks ago today!) in my May 1st post, 'Double Blooms / Double Blessings!' shows another one of her wonderful photos! There is a good bittidz of tidbitz in that post, as the tidbits and bittids still aptly apply, methinks!

Am listening to an incredibly uplifting song right now, as I write my bittidz post; it was sent to me by a dear friend. A heartfelt thank you to him! The song is full of feeling; and the singer has been Blessed with such an awesome gift, her magnificent voice! Wow! You just need to 'click' on to the title; and it will be encouraging music to your ears! I enjoyed hearing it two days ago; however, really appreciated its 'beauty of its empowering and true message' today!

Also, just received a bit of good news; and once we receive more tid data (next week, as the weekend is now here), I will be better able to tidbitz the tale with you.

We have so much to be thankful for; and we often 'Praise Him In All Things', each and every day. We have received many Blessings today; just shared a few 'special' ones with you. We look to Him for His Guidance, and for Him to Provide us with Understanding, Discernment, and Solution.

Am now enjoying a glass of South African red wine; tastes extra good! Skal! Here is wishing you all a nice evening, and a happy Queen Victoria Day long weekend.

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday Treasures - Blessings!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Very strange weather patterns! Woke up earlier to brilliant sunshine and blue skies; which has now been replaced by dark black clouds, large drops of rainfall, and a bit of a chilly wind.

One of my favourite times of day is the early morning, when no one is up; and I love the peace and quiet; particularly at this thriving time of year. Was also admiring the daffodils Alan picked yesterday; as well as the rays of bright sunlight streaming in through our windows and skylights. My daughter gave us a lovely orange lily; and it looks beautiful beside the vivid yellow daffs.

It does appear indeed, as if 'winter' has returned; so am appreciating my cup of coffee all the more!

Today, we have another appointment with the 'consignment lady', Leona, and am just going to give her half a dozen Ladies. Am reasoning, best to start with the less expensive ones and take it from there. When she has a moment, she will come over to our home and view all the Ladies; thus she will have more of an illuminating understanding about them. 'The lady that looks like me' (as everyone keeps saying) is in Leona's 'special' cabinet; and will be utilized as a 'draw'. Must say, she is a rather nice Lady Head Vase! LOL! We will work towards a fair arrangement, that will be a win / win for us both. Plus, when Leona is in our home, she may also like the exquisite 'old' Aynsley tea cups & saucers; methinks, they will do well in her little store of wonderful tidbits.

When there is a tid moment, I may take some more updated pictures of the Ladies; as some have been sold and are no longer here; hence the remaining Ladies have been relocated / housed on other shelves etc. Some Ladies may still be 'in hiding'; however, those interested know they can inquire for further bittids.

We have a few tidbitz calls to make and some appointments, including the one with Leona, later today.

For some reason, I just love this photo I took; perhaps the combination of vibrant purples, reds, and greens, in contrast to the other softer and gentler colours! If you wish, please feel free to refer to my posts of 'Pensive' of April 29th; and 'Thursday thoughts!' of May 7th, for a bittid of background. Another tidbit week has flown by!

Hope to be back a bittidz later with some exciting news. In the meantime, we all have much to be Thankful for; and we daily 'treasure' all our Blessings from Him.

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Make the best of a 'dull' day!

Good Afternoon,

Just realized that I never gave a title for this morning's post; so have made a few changes. My apologies; methinks, 'things' have just caught up with me for a bittidz.

This afternoon, we went to Costco as we needed to fill our larder. Each time we go, we take our large, 'easy to read' calculator with us; and this really helps to keep an alert eye on expenses. There are so many wonderful 'buys', that it is very tempting to indulge and walk away with more items, rather than less! LOL! We LOVE Costco; and we are thankful for such a store, because of its incredible prices and wonderful savings! Methinks too, Costco has weathered the economic storm better than most; because of its reputation for good and fair prices; as per economies of scale. Offering tidbits of 'finger food' to taste, is a brilliant encouragement for adding more bittids of goodies to go home with you! Also, another good P.R. is the courtesy of the staff; who go out of their way to make your shopping experience a happy one! These are all Blessings!

We enjoyed our 'down time' at Costco; and already we have made a tid list for the 'next time!' We are thankful we did the shopping today; inasmuch as the weather is dark, dreary. and pouring with rain. We have turned the heat on; because it is quite cool at 48 degrees Fahrenheit; and, the bit 'damp air' goes right through you.

We made a few tidbitz calls before we went to Costco; and now it is just a matter of 'waiting' for quality responses. We have also made some appointments for tomorrow; so that is good. Am now going to appreciate our home; perhaps even light a tidbit cosy fire and get caught up on a bittid of reading.

Tidbit - Make the best of a 'dull' day. ie Treating yourselves to Costco on a 'rainy day!' You feel much better when you leave with your shopping done; and at great prices! Plus, you can enjoy your garden and the outdoors, when the weather is sunny and warm!

Bittid - Be 'creative' - ie with the Costco savings! You can 'stretch meals'; and still appreciate good healthy food! Regardless of everything else, one still needs to eat first and foremost. Each and everyday is like a mini 'Thanksgiving'; and it is good to 'Praise Him In ALL Things' - always.

Love the above photo image, with its message of enlightenment!

God Bless.

Flowers mean so much!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Just as well that the telephone rang; otherwise, I might still have been catching some 'shut eye'! I was not able to reach the phone in time, before it stopped ringing. There was no message or origin of the caller. It may have been a wrong number; and / or it was not important enough to leave a message. Personally, I do not like 'blocked', 'private', 'unknown', 'out of area' calls; and at the very least, a message should be left, with a call back number. Why would anyone want to pick up the phone, 'unawares', to someone that does not truly identify themselves? Perhaps some of you can relate! Now that I think about it, I was half asleep anyway; apart from the call being early!

Am appreciating my brewed coffee, that Alan set up the night before; and with a push of a tid button, voila it perks! It is an overcast and windy day, threatening rain any second. The last couple of days have been a bit of a 'whirl'; so am thankful we do not have any appointments first thing this morning. We still have our calls to make; but not immediately. Even our Blue is snoozing contentedly on our chesterfield. 'Yup', we allow our 'pup' up on the sofa; I mean it is such a little bittid thing; and if it gives him a tidbit of comfort, why not!

Hear the chirping sounds of the birds; and I look forward to enjoying my coffee out on our patio, when the weather is warmer. There is something to be said for the solace and the tranquility of a garden; even in a small garden like ours. At this time of year, everything is beautifully blossoming to life; and if memory serves, the colourful flowers and blooms are even more outstanding this year, than in previous years!

We had our Provincial Election yesterday and the outcome was most favourable. There were some close races; and that may take a day or two to confirm the winners of those particular ridings. A judicial recount might even be necessary.

Tidbit - Appreciate a quiet and gentle calm, before your day 'perks up'. Take a bittidz of time to 'Praise Him In All Things'; and Pray for good things to happen to you and others during the day. Amazing what clarity and positive tidbitz takes place! 'Keeping things simple', also works best!

Bittid - If you feel 'overwhelmed' at times, just ASK Him to Carry your Burdens. He ALWAYS DOES. RELY upon Him (not upon your own understandings) and LEAVE it all to Him to Provide Solution. You enjoy a joyful peace, TRUSTING eveything will be alright; and ALL according to His Purpose. Plus, when you Thank Him for your daily Blessings, you 'perk up', and in turn, you spontaneously and genuinely uplift others around you! That is a 'stalwart' start to the day, methinks! (If you wish, you can refer to my March 5th post: 'Stalwart! - I like that word!' for bits of background).

Here is wishing you a great day; and will be back later in the day or tomorrow, to share tids of good news and / or Blessings! Love the glorious photo image! (Please feel free to refer to my post, 'Rainy Rhodo!' of May 11th for tidbits). We have a purple Rhododendrum very similar to the picture; and it is just starting to display its bittids of majestic colour! One of my favourite colours, is 'purple'; and apart from it being 'regal' and empowering, it also oozes a restful reassurance, methinks.

Alan just picked me some daffodils; flowers really brighten up a room, don't they!

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A thoughtful Tuesday morning

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Am thankful for this quiet Spring morning; and for my 'elixir' cup of coffee, before a full day! It is a mixture of rain, dark clouds, with bittids of blue skies, along with quick tidbits of sunshine.

To recap yesterday, my daughter and our twin grandsons (almost 3 years old) were over for the morning; and the little guys were just great! They are curious about and into everything; however, they were 'well behaved' considering there were so many bittidz breakables. ie Lady Head Vases, on our extended dining room table! It was nice to see my daughter as well; and we look forward to enjoying another fun tidbitz visit here soon. We have usually gone to their home; as it is simpler for all those concerned.

When they left, we made some tid calls, had a couple of appointments, and were home mid / later afternoon. I took a 'pain killer / muscle relaxant' (which I rarely take) before we went out, and by the time we returned home, I was ready for a nap (which is seldom). I thought it 'best to listen to the body'; and woke up, just in time for the hockey game. Personally, I should have just slept right through it! I dislocated my right shoulder & the upper arm several years ago, while I was playing badminton; and for some reason, the area has been a bit aggravated for the last two months. Methinks with all my gardening zest on 'Mother's Day', I may have over extended the arm / shoulder.

Tidbit - Be thankful for family, and appreciate them for their 'specialness' and uniqueness. 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you'.

Bittid - There are tidbit times when it is best to not 'expect' as much; and then you will not be as disappointed or 'let down' by YOUR 'high hopes'. Also, when good things happen, you can Thank Him for all the wonderful Blessings, and be genuinely Joyful; which in turn, touches others (including family). Hence, being more of a 'magnet', than a 'repellant', methinks works best!

We have 'places to go, things to do, people to see' as the expression goes; however, hope to be back a bittid later. Love the photo image, with its awesome message.

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Rainy rhodos!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Yesterday came and went; it was 'Mother's Day'; and as a Mum, I totally enjoyed the day. My apologies also, for not writing a post.

Watched 'Enjoying Everyday Life' with Joyce Meyer ( and 'Living Truth' with Charles and Hilary Price ( We slept in; so I look forward to watching 'Hour of Power' with Dr. Robert Schuller ( in a bit. I recommend you check into their websites for knowledge - 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'; as their teachings are full of encouraging tidbits. Hilary Price, who is a mother herself, spoke yesterday about 'mothers'; and her message is very uplifting. Bittids worth listening to, methinks!

Alan made a hearty brunch of crisp bacon, eggs 'over easy', and dry toast with freshly made marmalade given to us by our next door neighbour. I always appreciate Alan as the 'creative' chef; but for 'some tid reason', our food tasted better than usual! I also enjoy a 1/2 grapefruit each morning; and apparently, there is 'something' in grapefruit, that helps with one's metabolism in controlling weight gain.

The weather was a 'perfect gardening day'. So, we attacked our weeds, leaves, planter pots, and soil with gusto. Believe it or not, a few hours went by; and we had a half hour to spare before my son came over in the late afternoon for a barbecue. We still have lots more to do in the 'garden'; but it was a good start!

As mentioned in a recent post, we bought our barbecue later last summer (on sale at Home Depot); and once my son made sure it was set up properly, he barbecued some delicious burgers for us. We also were able to savour eating outside; and the green ambience was so relaxing and refreshing. We timed it well; because no sooner had we finished dinner, it started to rain. Talk about perfect timing! Our barbecue is 'simple' to use; not a lot of 'bells and whistles'; but enough to enjoy many a barbecued repas! Plus, we have a little burner to the side that we can use for frying up onions etc.

At approx 8:00 pm, I was grateful to see our bed! The fresh air does have its way of setting the scene for a good night's rest. Believe it or not, there were a few tidbitz muscles that I had 'forgotten about'; and hence today, can feel them a bittidz! LOL! This morning, eventhough it is pouring with rain, various rhododendrums are coming out in gorgeous colourful blooms! Our winter was harsh; and alas, a few plants were lost; and yet the ones that survived, look more beautiful than previous years, methinks. Love the above photo image of a purple rhodo, very similar to ours.

My daughter and our twin grandsons are en route; have somewhat 'child proofed' our house! LOL! It will be fun to see them! Her cup of tea is waiting! A good day too, for a fire, possibily! Many Blessings to be Thankful for! 'Praise Him In ALL Things!'

Hope to be back in a bit, with a tid of happy news.

God Bless.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a really relaxing and 'productive' day - errands etc! We had a few appointments this morning; and those went well! Will fill you in, when there is more to know. Leona was not in at the consignment shop; however, we 'ran into her'; and she will give us a call to set up a mutually convenient tid time to meet, to 'discuss the Ladies!'

As we speak, Alan who just went out to pick up a few bit supplies for tomorrow's dinner, is now with Leona, who just called us to let us know that a woman just walked into her store, and 'fell in love' with the one Lady Head Vase we had left her with (the one that everyone says looks like me). Alan has taken in some other 'Ladies' and this may give the customer ( her first visit to the shop) some more options.

Currently, it is a beautiful warm 64 degrees Fahrenheit; am about to enjoy the basking warmth of the sunshine on our bittid patio! Methinks too, a glass of South African Red Wine will hit the bittidz spot, as well. There is nothing nicer than the peace of one's garden; particularly at this tranquil time of night.

Tomorrow is 'Mother's Day'. My son is coming over for a barbecue in the late afternoon / early evening. Here is hoping that he will show us how to use our new barbecue; hence barbecued hamburgers and the delicious tidbitz accompaniments! Also a wonderful dessert of angel food cake, vanilla ice cream, & strawberries will be an added mouth watering touch, methinks! Hoping too, that the weather will be as pleasant, as it is tonight!

My daughter's husband is planning something 'special' for her tomorrow night; so Alan and I will be seeing her, and our wee grandsons on Monday!

The hockey game will be on later tonight; and we are Prayful that the Canucks play 'calm, cool, and collected' and execute the shots necessary to win the game. My Dad always used to say, Calm,'cool (as a cucumber), and collected' is the best way to be. He was also 'slow to boil'; in other words, was not given to losing his cool or temper often. However, when he did become angry, he did; was never lukewarm about anything. He also was never a 'yes man'; even if it made him 'unpopular' with some people. I am very similar in make-up to my Dad's 'Viking' disposition; so I am discovering, even more as the years pass. Also have tidbit 'traits' from my Mum in some other bittid areas. However, enough about me at this time.

Apparently, the woman just LOVES the Lady Head Vase and wants HER; not the others; eventhough, they are lovely as well. We will work towards a positive outcome with her; that will be a beneficial win / win to us all. She may wish to take some Ladies and that being said, she may get a bit of a tid price break for the one she just adores! Life is certainly interesting and full of surprises! Meanwhile, Leona wants to meet with us on Tuesday; as she noticed there was a lot of interest generated towards the 'Ladies' by those who set foot in her store!

Tidbit - Go with the flow! (His Flow). We are in the 'Palm of His Hand'; He will Direct our Path; and according to His Will. This occured today; so, we feel there are NO coincidences! We simply say joyfully, 'Praise Him In ALL Things!' We Thank Him too, for our Blessings; of which there have been many today!

Bittid - KNOW that,'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

LOVE the above tidbit photo image of the 'Queen Elizabeth Rose' (You can refer to my posts of April 30/07 & April 30/08, if you wish a bittid of background).

Again,'Happy Mother's Day Weekend' to all mothers, all over the world, of all ages!

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Joyful Friday!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Friday again; and we are relieved that the weekend is here! Seems so long ago, since we got up this morning. Actually slept in a tidbitz; methinks, as 'things caught up' with us a bittidz! However, we managed to get a lot done; and we are joyfully thankful about all the wonderful Blessings we received today! Am appreciating a glass of South African red wine as I write! Skal! Just finished also, a few pieces of a delicious pizza 'created' by Alan! (He added fresh green and red peppers, onions, cheese and seasonings!) Mmmmm!

Wrote an earlier email to a dear friend; and it gave me a few ideas for my post.

My uncle always says, when something good happens - 'It is your good fortune'; I love that strong sentimental statement!

Value will return, when the financial markets stabilize. With the current economies of scale, we know we will not see all our money / investments / equity at this particular moment.

More often than not, a lot of people 'hoard' or hold onto their items, as their hopes are that if they wish to sell their pieces, it will be for what they paid for; as they want their full monies' worth! I can well appreciate their thought process, and have complete empathy! Methinks it does not always work that way; and there are certain times, when it is better to 'simply let go'. I keep thinking about the Biblical story of the talents; and about 'spreading the wealth'. It is, indeed, a very interesting time; and we are choosing to follow His Lead. Today we received some extra 'special' Blessings; and I know that they happened, because of our total reliance and dependence upon Him, for His Solution!

With regard to our beloved Green Glass Hatted Lady Head Vases, if there is a reasonable offer I will 'let them go'. As to our other wonderful 'ladies', I will be only too happy for someone else to truly enjoy them; as I have; and I will part with them, for less. 'Short term pain, for longterm gain' as the tid saying goes.

However, with the cosmetic jewellry, it is relatively simple; as in 'letting it go'. We are going to Leona's shop (the 'first shop', such a dear little place, less than 5 mins from where we live; good parking; very handy; makes sense to me - ie a wonderful consignment location) tomorrow morning, with a few of our Ladies, as per her request. I have chosen the less expensive and smaller ones; thinking that would add something unique to her display cabinet - which is what she wants and welcomes! Nice to meet someone who has an 'open mind!'. It certainly is worth a try. 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained', as the tidbit expression goes. As previously mentioned, we went to Leona's shop yesterday; and the Lady Head Vase we brought in to her, she thought it looked exactly like me! (I guess it does - Alan and others have all said the same thing; it feels a bit weird, to tell you the truth).

What started out as a 'cleaning up' and reorganizing of my cosmetic jewellry, has turned out to have a bittid mind of its own! I thought, "I never wear these! Lovely pieces; but?" There are funky, chunky, neat necklaces, with matching earrings etc; some are wooden and in beautiful colours - the works. You may have read my recent posts; which fills you in a bit about our 'jewellry trek', as of late! We telephoned the woman who did not exhibit her best towards us ( tactfully put, methinks; you can refer to yesterday's post, if you wish); and Alan basically said, "We are not apologizing, but would like to say, no hard feelings here, and if you would like, here is our number, please feel free to give us a call, if you wish". Methinks, I am not holding my breath; but I do feel better that Alan called and delivered our message.

We went to another consignment shop later this afternoon; lovely woman. She really wanted to help; and offered to call a few people she knew. With the tid utmost diplomacy, I gently and calmly told her of our 'experience'; and she was most appreciative of me letting her know; inasmuch as she was going to telephone the same woman (which I sensed already) who had been less than kind to us. She genuinely added that she would like to assist us; so we shall see what transpires. Interestingly enough, a lot of customers who came into her store, literally 'gushed over' my 'costume' jewellry (I could not say much, save smile; as it would be 'stepping on her toes'; inasmuch as she is the owner); eventhough, I know the cosmetic accessories would hugely enhance and benefit her sales!

For those of you who are at a loss, or feel 'stymied', whatever, - being 'creative' has its endearing moments! Even fun, because of what you learn! Quite by accident (and yet, as mentioned in previous posts, there are NO coincidences!), we are embarking upon a new adventure!

We also received some other tidbits of good news; however, will fill you in on those bittids, when we know more!

In the meantime, here is wishing you a nice evening; and a 'Happy Mother's Day' to all Moms / Mums! That includes, 'Grand Moms' / 'Grand Mums' or even Great Grandmothers!

Love the above photo image; that is Alan and I tonight!

Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rely upon Him!

Good Evening,

Glad to see the end of the day! The Canucks came in second tonight, alas. Unfortunate; however, they will just have to 'keep on trekking'.

We went to the consignment store with our little list of jewellry accessories & proposed prices; and the owner was happy. She will make a few adjustments; and it will be a win / win situation for her and for us.

Brought also, one of our Ladies to her; and she absolutely loved her! This particular Lady looks almost identical to me; or so I was told by her and some other customers in her shop. She knows about the collecting aspect of these exquisite Lady Head Vases; and she wants us to bring her some more. We will do so, on Saturday morning, when she is in next. We will be able to work out something that is reasonable; as these unique Ladies will help promote her sales, as well as being beneficial to us. 'What goes around, comes around'. So by 'trial and error', we will give her a few; and then when those go, a few more, and so forth. She is going to come over to our home next week, to see the Collection for herself; plus our Aynsley tea cups and saucers.

We will also be 'checking out' another shop tomorrow. The bit jewellry accessory pieces that were not selected today; may be chosen tomorrow. As the expression goes: 'What appeals to one person, may not appeal to another'. Good to have more 'irons in the fire', than not, methinks!

We finally received some long awaited tidbitz news; which will greatly help us with our next step in our business project! However, the 'wait' has cost us time, money, and energy; so we have had to improvise with other creative bittidz measures. It has been quite the tid journey; and yet, at the same time, we know that He Helps us make it through each and every day.

Tidbit - Out of adversity and challenges, one gains experience, courage, and inner strength. 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

Bittid - 'Praise Him In ALL Things'; and be genuinely Thankful for your Blessings.

We are appreciative it is evening; it is pouring with rain; and a perfect night for watching a good movie. Love the above photo image - 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Peace, Good Night, and God Bless.

Thursday thoughts!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have been out and about today! I started by being up at 6:30 am; put the coffee on, lit a fire, and re organized the costume jewellry; putting various 'sets' together. ie necklaces with matching earrings; as well as 'grouping' pieces by colour, composition, and style. Alan and I then went through and priced various items; and are going later this afternoon to the shop near us. As mentioned in yesterday's post, they have a terrific assortment of quality pieces; be it clothing, purses, shoes, handbags, jewellry accessories, antique items - a very 'funky, fun, and thriving' little shop, methinks!

The 'questionable behaviour' I experienced yesterday from the other lady, has left me a bittid aghast; however, I have learned a tidbit good lesson. ie To not be as naively accomodating in 'rushed situations' or whatever intimidating pressure tactics may appear. Once again, 'trust your gut'. Methinks, 'she saw me coming'; and I 'knew' I should have simply said, 'I will come back another time, when it is more convenient', taken my few tid items, and promptly left.

The hockey game is on tonight; so am looking forward to cheering our team on! We have dinner pre prepared; so it is just a matter of throwing everything into the oven and voila! We will also enjoy a glass of South African red wine with our meal; and appreciate being home on a very rainy night. Weather is certainly not 'springlike'; am wearing 'wintery' gear.

Just took photos of my favourite two paintings! The portrait of the 'pensive lady' looks even better in her new location; and the other unique painting is of a wonderful Paris Street scene. The art expert who was here yesterday, is going to research those paintings, as well as some others for us. It is always good to learn a tidbitz of art history / origin, methinks. Also, if you wish, you can refer to my April 29th post, 'Pensive' for a further bittidz of background.

Have a few things to do, before we head back out again.

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday Wisdom!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have just literally walked in the door. A glass of South African wine is definitely hitting the spot! Skal! Good to be home; particularly when it ia nasty rainy evening! We had a very early bittid start; and have been on the go, non-stop!

The above daffodil photo is showing a vase of 'fallen flowers', that Alan picked up on his morning walk yesterday with our Blue. There had been a mighty wind and fierce rains the night before; and it was amazing how many blown over 'orphan' flowers he found and rescued!

Today, we had a reknown expert in paintings come to our house; and the painting of the 'pensive woman' caught his tidbit eye. He is kindly going to research that painting, as well as a few others, that we have 'scattered about'. Always good tidbitz info to know, methinks; because, down the road, you just never know. We certainly have no hesitation about recommending this fine chap, to those who want to know more and / or to unload their pieces of art.

After he left, our very dear friend came over; and she and I 'rearranged' the whereabouts of a few paintings; including our 'pensive woman'. You can refer to my bittidz post, 'Pensive', of April 29th for a bit of background if you wish. Plus, you will see her portrait as well. Do not know if I mentioned earlier, but there is another painting / sketch that was done on the back of this exquisite and unique painting. 'She' almost appears to be smiling now that she is in her new location; which beautifully blends in with our European chairs. In her place, is a portrait of myself; and it surprisingly, looks really good there; 'presiding' over the Ladies! LOL!

Our dear friend came over to take a look at the costume jewellry, I have accumulated over the years. I was giving her first tid dibs! She is doing the same thing as I am - 'Spring Cleaning!' A lot of my pieces are similar to hers; and we enjoyed a few good laughs about our various memories about certain same special items. It was fun to see her; and also that our few paintings received a 'change of scene!' Feels good! 'A change is as good as a rest', as the expression goes!

Then Alan and I went to two 'consignment stores' for the costume jewellry. The first one, I had seen 'in my travels'; but did not know the name of the store. The owners were busy, but inquired if we could come back within an hour or so. No problemo, we replied. We then went to another store, and the woman also was occupied with customers. It did not turn out well; because it was quite rushed; so I left a few pieces with her, before we worked it out. NOT the best way of conducting business; but, I 'trusted' the woman with a few 'trinkets' nonetheless. I ended up returning to her store, to see if we could meet at a more convenient time for her. However, she went on the immediate offensive and practically threw the 'stuff' back at me. So, live and learn, methinks.

So, back we went to the original spot which is less than five minutes from where we live! Better located and much kinder treatment! It was busy in there too; but they were just 'nicer' and upfront. Plus, they offered to give us a 'break' on price; and we have some 'homework'; which is to write everything up, including a reasonable price for each item. The interesting thing is too, that they LOVE Aynsley tea cups and saucers - well, we just happen to have some!(as per earlier posts - ie 'Evening Sunshine' - April 20th etc). Plus, we mentioned about our Lady Head Vases; and they were ecstatic! They are 'hungry' and 'what goes around, comes around'; and they know about these special 'Ladies!'. They also carry other miscellaneous items; and methinks they will be successful; because of their willing genuineness and winning mannerisms. A refreshing relief! 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!'

Tidbit - Trust and Go with your 'gut'. I personally did not have a good feeling towards the second shop; even before I even set foot in it! Even 'face to face', I 'discerned' that 'something was not quite right'. Yet, I guess we had to go through that experience to truly appreciate and gravitate back to the first store. 'Praise Him In ALL Things!'

Bittid - 'Do your due diligence'; as it will always stand you in good stead. Rely on Him; not upon your own Understanding.

"Due diligence" methinks, also includes tuning into various websites, if you wish to know more about Him! ie. 'Hour of Power' -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' -; and 'Living Truth' - You will receive empowering tidbits of Guidance and Encouragement towards simple Solutions in your daily lives. I will still share a few bittids; however, best if you check out their illuminating teachings for yourselves.

Going to go and have something to eat, and then call it a night. Tomorrow will be here, before we know it!

Good Night, Sweet Dreams, Peace, and God Bless.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

'Tuesday tulips!'

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

You would not really think it is 'Spring' given the black overcast clouds, heavy winds, and now pouring rain; save for the beautiful array of foliage and flowers. Amongst all the different types of daffodils, colourful tulips, including some unique 'parrot tulips' (tulips with funky fringes around their edges), our purple tulips, are just about to spring into bloom! Just took a photo; and you can see one red and yellow 'parrot tulip' with the fringed edge! The purple tulips are a rich almost black / purplish colour, and the camera does not do them 'royal' justice, methinks!

Also, in yesterday's pictures of the tidbitz 'china rose garden', our wonderful loft skylight still encourages a bittidz bright glare. Perhaps too, the white coin dot Fenton vase was not positioned in the centre, of the clear vase behind it? I love that clear square vase; received that as a wedding gift (first marriage) from one of my best childhood friends. So, when I see the vase, I always think of her, and remember some of our fun times together! She has lived in Alberta all these years; and methinks one of these days, I should somehow contact her.

At the moment, am grateful for my elixir of coffee and enjoying the 'indoor garden' to the left of our computer. Alan prepares the coffee the night before and it is simply a matter of pushing a button. Well, voila! today, there was 'air coffee!' LOL! No coffee grains! So, I 'remade' the coffee this time (with coffee); and I am extra appreciative!

Shared also a bit about some of our nice neighbours yesterday. If you wish you can refer to January 5th's post of 'Monday Reflections' for a bittid of further background re: 'David'. Well, he passed away two days ago; his wife called us later last night, was appreciative of our card; alas, we were 'one day too late' with our message to her and him. However, the tidbit comforting way of accepting it, is that David is no longer suffering and is now at peace. Alan spent some time with David; so Alan is feeling extra sad; small wonder he was 'distracted' about the tid coffee grains.

Writing of 'air', I made 'air sandwiches' once. (Was 5 months pregnant with my first child). My first husband, his Dad, and myself had to go to the island for a day of business, and I was responsible for packing up a picnic lunch. Did all that; save that when we opened up the sandwich saran wrap, only bread, no filling! Whatever was I thinking of! Anyway, that has always been a 'family' joke!

Tidbit - A sense of humour is always good!

Bittid - Take a few minutes each day, to be reflective and thankful for your Blessings. 'Praise Him In ALL Things'.

Hope to be back later; and here is wishing you a great day!

God Bless.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Exchange of Neighbourly Blessings!

Good Evening,

Well, some new tidbits! Nice ones! Earlier today, we hand wrote some uplifting cards, to our immediate neighbours. ie. One neighbour, whose husband (he lived in an care facility), just passed away; and, it still is a sad occasion; albeit they were apart for a year. Another neighbour's wife died about a year ago; and we know he has been feeling quite despondent, as of late. Another neighbour, who had recent pace maker surgery; so that has changed her life considerably. Then a gentleman who is terminally ill with cancer; and his poor wife, who is literally beside herself with the devastating news. Have also written about these fine people in various posts, should you wish to read about them.

Plus - an upper! - our very next door neighbours, who gave us today, a jar of homemade marmalade jam! The husband loves making homemade jam; and he was the one who gave us their scarlet red rhododendrum; thinking we have a 'green thumb', and that we could restore it to a healthy vitality! As it happens, the rhodo is starting to appear in gorgeous blooms in 'our' common strata area, between their place and ours. The 'maintenance gardening crew' moved the rhodo from our pot to this ideal 'middle' location. Interestingly enough, the previous plant, suffered at the hands of our cold harsh winter; so, this is, indeed, a 'Blessing in disguise!'

We let our neighbours / friends know they are 'special' and that we are there for them, should they ever require any help. We went through experiences with our ailing parents; so we have some empathy and compassion.

To make a long story short, two neighbours responded; but with thanks! One of them, because we had also given him 'Al's Homemade Vegetable Soup' yesterday (he is the one whose wife died a year ago) and he wrote us a heartfelt message, in a beautiful card. The other neighbour gave us pictures that her gentleman friend took of a mutual DOG friend of his and ours.

Also, as an added surprise, was a lovely Philippino woman, close to my Mum's age, who arrived on our doorstep! Apparently she found some pictures that her granddaughter took of my Mum, along with my Mum's caregiver; the caregiver being friends of the granddaugher. What a small world! Plus, Alan helped carry hers and her husband's five very heavy and large suitcases into their house, when they arrived the other evening. So, as the expression goes; 'What goes around, comes around!'

Tidbit - 'Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you!'

Bittid - 'It is better to give, than to receive!' Plus, you do feel so much better, when you give to others!

We have had our various 'ups and downs' (who doeesn't, particularly during these challenging times?); and yet, 'keeping things simple', and 'trekking onwards like the energizer bunny!' works best! AND, having total TRUST in Him to Provide our daily needs.

Eventhough, Alan and I are steadfastedly working towards fruition; we are confidently looking to Him, to Guide us in all our steps, for HIS Purpose. We believe that it is ALL to the GOOD; regardless of 'delays' and 'setbacks'. We recently had a bit of a blow; and yet we thought 'get out there and uplift others asap!' Well, since we made that positive choice earlier today, it has been a very rewarding and wonderful day! We daily 'Praise Him In ALL Things', and we are utterly thankful for all our Blessings!

Wanted to share some of these bittids with you, if any of you are experiencing some discouraging / down 'moments'. Making the choice to have a positive attitude, regarldess of all circumstances, works best!

Love the colourful picture (you can refer to earlier posts, if you wish); and eventhough, it is still 'daylight', there is a feisty wind brewing, along with the forecasted showers. A good night, methinks, to remain indoors.

Peace, Good Night, and God Bless.