Monday, 12 November 2012

Honouring my Mum

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a very relaxing Remembrance day (Monday). My Mum's birthday is today and I miss her. (I miss my Dad too; as well as others dear to my heart, who have passed away). We do, indeed, have so much to be thankful for.

In my case, I have already mentioned it, that I was adopted. My Dad said that I was 'made to order' - as in a 'carbon copy' of him and my Mum's makeup etc,  To me, my children are a gift!  Interesting are some of the tidbit traits they have inherited - ARE from me, their Dad, blood parents / blood grandparents, as well as with what I grew up with in the environment that I was raised in. In a tid nutshell, I am totally grateful that I was adopted into a family who wanted children and who gave me the best that they could give me, with what they had. I have from to time, been a bit curious (primarily for medical reasons for  future generations) to check into, as to who my 'blood parents' might be. I have not been given much info; save that, both were athletes (which explains things) and so forth. If they are alive today, they would be app 82 and 83 yrs of age.

Today, I am honouring my Mum. She did her best with what she was given and you know, I learned a LOT!!!! (or now, I am!).  She was from another 'ERA' (as was my Dad) and I was brought up in an 'European household' (hurrah!) - where there were manners and ethics etc. Today, I think some of us are known as 'dinosaurs.' We grew up in an era where there was NO entitlement or 'attitude' allowed etc. I know of what I tidbitz write; very sad to say.

Alan and I love each other; our love grows stronger each passing day. I am thankful that he is a Christian (he has been misunderstood most of the time) and that he has shared the message of Christ with me. We know that Revelation is HERE. Just a matter of time when we are Raptured.  We can rejoice, knowing where our future eternal address is going to be!  At the same time, it is very disheartening to see what is going on throughout the world these days and who will be left behind.

Both Alan and I have been experiencing bittidz tough times (since Sept 2008) and we have been relying on Him to Direct our path and Provide for us. He has done that! We do have a few 'sticky wickets' coming up; however, we are abiding in Faith and Trust in Christ, that He will Sustain us, as He has steadfastedly. Today, we have been looking at many options for Alan and something just has to 'gel.'  I have been given more hours of work; and my shift has been moved to a later am time (which I am thankful for too).

Just fiinished reading the monthly booklet, 'My Daily Journey with Christ', published by Pastor Charles Price, of Living Truth. ( or Alan and I are very appreciative of the monthly booklets we receive in the mail, from Charles; as they have helped us immensely through our daily walk in Christ. We really appreciate Charles and his teachings and for those of you, who wish to know more, tune into his ministry.

Today for ex. 'God Doesn't Promise To Tell Us What He Is Doing' has been extremely invigorating, considering all that we have been experiencing each and every day! ie. To quote Charles: "Our trust in Christ is not a blind mystical 'we just hope everything will work out', but rooted in God's revelation of Himself in His Word." 'David encourages us to pray the words he worte in Psalm 110:133 -  "Lord, direct my footsteps according to Thy words." In Psalm 37:4 (I love this one!) he writes: "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Personally, I am with that 100%!!!! I can see why David, was a man after God's own heart!!!!

Tidbit - Just keep having the Faith and the Trust that there will be a 'breakthrough' from Him; as per His Promise to take care of His children. 

Bittid - Accept that everything is to be in ACCORDANCE WITH HIS WILL, HIS PURPOSE, AND HIS PLAN.  'Ask and Ye Shall Receive.'  'Seek and Ye Shall Find.' 'Knock and a door shall be opened unto you.' Keep on enduring and do NOT give up, EVEN when things may not look as how you would like them to be. Perservere and Give Thanks to Him; regardless.

You will look back on the day and realize that He has, indeed, Helped you through it. Say your Prayers of Thanksgiving and do that each and every day and night. Ultimately, as you reflect, you KNOW that He IS there for you.

This is a photo of a beautiful Queen Elizabeth Rose, that my Dad used to enjoy growing. Gave my Mum a great deal of pleasure too, to see it climb and bloom so wonderfully. (If you wish, you can refer to my older posts, going back to April 30, 2007 etc). My Dad used to grow roses (as a bittid hobby) and every day, he would wear a miniature rose in his lapel.  Eventhough, you do not see that anymore;  I have been Blessed with those sentimental family memories!

Peace and God Bless.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thanks in Remembrance 11/11/11

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is November 11th, Rememberance Day. Much to be thankful for! (as per my post from yesterday).

This is just a short post for today. Want to share that Dr. Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministries) gives an awesome message on VICTORY OVER  UNFORGIVENESS. Methinks it is best if you were to tune into to hear his insights of  wisdom and encouragement. He is right on!

Am thinking that it is / can be a bit of a sad time of year for many people..Today for example, in remembering those we have loved and lost. I am thinking about my parents, and that they tried their tidbitz best to bring us up. Both of them have passed away and I miss them. And looking back, I realize how much they did do for me; and I am grateful!  My children's other grandfather recently passed away; so it is now our turn to carry the mantle of  the life cycle, of being the 'older ones'; as in grandparents. We have beautiful grandchildren and more, most likely in the future (hurrah!); and so as I reflect, I realize that the years have passed by us too quickly!

Tidbit - Make the best of today; as the span of life is too brief!  Instead, be a Blessing and of good cheer to others ( regardless of your circumstances)..

Bittid - . Life is too short to carry and bear grudges, resentment, bitterness, anger; hence having unforgiving hearts.

Dr. Stanley talks about a situtation with parents or If one dies and there has not been the opportunity to say goodbye, he gives some good counsel, in how to have that weight lifted from your hearts. Again, best if you access his comforting suggestions. To quote:

"Express forgiveness, even if the offender has died. We can vocalize our forgiveness while imagining that person seated in a chair. This works because God hears our conversation and settles the matter in our hearts."

He is also talking about 'laying it all down.' ie. past hurts, you name it. If one has an unforgiving heart, how can we expect our Heavenly Father to forgive us?  Please refer to Matthew 6: v 14 & 15 after the Lord's Prayer.

Guess I am digressing a bittidz. I know that my parents and I had our tid moments.  Am thankful,  I had the opportunity to spend quality time with them and also to say 'goodbye' (in a gentle loving way) to them both; when their times were up..

Also was fortunate with my ex-father-in-law. I called him up to wish him a 'Happy Thanksgiving' and he was happy to hear from me. I mentioned that we have much to be thankful for; and he heartiily agreed.  I asked how he was and he said, 'I' m doing okay.'  Eventhough our conversation was brief; he added in closing, that he held me in very high regard (or words to that effect).. I replied: 'I do as well, towards you.' So, if nothing else, I am grateful that I had that special moment to speak with him. I had no idea that he was going to pass away a short while later. So, for those who may feel extra sad at not 'saying goodbye' to loved ones,  take solace in what Dr. Stanley suggests.

Today is also exceedingly quiet. I am also remembering our fathers and thanks to countless other brave souls who fought in both wars for our freedom. I say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU (those were my thoughts for the 11:00 moment of silence to remember: 'the 11th month, the 11th day, and the 11th hour').

We are feeling the forecasted 'Arctic air mass' and it seems more like bittid winter, than fall. There are still leaves on various trees; but our tree out front, is now displaying pussy willows, as well as few scant leaves hanging here and there.

Alan grew this wonderful purple Braveheart plant from seed and it is still alive in mid November!.

Hope this has been a tidbit of comfort to all those who are rermembering, feeling sad etc. throughout the world.

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Much to be thankful for!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, (that is a deep subject), a lot of tidbitz has been going on and / or not going on. Hmmmmmm. Where to begin, where to begin???

Guess today has been a good bittidz start. It has been a beautiful sunny day! We have enjoyed our patio immensely and have appreciated the warmth of the sun's rays and the garden life that is still abounding with fresh lush colour. We still have tid rhodos that are blooming and / or reblooming! We have a south / west exposure; so methinks that helps quite a bit!

We have crows, starlings, thrushes flying about to gather their winter harvest. Alan feeds the crows with tidbit 'treats,' ie.what is left of our Science Diet dog food.  Both amusing and interesting to watch their interaction, as well as seeing their impatience of expectation for their treats!  The starlings seem to fly in clusters; top heavy on our tree out front; however, they keep coming back for more! They are also amongst those scavenging for the 'treats.' The crows and the starlings seem to have a respect for one another and 'take turns.'

As mentioned earlier, I have returned to work. Completely a new field for me; albeit customer service is the common denominator. "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" - is so true; and these days, one wants 'repeat customers!'  Have experienced my bittid 'moments;' but have hung in there, with the hopes of adding uplifts to both my team mates and the customers.  Was just given more hours for the upcoming week; and I am thankful for that 'gift.' A little earlier, I said a Prayer for my team mates; whom I feel are all like 'gerbils on a treadmill' (me included at times too). So, I feel and have an extra tidbitz of gratitude!

A very dear friend of ours (and he knows who he is!) sent us this wonderful insight on "Picking Fruit.' This happened to arrive right at the 'right moment' (NO COINCIDENCE!). I had been feeling a bittidz downtrodden, browbeaten, dismayed, disenheartened. overwhelmed etc by various events that have been taking place around us.This really uplifted and buoyed my tid spirits, and perhaps it will do the same for those of you who have also experienced your bit 'moments.' - be it in sadness, grief, let downs, stress, disappointments, discouragement, deception, exclusions, and so forth.

Picking FruitTGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman
Saturday, November 10 2012

"So I gave you a land on which you did not toil and cities you did not build; and you live in them and eat from vineyards and olive groves that you did not plant" (Josh 24:13).
I live on a golf course. Golf has been a part of my life since I was eleven years old. It has taught me many life lessons. I went to college on a golf scholarship and later turned professional for three years.
I often walk at sundown for exercise and use this time to pray. It is a quiet and beautiful place to walk. When I walk, I usually find one or two golf balls along the way. But one time was different.
On this particular walk, I began to find golf balls everywhere I looked. When I had collected 5, I began to notice how strange this was. Then, it became 8, then 10 and finally my pockets were literally stuffed with 13 golf balls!
When something unusual happens in our daily life experience it is a time to tune in to your spiritual antennae. God is often at work. So, I prayed, "Lord, what are you saying through this?" The answer came quickly: "I have called you to walk a specific path. I will bring the fruit to you. All you will have to do is pick it up and stay on my path for you. That is what it means to abide in Me."
The people of Israel conquered the Promised Land as a result of obedience, not sweat, toil, or natural talent. In our work life call, He desires to give us fruit from our calling when we fulfill the unique purpose for which God made us. You will not have to manipulate the outcome. Abide completely in His presence and purpose for your life so you can pick the fruit He desires to bring into your path. His nature is to do exceedingly beyond what we can think or imagine.
What fruit can you see in your own life?

Last night, I was really upset / concerned to the point where I had to get up (2:00 am) and I was 'directed' strongly towards the Bible. I happened to 'turn to' (it fell right open!) to Psalms 40 - 'God Sustains His Servants.' That gave me a great deal of comfort; so I was able to fall back asleep, with a complete peace and have a confident calm. ie. Verse 16: " Let all who seek Thee rejoice and be glad in Thee." I re read the passage today; as well as Psalm 39 ('The Vanity of Life'),  Psalm 41 ('The Psalmist in Sickness Complains of Enemies and False Friends'); Psalm 42 ('Thirsting for God in Trouble and Exile'); Psalm 43 ('Prayer for Deliverance');  and Psalm 44 ('Former Deliverance and Present Troubles').

I thought: WOW!!!! Psalm 40 IS right on; as are the other ones I have mentioned!
We are seeing much unfold before our very tid eyes; and it is very distressing to observe what is going on around us. Be it close or from afar.

Tidbit - God can use you; be it in your strengths and / or weaknesses.  Do not ever feel inadequate about your weaknesses. Trust in the Holy Spirit for His Purpose. It is both a learning curve for you and for others, whose hearts are touched by Him.

In my case, my weaknesses are being used by Him; in helping and encouraging others; by bringing out the best in them.  Upon a bit of reflection,  I have had an ephifany; along with a thankful heart! Many lessons are continously being learned along the way.

Bittid  -  Abide in Him; and He Abides in you.

The story about the golf balls, is such an awesome example, methinks! Thanks again, to our special friend! Alan and I (we are not alone!) have a lot of uncertainty before us; and we are Seeking Him out for Clarity, Understanding,  a Discerning Spirit, Wisdom, and His Guidance etc.  I Pray that, for all of us; particularly during these unsettling and disturbing times. Revelation IS happening all over the world; and we all must be ever READY!!!  The Rapture will take those who are with Him; and those who are left, will be left wondering????...... That is WHY, it is so crucial to genuinely INVITE CHRIST INTO YOUR HEARTS NOW; so that you are assured of an eternal address in His Kingdom.

I am looking forward to watching / embracing the Vision Channel and Joy10 T.V. tomorrow. I have made reference to them in the recent posts; and for those of you who are curious / and or wish to learn more, tune into them! They provide great resources of solid info and hope!

We are glad it is the weekend and we will be enjoying some movies tonight on our T.V.  I have tomorrow and Monday off; so I will be remembering those who fought so valiantly in both world wars. Peaee to those souls who died to preserve a better life of freedom for us all.

The photo is of our beautiful tree in the evening, that was of full fall foliage; until the rains and winds blew away all the leaves a few days ago.

Peace and God Bless.