Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Time out!

Tidbit - It is so important, even in the "busy" times of our lives, to take "time out!" Even if you can only take a few minutes per day; just to take "time out!"

I am thinking of my friend, Cathy. She just recently left her previous job; to have "time out!" She was hoping to have a longer "time out!" ie. to reflect on her next career move; and if possible, to enjoy a summer vacation, at the same time! However, she went to an interview; (the first one scheduled!) and no surprise to me, she got the job!!!! I say congrats! Her job is only 7 minutes away from her home; and it sounds as if the whole 9 yards is right in front of her! How refreshing!

Tidbit - There are times when you know that you just "have to go for it!" and appreciate the right and opportune moments at the right time.

I am glad too, that Cathy has taken "time out" until next Monday, when she starts her new job. I wish you, Cathy, many tidbits of R & R "time out" until then! And, I know, you will always manage to take "time out!" After all, Lady Head Vase hunting and collecting, blogging, the works!

Tuesday, 27 February 2007


This is "Pam!" A most highly sought after Lady Head Vase! My friend, Stacey, has sent me the photo of her special "Pam!"; who is as exquisite, as she is rare!

Tidbit - Lady Head Vases can be addictive! Enough to be tiddictive about! LOL!

They are pottery "vase" pieces dating back to the 1940 and 1950 era (and later); and were originally from Japan. There are various pottery companies; ie in the United States...Napco, Enesco, Ruebens, etc. that produced these little wonders! The Ladies are of all sizes - anywhere from 3" to 10" approx. Generally, 3 sizes - miniature / small (3" (or a tidbit tinier!) to 4.5" tall), medium (5" to 6" tall); and the larger ones (7" to 10" tall +). These unique "gems of Ladies" were a nice added touch to florist shops; and for "special occasions," bouquets of flowers would be assembled in these unique "hole in the head" vases; and then sent / delivered to whomever! I LOVE the Ladies with the "pearl earrings and the pearl necklaces!" Just awesome! Of course, if you are a Lady Head Vase collector, (or on the road, to becoming one! - remember, more than one, is considered a "collection!" LOL!) this may be a fun read! I welcome your comments and stories you wish to share about Head Vase collecting; or any other collections that you are "crazy about!"

Ultimately, these Ladies, have become very collectible over time. There are Newsletters, Books on the subject,(you can track on Google), they are being sold on Ebay, and in Antique Stores etc etc etc! AND THE FUN PART - THERE IS EVEN A HEAD VASE CONVENTION! held in Orlando, Florida every January!!! So, this is a "SERIOUS" adventure, enterprise, investment!(whatever category fits!) It is so exciting to meet "collectors," who are passionate about what they "collect!" Makes life even more interesting! Right?

Tidbit - Whatever your collection is; be it re: lady head vases, toby jugs, thimbles, art, china, silver, plates, etc. take time out every so often, to appreciate and ENJOY what you have already gathered over the hours, days, weeks, months, years! The fun is also, how you "found your piece(s);" whom you have met, the "tales!" etc. all add to the mix, in the "spice of life!"

"Oh What a Beautiful Morning!"

"Oh, what a beautiful morning!
Oh, what a beautiful day,
I've got a wondeful feeling,
That everything's going my way!"

When I was a child, I sang that every morning (or almost every am; may have driven some family members nuts!LOL!) When I posted the image of the robin, that song instantly came to me! It has been many years since I have sung and uttered those words!

Tidbit - Singing is good for the soul! (whether you think you can sing or not!) I just did; and wow! It reaffirms that singing can be a wonderful start to our day!!!! Try it!

Also, the robin, with his morning song: I love that sound! A robin is so special!

Makes me think of the heartfelt hymn (one of my favourites!) "All things bright and beautiful" (lyrics, by Cecil Alexander, 1848)

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All that's wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all.

I just sang that hymn in full; and what a majestic hymn! To refresh my memory of the words and verses, I went into "Google" and there it was - the music playing and the words! It was awesome to sing outloud!

And, I did not care if anyone heard my voice (particularly the am voice! LOL!) A bit of tid! Our doggie, Blue, just lay there, happily wagging his tail, all the while!
It is often said, that "a dog is man's best friend".... well, this is one of those times!

The other tidbit; and it is so true! - "Praise Him in all things!" Amazing how your spirit is uplifted daily with those genuine words of thanks!

A tid of bit - Enjoy each and every day; singing in thanks and with joy! A wonderful and postitive way for uplifting our spirits!

Monday, 26 February 2007

New Obsession! More than just a "possession!"

Yes, a new Lady is in the mix, in the air! actually will be given centre stage in our cabinet! The "Queen" in Green with a glass green hat! I just love her! It was "love at first sight!" I was able to do some "creative planning"; and I can joyfully say, that we have worked out a fair arrangement! She was totally "unexpected!" A TREAT!

Tidbit - Go for the "unexpected!" That is, do not be afraid to embrace an opportunity. In life, there have been too many opportunities that we seem to let slip through our fingers... out of fear, out of doubt, whatever "jail of the mind," we seem to encage ourselves in at times.

She popped in "out the blue" or, should I say, "out of , or on" the green! The green light was on; and off I zoomed! Green golf course full steam ahead!

My friend, Stacey, (who was very kind to have sent me the first Lady Head Vase photo!) is fortunate to be the "Mum" of that lovely "Lady in Green", who came with a hand!! Note that my "Lady in Green", and the other 2 Ladies (in Blue and in Pink) are without hands. Very rare to have the hand!

Nonetheless, I am delighted with my Lady; and feel like a "little child in a candy store!" I will appreciate her all the more, when she takes up residence with us! I normally do not pick names for the Ladies; however, this one reminds me of my wonderful Aunt Steph. Aunt Steph or "Stephanie", was a terrific inspiration to me; and was one of my favourite aunts; who, will forever remain dear to my heart. Unfortunately, she passed away a couple of years ago; however, I can give the "Lady in Green" a name - HER name! And, my Aunt's facial features were SO uncannily similar to my "Lady in Green!"

Also a bit of repetitive tids - Stacey sent me the photo - her "Lady in Green" (with the hand); then there was the "Lady in Blue" that recently sold on Ebay; now there is still a "Lady in Pink" on Ebay; and I am thinking all the while...hmmmm. would not mind to add one of "those Ladies" to our "collection!" Hmmmmmm Oh,I how I wish and DARE to dream big! I feel this was NO coincidence, when I "found" my "Lady in Green!" The "Lady in Green" is my preferred choice of the colours available.(green, blue, yellow, pink, or red); although, I would not turn any of the other colours down either! Well, maybe for now! LOL!

I will do a "tiddbiticle" in a tid, on Lady Head Vases; and, please feel free to share some of your bits, if you wish.

My "Lady in Green" may mean that I do not add any more Ladies to our "collection" for awhile...But, that is definitely A-Okay by me; because, she is well worth it! I will enjoy her special uniqueness and quality, that much more!

Also, to all those that are "collectors" ; I welcome your comments on what you collect, and your happy tales of collecting! "A collecting we will go, a collecting we will go!"

Hmmmmm. In thought or not?

I love this photo!!!!

Hmmmm. What is she thinking about; or maybe not thinking about anything at all! Daydreaming, perhaps....Or waiting for the love of her life! Hmmmmm..Question - Which one of the loves of her life? Perhaps, a Lady Head Vase is in the air?????

Tidbit - How fortunate is one, to have a passion! It is said, that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" ie as in a "collection" (when, there is more than one item, it "becomes" a collection!). If you are one that has a "collection", take a tidbit of time out to enjoy and appreciate the journey, and the quality of each and every piece! Life becomes even more interesting and fun! - for others, as well as yourself! It sometimes, takes a life of its own!

More Lady Head Vase colours to enjoy! However, without the hand!

Here are 2 more Ladies with the Glass Hats! The "Lady in Blue" just sold for $$$ money on Ebay. And the other one, "Lady in Pink" is currently for sale on Ebay. My favourite, is the "Lady in Green!"

Hope you are having a tidbit of a day! Will blog later!

Here she is again! "The Lady in Green!"

Now, comments can be made by all!

Would love to read your comments about Lady Head Vases. If you are avidly collecting them, would love to hear your stories, how you were bitten and smitten by the "Head Vase Bug!"

If you do not know what a Head Vase is, I welcome your thoughts as well; as to what you think a Head Vase is! This could be fun and interesting tids and bits for Gina's Tidbits! hmmmmm.

This particular "Lady in Green" is very rare. I thank you again, Stacey, for sending me the photo! You are wonderfully fortunate that you have the "real thing!"

I will share some bits of tids a little later; after some of readers' comments! LOL!

This is a wow! Lady in Green, with a glass hat!

This is a photo of a Lady Head Vase!

Will fill you in later as to what a Head Vase is! Perhaps those of you who are reading my blog, might want to venture forth a few of your thoughts, as to what you think, a Head Vase is! Or, to those who know about Lady Head Vases, perhaps you can share a few of your own tidbits! My friend, Stacey, sent the Lady to me! - the photo, that is! LOL! Thank you, Stacey! :)

Tidbit - Oh, to bring a wee smile to our faces :) It is wonderful when we have a passion, or a hobby interest! It just makes life that much more special!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Academy Awards!

WOW! After I wrote the earlier blog, I noticed that my font / words were ENLARGED! WOW! I did not touch or do anything; save to speak / write - joyfully from my heart! This is BIG time! Thank you, Our Father!!!!This is joyful! WOW!

Tidbit - Life is a daily "Academy Award" performance; BUT, IN HIS SERVICE! The more you accept Him into your heart, the more your daily life takes on that walk; and "rejoicing" (in HIM!) even in "tough times!" He will see you through it all; just KEEP the faith.

Interestingly enough, the "Academy Awards" are on tonight; and for "some reason", I am joyfully looking forward to watching them...not even having seen any of the movies etc. I sense, there will be a lesson to learn! Yahoo!

P.S. I like the LARGER print....easier tidbit on the eyes...or on mine, anyway! LOL!

Giving Thanks!

There is something very "poignant" about this picture. It "speaks" to me! Love the genuine loving thanks that is shown at this table.

Tidbit - Remember to be always thankful! Each, and every day! And, to rejoice in Him; no matter how difficult "things" may seem!

To reiterate: "He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light!" So TRUE! Hurrah! Just let Him in; and when you accept Him into your heart, your life will take on a totally new and joyful direction!!!! Embrace the changes and Him! And, enjoy the steadfast faith and the courage to stand! The TRUTH DOES set you free!

Also, all things are possible WITH HIM! FEAR NOT, for He is ALWAYS with you. All you have to do, is to simply LET HIM IN; and HE WILL PROVIDE THE REST!!!! Have been blessed with many experiences; and they have not been tidbit ones!!!

God Bless each and every one of us. HE LOVES YOU!!! - unconditionally! It is never too late, to go to Him with an open heart! All you have to do, is to genuinely INVITE HIM IN! ie Those that have a sadness in their heart. and a heaviness within them, He will take your burdens for evermore. It is the start of your walk with Him, and once He is in, He will change you over time, and your life will be forever transformed by Him. ie. "Those that have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the hunger in your hearts". The Bible says, "Seek, and ye shall find!"

Saturday, 24 February 2007


DID IT! Not really too sure how, but it did! hmmmmm.

Tidbit - Keep focused, keep calm, take deep breaths (perhaps several! LOL!) and PRAY! I did that; and the next thing I knew, it happened!!!! YES!

To - "Anonymous" and "Others", as well as "Registered" readers, you can now tidbit your comments, with ease and comfort!



As you can tell, I am still learning the ropes - I think making it more difficult on myself; than need be!LOL! I have spent quite a bit of time this am trying to sort this out! So, in a way, it is not a laughing matter.

Try as I might, I am not able to change the setting to permit "anonymous" or "other" comments? I think I have made matters worse! HELP!

Thanks in advance!

Tidbit - Take a breather, take a deep breath, be focused, stay calm...More often than not, we are our own worst enemy!

Friday, 23 February 2007

White Dove Clouds!

Don't you think that these beautiful white clouds look like white doves? Doves are the symbol of peace! LOVE Doves!

Tidbit - Always do your best to go to sleep with peaceful, calm, and happy thoughts.

We have had a full day today; so am thankful for calling it a day!

Please feel free, to share some tids about the Green Lady Head Vase, as pictured; or any other invaluable bits about Lady Head Vases! I will supply some tidbits tomorrow!


Clouds can have many different meanings and uses. However, today, I will just stick with the clouds that we see above us!

While I was in the bath earlier today, I could not, but help gaze up through our wonderful skylight! It is so awesome to be able to just lie there and appreciate the various clouds in all their splendour! There were bright white clouds (almost, as if there was a light within those ones!), lighter ones, wispy ones; and dark dark ones. Such a painting contrast before my very eyes; and the movement, or non movement of the clouds has always fascinated me - from a small child even!

What really caught my eye, was the bright white clouds that remained at a standstill (had a calming affect); and then the wispy "see through" clouds being rapidly hurried along, by some invisible force. That made me think of life situations. There are "those" who are steady and solid, with a light within; and then there are those who are always churning and scuttering about; always "busy, busy, busy"; and sometimes, do not know which way to turn or go. Reminds me of the "Mad Hatter" in Alice & Wonderland!

Do not know why those thoughts came to me at this particular time. However, then I daydreamed some more; and thought, "WOW!" I wonder if there could be just blue sky, minus the clouds to fit in the above "window!" And, within a couple of minutes max, there was the bright blue sky, with NO surrounding clouds! So, for a moment, it was "picture perfect!" It is said, that "the eyes are the window of the soul!" Very true!

Tidbit - I know that Our Father is all around us. And if you accept Jesus into your heart, or invite Him in (whatever feels more comfortable to you), then nothing is impossible! He is absolutely there!

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Happy Hot Chocolate and to Spring!

Today, was just a gorgeous day, outside! Like spring! Warm gentle rays of sunshine; and temps in the 40 degrees range!(Fahrenheit) Crocus' colours, of purple,rich egg yolk yellow, and white, popping up everywhere; plus the outburst of daffodils! I love daffodils; such a bright heralding to spring!

The fun photo to the right, is of myself, and of the love of my life, Alan, my dear husband. And, with today's "spring like" weather, it made me leap and abound with joyful kangaroo exhuberance, that summer may not be too far away! LOL!

Tidbit - Photos are wonderful momentos to be cherished! Appreciate the beauty of special captured moments!

We are glad it is now evening; when all can rest; and recharge for tomorrow's journey.

For those that may be a tidbit curious, whether I surrendered to a hot chocolate avec marshmellows, last night? hmmmmm! I certainly did! Ended up having a really good sleep too! Hmmmmmm. maybe, I will do that again, very very soon!!! hmmmmmmm.

"Can't win, for losing"

I am discovering that blogs are great! It is, indeed, an interesting forum where people can genuinely express their thoughts, their views, their feelings, the whole 9 yards!

I am a new blogger; however, various "tidbits" keep popping into my mind - like kernels of popcorn! Fun, happy kernels; as well as the more serious ones, with the thought to always uplift others.

Over the last several months, I have experienced a deep sadness and a tragic loss; hidden agendas, the works. However, I am not saying "poor me" (or "poor us").

Aux contraire! I am willing to enlighten others by sharing various "tidbits" be it in blog poem format, or by writing articles (tidbitcles); so that there may be special lessons learned by each and every one of us.

Too many people do not take a stand at the time when they should. When it goes on for long periods of time, well? hmmmmmmm. Not the best scenario, is it? hmmmmm.

Here is a blog poem with a few tids of bit or grit.

Can't win, for losing;
No matter how hard you try!
They continue with their "hidden" abusing,
Totally deaf to our reconciliating cry.

No more, are we pliable putty in their hands;
For them to mistreat us as they wish!
As if we are just merely grains of sands,
To be tossed scantily into a dog's dish.

We will leave an open door, with no nail;
It is up to them, what sincere ammends they make!
We pray for respect and integrity to prevail,
And also for a major attitude retake.

They may think they have won,
Alas, it is they, for now, who have also lost!
Things have been slithered over, one by one;
And now, it is at an ultimate cost.

I hope that this reaches "some ears," as well as being a meaningful message; to all those, who care enough to read this blog. I am blogging our experiences; and to reiterate, that we have done our utmost.

The "air of entitlement" and the mean spiritness, displayed thus far, needs to have a reflective rethink and a readjustment of behaviour.

Until there is a genuine acknowledgement and apology made; we must let it go.

And, to share a TIDBIT, "If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they are yours. If they don't, they never were".

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Did I succumb to a hot chocolate with marshmellows tonight?

There are times, when there is nothing nicer than a rich hot chocolate with marshmellows! This is one of these times, I am dreaming!

Tidbit - "Treat yourself" to something "special" you enjoyed as a child!

I have wonderful memories, in front of the fire, with a hot chocolate decked in marshmellows.

I am about to blog out for the night; but am I, or am I not, going to succumb to a hot chocolate before bed? LOL! Am I going to worry about the calories; or am I just going to go for it? hmmmmmm

Another tidbit - We live only once! Make the best of it!

God Bless!

A Tibdit. Caught your attention! Things are not always as they seem! Now that is a Tidbit!

To those, already in the "know,"
With their words, and deeds unkind.
Hmmmm, would you say, friend or foe?
For we have sorely been maligned.

Their show of public disdain and cruel behaviour,
As if we are lepers, or carrying some deadly disease.
Again, we turn in heartfelt Prayer to Our Saviour,
To seek His help, for righting wrongs with ease.

Lies, deceits, untruths, confusion, and gossip,
Would be replaced by truth, joy and inner peace.
No more false rumours from the human lip,
Instead, our lives would take on a more loving lease!

"LOVE thine enemies as thyself," and have compassion,
That is what we have been told.
If we were to live each day, in this forgiving fashion,
The world would be far less remote and cold.

Remember this?

Does this bring memories back for some of you? LOL!
It sure as heck does, for me... "Simon Says" - that is a fantastic game for developing memory! And, it can drive you nuts....and, it can be like an "addiction!"

How about "Tiddiction" instead? or ta blog, ta blog, ta blog!

Tidbit - Keep on trekking! Never quit! -even at your darkest hour.

Have faith, and call upon Him with an open genuine heart. "He is the way, the truth, and the light!" He will provide; just invite Him in. There are always solutions!

Monday, 19 February 2007

This photo says it all! And instead of a cat curled up, it is our puppy, Blue!

It has been an exhausting few months; and it has simply all caught up with us today! Am doing a short blog tonight.

This image photo says it all!
Am ready to call it a night.
So is our dog who is curled up in a ball;
That is, until he wakes us at first light!

Tidbit - hmmmmm. Am hard pressed to blog tonight. Perhaps it is best, to just say good night. There is a tidbit of truth in calling it a day, whilst I am still "ahead!" This tidbit, of "calling it a day" can be applied to other life circumstances as well.

"They" say, "that it is best to sleep on things"; or "to sleep on it!" That is what I am going to do; as we have some projects first thing to do in the am. Sleep is also the best for making sound decisions!

So goodnight; and sleep well!

God Bless.

Happy face - with hearts, flowers, and apples!

Well, here it is Feb 19th, Monday am. It is POURING with rain; a dismal dark morning! So glad that the wedding had dry weather; as heavy rain had been forcasted for the 17th!

Thought I would post an image of a "Happy Face" so that whomever sees this blog, can always smile! - at least a tidbit of a smile; if not a big smile! Perpetually good, to have a glad, thankful, and appreciative heart! A positive disposition, each and every day helps! :)

Tidbit - "Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone". That is so very true.

Until later, tid tid in a bit! LOL!

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Red and yellow tulips - a touch of Spring!

The Wedding came and went! It was a special day! The weather also held; eventhough, dark clouds were looming, and an ever stirring winter wind.

The bride and the groom and their wedding party looked awesome! All wonderfully attired, and the flowers were exquisite! The minister was outstanding; and shared invaluable advice to us all.

The reception and dinner that followed, was well worth the several months of planning. Every tidbit of detail was covered and was first rate. The speeches were excellent; and my son, Arthur, was the "perfect" M.C. and "MoMo" would have approved!

Glad we were a part of that beautiful day for my daughter, and her love of her life.

Alan and I both support Candice and Jean-Marc, in their lives together. We are, and will be there always for them; and we wish them every tidbit of love and happiness.

Tidbit - Be appreciative of those special occasions! And also, of the happy memories that permeate from such special times.

P.S. The tables had red and yellow tulips as centerpieces. A most refreshing, bright touch! We took our centerpiece home with us; looks gorgeous on our glass table!

P.P.S. In the photo seen on the right, ( ie. of my myself, Mum, and Candice), I wore "MoMo's" dress to Candice's wedding. "MoMo' wore it to our wedding, and we feel that "MoMo", was there "in spirit" with us all. We know she would be happy for her beloved grand daughter.

P.P.S.S. Tidbit -There was a toast to "Absent Friends"; and I know our "MoMo" and "MoFa" was saying "Skal" right back to us all! "Absent Friends" is an old Norwegian custom. It is meant to be a toast to remember special loved ones that are not able to be physically present. Arthur included "Absent Friends" in his M.C. address. A very nice gesture. Thank you.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

The parrots add some colour today!

Well, today is the 17th of February! My daughter's wedding. We wish her love and all the best. The wedding will be a lovely one. My "little girl" is entering into a significant phase of her life. The man, she will be sharing her life with, is a "good guy". So, congrats to you both! Skal to Candice and Jean-Marc!

Tidbit - Take each day as it unfolds; and make the best of whatever happens. Try to turn situations around, that can be changed. Things that are not pliable to change; have the wisdom and strength of character to leave well enough alone. We can always hope there will be some positive steps at a later stage. And hopefully, not when we are too old and grey, or when we are no longer here. That would be a tragedy for us all.

I hope all who read this particular blog (Feb 17 / 07) will gain some insight and courage.

Friday, 16 February 2007

The Rehearsal Dinner! February 15th!

Went to the Rehearsal Dinner, last night. The food was awesome! Wonderful restaurant and the future-in-laws, Mireille and Ole, outdid themselves!- very gracious hosts! Would go back there, in a flash!

We had wonderful "appies"; and then enjoyed various selections of Souvlaki, etc. I chose the Lamb Souvlaki; with the roast potatoes, rice, Greek salad, and pita bread; Alan savoured the same, save he picked the Chicken Souvlaki - yummmm! all so tender! Still tasting the outstanding meal! AND, we have the best part! - some tidbits of "leftovers!"

Tidbit - Do not waste food; take the "leftovers" home in a "doggy bag!" We would be happy to be the dog in this case! LOL!

At the end of the evening, a nice touch - all the women received a lovely long stemmed red rose! A lovely send-off!

Tomorrow, is the special day for the Bride and Groom! Way to go, Candice and Jean-Marc!

Once again, all the best; and we wish you both love, much happiness, and joy in your lives together.

P.S. It was Art, my ex's birthday, as well; so, there was an ice cream cake for the dessert. The dessert was to die for! Or more importantly, to LIVE for!!! Also, there were Sambucca shooters; served later in the evening; and that too, added to the ambience.

Another Tidbit - It is the extra genuine "little" touches and kind efforts of others, that are appreciated; and thus remembered for years to come.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Hmmm, Is Arthur contemplating what he is going to say as "MC" at the wedding?

This photo was taken a few years ago of Arthur when he went to Scotland. I think it is a fabulous picture, both of him and the beautiful country! Very reflective as he gazes over the bonnie green lands of Scotland.

And, as it happens, Arthur is the "MC" for his sister's wedding on Feb 17th. I know he will be awesome! He spoke brilliantly at "MoMo's" (my Mum, his grandmother) memorial service, back in July/05.

We are going to the Rehersal Dinner tonight; so that should be a very nice gathering of the family and the wedding party. It is my ex husband's birthday; so all the best to him on his day; and perhaps, it will be a double celebration tonight!

Tidbit - Have a glad and thankful heart! And perhaps by saying a kind word or two, to all those you meet, may bring a tidbit of a smile to their special faces.

"MoMo", Candice, and Myself

My son, Arthur sent me this photo of myself, my Mum ("MoMo"), and my daugther, Candice. This was taken just a couple of years ago, at our Christmas/Anniversary Party. My Mum / Candice's Grandmother, wanted a party; so we had it at her house (where we moved into this past May). My Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary was also on December 10th; so it was an extra "special" time for our "MoMo!" We did our best to keep her spirits uplifted throughout her last remaining years; and "parties" "helped! LOL! "MoMo" loved people; and was known for her gracious hostess with the mostest!

Love this photo; and I feel it is very appropriate to post it today! Our "MoMo" was so courageous with her battle of cancer of the esophagus! She was diagnosed with it in the summer of 2001; and she passed away in the summer of 2005.

However, in this photo, is pictured the 3 generations. And, inasmuch as "MoMo" is wearing the same dress that she wore to our wedding; I am wearing it to Candice's and Jean-Marc's wedding that is happening on February 17 - just 2 days away!

I know my daughter, Candice, will be a beautiful bride; and she is marrying a very lovely guy. They are a good combination.

Tidbit! Combinations that work, are good! When you have something "special" like that, that is an awesome gift, always to be cherished!

Today, I am remembering our "MoMo"; and also reflecting on how now my daughter is "grown up" and with a whole wonderful life ahead of her.

Tidbit - Enjoy each other, your family, your friends; and appreciate each and every day! Time does have a tendency to slide away from us. Am discovering that now, at my "young" (at heart! LOL!) age!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

"Cupid's Arrows!"

May "Cupid's" arrows aim right true to your hearts! That is, with LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Tidbit - ENJOY the special meaning of Valentine's Day; and may you be as "Valentines" each and every moment; and, for all the days ahead of you!

It would be awesome, if all those in the world, would celebrate daily - by word and action, a "Valentine" type behaviour towards others. "Love thy neighbour, as thyself." and / or, "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you!" (from the Bible)

Hate would prosper far less; and love would flourish in full abundance; if each and every one of us, day by day, followed that counsel, throughout the world! Think of all those "Cupid" arrows, of LOVE.

There would be less cause for wars and far less greed and grief. Instead, there would a genuine fellowship and friendship amongst all mankind. Perhaps I am being naive, but afterall, it is Valentine's Day. Why not push the envelope to extend beyond our immediate comfort zones and borders?

May you all have sweet dreams tonight; and receive some arrows from a "Cupid" spirit, as in "arrows for thoughts!"

Happy Valentine's Day!


Valentine Tidbit! If you have a "sweetheart", let them know they are "special!"

I feel very blessed! My husband, by word and deed, lets me know each and every day, that I am "special!" It is Valentine's Day perpetually for us.

We feel that it is the "little things" that are appreciated, and that matter; ie going the extra tidbit of a mile for each other - daily!

When I was a little girl, I always said. " I am a wucky, wucky girl!" And, you know, I still feel that way! I could not ask for a better mate! Thank you, Alan! You are my Valentine - always!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Rest is best!

I am listening to the body! Went to bed later this afternoon....felt good. My Dad used to say that "sleep was the best thing to help heal any injuries". Well, I followed that tidbit advice; and slept for a couple of hours! Most unusual for me to nap during the day or early evening.

My husband made me dinner....much like the "Tidbits & Snacks" photo; so I had my meal AND snacks in bed! LOL! It was a treat; as I really did not feel like moving around too much. I felt like a little kid, sick in bed! Took a couple of aspirins; and that seems to have eased the discomfort; however, that has made me somewhat sleepy. I am not one to take pills; but glad of it, in this case.

Tidbit - Listen to your body; and take time out for yourself. When your body is demanding a tidbit of rest, best to give in, before further stress hits and takes over.

Maybe the pulled muscles / torn tissues / whatever, is a guide to "slow down!" Of course, we are not getting any "younger" - only younger at heart! LOL!

However, to be "up and at it" tomorrow, I am looking forward to a good night's sleep. The body seems to be saying, "this is no jest, you need more rest, best to rest, to enjoy more zest!" Funny, I almost can hear my father's voice; as if in "Father Knows Best". LOVED that show (guess I am dating myself! LOL!) - was very much like the youngest daughter, "Kitty"; or, so I was told by many! LOL! (Her Dad's nickname for her, was "My Little Kitten"; my Dad called me his "Little Pussycat!")

Anyway, am going to blog out for tonight. Blog you tomorrow!

The sun rises and sets!

I am still on "cloud 9!" - having found my passport! That is such a blessing! That takes care of a whole muriad of things; and also about the ongoing blog saga of a "misplaced" passport! LOL!

Have managed to pull / tear further some muscles in my chest and on my left side last night. It began on Saturday; when I stretched forward; aches subsided a tidbit on Sunday; was somewhat okay on Monday (had other things on my mind!!!) and then last night, when I was getting up in the night, I sprang out of bed, without remembering the slight owie. Well, an owie it was, and still is! I am fine to sit (doing my blog! LOL!); however, it is tough to lie down or to do much movement. Weird.

I guess I think I am some spring chicken! There is not really anything that can be done; save let nature do its thing. - And, may it happen sooner, rather than later!

Tidbit - Every once in awhile, you have to listen to your body! And, take everything in stride; and look at it as an eye opening experience. "Does this mean I have to slow down!!!" - hmmmmm.

Have to (was going to say "run" for now)leave for an appointment. My husband is going to drive me; the thought of turning a steering wheel, does not appeal at the moment! I also managed to get tendenitis in my right elbow (after pulling out boxes, filing cabinets, crates, drawers, you name it, in the search for the passport!)So, I think today is meant to take things at a tidbit pace! However, I will get some other things done instead. (the more "boring" tasks). LOL!

Blog later!

Monday, 12 February 2007

I am smiling all over the place!

FOUND MY PASSPORT! Having gone through ALL the steps.(save for our good friend, not needing to come over, afterall!)

As I was literally putting all the data together, I had more downs than ups. To boot, I could not find my birth certificate card, could not find my prior passport to the one I had "misplaced" - in short, things did not look a tidbit favourable for me, whatsoever. At that point,(only for a moment!) I had considered giving away our plane tickets and resort reservations! LOL! and to just forget about EVER leaving the country! Like, who needs a vacation that bad anyway? LOL! Well, actually, we do!

Well, "under my nose" I found my "missing" passport - it had been there all along; and I just did not see it....(well, it was not easily seen; but there it was, nonetheless!) I guess a positive thing is, that I found a lot of other items that needed to be unpacked from our move. I ultimately found also my birth certificate (it was hugging an inside card insert flap of an old wallet).

It is such a huge relief that the passport "in question", was finally located and put to rest! It does not matter now about the "prior" passport; as the once "lost, has now found its way home!" (for approx another 10 to 11 months!) No doubt, the "prior" passport will return to its flock, too. Would be nice to have the "prior" passport, as a souvenir; as, I went to China in 1998. That was both an awesome trip and fascinating journey through time and history. Loved it!

Tidbit - Remember WHERE you store / stash your valuables; ie if you are going out of your way to safekeep them in a super exclusive hiding place, remember where that is as well! LOL! No kidding!

Glad, there is an upbeat happy ending! Smiling all over the place!

We can all say "Good night! Sleep well!"

Another sunrise! Another day! Getting prepared for Mexico!

Well, a lot has happened already today and it is only early afternoon! Had various appointments; managed in between to have my photo taken for my new passport.

My passport is "where I last left it!" LOL! I have simply put it in such a safe place; and with the recent move, it is merely misplaced. So, when it is found, I will hand it over to the "authorities!" We are proceeding with applying for a new one; inasmuch as we are leaving the country in midish March. So, time is of the essence to have all the documentation completed. Fortunately, our previously scheduled airline tickets and booked resort reservations, will greatly facilitate and expedite this application process. ( helpful tidbit!)

Interestingly enough, a TIDBIT - when you have a passport photo taken now adays, you must have no glare whatsoever in the picture. ie no glasses, no lipstick, no shiny foreheads, no smiles - in order for the passport to be accepted and processed duly. The reason for this, is for immediate identification; and internal security data, throughout the world. Basically, this new infiltration extends even to what you just had to eat - every tidbitty bit of detail! No one is taking any chances, these days. My photo looks like a "MUG SHOT" special; but apparently, that is now what "they" want from all those who apply for new passports, renewal of passports etc.

That having been done, am now in the process of collecting all the "required relevant ID "tidbits" on me; so that I pass with flying colours! Tequila time! LOL!

Our very good friend is stopping by tonight, after work, to be my personal guarantor on the application for my new passport. Hence the photos and all the vital statistics, will be ready for his 'eagle eye' perusal to confirm "all is in order", before he signs his "John Henry". Then, I am off to the Government Agency / Passport Office, with documents in hand! Could have the makings for another blog venture! hmmmmmm.

Whew! After just going through all the various channels of applying for a passport, it is worth taking a vacation! LOL!

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Sunset; and in memory of our friend, Rick

This is a photo of a sun set! And yet, here is also a figure pictured in white; looks to be that of a young man, who may be walking on the water!

My son, Arthur, called earlier today; and he gently reminded me of a dear young friend of his and ours, who tragically and suddenly passed away, a year ago today. Rick left behind a young beautiful wife and a baby son; it was a devastating loss. I appeciate my son drawing our attention to this day. Thank you, Arthur; that was very kind of you.

I "found" the above photo image; and it seemed appropro to post this image. Rick was a tall, dark haired, handsome, vital, athletic, and compassionate man; he was so many wonderful things to so many people. He was never afraid to try (ie - to get out of the boat and walk on water; or weather the waves, the storms etc). He never gave up; and led by example. He was a doer and a good man; and he taught us much; - a friend to all he met. This is in memory of him.

Tidbit - Eventhough, Rick has passed away, we have him forever in our hearts, and we can enjoy the happy memories that he left behind. He would not want us to grieve; but to just take a moment and see his kind smile, and know that he is okay.

God Bless everyone who reads this blog. Hope the tidbit helps others who may be grieving the loss of a loved one.

Good Night; and gentle dreams to all.

Flowers are such a treat! even as blog images!

Am in the process of turning the house upside down and then some! May have to admit that my passport has been "misplaced" in the late spring move. I still feel it will "turn up" - however, I am filling out a passport application, along with a form re: "lost passports". Quite the interesting experience! Almost feel as if I am a criminal...however, with all my previous passports, and a few required I.D. pieces, am confident it will work out. Fortunately, we can "take in" our itinerary of our flight, accomodation info; and apparently that helps speeds things up to have a new issued passport!

Whilst searching, I have "unearthed" some "stuff" from the move; and, tidbit by tidbit, the boxes in the garage are becoming less and less! So, that is all to the good! Tidier garage! LOL!

Tidbit - always look on the bright and positive side!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! hmmmmmmm,"Say it with flowers!" Your loved one will appreciate you letting them know they are "special!" Just a little cupid tidbit. However, I think it is just as vital to let that "special" person know they are "special" all year round; and for the years to come!

This also goes for friends and family. Let them know you care and that you appreciate them!

Faith overcomes all!

Good Morning - again!

Tidbit - "You can not walk on water, unless you get out of the boat!"

That is so true in life's experiences. When you try, it is amazing what happens; even if you think you might fail. It is better to keep on trying; so that you do not coninue to be amongst 'the cold and timid souls, who know neither victory or defeat!'

I have chosen a photo image of a beautiful sunrise; and what a wonderful way to start a day....seeing an awesome sunrise! However, the rain (it is raining today) can also provide a joyful refuge.

Tidbit - Take delight in being appreciative of all things. This can be difficult at times; however, faith overcomes all!

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Love the colours!

Today came and went! Too fast!

My daughter's wedding is on the 17th Feb. While I was out and about today, I picked up my dress from the tailor (was my Mum's dress; which she wore to my wedding 4 yrs ago; so this makes "our" dress extra special!), bought a pair of really comfy shoes for the wedding (that I can wear again!!); and a pair of short "stirrup" boots, at 50% off.

I guess a TIDBIT that comes to mind is - "Do what you can today; and therefore, do not put it off until tomorrow!" ie the dress and the shoes.

Am going to call it a night. We are about to watch a good movie!

Love the photo (of Oahu!) with the hues and the rainbow. Nice peaceful thoughts before bedtime!

Hmmmmm.....I can relate to this! LOL!

Good Morning!

I can well relate to this! Will return to blog later! Thought this was a tidbit of fun to start the day! LOL!

Friday, 9 February 2007

Savour good and happy thoughts!

Cathy, I am trying again to give you a large photo!(the horses remained the same size, no matter how hard I tried!) Hopefully,this time will work! How about a tidbit of this cake? and perhaps a glass of pink champagne? Maybe this will be a bit of a treat, after a long tiring week! This cake really does look GOOD! Love the icing/decorations. Yum. I am hungry just looking at it! LOL!

Tidbit to us all! - Regardless of the past week, the past is gone; comforting thought in some ways. ie no use crying over spilt milk, because it is gone. The future is promised to no one; so it is today, that we must be present in. So, savour good and happy thoughts; and having said that, here is wishing you all a good night!

Sleep well; and God Bless!

The "borrowed" Blue Heeler image / photo!

Nice photo...but not quite the same as our Blue....

Blue on the deck!

Have this picture too! Blue here looks very intent with his stick on the deck. Thanks, Arthur, for emailing me the 2 photos of Blue...

Blue in the grass!

I love this photo of our Blue! And, it worked! Have a larger picture; and of the puppy that is so dear to our hearts!

Wild horses in the snow!

This photo is for Cathy! I am racing to experiment with the larger size photo! In this case, "Wild horses in the snow!"

Tidbit - Take some time out for yourself to simply enjoy some R&R! ie posting photos on the blog!

The week has come and gone; - again! So, are our lives rapidly moving, as in a pack of wild horses, fleeting in the snow! A little tidbit - make the best of the time you have been blessed with and ENJOY!

Thank goodness it is the weekend! LOL!

Did it!

Managed to "replace" the previous main photo; with the recent one of the 2 of us, celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, on Dec 10 /06. Hurrah! I did it!

However, I may have "lost" the previous nice photo that my son posted originally for the blog. hmmmmm. And so far, I have not able to re locate that one anywhere in the computer files/folders/whatever. OOPS! Arthur, maybe you could please email it to me; and then I will attempt to add / save it to my pictures. Thought this photo was easier to see; the other one was quite dark, according to some who were reading the blog. LOL!

Tidbit - Sometmes, you have to take a tidbit step and not be afraid, that the computer will turn around and bite you! LOL! Or,if a picture disappears! LOL!

Will tidbit in a bit! LOL!

"Practice Makes Perfect" - tidbit in posting a photo!

A quick FEW sentences! LOL! Our dear Australian friend, Trish, took this photo of Alan and myself on Dec 10/06. It was our 4th wedding anniversary; same date as my parents! We were fortunate to have Trish stay with us for a few days; and we look forward to having her stay with us again next year.

It is a lovely photo; however, next year, we will be a tidbit less in weight! LOL! Pictures generally add on about 10 pounds. (I am thinking, at least here! LOL!)

Cathy, you will be able to see a tidbit of our Lady Head Vases to the far left! LOL! Will write back and also contribute responses in your great blogs, a tidbit later. Have to go downtown shortly, for a meeting; which also involves a tidbit of lunch. hmmmmmm.

Tidbit - "Practice Makes Perfect!"

Determination to follow through! ie somehow managed to post this photo! LOL! hmmmmm.

Thanks again, Trish, for taking this joyful photo of us; and emailing us with this fun wedding momento!

Red Cardinal - on the bright sight!

Good Morning!

Tidbit - Any day you wake up, is a good day! Don't you think? And, doing one's best to always look on the bright side?

Here is the Red Cardinal; amidst the snow and the cold! Bright, vivid red colouring -a nice contrast to the winter scene, pictured here.

Took another look at the "real" photo of Blue; versus my "borrowed photo!" There is the face view of Blue; however, if you were to see him, at a side view, he is similar and dark in colour, as in the "borrowed" photo.

Another time, I will show a full photo of our puppy; and you can see for yourselves.
I love the photo, Trish has taken, at our Christmas party.

There is Blue, our "watchdog" in the front hall; is he wondering where the "exit" is? LOL!

Will write some more "tidbits" in a later bit; as I need to "create" some more tids of info! LOL! Plus, there will be more tidbits of time to spare!

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Actual photo of Blue

Just got home! Glad to be home!

Am sending a photo of our dear Blue, our Blue Heeler! Trish, our very wonderful friend from Australia, sent us the picture of Blue; and yahoo! I was able to "post" the "real" photo on tonight's blog! I think the photo I "borrowed" earlier; and Trish's photo, are quite similar. Still think our doggie is better looking! LOL! Thanks, Trish, for sending us this! Much appreciated!

It has been a full 2 days....action packed!

Our trip was wonderful; and very well worth it!

Tidbit - "Show compassion towards others"

That is a very true tidbit! Perhaps you have experienced showing compassion to those who have misjudged or acted inappropriately towards you. When others have been negative towards you; be it in ignorance, fear, doubts, whatever; and when, they become the recipients of postive results, they have a wake up call. This was / had been our case with a small community, where we have a small business, for the past few years.

The saying and a tidbit of info - "Love thine enemies" is also valid. Well, amazing what transpires when you put this thought into action.

The town has realized now, that we are genuine participants in rehabiliating and revitalizing their community; and that we are there for the longterm!

Another tidbit - "Know when to call it a night!" Am going to do that now! LOL!

Good night! God Bless!

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

"Don't sweat the small stuff!"

"Top of the morn'n to you!"

Well, we are out the door! It is about a 3.5 hr drive ahead of us. In winter conditions, it may take us a little longer. We usually say about 3.5 hours;which includes refilling of gas (at cheaper prices, generally), a bathroom stop, and possibly a coffee and a little tidbit to eat. Depends on the hour of the day; and / or, how hungry we are! LOL!

Tidbit: "Don't sweat the small stuff!"

If you think you have forgotten something, do not worry about it. Just go with it or without; (LOL!) and make the best of it! I do not think we have forgotten anything?! However, at least we do not need a passport for this trip!

Have a good day; and blog you sometime later tomorrow pm!

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Tidbit from our Blue Heeler, "Blue" - "Say goodnight to the blog, and listen to your dog!"

Our dog is a Blue Heeler (an Australian cattle dog) cross, with an Australian Sheep Dog. You can see a tidbit of Sheep Dog in him; but he definitely has "the look" of a 98.6% Blue Heeler! He is 2.6 years old, and is a great animal; as well as being a very loving and loyal family pet member.

I will post a photo of a Blue Heeler; that is extremely similar to ours. Of course, I think our agile "puppy" is better looking than the one pictured in the photo! LOL!

Tidbit: A Blue Heeler is highly intelligent (hmmmmm!) and do not cross with him when he is trying to do his "herding bedtime tactics!" LOL! ie I am blogging; and he is nodding his head and doing his best to say, "C'mon, time for bed! We have an early start tomorrow am!" So, I think I will heed his gentle nipping advice! Plus, I want to be able to blog a quick tidbit, before we head out of town in the morning. idea what the tidbit or photo image will be!

Our Blue Heeler's name is "Blue". His eyes are blue (which is rare)and his blue collar suits him. You should see him when he wears a blue bandana! Looks like quite the Australian Homestead Dog! Needless to say, we take him everywhere (that it is possible) with us; so tomorrow, he will be coming with us. He is a great car passenger; LOVES the car.

I had better go for now. Good night!

Fresh flowers!

Love these flowers of spring! - which is just around the corner!

Had a full day; and glad to be home! The hockey game is on TV tonight; and so,go, Canucks, go!

Went down to the Passport office this afternoon; and picked up all the necessary documentation to have a new passport processed. Forgot about having to have photos taken first. As mentioned earlier, I have "misplaced" my passport (most likely in our recent move); and passports are required for entry into the United States. We are planning to go to Mexico in March; so we have to move on this quickly. Bit of a drag; but necessary. As it happens, my passport is up for renewal early next year. Once this is done, I am fine for 5 years; so, perhaps, this is a positive head start!

Tidbit - VERY IMPORTANT! Put your passport in a safe place; and, REMEMBER where you have put it! Also, if moving or travelling, keep in mind where it is - at all times. Less likelihood of misplacement etc.

We are going up country tomorrow for our business; planning to be back late Thursday pm. Will blog in the early am; and then upon our return.