Saturday, 25 June 2011

Be ever thankful!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a bit of a while since I last wrote a tid of a post (June 8th). So many things to do, in such little time, it would definitely appear. Alan and I have been packing practically non-stop. However, we now have a place to relocate to - as of ten days ago. We will be renting for a year or more; (perhaps an option even to buy then - however, we are not thinking about that, at this time). At any rate, we have the breathing room to step back, to re evaluate, and to recover from these last couple of roller coaster years.

To reiterate and recap, you may wish to refer to my June 3rd post of 'Looking Forward!' re my thoughts. "Alan and I have sadly observed inequities, deceit, collusion etc; so we are now in the legal process of resolving things in a fair fashion. We take comfort and solace in Knowing He IS our Refuge and Strength' and that He IS our Advocate for Truth and Justice. He HATES inequities!!!"

We are still on that winding trail, on the cliff, and we are more assured than ever, that He Directs our path and that Truth and Justice prevails. Everything is in His time, in Accordance with His Will, Purpose, and Plan. Yesterday evening, an ephifany tidbit came to me. ie. 'It is our responsibility to Rely upon Him!' Yes, He has promised to take care of His children (all of us), but we MUST have total trust and faith in Him; that He provides the help that is needed, the solutions. Alan and I are joyful and thankful that 'all things are possible with Him.' The New Testament passage - "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me", keeps pulsating within my heart and oozing enthusiastically throughout my veins.

Alan and I are, indeed, moving forward. It is a change - a major one for sure; however, we are looking forward to our new adventure and to eagerly go forth with what unfolds, day by day. We are making the best of it and our rented home will be a very cosy spot. My daughter, son-in-law, and our twin grandsons live a short distance away; so it will be all the more special! All the modern conveniences are within walking distance; how neat is that!!! Also, we know our pup, Blue, will adjust to his new surroundings, as there is a small garden.

Eventhough Alan and I have been on the go, we have appreciated reading daily, the 'Daily Journey with Christ', a free booklet that we receive monthly from Pastor Charles Price, of Living Truth. We identify with his insights; as this is exactly what we have experienced and where we are at presently. No coincidences here, folks!

A big heartfelt thank you to Pastor Charles, for sharing his solid teachings and messages of encouragement. His ministry, as well as several others I have referred to (in previous posts), are uplifting, as in a 'breath of fresh air' to us! Also, the Bible, which is the Truth, is all the more awesome and meaningful, in our everyday experiences! For those of you who wish to know more etc, I encourage you to check out these ministries.

I am glad it is Saturday morning; as I can sit here with my elixir of coffee and reflect thankfully upon our Blessings. I am also enjoying the large cup that my son made for me for Mother's Day. You can refer to my May 8th post, if you wish a bittid of background. ie. 'A cherished mug shot on Mother's Day!' You can see the above picture.

It is raining; however, I am grateful for this gentle and refreshing rain. I pulled a bittidz muscle yesterday in my back; so I am moving rather slowly at the moment. Alan and I have been doing most of the packing ourselves; as we need to be prudent with the moving costs. The movers will primarily be moving the furniture and the heavy non-breakables. ie. books, that sort of thing. It indeed, has been a journey; however, we know that He is there with us through and through!

The new owners came by yesterday (We did not need to apologize for the war zone of boxes etc. LOL!) to do further measurements. They are an older and delightful couple. They will be making major renovations and we are happy for the 'face lift' that our home will lovingly receive!

Will share a tid tale. Within the last week or so, we had a mound that 'appeared' in the carpet, in our den / family room. Of course, that room is where we have a number of packed boxes. It turns out it is a fatigued membrane; and fortunately, it is not our problem (nor the new owners), as it is occuring from the outside. (ie Strata's responsibility).

Also, the crew of pressure washers were in the complex and our outside tap (the freezer part of it, is fatigued as well). Well, when the hose was attached to it, we had quite the flood in our kitchen, part of the den and front hall. Towels were literally floating along the kitchen tiled floors! We are thankful too, that this is an external issue as well. All the units are being prepped for painting. The pressure washers had to discontinue temporarily with our place; and since then everything has been mopped up.

As it happens, the new owners are not moving in til September, as they are doing extensive renovations. So needless to write, our packing etc has been quite the uphill challenge. The risen mound has not burst fortunately. Once we empty the den of the sofas etc and all the bit boxes, the carpet will be lifted up and all will be put right.

Meanshile, the sun has been attempting to appear several times; amongst dark threatening clouds (rather picturesque). So, it is an extra perfect day to rest, methinks. Particularly, when I thought I was back in my twenties yesterday manoeuvring bittidical boxes around. LOL! Have had to do some 'admin' stuff, (which I keep putting off! LOL!) so, this will be a good day to attend to that tidbitical task. Now it is pouring with rain; and the lush greenery and surrounding colourful foliage stands out magnificently against the black skies.

Hope to be back before we move to our new abode. We have a number of matters to attend to; however a tidbit - 'Just keep on trekking. Trust and Know in Faith that He is with you, every step of the way!'

Also, a bittid or two - i.e. Romans 8;28 - "And we know that God causes all things to work for the good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." I confidently keep saying that, amongst other passages, as well as being thankful, in all circumstances. And, we do have much to be thankful for! Also, from Hebrews 11:1 - "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Recapture the momentum, Canucks!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, I am totally dismayed. To quote our friend who was over here the other night (she brought the above cake)- "I think the referees are on Boston's payroll grrrrrrr - did you see Henrick get a stick in the face and no call? It is hard when we have to play against two teams - Boston and also the referees."
My comment back to her: "I am so disgusted with what is going on, that I am not even watching the game...Alan, however, is watching the game and you are right...grrrrrrrr. BAD NEWS......"

We all like to win as opposed to losing a game...But, and there is a tidbitz but. Personally, I am competitive when playing sports; however, I would not want to win a game by this bittidz ??? manner. I am literally shaking my head. If the Canucks lose a game, fine; but not by these bit ??? calls. And what it would appear, too little, too late, when there were some 'late' calls made to make 'them' (the officials) look 'nicey nicey.' (Give me a tid break!)

I have enjoyed watching the Canucks for several years; and it has been my impression that when various games are woefully lost, are generally lost because of the ??? calls (or non calls) made by the refs / officials. 'They' appear to do well by heaping all the penalties on us, and turning a bittid of a blind eye to the other team. I might add, it would appear that the Canucks may lose interest in playing the rest of the game? I do not blame them! ie. My first thought -"Why not just surrender a white flag and give the Boston Bruins, the refs, and those behind the scenes, who really call the shots, give them the game /the Stanley Cup Series - as in here, take it...." However, NO....Absolutely not is my head and heart space!

This is now the 2nd game played on Boston turf. When the Bruins are on our turf, well, personally, I just hope the calls are all fair and square and to encourage the game as to how it should truly and fairly be played between the two teams. Maybe I am like a 'Mrs. Cleaver' - as in a 'Leave it to Beaver Mom' - but this is ??? Again, "Go Canucks Go!" - 'Canucks, recapture and reclaim the tidbit momentum and just DO it!!! Play like you did in the first two games!'

No question, Thomas is a good goalie for the Bruins. Good on him! However, it has been the missed penalty calls that I sorely question; inasmuch as the other team was 'let off the hook' at ??? times, when there should have been some obvious penalties called against them.

Will keep you posted; but for now, I am callng it a night. It is a beautiful night, so we will go out on our balcony and appreciate the beauty of a spring evening. We have been packing all day; so now it is time to rest.

Good Night, Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Go Canucks Go!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

A lot has happened since I last wrote a bittidz; and I will share more tidbitz before too long.

In the bittid meantime, we have also been watching the Stanley Cup Finals (from the comfort of our T.V. at home) and last night's game (score 8 - 1) was a complete surprise! ie. It was unfortunate about the injury of the Boston player, Nathan Horton; however, was a four game suspension really necessary? (given past track records of certain Boston players who should have been suspended, but were not?). As it happened, Aaron Rome of the Canucks, was suspended for four games; basically for the rest of the series or a 'carry over' into the next upcoming hockey year.

All I can say is, I support the various announcers' tidbit insights re: the officiating calls of last night's game. Not much more needs to be said; as all you need to do, is watch the game and see for yourselves. In the next game(s), may there be more of a level playing field.

That tid being said, I just enjoyed some 'Boston Baked Beans' for dinner; and it was delicious. However, I am hopeful that our team, the Canucks, will fare much better tomorrow night and may they have something more positive to 'toot' about in the next game. I am now and will be saying 'Intercessary' Prayers for all of our Canuck team to being extra focused and mightily strong in their execution of all their shots. I will also Pray for fair calls.

Our good friend was over last night for a bit of dinner and the photo is of the wonderful cake she brought over for the dessert. "Go Canucks Go!"

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Looking forward!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, we are definitely in limbo. We have no idea of where we will live; save that we must pack up and move everything within a month. There are some options re: relocating; but again, everything comes down to tid 'timing' and resources. Alan and I have sadly observed inequities, deceit, collusion etc; so we are now in the legal process of resolving things in a fair fashion. We take comfort and solace in Knowing He IS our Refuge and Strength' and that He IS our Advocate for Truth and Justice. He HATES inequities!!!

Also, yesterday, Alan and I enjoyed reading the excerpt, ''Follow Me' from Pastor Charles Price of Living Truth's monthly booklet, 'My Daily Journey with Christ.' To quote: "Where we are going is irrelevant to discipleship, it is Whom we are going with that's important." "Come follow me,' Jesus said, 'and I will make you fishers of men.' (Mark 1:17).

Interestingly enough, that is Alan and I right at this bit time. We agree that it is not where we go; but WHOM we are taking the journey with. This gives us further encouragement to 'keep on trekking' in FAITH and Trust in Him. Thus far, we know He has sustained us; so would He do any less now? He Prevailed magnificently on May 17th; as Justice was served. So, we know that the rest will unfold as per His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan. We can be joyful in thankful anticipation!

Alan and I know He has a Purpose and we believe steadfastedly that He, as Our Father, knows what is best for us. That tidbit, goes for each and every one of us.

A dear friend of mine called us yesterday and it was as if the 20 years or so, have not been a distance between us. She will be coming out to visit and I told her that we may be seeking shelter in our car (hope not; but 'short term pain, for long term gain', as the bittid expression goes) at that time. Again, everything is 'timing.' Another wise and dear friend of ours (she knows who she is) says that 'it all has to do with timing.' True tidbitz; and I will further add, that it is all to do with His timing.' Hence, I am 'at peace' because He always Provides Solution! Alan and I are looking forward to the 'adjustments' / changes that are before us.

We are glad it is the weekend; as it has been a bittidz of a marathon.

I love the above photo image; it looks so peaceful, green, and lush. We are on to 'greener' pastures; meaning that the Holy Spirit is within us, wherever we go. We are grateful for each and every day; and it is best to 'live one day at a time, and keep things simple.' Rely upon Him and He will Direct your path, as per His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan. We believe He has a great plan for all of us!

Peace and God Bless.