Thursday, 31 May 2007

Skal with Robert's Rock!

Skal! Am enjoying a glass of red Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot wine from South Africa. Love South African wines; my parents used to enjoy them; so I have always had a bit of a "soft spot" for South African wines. The photo image and the "borrowed" description aptly describes "Robert's Rock!". On the 2005 label, the Style : - a rich, barrel - mature blend, well structured with pleasant cherry, vanilla and nutty flavours. Accompaniment: - Ideal with meat dishes, duck, stews, creamy pasta dishes and flavourful cheeses. Serve: - At room temperature.

Tidbit - How we tidscovered this wonderful wine, was at one of our favourite pasta restaurants a couple of years ago! The red wine was / is highly recommended; and we have been enjoying it at our 'chez maison', ever since. There is also a white wine; and that is good too. However, I generally prefer red to white wines; but there are those special (summer is now upon us - almost!LOL!) days, when a glass or two, of white wine hits the bitpalate! Also, this wine not only offers fair affordability; it is extremely tasty.

Bittid - Here is some enlightening and informative wine data; that I was able to "borrow".

It takes two to form a friendship, a couple, a marriage. Even in wine, where it’s easy to make a single varietal, some of the best results come about when two are blended together.

South Africa boasts some of the world’s most scenic vineyards!
That’s what Robert’s Rock is all about. In fact, they’re specialized in wines that are blends of two different types of grapes.

Robert’s Rock is made by one of South Africa’s oldest wineries. They decided to create this line of wines to show how two distinct and different grapes can be brought together to form something that is better than either of the individual components on its own.

Maybe they were inspired by what they saw in their country around them, two cultures learning to harmonize and how to complement each other with each contributing the best it has to offer.

Whatever the motivation was, they’ve come up with a winning idea that’s sure to make plenty of new friends!

This blend of 54% Cabernet Sauvignon and 46% Merlot originates in the Western Cape area, graced by near perfect growing conditions.

Each of the noble grape varieties is fermented separately so the master winemaker can taste each one individually to get a feel for its character. That way, the strengths and weaknesses of each can be judged and brought together in the proper proportion to create a harmonious, balanced wine.

Enjoy this wine anytime, anywhere. It’s made with immediate enjoyment in mind, either on its own or with food. Serve it with anything from a simple grilled panini with arugula and sun-dried tomato pesto to Grandma’s meatloaf and baked potatoes or your favorite lasagna or pasta dish.

Here is wishing you all a "Skal" tonight; or if it is daytime in your part of the world, "Skal!" Please feel free to share some of your favourite wines or tales.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

"Through the Ringer"

Have you ever been put "through the ringer?" Most likely, quite a tid of you have been through the bit at various times in your lives! And, you may have asked, "where is it all coming from?" as in 'out of left field?' Totally totally, 'assword backwards!'

Dealing with principalities that set you up, make you look like the 'bad' or 'guilty guy' - the works. As mentioned in an earlier post, have been reading the book, "The Bondage Breaker" by Dr. Neil T. Anderson. Well, it is possible, highly possible, that hmmmm various forces are mightily at work. That does happen; hmmmmm.
Today, was "one of those days". Perhaps, I will just leave it at that; and follow my own bit of tidbit!

Tidbit - Out of adversity and "B.S.", be enlightened and encouraged; - 'turn it around" - into something GOOD. Stand up for the Truth and for what is Right; because "He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light". Pray and Thank Him; and "Praise Him in All Things"; everyday. However, today, the "Armour of God" is that much more vital! Never let down your guard; be ever vigilant, and always be ready to be in His Service.

God Bless you all, who read this blog.

Pontmartin, Provence, France

Bed & Breakfast

Authentic hundred-year old master house of Provence, this bed & breakfast is nestling down in the typical old provencal village of Les Angles on the Rhone river-side in front of Avignon. Pontmartin is an ideal location to rest or to enjoy the magnificent country of Provence.

For more information, contact
Marie-Christine Pouchelon at
or click here:

For whatever reason, our computer is not presenting the link; eventhough, I have attempted various steps to include the links. So for expediency, here is the website; which covers both B & B'S: You should also be able to access the recipes!

The PontMartin is right up my ally! LOVE the old classic architecture, style, and soft pinkish colour. The bedrooms look most unique; with their own names and personalities. You can almost feel the vibrant history coming to life! Should tidbitz also, that the bedrooms in Le Mas Slilazac, bittidz full of quaint charm! In a tid; 'the whole 9 yards' bit for both!

Tidbit - Appreciate beautiful settings, sceneries, sanctuaries etc. that give you a bit of peace and a sense of being "alive!" Even if you are not able to go to those particular spots, at least there are wonderful pictures to enjoy! Or, if you are travelling, this may be a tid consideration.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Le Mas Silazac, Provence, France

Bed and Breakfast in Provence

Authentic hundred-year old stone farmhouse in Provence, "Le Mas Silazac" is nestled in the middle of pine-trees, green oaks, olive-trees and thyme.

Anne and Bruno will warmly welcome you with simplicity. You can enjoy the large salt-water swimming pool in absolute calm. Come to the Mas Silazac for a change of scene, to rest and to enjoy the sun of French Riviera.

Tidbit - Perfect respite! My mind has gone for a bit on a mini tid holiday! Hmmmmm.
It has been a full day for us; so it is good to take a "well thymed / olive vacation!" LOL!

I will see if I can extrapolate a link / website for those that may be interested in a tidbitz of an "escape!" to that particular part of the world. The countryside looks endearingly romantic. There is also another Provence "get away" which I will post tomorrow; and hopefully too, I will have a bittidz link there too for you. Love that wonderful setting as well! Check out the bedrooms....more about that tomorrow!

Bittid - "Food for thought"; and look what I 'tidscovered!' I was searching for recipes and came across some intriguing menus from Provence - and eventhough, they are in French, the dishes look bittacular! Am thinking that with the link, the recipes can be accessed as well.

God Bless.

Monday, 28 May 2007

One Year Anniversary! Skal!

We have lived here now for one year! Amazing how quickly the days have "flown" by us! We moved here on May 26th / 06; and bit by tid, we are settling in. Lots of tid by bit home projects to still do; however, we are totally appreciative of what has been done to date!

Tidbit - Praise Him in All things.

We are thankful and feel very blessed. There are always challenges; however, we rely on Him to help us work through such "stuff"; each and every day.

Bittid - Always try to have something "good" to look forward to! It is music to the soul!

Apologies to those that are on serious tidbitz dietz! However, these 2 photo images are in celebration of our move, one year ago! I tidforgot to post this joyful bit on the 26th of May posting. Alan and I can share the one bittidz piece of cake in our minds! LOL!


Learning the Computer Ropes!

Good Morning! Be it yesterday, today, or tomorrow around the world!

Tidbit - Any morning you wake up, is a good morning! Or, that is how I feel!

The photo image is of a laptop computer. Ultimately, we will add one to our repertoire; as well as a digital camera. BOTH must be "easy on the eyes" as well as simple to use! LOL!

I LOVE this tid screen saver scene, as shown here, on the photo image. It looks so peaceful; and my mind is instantly rested, upon seeing this expansive "green green grass of home", "blue skies"; and calming bits of clouds.

Eventhough, the photo images are a wonderful tool; it will be awesome when we have our own digital camera to provide you with original pictures. Like last night, the sunset was just majestic! The silouetted outlines of the various trees, enveloped in the magnificence of the glowing colours of the unique sky; it all provided such a natural breathtaking setting!

Bittid - Always have an open mind to learning; even if you make mistakes along the way! AND, if you learn from them, so much the better! Am sure you can relate! LOL!

As you can appreciate, am learning the computer ropes, in tids and bits; and am welcoming the journey!

God Bless.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Crab Crostini with Baby Shrimp!

Ingredients Serves 6 slices
6 slices baguette-style bread, sliced thinly
1/2 pound Gruyere cheese, grated
1/2 cup sour cream
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon minced scallions
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning
8–10 dashes Tabasco sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 pound lump crabmeat
1/4 pound baby shrimp

1. Grill the thinly sliced bread or place it under the broiler until toasted. Turn and toast the other side. Set aside.

2. Combine the half of the cheese, the sour cream, mustard, scallions, lemon juice, Old Bay seasoning, Tabasco sauce, salt, and pepper in a medium mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

3. Check the crabmeat for any small pieces of shell and discard them.

4. Gently add the crab to the mixture. Don’t over mix; you want the lumps of crab to remain intact.

5. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and refrigerate for several hours so that the flavors meld.

6. Remove the crab from the refrigerator and spoon it onto the toasts. Top each with a portion of the remaining cheese and a few baby shrimp.

6. Sprinkle a small amount of the cheese over the shrimp and place under the broiler for 2 to 3 minutes, until melted and bubbly.

Preparation time: 15 minutes plus several hours downtime.

Doesn't this look "scrumptious!" Eventhough, I did not 'scrumpbittidulize' this dish for dinner; I look forward to putting it together for a fun occasion!

Tonight, instead, enjoyed an excellent shrimp sandwich, avec mayo & tids of seasonings! Just "what the doctor ordered!" The shrimp was a tid day old, the bread was superbly multigrained, and the youthful butter lettuce came straight from our bit "veggie patch!" And, a glass of red vino, hit the spot as well!

Tidbit "Appie" - Wanted to share a recipe I "found" along with the image photo ; it looks absolutely delicious; particularly with a tidbitz of crab and a bittidz of shrimp; plus gruyere cheese, and other wonderful bits of ingredients! Mmmmmmm. Need I say more!

Bittid - Think I will serve this dish as open faced bagette sandwiches; just double, triple, quadruple etc. the recipe; and enhance with a wonderful fresh green salad! From our garden, you got it! And of course, a glass or two of red or white wine, or even a rose!

Cathy, this might be an enticing "appie" recipe for the Baby Shower!

Here is wishing you all a nice evening! Please feel free to share a recipe(s) if you would like; be it shrimp or whatever!

God Bless!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Hotei Rhododendron

Seed Parent x Pollen Parent:
Goldsworth Orange x (souliei x wardii var wardii)
Predominate Flower Color:
Flower / Truss Description:
Flower openly campanulate, about 2 1/2" across, light yellow with deeper shading of brilliant yellow. Held in loose, ball-shaped truss of 10-12 flowers.
Bloom Time:
Height (ft.) in 10 Yrs:
Cold Hardiness Temperature:
5°F (-15°C)
Foliage Description / Plant Habit:
Leaves narrowly elliptic, up to 4" long, dark green. Compact and tight growing. Avoid full sun.

This is one of my most favourite of "rhodos". I love this unique yellow colour! I located the image of the Hotei, along with some info tidbitz. The unusual bittidz description given, is just as unusual as the type of "rhodo", you see pictured here.

We have the "perfect" spot in our tid garden; and this wonderful burst of yellow foliage; with its bitz size and tidadaptability will enhance our bit patio.

Am attempting to locate the Hotei (love the name too!); however, it is a bittid of a challenge, because it is so rare and exquisitely special. I know I will be successful in finding one; have put the call in to a few nurseries; as the nurseries we went to, either did not originally have them; or, the tidbit few they had, were sold.

Tidbit - Utilize the dictionary when you do not know a meaning of a word(s).

"Campanulate" - bell-shaped, as a corolla.

"Elliptic" - oblong, with rounded ends.

Bittid - Appreciate and enjoy learning the meanings of new words! The sound of the word, "campanulate" is rather musical.

Am a tid of a "late bloomer." Maybe, as we grow "older", (like a fine wine!) we are a bit more receptive to expanding our horizons.

Perhaps, this may inspire you to locate and plant a yellow Hotei in your garden!
Or, some of you may be fortunate enough to have a beautiful yellow Hotei already.

Please feel free to share Hotei stories or tales of other "rhodos", if you would like!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Armour of God!

Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins
with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,
and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be
able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one. And take the
helmut of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
(Ephesians 6: 14-17)

This excellent excerpt is from the book, "The Bondage Breaker", written by Dr. Neil T. Anderson. On the back cover of his book, there is a bit of a write up on Dr. Neil Anderson; which states: Dr. Neil Anderson is the president of Freedom in Christ Ministries and a much sought after speaker on Christ centered living. He is the author and coauthor of many bestselling books, including "Freedom From Fear", "The Common Made Holy", "A Way of Escape", "Daily in Christ" and "Victory over the Darkness".

A tidbit of a suggestion; if you have not read his books, would recommend reading "Victory over the Darkness" before starting on "The Bondage Breaker"; which is what I am presently digesting now. Very interesting and extremely informative.

With the weekend upon us, again; there is much to "reflect" on and to be thankful for; as well as being "equipped" as one of His Warriors to put on the full "Armour of God!"

Hope this is of enlightening encouragement; and gives you heart, strength, courage to all those that seek Him. Lest we forget, it is in our Faith, that helps us overcome the 'dark times' when we need help.

God Bless you all.

The Credit Belongs

The credit belongs to those who

are actually in the arena, who strive

valiantly; who know the great

enthusiasms, the great devotions,

and spend themselves in a worthy cause;

who at the best, know the triumph

of high achievement; and who,

at the worst, if they fail, fail

while daring greatly, so that their

place shall never be with those cold

and timid souls who know neither

victory nor defeat.

- Theodore Roosevelt -

I have always loved this message; it is Truth.

Tidbit - Whenever you are facing challenges / obstacles, stumbling blocks, this; it may help bolster courage, strength, faith, etc.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

A Tidbit of a Tidbit

My apologies for this late posting in the day! It is going to be a tid short, so that this can be done before midnight!

Hope the comments are now easier to access, for those that wish to leave comments. I do not understand either what happened. I know recently, there have been a few tid changes with the blogging format / settings etc; perhaps that may have contributed a wee bit to the situation; and, it is a tid possible, that I may have made a few bit errors in the process!

Tidbit - Perservere! Do not ever give up! - whatever it is! And even if you make an error, better to try, than to have not! Always have the Faith!

In my case, I bittidzed about, to "put right" the comment section to enable the tidbitz of any and all comments. I am no computer guru; however, I am going to keep learning the computer technology; tid by tid, and bit by bit!

Thanks for reading my tidbits; and I always look forward to your comments!

Has been another full day; and am definitely going to have a good, solid, sound sleep tonight!

Good Night and God Bless you all.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Scheduling & Homemade cookies! Patience involved in making and baking to produce good quality results!

Mmmmmmmmm. These cookies look so delicious! They would not last a tid in our household! A few bits of bites here and there; and all gone! Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Was food for thought! LOL!

Have had another full day; still playing "catch up" from our long weekend; and have been working also on a summer schedule for family fair use of Pasley. I think it has been achieved; just waiting to have everything confirmed by all those concerned.

Tidbit - It is always good to be "fair"; and, to do your best when scheduling in equitable times for family use and for maximum enjoyment. Win / win situations, always come to mind!

Have just "done" June through October; whew! Plus, you feel so much better, when you know where things stand; and then you can plan your R & R / vacation times. We are going to be having Thanksgiving up there this fall; we have never had that exhilerating experience before; and for some reason, am really looking forward to it! I guess seeing the glorious autumn colours, the smell of friendly fires, the whole 9 yards! And turkey to boot! to gobble! to gobble!

Bittid - It is like a "Thanksgiving" everyday! Praise Him in all things; and thank Him for what you already have! Open your heart to Him; He will provide; and you will be even that much more blessed; and will be joyful, in a genuine and appreciative daily "thanks" mode!

God Bless! And Mmmmmmmmm....those cookies; am now inspired to bake!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Blue on Deck!

As you can see, there is our dear "puppy", Blue. This photo was taken of him about a year ago; and apart from him "maturing" a tid, he looks like he has not aged a bit for the 7 years to a dog's life. ( Bittid - He is almost 3 yrs in human time; and 21 years old in doggie time) Speaking of a dog's life, he has it pretty easy!

This weekend was a lovely R & R downtime; amidst all the deluge of rain, with its ever so slightly relenting downpour! Blue was the one that was most on deck; he loved the rain; and there he would be, with his front paws crossed, and hanging over the deck railings, alertly watching the ocean! (quite comical!) At home, Blue runs for cover at the bit sight of rain; as soon as he has "done his thing". Go figure.

Tidbit - Enjoy your moments; and make the best of things. Create a fun "Plan B" or "Plan C", etc if inclement weather or the unexpected tid shows up!

Fortuititously, there is a wonderful fireplace; so we enjoyed and appreciated the glowing warmth of the hearth for the 3 days we were away.

When there was daylight, I was able to read for a bittidz, and we also participated in a provocative crib marathon. Crib is so refreshing for the mind; and also "pegging" is almost a bit of an art; particularly when you may not have been dealt a brilliant deck of cards. Further thoughtful tid - Turn things around, and make the most of it! Very restful for reflective & expansive tidbitz.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Getting Away

Good Day! Hope you are all well!

We are going away for the Victoria Day Long Weekend; and will be returning on Monday pm.

It was rather unexpected; and having "rearranged" things, we are away this early afternoon! The weather forecast looks rather dismal; but we will appreciate the R & R. We are packing our cribbage board, a couple of books, some suntan lotion (if the sun appears), and our "puppy", Blue, who will be 3 yrs old in July. And, of course, good food and drink! LOL!

The forecast is for "cats and dogs" downpour. We are going to our beloved Pasley; some of you may have read about Pasley in my earlier posts. A beautiful ocean retreat, with rustic charm. We will be utilizing lots of candles this weekend; in the event it is raining and dark outside. There is no electricity; (there is propane gas for the stove!) so, we are going prepared. Fortunately, there is a fireplace; so that will be even more enjoyed! Plus, we have not been up there since last year; and in the late fall, the 2 tid cabins were "smushed" by the huge fierce windstorms and consequently, large falling trees. Fortunately, the main area was left standing; including the bit "out house".

Have to go now to get ready, as we have a ferry to catch. Here is wishing you all a nice weekend!

God Bless & Many thanks!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

May 17th - National Celebration in Norway!

Should mention that May 17th is a very special day in Norway, It is their National Day; much like our Canada Day on July 1st, or the American Independence Day on July 4th etc.
My Dad was Norwegian; so the 17th of May was always a big celebration in our household!

Just wanted to share an international tidbit with you!

The Victoria Day Long Weekend, in Canada, is this coming weekend! Alan and I are going to be out of town tomorrow; and will be returning on Monday pm after a bit of R & R.

Here is wishing you all a wonderful weekend; whether it be a short or long weekend!

I will write a tidbitz posting with some bittidz to you tomorrow. Skal!



Have picked the image of a heavenly sunrise and gorgeous rhododendrons! I love this feature picture; it looks so tranquil and peaceful! A 'safe haven' of paradise.

The other image photos are of various colours of "rhodos". Where we live, used to be a golf course; and now a major part of what was the golf course, is now a thriving public garden! It is well known for its beautiful rhodos; and here, we have been blessed with them in abundance!

Took our "puppy" out for his morning constitution; and it is such an uplift to see all the wonderful spring blooms; including the fresh growth of all the mulititudinous rhodos! I "borrowed" - tid tid - a cutting from a neighbour's outstanding vivid pink rhodo (very similar to the photo image); and am going to see if this cutting will produce this unbelievable coloured rhodo! Have a tiny tid of a bit bite size "green house" and I will do my best to nuture the baby fuschia rhodo, to something "great!" Also, the "orangish" coloured image, that you see, is very similar to what is already here in our bit patio; and we think it is a cross between an azaleah & rhodo! It "grows" on you; it is very pretty and delicate; with a most unusual unique colour!

Since we moved here less than a tid year ago, we have looked forward to observing the bits of plant and flower life here and there; and now we are seeing life in full splendour. We have fertilized the existing plants/flowers; as well as adding our own touch; and we feel our tid garden will give us a lot of pleasure!

I welcome your comments! God Bless!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Communication is key! We have had a day - today, whereby the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing! This has been our frustrating experience! Particularly, when we have gone out of our way, to make it so abundantly clear! Practically, "laid out the breadcrumbs!"

Tidbit - Rise above it! No matter how hard it appears to be! I can not understand why things have to be so complex. It is as if it is "a-- backwards!"

So, I just turn to Him and ask simply Him all the more, for His simple direction and simple clarity; to help us, as well as for others, to have a simpler, thus a clearer communication!

Glad too, that it is the evening! God Bless!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

"Bohemian" Night!

We spent the evening, sitting outside on our wee lovely tid of a patio! We have planted quite the colorful garden over the last few days! And tonight, the sunset is just awesome; much like this image photo! ie of the skies, and the trees!

We drank "Skal" in to our senses, a delicious "rum and coke"; and immediately, my mind took flight to the Caribbean, and to our beloved Zihuatanejo, Mexico! LOL! Because we enjoyed rums and cokes on our honeymoon cruise, in the Caribbean, this brought back many fun memories. (the rum was so cheap to buy; and the coke and ice machine was located beside our room - most handy!).

It is the second marriage for us both; and we went to the Caribbean in January / 03. Our state room was right beside a bit of a deck; which was quite private; so there we would sit, night after night, with our rums and cokes and watch the sun and moon go down! When we were in the Barbados, the sunset and sun was practically orange! Unreal! I wore my ivory silk pyjamas; with long cream coloured silk / wool scarf, and it was as if the secluded tid deck was all "ours!" All very elegant; with the rays of the moon upon us and the sea, and its wake, whilst our ship was sailing yet again, for another port. We would stay up for hours; into the wee bit of the early am!

Same wonderful experience in "Zihua" - we would sit outside under the stars on our hacienda deck; and it was so "bohemian!" - so good for the soul!

Tidbit - There is "something" very reassuring and alive, when you are enjoying a nice evening outdoors; particularly with an outstanding sunset, and a beautiful moon! Be it in your own patio / garden, on a cruise ship, in the Caribbean, in Zihua, or wherever your heart takes you; don't you think?

Bittid - Cherish the joys of happy and tender memories! They can last a lifetime!

We are "in" for the night; the planet, Jupiter, is right outside our skylight! Remarkably close; and incredibly bright!

Hope you have a good night's rest! God Bless.

If you have the Faith, the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains!

I posted this particular blog on April 15/07. For "some" reason, I have reposted it! This is so true; and I wanted to re share this message with you as an uplift to us all!

Today's Tidbit - Praise Him in ALL things; regardless of what is going on or, not going on around you; and keep the FAITH!

Have "borrowed" 2 photo images of the Mustard Seed(s) in a hand; and a huge Mustard tree, emerging from only one seed!

Tidbit! The mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds; and yet from ONE seed, the Mustard tree is HUGE! Jesus Christ said,"If you have the Faith, the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains!" TRUE!

So, even in the most difficult of times, NEVER EVER give up! Just remember to ALWAYS have the Faith, the size of a mustard seed! Our Faith in Him, has helped us countless of times.

God Bless!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Pursuit of Happiness

This is an absolutely fantastic movie of INSPIRATION! Talk about everything going wrong! AND to bit, this is a true story!

Will Smith is excellent; and his real life son, plays the wonderful part of his son in this movie! It is a very touching tale of truth; and for those that have had major misfortune or challenges in their lives, please watch this movie! This is a sage bit of a TIDBIT!

Tidbit - Adversity can ALWAYS be overcome! Just ALWAYS have the FAITH! and believe in Him to ALWAYS provide the solutions! This movie demonstrates this tid and tid again!

Bittid - We have empathy for this poor man and his son. Have been there (well, not totally) but close enough! And, it has been our Hopes, Beliefs, Faith, Trust, etc. in Him, that has guided us through everything! I am so happy that there is a movie that endorses what us and others have been / are faced with, at various times. Very very REAL and "down to earth!" And, quite literally, you will see how father and son embraced the Faith, and how they managed to live EACH day at a time! That is KEY to live each day at a time; and to ALWAYS have the Faith and rely on Him!

Amen & God Bless! Thank you!

Sunday, 13 May 2007


Just a tidbitz of a blog! Planted all the geraniums this afternoon! In the image you see, the reds and the fuschia pinks are dead on! I have planted, also a lighter pink (a more vibrant pink than the image shown) and, a white geranium; which is a "knockout!" The white contrast is totally awesome with the rest of the colours! The geraniums look wonderful in our balconey planter!

Prior to the geranium planting, I thought it a tid wise to help Alan with the remaining plants, that had yet to be planted into our soil from the pots. HUGE vast improvement to our terraced patio; and particularly, when Alan hosed down the concrete. In that bit way, the task was completed more quickly! The plants and flowers have all been fertilized - Miracle Grow is fabulous!

Tidbit - You feel so good when you have done some gardening; and it is, indeed, good for the soul!

God Bless you all!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and "Mothers to be!"

Now, that image is really "eye catching!" BUT TRUE!

Tidbit - Nurturing a garden, I think, is like "motherhood!" Planting and sowing of seeds early and often! This brings forth the harvest!

Have often wondered - why the gifts of Mother Day planters, flowers, floral bouquets, are amongst the choice "gifts", given to Mothers. Well, to tidbitulize for a bit, it may just have a tid to do with beauty, new life, growth, and that a Mother's love for her children, never fades; because, it is always forever in bloom!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

First Day of Gardening!

First day of gardening; and at our new home! We were outside for at least 6 hrs; it did not feel like that at all! Fortunately, the weather held at about 62 degrees F. I was in my shorts; thinking "summer is here!" and did not feel the coolness or the heat. We got quite a bit of stuff done! Alan dug holes for our plants that had to finally come out of the pots; he was busy planting the plants; and I planted the flowers. He likes his plants; and I like my flowers! LOL! But, both are important and special parts of our garden!

Tidbit - Appreciate being outside and putting together a garden; be it in a tidbit space or whatever size it is!

We have a small patio; however, our veggies are now planted in planters; and the flowers are planted; save for a few roses that need to be planted into the earth, as opposed to remaining in their pots. I am saving the geraniums for tomorrow! I will be out on our tid balconey to plant the geraniums; along with a bit or two of coffee!

We still need to get some more soil; that will be mainly for cosmetic covering!

It is now evening; am glad to say! It has been a refreshing, restful, and good day! Think I will go and enjoy a glass of vino! Skal; particularly to all gardeners and "would be" gardeners!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Another day has gone! The time has eluded us; like the "Scarlet Pimpernel!"

Yesterday afternoon, I was at the hospital with my mother in law. She has a rare form of lymphoma cancer; and it is treated by the newest type of machine technology, which extracts her blood first; and then pumps the "bug free" blood back into her body. During this process, there are bright lights that "zap" these bugs; as the blood is initially being taken from her body; and then put back; as "germ free" blood. Basically her type of cancer is on the "outside" of her body; whereby, her skin is RED and always unbearably itchy. This type of technology is totally new; so she is like the "guinea pig", hooked to a machine; but, it is better than the alternative. We do not know if the second round (each round provides 12 treatments; 3 months) will be successful. If not, the prognosis is not favourable. She goes to the hospital, twice a week for about 4 to 5 hrs per session. This takes place every other week; 4 treatments per month; in tidwords.

Tidbit - I shared with her; that at least this is worth a second attempt; and that we should just "go on" the hope that it will work! A lot has to do with your mental, emotional thoughts, and attitude. Plus, Prayer and Him!

During that time, her husband was with her; well she was pretty exhausted; and all she is able to do, is to lie there, not move; particularly the arm that is connected with all the tubes, to the machine. It is best she sleeps preferrably, throughout that draining procedure. So, her dearly beloved and I went to the hospital coffee shop; and we had a really nice visit. He has dementia; so it is frustratingly sad; however, he was very animated about telling me wonderful tales about his earlier life; eventhough, he says that he can not remember what happened yesterday etc. Although, he recognized a well known political figure; and he went right up to him and started chatting amicably away! It was rather neat to see! I suggested to him, that he should write a book about all his interesting stories! We hope that they will move to the new "Old Age Home" location; because there is so much more life there; than where they are living presently. We have another appointment this coming Tuesday; to check things out a bittid further. Will keep you posted on things; in case any of you have aged parents etc.

Then I went out for a Mother's Day Dinner and fun 'evening at the theatre' with son, Arthur; as mentioned in yesterday's post.

This afternoon, we went out to pick up our supply of top soil and mushroom manure. 5 large bags; we most likely will need to return for more; but it is a start!

Bittid - It is a lot cheaper to shovel the soil / manure into the bags (pre bought) yourself! You save quite a bit of tid of money! - if you wish to do that bit of physical and economical exercise! LOL!

We then went afterwards to our favourite nursery; selected our fresh fruit and veggies; as well, as picking out our geraniums, impatients, daisies, supertunias, beugonias, and vegetable plants ('sweet million' tomatoes; a cucumber, red and green peppers, lettuce, and spices, such as sweet basil, mint, dill, thyme, garlic chives) We already have last year's growth of parsley, Greek oregano, and rosemary; so it will be a fun venture and challenge to put the tids and bits together to create a wonderful garden haven! We were able to be home before the rush hour traffic picked up for a Friday pm.

Here is wishing those who are Mothers, a "Happy Mother's Day!" and a good weekend to all those who love gardening, and / or enjoying their gardens. We are looking forward to our "outdoor" work tomorrow.

God Bless.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

A wonderful Mother's Day Gift! An evening with my son, Arthur. Thank you Arthur!

Today was a full day; and later in the day, my son picked me up, and out we went for a "Mother's Day Dinner"; and then on to a play afterwards! It was just great; and the play was an impromptu on Shakespeare. Very well done; and the audience was involved as well! My son, Arthur and I enjoyed our dinner first; and then met up with his very good friend and his Mum. So, it was wonderful fun; we are going to do that again! And we won't wait until "Mother's Day" for the four of us to enjoy that again!
Very lovely evening, Arthur. Thank you.

Tidbit - There is always much more to appreciate and treasure, when you spend time with your children; particularly when they are wanting to be in your company and do something "nice!" for you.

With that bit of tid, I am saying Good Night, and God Bless!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Have you ever had a tenant? And, in particular, a "tenant from hell?" Well, it really helps to know the "rules!" That is a gem tidbit! "Being nice" does not always cut it!

We used to live in a one bedroom apt that we just loved! We have since moved into my parents' 2 bedroom townhouse; and we are very grateful for the extra bit of space etc! And, the "Landscaping" post yesterday is a part of our new abode!

We decided late fall, to "fix up" our old "home"; by painting the walls, adding crown molding,( a huge bit of upgrade!), new lush carpets; and then we rented it out! In hindsight, we should have just simply sold it; although, the timing of the year was not the best for promoting sale of a property. We have a "tenant from hell!" It has been a nightmare since Day One; and we have bent over backwards to accommodate "her"; and because we signed a year lease with her, it is a little more awkward; than what meets the eye; now that we are selling the apt.

We have emails on file that show that she has contradicted and thus "convicted" herself; almost as if she has 2 personalities. "Sweet" sweet to get the place; and "nasty" nasty now to leave; regardless of the fair options we have offered her. We are selling our place; and certainly had not planned to do that; but with the advice from our financial adivsor etc; it is the best solution to sell. We even suggested we would sell it to her; she can well afford the purchase; if she so wished. Now being an optimist, that would have been a win / win situation for all those concerned! Instead, it has been most draining; and we have had to deal with lies, yes alas, lies; and it has definitely been a steep uphill learning curve! We have selected our realtor; and it is only going to be with the one agent; as opposed to sharing with another realtor, whom we also think very highly of. The "other" agent, I think was "relieved" because of the "tenant issue!" LOL! And, that is not really a LOL matter!

Tidbit - KEEP IT SIMPLE! Really simple!!!!

So, it has been an interesting exercise or "jump start" journey in life! If it were a perfect world, the "purchaser" and / or "investor" could buy our wonderful place; have a ready made tenant, and then at the end of the lease, they can either renew or do whatever is a workable scenario for THEM.

We are leaning very heavily on Him to help us do what is 'fair, right, and equitable!' That is a very important bittid in "character building!"

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


We have lived here for not quite a tid of a year! Spring is blooming forth; and we are enjoying the mysteries of new growth! The photo images are "borrowed" to give you an idea of what our landscaping will look like! We live in a "strata" development; and it is good, when you have "them" (management and strata council) on your side! When we moved last May/06; we brought our plants with us. ie a good size rhododendrum; a camelia bush / tid tree; a magnolia; and a dogwood tree. Since last year, these plants have really blossomed; and it is "time" to remove them from their large planters to soil! The "chief" gardener was here this am; and everything went reasonably well! In fact, he is more than willing to help us. We are also giving these 4 plants to the "common area"; and that will beautify our section; and give pleasure to all eyes.

Tidbit - There is nothing nicer than to GIVE!

"Mike", the "chief" huncho, volunteered to plant several several daffodils in this "common area" this fall! So imagine how gorgeous those glorious yellow flowers will look; planted in new topsoil, along with our 4 "trees!" That particular spot has been devoid of fresh soil for years! Thus, wonderful new budding beginnings for all!

I am not a gardener, per say; but I LOVE the peace that a "garden" brings to our souls. Gardening; be it actively or 'supervising', is such therapy; and as my parents used to say: "Stick you finger in the dirt". That bittid, really brings you 'down to earth'; and it expands far beyond a gardening perspective! Like, where are you at?

We have a private small terrace patio; and we will be plunging our fingers into the earth, to plant our smaller entourage of plants and roses! Plus, winding various clematis' around the stems of already existing trees.

Mentioned in an earlier posting, a bit ago, that my Dad has a beautiful pink Queen Elizabeth Rose, that I gave him many years ago; we will be planting our "Q.E." right beside his; and we feel this will make a lovely rose combination. By the time we are finished with our tid garden (they say, a gardener's work is never done!), we are looking forward to a bit of tranquil haven, also of humming birds, bees, butterflies and the like!

We were out this afternoon with Alan's Mum. She treated us to a bit of lunch; and then we took her to view the Old Age Home / Hospital; and she really liked it. Basically, it is a difference of night and day, from where she is presently existing. So, next week, we will go back to the place with her and her husband; for them to check it out a tid further. There is a "surge of life" at the new place; and we hope they choose to relocate!

Upon returning home, just a short tid ago, our 4 'tree like' plants had been planted in the "common area!" That now provides an overall 'community' pleasing appeal; as well as giving us a bit more space on our tidbitz front patio.

Gardening is good for the spirits; and what a beautiful time of year to appreciate the perpetual blooms and buds of life! Also, the rebuilding of relationships with family and friends; as well as nuturing the growth of new friendships!

God Bless you all!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Jackson Lake, Grand Teton, Wyoming

LOVE this photo image, at dusk. It is of Jackson Lake, Grand Teton, Wyoming. It is very similar to what we have in our part of the world! Love the storms (within reason) on the water! Gorgeous and dramatic background too!

Tidbit - Appreciate the day for what it was; and give thanks to Him for the dusk that now falls upon us. Am ready for a deep relaxed sleep; and, am listening to the body; that is a bittid of advice! ie. no sense in fighting fatigue; instead, treat yourself to a good night's rest; so that you are fully refreshed for the next day!

Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Tids and bits of kernels for thought!

This popcorn photo image looks so good! Lots of butter and brown sugar to caramalize the flavour! Now, there is a mmmmmmmmm bitz of yummy tidz for you! A wonderful treat; and particularly for a "Sunday night at the movies!" When we next go to the store, we will pick up some tids of corn kernels to pop! - for 'any night at the movies'. LOL!

And then a glass, filled with ice and your favourite pop; and you are all set for the show!

Over the last few days, have had a few serious family issues; and things took a wee bit of a toll. Today, was a day of restful reflection and recharging of faith. The Sabbath Day, is, indeed, a day of rest; and thankful reflection. To take extra pause in Him is good; although we try our best, to do that each and every day! I thank Him too, for sending me Alan, my beloved husband, who is my wonderful support fan.

Tidbit - He wants us to rely totally on Him, for solutions; which He provides. He does not want us to rely entirely on our own resources or completely on ourselves. Instead, He wants a personal, genuine daily relationship with each of us; and wants us to depend on Him. Just ask Him, in Jesus' name, to carry your burdens etc; and it is so; because He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light!

Sometimes though, we allow ourselves, to become "bogged down" with sadness, grief, disappointment, despair, fatigue, anger, etc. There are times, when it is not always that easy to just ask Him for help; when you are feeling heartfelt pain, for example. However, if you communicate more and more with Him, on a daily basis, it does become simpler to be in Prayer, or to "talk" to Him; whatever you feel most comfortable with. He knows your heart; so invite Him in and He will provide the rest.

Perhaps there are a few tids of you, who are experiencing bits of saddened and heavy hearts. Just turn to Him; and you will see that He is there for you.

Good night; and God Bless!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Costume Jewellry

Been a full day; a nice one; however, the time just disappeared too quickly! Am thankful it is evening!

This afternoon, I went through my Mum's jewellry; primarily all her costume jewellry. The Chanel photo images that you see, are similar to what I "found". The chain belt is very similar to a few chain belts that I located today. Plus the other piece of jewellry resembles some of her broaches and earrings; as in the gold, the pearls, and gems. I think they are all lovely looking; and I am most appreciative, and looking forward to wearing them! Fun and good looking costume jewellry!

An interesting tidbitz - I came across approx 10 earrings; and they had no matching earring??? My Mum wore "clip ons" - so, they must have been lost in transit.

Tidbit - Ultimately, I am going to make up a charm bracelet out of these "single" earrings; that will be a nice momento and sentimental tribute to my Mum's memory. Plus, it is a good way of creating and salvaging the best of what there is!

My Mum LOVED Chanel; and in those days, the Chanel design of jewellry, perfune, and clothing ( the famous Chanel suits), was quite the rage!

Bittid - There were also some pairs of earrings; which, I am going to have changed into pierced earrings; as my tidbit ear lobes are not able to hold "clip ons"; let alone these heavy ones that my Mum wore in her day! My Mum passed away in July / 02; and, after much procrastination, I finally went through some of her stowed away "stuff" today. It felt good to have tackled that task.

Here is wishing you all a good night; and God Bless.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Remember this?

This is a "re run" or a "repeat" of the tidbiticle, that I wrote on Feb 21/07. Thought it was tid time to re blog / jog the memory again! LOL!

Also, the Tidbit - That is so true. Interesting timing to rebittidulize; - to never quit, to never give up; and that He will always provide solution; even in your darkest hour. Have had a couple of sad days; and yet referring again to this particular bittid, this has encouraged me to have faith; - 'that all will be well'.

Perhaps someone else is feeling a bit down too; and this may help uplift your spirits a tid of a bit.

Here is the original bittidz of tidbitz.

Does this bring memories back for some of you? LOL!
It sure as heck does, for me... "Simon Says" - that is a fantastic game for developing memory! And, it can drive you nuts....and, it can be like an "addiction!"

How about "Tiddiction" instead? or ta blog, ta blog, ta blog!

Tidbit - Keep on trekking! Never quit! -even at your darkest hour.

Have faith, and call upon Him with an open genuine heart. "He is the way, the truth, and the light!" He will provide; just invite Him in. There are always solutions!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Empathy to all. In this case, a particular Mother.

This post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine; and to other mothers! (and / or fathers, for that tidmatter) I was up extra early this am; and I discovered that she had been up for a good part of the night - worrying about her son! Apparently, he went away for a mini vacation; to a hotel resort, with a casino down the road. Well, the plan was, to go out for a tid of dinner, a bit of casinoing; and then head back to his room after a couple of hours. Upon his return, he told her he would call her. That did not happen. My poor friend was quite literally sitting by the phone; most likely with drink in hand. Most unusual behaviour, she stated strongly. ie " this is just not like him". I can see her quite literally, shaking her head in disbelief and continually feeling "something was not right".

In my yesterday's post, I tidded about being a bit of a "late bloomer~" It is true; have always known that happy belated thought! LOL! Today, however, woke up at a blooming early hour; and presto, there was my distressed friend.

Tidbit - There are NO coincidences! "Something" enabled me to prop myself up, coffee in hand; and greet the computer in with the dawn! We "conversed" for about a half hour; then she heard from her son! Whew! Apparently, he had "stayed" at the casino. She will be seeing him on Saturday; so at that time, she will let him know how concerned she really was for his well being. Right now though, she is totally relieved! And, so am I! Whew! Her fears were / are not far fetched, given what is going on in the world, around us all.

Bittid - Call your Mothers; do not let them worry unneedlessly. Also, a further bitmatter- call your Dads; your loved ones; those, who love and care about your preservation. Mothers' Day is coming up, that just bittidded through my head.

And in today's experience, all we can say is "Thank God!"

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Bloomers! Do not know why I thought of "Late Bloomers" tonight! - it has been a tid late on my part! LOL! I am a "late bloomer!" My poor teachers! Am still blooming; or so, I have been told!

I like 'The Teacher's Prayer!' As long as there are No non bloomers! That is a good encouraging way to put it! However, if you are a "late bloomer", so be it!

Tidbit - " Late Bloomers" or otherwise - If you have the desire, the interest, and the enthusiasm to learn and grow, I think that helps a wee bit!

This "late bloomer" has had a long day; early start! Here is wishing you all a good night's rest! It is pouring with rain tonight; earlier heard the unmistakenable roar of thunder and saw the lightning, right above our skylight; and tid or not, a brief bit of hailing fell upon us during the day!

God Bless!