Friday, 30 May 2008

Glad it is the weekend!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has been a full day; the time just evaporated in a tidbitz! Accomplished much!

The weekend again! And, we are glad! Tomorrow, we are going to our beloved Pasley with son, Arthur, and a few of his friends; and it will be so refreshing to be back up there; eventhough it is only for a bidbitz stay for two days and one night! We are not packing too much (ie food or clothing; maybe a bit of drink! LOL!); as it is our first time up, since Thanksgiving of Oct/07. The sun has now come out; in full tid brilliant force! We are hoping this warm weather will last over the weekend. We are leaving very early tomorrow am; and we hope the time goes by extremely slowly! LOL! Arthur and a good friend of his, an outtstanding carpenter, have rebuilt our family deck(s); so we want to see for ourselves, these wonderful additions and changes!

Tidbit - When you have 'time off'; make the most of it! Appreciate each and every moment! Any matter that is pressing, just know when to 'put it to bed'; chill out and deal with 'stuff', when you return home. By then, 'cooler heads will have prevailed'; and decisions are more astutely and accurately made.

Bittid - 'Praise Him in ALL Things'. I know I keep saying that; but it is the TRUTH!

The above bittid photo is an actual picture of Alan and I on our 'old' Pasley deck, taken a few years ago! We have not really changed! Still quite 'bohemian!' LOVE the water! Arthur is going to do his tidbit best to catch us all some 'crab' with the birthday present (crab pot) he gave me a couple of years ago. LOL! Nothing nicer than fresh ocean crab, cooked and smothered in garlic, butter, and lemon! Skal! Mmmmmmmm!!!!!

Here is wishing you a nice weekend; and God Bless.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Enjoy the simple things in life!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

I just love that bit photo image of the dear tid 'frog'. Am going to post this cheery 'frog' again! Has a whole new meaning for me; as these 'frogs' are wonderful 'scrub' containers. Should mention that the cream coloured 'frog' has a nice flowery design on its top; no marking on the bottom; and the brown 'frog' has nothing on the top; but a signature on the bottom. A bittid of tidbit trivia! LOL! I 'introduced' the 2 'frogs' last night outside in the evening sun; and whilst we enjoyed our 'spring cocktail', the 2 of them, looked really cute together. However, back to the custody of the kitchen sink counter for the brown 'frog'; whereas the cream 'frog' will be our custodian for our tidbitical garden tools.

When I was a child, I used to catch 'tadpoles'; like most of us. However, I also used to 'catch' frogs; live ones in the early summer ams, when I was 7 years young. I would lie in wait, if you will; and then scoop the little tid ones up into jars; and then transport them back, to a good sized cardboard box; which was 'outfitted' with bit grasses, rockeries, even a dip pool; to make it a 'comfortable home' for 'them'. That worked out well; as the bit frogs were not big enough to leap out over the box. One day, when my Mum was having some 'neighbourhood ladies' over for tea; I brought my box of 'frogs' for 'Show and Tell'. My Mum suggested that I really should let these poor things loose. I did so asap; and literally frogs were hopping and jumping everywhere! Quite the hilarious scene; as well as a frog jumping into a tea cup or two. Guess I 'digressed' for a bittid!

Today has been a really strange tidbit day. The Judge has rescheduled her 'judgement' for June 19th; so until then, we must be patient.

We have other things 'on the go'; and with various telephone calls today, we will be heading out shortly to tackle a few bittidz projects. We are also planning to be out of town for this weekend; so any extra tidbitz tasks we accomplish today, we will; so that we are 'ready' for whatever takes place tomorrow.

Tidbit - Keep things simple and appreciate the little bit things; and 'found treasures' ie in our case our discoveries of the cream 'frog', the 'tree' from the garbage; and the other 2 items; the brown 'frog' from under our cluttered kitchen sink; and silver escargot holders (once black black) stashed in the drawer. Puts a smile on one's face! (You can refer to yesterday's post if you wish).

Bittid - "Praise Him in ALL Things". Know that He always has a Plan for you; and all for the Good. Just genuinely let / accept / invite Him in to your heart; and He will Provide the rest. Also, when you have tid 'moments' that are 'in limbo'; just enjoy the journey; while you rely on Him, and 'wait' for His Solutions.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Finding ' Treasures'

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

This morning and afternoon have gone by quickly; however, a lot of tidbit things were accomplished! We attended to our business, as well as 'tidying up' bittid loose ends, that have grown to fruition on the 'back burner'. Managed too, to rearrange our kitchen; and amazing what a bit of tid organization does in one's spirits! Let alone, house! LOL! Meanwhile, Alan added some 'green thumb' touches to our patio / garden; and now it is 'ready' for company! The tables have been washed; and with all the green and lush healthy and thriving plants, flowers, herbs, veggies, our garden is a cosy retreat. Within the next month or so, we will treat ourselves to a barbecue, 2 comfy lounge cots, 4 cushy chairs, and a heat lamp; which will be great for all year round use and enjoyment. We think Costco or Home Depot will have good selections, as well encouraging the best prices.

Whilst I was cleaning the kitchen, I came across some very black black bittidz pair of 'escargot holders'. Amazing how wonderful they look, now that they have been avidly polished to a sparkling glamour! They are of old silver; and they came with the house! (belonged to my parents). I was not sure what the 'tongs' were originally; and thought they were perhaps 'ice tongs' or a 'tea bag holder'; but no, 'escargot holders', suggested by Alan. I will happily go with that designated tweezer tidbitz description; and now all we have to do is have some escargot! LOL! Mmmmmmm. Sounds good! I LOVE Escargot; and it is always an appreciated treat, whenever I have them; which is rare.

Also yesterday, our tid Camelia Bush was replanted by the Strata landscapers to a better location; (beside our kitchen window) because the 2 large thriving rhododendrums in the front section, are blocking its light and thus crowding / curtailing its otherwise, healthy growth. The other Camelia is a 'tree', that is planted firmly in our back patio side area; and the blooms are still a beautiful pink blush. There is also a bit plant called 'Acuba?' which WAS 'disastrous' looking; and had been a part of my parents' garden. However, Alan repotted it, fertilized the much neglected plant; and now, it has also been transplanted to the same location as the Camelia; so it should now be happy in its new home.

Tidbit - Appreciate finding treasures! ie 'Other peoples' junk can be someone else's treasure'; or bittidical words to that effect. Just depends on the given situation at the time.

On Monday, we found an old Christmas artificial pine / bamboo tree in the garbage area, along with a cream coloured tidbitical 'frog'. The 'tree' looks so 'at home' on our patio, against the brick background; and the 'frog' fits right in! I guess the 'frog' typically belongs on the kitchen sink /counter; as it is designed to hold SOS pads etc; however for now, that will be our garden scrub holder 'frog'. We recently found; yes found a dark brown 'frog' (from my parents); so that now inhabits our sink area. That 'found' tree will look wonderful in our front hall at Christmas; and we just happen to have some 'funky' decorations that will make it 'shine!' Otherwise, it will reside outdoors.

The above photo image is of a 'frog'. Perhaps this looks familiar to you; and you may even have one of these, plunked on your kitchen sink? The 'frog' is actually very handy to hold bit dish scrubbers etc.

Bittid - Appreciate the discovery of 'antique items'; and then to further enjoy polishing them up to a brilliant restored elegance!

We were anticipating our court appearance tomorrow, re: the sibling saga; however, the Judge has had to postpone the date; so when I know a tid of a bit more, you will know more as well.

Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tuesday Morning Reflections

Good Morning or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We SLEPT in this morning! Dog and all! Good thing we did not have any early appointments! When I say we slept in, it was til 8:30 am! Even our Blue! So up I 'hobbled'; not jumped; however, managed to get a few tidbit things done. Am so grateful we have a washer and dryer! I think if I lived in a country where there was no access to machines or WATER, it would be quite a scrubby challenge. Hmmmmm; makes me appreciate each and every bittid thing all the more! However, one would make the best of it; and create a 'system' of sorts, a) to have water and b) to wash the laundrey. I feel for China; no water; am thinking a 'pipe dream' ie - pipelines to carry / transport water; however, the dams are falling apart and the rivers are polluted. Hmmmmm.

We watched a bittidz movie the other evening with the recent Oscar winning actor, Daniel Lewis. He was excellent in the role; and how greed can play such a havoc upon lives; inasmuch as the movie, 'There Will Be Blood', portrayed the man to be consumed with his own zest for power and single control. He did not encourage competition; in fact got 'rid of any contenders'; he wanted to be the 'Kingpin' at all costs. He did get what he deserved at the end of the movie; interesting ending. The tidbitz is, it did not have to be that way; but 'power corrupts'; or when the authority is usurped or not properly followed and / or wisely delegated, chaos reigns instead.

Maybe I should 'sleep in' more often! LOL! Am presently appreciating my freshly brewed cup of coffee brought to me from Alan; and inasmuch as I took our Blue out for his quick bit constition, it feels good now to have my foot up on the pillow, which is elevated on top of our waste paper basket, beside our computer. I also am thinking about one of my best friends, who tragically died approx 1.6 months ago; and she and I used to enjoy our 'chatter' and / or 'banter' on the phone. And as we did not live too far away from one another; we would meet for coffee at each other's home. When our children were small, we would meet for coffee / home made muffins (she was quite the baker!); while they were at preschool; and those were fun times. And, of course, there were some days when our visits would be extended to lunch; as she and I 'carpooled' and the kids were good tid friends. So, 'Lynn', eventhough I miss you, I know you are at peace. I was just looking to locate a post I wrote about her; and yet at the moment, I am not able to find it. How quickly the time has gone; as it does not seem that long ago!

Will say, when I was out and about with Blue, I ran into a couple of our neighbours; they are lovely people. He recently lost his wife (she passed away); and she her husband (has dementia; and has to be in an institution); and every morning, they go for a neighbourly walk together. They are both in good shape; for being in their 80's.

Love the above photo image of the 'Queen Elizabeth' Rose! We have our first pink 'Queen Elizabeth' Rose picked; and it is awesome in our Norwegian Hand hammered silver vase. I will attempt to take a photo; and ultimately see if I can connect photos to our computer, hence blogs.

Tidbit - Appreciate your Blessings; each and every moment.

Bittid - 'Praise Him in ALL Things'; each and every day.

God Bless.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Monday, all day!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

I feel as if it is like a bittid holiday today; as in a Memorial Day Weekend; eventhough we are Canadians and live in Canada. However, my thoughts go out to the U.S. on this most memorable day.

We have been up very early; and have been going non stop - phone calls, etc. Monday mornings / early afternoons are usually the tid times to get 'everything' set up for the week etc.

My ankle /foot is still causing me a bit of grief; quite swollen and sore; however, can only do the RICE plan for so long. I am still following 'Dr.'s tidbitz orders'; to keep off my bittidz foot; but it is easier said than done (after a point). Am sure some of you, can relate!

Today, is also a day of 'waiting' upon 'stuff' that has been set in motion. And, we are doing just that; in between handling everything else. We are grateful that we can enjoy our business from home; ie wearing casual attire and appreciating life from our home and Spring / Summer garden. The above photo image is similar to what our climbing hydrangea will look like, on our brick entrance way to our house. (you can refer to August 13/07 post, if you wish).

Tidbit - It is a 'matter of waiting'; and you just need to 'wait' patiently for Him to provide the Solutions. Quite opposite from 'Procrastination'; that I was referring to, in yesterday's post. He wants us to rely totally on Him. We have thrown all our burdens on Him to Prevail; and in FAITH, He will! Am appreciating the journey as it unfolds, always with changes, for each and every day. It is a lot easier on one, when you can live in the present; not lament over the past (ie 'spilt milk'), and not to 'pre worry' about the future. Simply, He wants us to live one day at a time; ie 'the past is gone, the future is promised to no one, and to appreciate today, for what IS'. And, at the end of the day (today), you can thankfully say you have made it through / survived today! And thus, it goes; day in, day out.

Bittid - When you are faced with lots of petty, insignificant tidbitty details, 'FEAR NOT', as He states. The bittidy 'out of left field' challenges are 'decoys' to throw you off the course. Simply, 'Praise Him in All Things'; and let 'the water fall off your back, as in a duck to water'.

Am now going to continue the tidbitzing of our outdoor storage cupboard / shelves; to be 'ready' for our entertaining bittidizing in our garden / patio.

God Bless.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Happy Sunday

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a really nice tidbitz Sunday, thus far! A very warm day; but much appreciated! Glad we did the final of the 'plantings' yesterday; as it is quite humid temps. No bittidz complaints though!

Enjoyed our first tid meal (brunch) outdoors on our cleaned off patio table! Scrambled eggs, with all the herbs that I had picked the night before to go with our meal; as well as, bagels from Costco, homemade jam, and a glass of champagne! Fresh fruit and cherry tomatoes also added to the definitely much to be thankful for!

Watched 'Enjoying Everyday Life' with Joyce Meyer, and 'The Living Truth' with Charles Price. Both had very interesting gems of info today. Alas, we missed 'The Hour of Power' with the Schullers, save for the last little bit; which was / is about FAITH.

Tidbit / Bittid from Joyce Meyer - Basically was / is about 'Understanding Righteousness'; and how you can be the person God wants you to be. Making the right choices, taking the right stand etc. When you are full of joy, the evil one has a more difficult time to drag you down. Rather than saying: ' I will enjoy my life more - 'when the kids leave home, when I have more money, when I retire, when I lose weight, whatever the exucse is; enjoy your life NOW. In short allowing 'Procrastination' to take over, and always wishing for something you do not have. By acting in Faith, and having confidence within yourself (even when there are moments you lack the confidence), by believing in yourself and in Him, your burdens of 'yesterday' disappear. If you have a poor image of yourself from deep within, you are caught in a 'trap'; which is where the evil one wants you to remain - unhappy and imprisoned by your feelings of low esteem etc. Instead, 'look in the mirror; look what you got, and work on it; make the best of it!' and rejoice in your everyday life. Have JOY in God; not in 'stuff'.

Bittid / Tidbit from Charles Price - Charles feels that God Guides you in the area of Marriage. The best thing I would suggest is for you to hear what he has to offer; as it is very good advice(his website or on the Vision Channel). You can also read Genesis 24, in the Bible, to shed a bit of light as well. A healthy marriage is based on mutual respect, mutual trust, and a mutual love for each other. Alan and I met, as in an 'Answer to Prayer'; much like Charles and Hilary. Hilary spoke on Mother's Day to all us Mums; (you can refer to the May 11th post on Mother's Day, if you wish) and I thought she was terrific; right on with her thoughts! As Charles said today, when God has a hand in 'things' (already pre destined), He is Committed to you, on whatever it is, He has called upon you to do. Marriage etc.

Hope the above tids and bits helped; they have certainly been / are good bits of tids for me.

Here is wishing you a great Sunday! Love the above bit photo image of the Queen Elizabeth Pink Rose. A single rose, in amongst the other buds, is starting to bloom in our tid patio / garden.

God Bless.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

A Tranquil Saturday Evening

A quick P.S.

We heartily enjoyed the ribs! You can either use 'barbecue sauce', or make your own mixture for the marinade; and then add the various tidbitz spices. Did not have room for the salad and veggies; hence the picked bittidz herbs will be fridge fresh for tomorrow!

It is a beautiful sunset tonight! We are glad it is Saturday evening; that we are home, and can 'bohemianly' chill out.

Alan had a call from a good friend, who needed some tid sage advice (the herbs are on my mind! LOL!). Hopefully, he will follow Alan's helpful bitful suggestions. The long distance call happened during our dinner; thus our appetites were somewhat lessened; which was fine; as the ribs were extremely tidful filling! However, did have room for a glass of red wine (South African!). Skal!

Tidbit - Roll with the bit punches.

Bittid - The TRUTH always appears in interesting and mysterious ways. Our friend, who telephoned, further endorsed 'things'. There are NO coincidences.

Sweet Dreams and God Bless.

Enjoying the garden!

Good Evening or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has been a very relaxing tid of a day! The weather has been fabulous; and that has really helped us with a bit more gardening in our tidbitz patio / garden bittidz setting.

When you are outdoors, working with your hands in the soil, you feel such a calm and peace within; and also, joyfully anticipating the magnificent growth from your labours! We have now planted all our herbs and flowers; and they 'look amazing' , if we say so ourselves! LOL! Now, with regular fertilizing and daily TLC, we look forward to many wondrous creations! Love the above photo image! Mmmmmm.

Meanwhile, we have spareribs (very reasonable $, from Costco) slowly cooking; and oh, they smell soooooo delicious! Mmmmmmmm! Tonight, we will enjoy also, some of our garden produce; ie butter lettuce, sweet basil, oregano, parsley, chives, garlic chives, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, sage, marjoram, with our meat, salad, and veggies! We also have mint and dill sprouting now in abundance; along with 6 cherry tomato plants; 4 / 6 being the 'sweet million' variety! They are excellent; and for those of you who love cherry tomatoes, those are the best! Have also planted a 'chocolate mint'; sounds wonderfully good to me! To be used in tidbit desserts perhaps?

Cleaned off our patio furniture and now it is set up invitingly for the upcoming warmer weather seasons. We are going to look for a barbecue (ours gave up the ghost last year), a heater lamp,(to be appreciated also in the fall & winter months), 2 cosy comfy lounge cots, and 4 cushioned chairs; all to be 'found' at an excellent price! At least, that is my thought! LOL! (Maybe, a 'Father's Day Special Sale!').

My bittid ankle / foot is slowly mending; still somewhat swollen; (am not able to put much weight on it; but whatever...) and I have found that not wearing any support on it, is better; because the wraps have a tendency to 'dig in' to the flesh etc. Plus, I am discoveing that heat (sunshine LOL!) seems more therapeutic than the ice treatment. Perhaps, when you first injure yourself, ice is a necessity, to be applied asap. The warmer temperatures certainly have been a plus! At long last, in our part of the world!

Tidbit - Appreciate and delight in the beauty of home grown herbs / veggies, and flowers from your garden or patio / garden (such as ours). We will attempt to grow strawberries sometime; guess you need a special strawberry pot? He created the Universe in 6 days; so whenever I am outside in a garden, I always think of how magnificent and awesome His Creation IS.

Bittid - Tomorrow is Sunday, a Day of Rest. Praise Him in ALL Things.

Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, 23 May 2008


Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Had a sound sleep last night; and woke up a tid early this am; to a beautiful sunny spring morning. Yesterday, the weather was 'iffy'; until the end of the day, when the sun came out in full regalia; whereby we enjoyed sitting out in our bit patio / garden and admiring our freshly planted herbs and flowers.

Alan is just brewing me a small pot of coffee; and I love the smell of coffee; particularly first thing in the morning. A friendly aroma throughout our whole household. We have a full day ahead of us; starting with a much needed hair appt for me! LOL! As they say, when your hair looks good, you feel good. Apart from my bittid foot injury, I do feel good; however, am looking forward to the 'before and after' look. LOL!

Alan just brought me a cup of coffee; delicious! I am really grateful for him; in so many ways! Of course, he says the same of me! LOL! He also just took our Blue out for his daily am constitution; as I am not quite up to tidbit par with my ankle / foot. There is not much one can do, for torn ligaments; save to follow the 'RICE'(Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) regime. Could have been far worse; ie in a cast; and then my mobiliby would have been far less. They say 'short term pain, for longterm gain'; so am doing my best to adhere to the 'RICE' plan, so that I am back, sooner rather than later. Also, Alan will be driving me shortly to my hair appointment; so I will have to sign off for a bittidz. Love the above photo image!

Tidbit - Be appreciative of your mate. Let him or her know daily they are 'special' to you; and genuinely thank them for their love, kindness, and thoughtfulness. You can look good together; but it is the 'combination' that is the tidbitz key, ie 'Teamwork' and understanding; you just 'click'; and without question, you are there for one another.

Bittid - Appreciate each and every day; and 'Praise Him in ALL Things'.

Also, here is wishing all those who are honouring this 'Memorial Day Long Weekend' (May 26th), a most meaningful and reflective one.

God Bless.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Good to have a calm and a peace within

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

And, no I am not crazy! Just reread my tid post of yesterday; and what I saw, was what I saw! And, very clearly! Have had some other bit out of the ordinary 'experiences'; however, this one was very 'poignant!' And, for what it is tidbit worth, I felt a whole lot better, as if a ' huge weight had been lifted from my heart'.

Today has been a most 'strange' day. It would appear that the closer one gets to the 'truths of various matters'; more bittid 'stuff' hits the fan; like all the notches are turned up!

Tidbit - When you 'Discern' (I like that word) the TRUTH, there is also more 'heat' directed towards you. Take solid comfort in knowing that He has already WON the battle! 'Praise Him in ALL things!'

Bittid - Have a 'calm' and a peace 'within', knowing that He is your Advocate!

Love the above bittidz photo image of the Queen Elizabeth Pink Rose! We are looking forward to the beautiful blooms from our 2 climbing Rose bushes, we have in our tidbitz garden / patio.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Illumination and Letting it Go!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My apologies; did not write a post yesterday. The day came and went in a bittidz!

The morning found us doing our business, and in the afteroon, we 'planted' our garden herbs in our tid garden patio, as well as our colourful geraniums on our bit balconey's planters. The weather was fluctuating back and forth; as in pouring rain, dark skies, cold, sunshine, warmth. Go figure.

Have a bittid of a tidbitz to share with you. About mid day, when I was soaking in our bath tub, and gazing up through our wonderful skylight, and in the midst of Prayer (I was feeling a tidbit weary and needed an uplift); all of a sudden, the rather gloomy sky brightened. Kid you not! AND, I saw 8 to 12 glowing Crosses in amongst the clouds, each illuminated by a light in the centres! Then I saw on the edge of some clouds, (as you would see on a map of coastline edges) with soft pastel blues and pinks; almost a 'rainbow' effect. Also then saw a wee tid of a rainbow by 'itself' out in front, with all the 7 spectrum colours! I thought WOW! I Praised Him then and there in ALL Things! And immediately felt a lot better; I think too my bit foot has 'weighed me down' a bittidz as well. After that, I 'hobbled' into action; and starting the planting; and yes, it was raining on and off.

My son came over for dinner; and we had such a fun visit! The 'Mother's Day' flowers I received on May 11th, have lasted for quite a tidbitz of time. I was able to rearrange the living ones into 2 cheerful displays; and there is a 'therapy' in working with your hands; be it gardening, cooking, whatever.

Also, was able to finally work out an equitable fair family use of our summer cabin; and I believe this is the start of better relationships between our family and my brother's family.

Tidbit - Do your best to do what is fair, right, and equitable; and have a Generosity of Spirit. However, always leave it to Him to Provide Solutions; just by 'letting it all go!' I did that very thing; and left it in His Hands to work things through for all of us. And, He did! ie Our summer schedule is now 'streamlined' to ensure a win / win 'give and take' decorum between us; so that we can all enjoy our 'cottage by the sea' for many many years to come.

Bittid - Always have a thankful heart; even during challenging and or fatiguing moments. Think positive thoughts; Pray for Solutions to the GOOD; and Keep things SIMPLE.

Love the above photo image; the message says it all!

Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, 19 May 2008

The 'Gridiron Gang' - so true in life!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Where to begin! Well, maybe with today, thus far; and the other forthcoming thoughts (ie from the Vision Channel; you can refer to yesterday's post, if you wish) are for each and every day.

We SLEPT IN this am; including our Blue - until 9:00 am! Guess our bodies needed that refreshing reinforcement. Mind you, we did watch a couple of 'late movies' in the warmth of our cosy bed. Plus, we were outdoors most of yesterday, which went well into the evening; so the fresh air was a major factor!

Mid morning took us to our favourite 'produce farm' and the place was 'hopping' with people; and it is a rainy day to boot! There are also some other nearby 'farms'; which we 'support' as well; but in bits and tids; as we are 'loyal' to our favourite 'farm'. We visited / bought there first, then went over to the other two, and then returned to make additional 'garden investments'. I like that word! LOL! All 3 'farms' are uniquely talented; but this 'farm' is extra special to us! Perhaps, when I gently patted the owner on the shoulder, she just 'beamed' - like she was just 'glowing'. So, I would like to believe that everyone is a bittid of an uplift to each other. And, let us face it, gardeners are a 'happy' bunch; and it is also, a treat to have fresh produce! Yum! Mmmmmm! We ended up with our Herbs - Sweet Basil, Sage, Thyme, more Rosemary, Marjoram, Chocolate Mint (Mmmmmmm Mmmmm),Cucumbers, Peppers, Lettuce (Boston, Iceberg, and Romaine - 2 each), Cherry Tomatoes (3 different types x 2 = 6 cherry tidbit tomatoes!), and a tidbitz of seedling geraniums of 5 different vibrant colours! (white, red, pink, a vibrant pink/purple?, and orange? - interesting tidbit mix!). We 'came back' for the 'seedling' geraniums; they look healthy and the price is right! And, eventhough there will be a 'lag time' in their bittid blooms, we just can look forward to when they do blossom forth! Appreciate anticipation! I guess that is a tidbit / bittid of sorts? LOL!

It is POURING with rain; what a difference from yesterday; although the temperatures are not cold; however, not warm either; but we do appreciate that Spring is finally here! Birds are still chirping!

One of the movies we watched is based on a true story! 'The Gridiron Gang'; and it has hugely impacted me. I really appreciate the 'Rock'(see the above photo image; he has a very gracious 'winning' smile, methinks). Apart from him being an athlete, he was ideal for this heartfelt and inspirational movie; which was about 'criminals' (some dangerous) that were given a 'second chance' to redeem themselves, in the name of football; and being a part of a 'team!'. In a bittidz, this tale was geared towards these 'inmates', to encourage them towards establishing a better life for themselves. All 'they' needed, was 'someone' (and others, consequently) to genuinely believe in 'them'; and to sincerely tell them, they are worthy' human beings, and that they are NOT 'losers'; but WINNERS. This just chokes me up; because there is so much negativity going on around us; so GOOD on the movie being produced to enlighten humanity in all these tids and bits. A suggestion, if you watch this remarkable movie, you may have a greater understanding and empathy for those, in those types of 'dire' straits.

Yesterday I enjoyed watching the Vision Channel; and if you can tune into the programs great; because of their invigorating messages of Truth.

Dr. Schuller Sr. pointed out that the "tough times never last; but the tough keep going". In a tidbit, think 'positive thoughts' and have total Trust in Him. And, as Joyce Meyer was sharing, be an 'Overcomer' (love that description!) and do not act on 'worry'; thus making the wrong choices. Instead, have a 'peace', and let Him Carry your Burdens, by simply Relying on Him for everything. ie Solutions. Charles Price was speaking about Death; and how best to handle grieving etc. These are but a a few of bittid / tidbit for your ears, if you wish to hear. Psalm 56 is so wonderful! Just read it; and it brought more tears to my eyes! Truth; and the 'Truth Sets You Free!' Charles was saying that there is 'grieving intermingled with gratitude'; and that 'tears are the price that we pay for the joy of the person'. 'Better to have a good cry; the 'healthy' cry more often; thus laughter and tears'. Methinks it best, if you tune into Charles and the others, as they can provide you with more ample knowledge.

Hope the above bittid /tidbit is of encouragement. Am going to go outside now, and enjoy our tid garden / patio. Fortunately, there is a sheltered area, that provides a bit of protective relief from rain, wind, and snow. and even the sun! Our friend just telephoned; she is literally on her way over for a bittid of a tidbit visit; so it will be lovely to see her!

Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Bountiful Sunday

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

The 'Long Weekend' thus far, has gone by a tid too quickly. Will write more of a bittid tomorrow; plus will share with you some good thoughts from the Vision Channel, that I enjoyed watching this morning.

The weather has been great; and we were able to get quite a bit of garden 'prep work' done this afternoon; including planting our 2 yellow Hotei Rhodos. Tomorrow morning, we will be going to select our tidbit cherry tomatoes, some other veggies, and herbs to plant in our prepared planters. We may pick up some geraniums and double impatients as well. Love the above photo image! 'Sweet Basil' is one of my favourites. Mmmmmmm. Nothing like it! That is, if you are a Basil fan! Will look forward to enjoying the fresh produce from our garden; and the herbs always have such a wonderful smell, as well as adding a savoury and flavourful seasoning in soups, main courses, desserts, drinks, etc.

Tidbit - Be appreciative of working with your hands and getting dirt in under your fingernails; and having joy in creating your garden to be a happy, healthy, and thriving sanctuary. We have so much to be grateful for! Praise Him in ALL Things.

Bittid - Be thankful for the night too; when you can rest, after a full and productive day in your garden.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Long weekends!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

We are so relieved it is Saturday, as it has been a bittidz of a week. It is a long weekend (Queen Victoria Day)! And, as a special tidbitz, the 17th of May is a National holiday / celebration in Norway.

Alan brought me my cup of coffee in bed this am; and it was wonderful to watch the tid birds (lots of yellow finches) hopping happily from branch to branch on the trees, that our bedroom bay window looks out upon. We are very Blessed; and both joyfully and humbly, all I can say is 'Praise Him in ALL Things'. A BIG THANK YOU; as we have so much to be thankful and grateful for, in our area of the map.

Today is a perfect 'gardening day'. 'A Gardener's Dream' methinks. We will prep the soil, all the pots, re plant our 2 yellow Hotei Rhodos into larger pots, rearrange / relocate other plants; as well as cleaning and hosing down our bit patio furniture. In other words, 'Spring has Sprung'. It is so good to finally have the warmer weather; along with much needed sunshine; and it is forecasted to be a sunny weekend! We are just going to 'putz' about in our bit garden / patio and make ready for our 'outside living room'. Also, my left foot is still following the RICE regime; so I will 'take it easy' and enjoy the quiet respite.

Can hear birds chirping away, bees humming, the gentle sounds of the nearby water fountain; all very peaceful, and a buzz of a lawn mower in the distance. Our patio is a haven / retreat for us.

Love the above photo image; looks so relaxing and 'Bohemian!' Love the ocean as well; however, we are relishing the reprieve of a long weekend at home, and in our garden. A time to calmly reflect, recharge our batteries, and regroup out thoughts, for whatever comes next.

Tidbit - 'Wake up and smell the coffee'; as well as taking 'time out to smell the roses!' That is what we are doing!

Bittid - Enjoy each and every day; and make the best of what you have!

God Bless.

Friday, 16 May 2008

The best, good cheer!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world. I like the word 'best'; brings out good cheer!

Woke up early - to brilliant sunshine, azure skies, and warm temperatures! It was close to 70 degrees at 7 am! A heat wave (in the 30's or mid 90's - depending whether it is Celcius or Fahrenheit degrees to you, is forecasted for today and tmorrow; then back to normal May temperatures.

Still endorsing the RICE plan; and it appears to be working! And, it helps a bit, when the weather is a tid cooperative! Ended up taking a pain killer last night and a anti-inflammatory; thought I did not wish a repeat of the night before; ie only 2 hours sleep. Had a good sound restful sleep.

Tidbit - Every day you wake up to, is good. And particularly, when it is a beautiful morning like today. Like, what is not to like!

Bittid - Anticipate joyfully what He has planned for you, while you 'wait' for Him to Provide the Solutions. Therefore endure, have the (unseen) Faith, and enjoy the Journey! Think positive thoughts and be thankful at the same time. Praise Him in ALL things.

May write a tidbit or two, a bittid later. LOVE the above photo image. You can refer to my post, 'Good Morning' of May 7th, if you wish!

God Bless.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Good Gardenia Morning!

Good Morning or whatever the best greeting is to you, in your part of the world!

Had 2 bit hours of sleep last night; part due to the previous day 'resting' on the couch; and the fact that there are 'owies', associated with all the varied tid colours of the still swollen and severely bruised left foot. Took one painkiller; and it was not really helpful. Believe it or not, it is all under my foot, my toes, and up my leg to mid calf. Nothing like going all out! Not really a LOL matter! Anyway, am doing my best with the RICE implemenation; and just have to continue to 'lay low' with Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation - for those of you who do not know what RICE stands for.

A heat wave has been forecasted for this upcoming long Victoria Day weekend; ie in the 30's. Would really like to garden in our bittidz patio; however I have the feeling that I will be more of the 'supervisor'; whilst Alan does most of the heavier garden / patio tidbitz. That generally is the case anyway! LOL! Even if we just tend to the soil; prepping the pots, and making the bittid garden / patio 'ready', then all we need to do, is to plant away to our hearts' content! Am looking forward to that particular day; wherein, we will appreciate garden grown fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers. In our little bittid patio, we have quite a bit to do; amazing that even in a tidbit area such as ours, there is still a ton of tid 'stuff' to attend to.

Am also listening to the turned up news from our bedroom T.V; and all I can say is that we are extra thankful for where we live, and are grateful for all our Blessings.

Love the above photo image of the Gardenia; it has such a wonderful smell! Am drawn to the white and green foliage; it permeates such a simple and classical elegance! We have a tid one in our living room; and thus far, it is 'hanging in there'; although, I believe the Gardenia can be quite a challenge to maintain and grow. The Gardenia takes me back to 'school' prom days; when 'Gardenia corsages' were quite the thing. Perhaps this rings memory bells for you as well?

Tidbit - Appreciate the tidbiticals of the day as it unfolds; thinking positively all the while.

Bittid - Reflect on the GOOD things; do not get 'bogged down' with obstacles and 'petty' bittidicals, etc. When you ask Him to carry your burdens, He always does.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Couch Reflections

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

A lot of tidbitz has happened already today; and it would appear, that there is now just a bittidz of a 'lull'. We have had a number of 'projects' on the go; and it is just a tid matter of 'waiting' for everything to unfold. One of our business associates came to us today; and we think he appreciated a more 'personal touch', by having a meeting, within a 'home setting'. ie Dog lying contentedly at the foot of our sofa. LOL!

Also, was watching the CNN last night, showing the voting nomination results, rendered from West Virginia re: Hilary Clinton and Obama. I wish both Hilary and Obama, all the best; as they are both quality people. However, my affections are with the other party. If nothing else come election time, they will get a better, more balanced Representation Government for a better functioning government. It appears as if they have stimulated the voting electorate.

Meanwhile, have been following the 'RICE' theory / strategy (see yesterday's post, if you wish to refer to 'RICE'); and sometimes when you have an ankle / foot injury or whatever, you are 'laid up' and 'things' take a bit longer to tackle, don't they? That being said, I have been lying, foot elevated on cushions, on our chesterfield, in front of our fireplace; with a wonderfully lit fire. The 3 hour firelogs are great; aren't they? That is, if you do not have 'real wood' handy in the wood box; a brilliant bit invention, methinks. Our overhead skylight, also brightens our living room / atmosphere; particularly on this dark and dreary day. Have not felt much like reading, since the ankle incident on the 8th; however, will be soaking up more of the inspirational book, 'The Art of War' (made mention of it, in Tuesday, May 6th posting), along with another soothing ice pack in a bittid. Have also had 'time to reflect'; primarily on our Blessings. And, perhaps this is a time, that He wishes me, to just 'chill out' and simply rest the 'whole 9 yards' for a tidbit. Eventhough, I am 'on the couch', I love the above photo image! FAITH is crucial; be it in politics, sports, family, friends, health, business; in a tid, in everything!

Tidbit - There are just 'times' when He needs you to just 'let go' and 'recharge' for a bit, so that you can appreciate what Blessings you already have; as well as being 'ready' for His other Blessings / Solutions. When you believe in the 'unseen Faith', the 'waiting' becomes a tid easier.

Bittid - Appreciate rest when it is given; and enjoy one day at a time.

God Bless.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Feeling 'punk?' This might help!

Good Afternoon, or what is the most appropriate greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Have been feeling rather 'punk' today; and thus 'laying low'. The body has bittidical little energy; and so I am listening to its 'signals'. The doctor has not called; so here is hoping that yesterday's X-rays did not show up with any bit broken bones! Have to confess, the ankle / foot is quite tid sore;(is also an eyesore to look at); and I have not taken any more 'pills' for anti-inflammatory and / or painkillers; as they are upsetting my stomach, methinks. At any rate, I am heeding the 'RICE' advice; which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

It is pouring madly with rain; so it is extra cosy to be in our bed; surrrounded by many comfy pillows; including ones elevated for my left foot. Am not one to usually sit or lie down for long periods of time; however, I am paying close attention to various tidbitical ' body signals ' at this time. Have been restfully watching bittids of movies and tidbits of news from our bedroom T.V; and I figure, best to simply resign to the ' RICE ' strategy, and 'nip this injury in the bud' pronto! I thought about reading, but am not into it. It is a good day to stay put in a warm bed; and generally I never watch T.V. from our bed, unless we have retired for the night and / or on Sundays, when I am 'glued' to the Vision Channel!

Looking out our bay window, everything looks so green and lush; and it is wonderful to see all the blooms taking such sprightly spring form. Have also enjoyed catching tid glimpses of hummingbirds, robins, chickadees, finches (there are also gorgeous tid tiny yellow finches' - a migratory species flocking to massive green -ie to our big tree!)etc; flying about and jumping from bit branch to branch; even in this deluge of rain.

"Sometimes with all that goes on during a day and all that we go to bed with thinking at night.... we (everyone) have to let all that go and realize that we are but a "vapor" in time compared to our eternal life in Heaven. When that happens there is no better way than to just "Turn Our Eyes Upon Jesus" and let him renew, feed, love and give us what he intended us to have "peace"...... just take a moment and do "nothing" but listen to him as we cover ourselves in his love ......"

The above heartfelt message / song is from our kind friend, Steve. Thank you Steve; it has been an encouraging bit of an uplift to me; and I hope it also is, to those who read today's tid post. The scenery is magnificently beautiful as well.

Tidbit - Make the best of things; even when you are having to 'lay low'. 'Going with the flow'; and even those of you, who are currently on the RICE plan! LOL! Also, life can be a 'waiting game' at times; so just 'let go' and enjoy the journey, while you 'wait' in FAITH, for Him to Provide the Solutions for you!

Bittid - Appreciate each and every day; and enjoy the moments of each day; as best as you can, with His Guidance. 'Praise Him in ALL Things' and having a genuinely 'thankful' heart is good.

God Bless.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Skal! It is evening!

Good Evening! Am now home; after the visit to the Doctor and X rays. My doctor was not overly pleased with me; that I had 'let the foot go'; rather than going to Emerg. He suggested that I may have either torn or broken my bit tendons / ligaments; or there are a few bit bones that are also broken. Hmmmmm. That may mean a cast; and if that is the case, he will call me tomorrow. It is nice to be home again; and yes, have my foot elevated; had ice on it earlier and that felt really good. Have also applied a tensor bandage and the black elastomag wrap on my foot; to give it better support.

The visit at my daughter's yesterday was perfect. Her in-laws were there for the delicious lunch and fun time as well. We enjoyed roast beef (wonderful and thinly sliced), on fresh rolls, along with sauteed flavourful mushrooms, tids of browned scrumptuous onions, and the juicy condiments, such as mustard, dijon honey mustard (Mmmmm!), mayonnaise, a special curry sauce (that was exquisite!), and yummy pickles. The green salad had 'everything' in it; so healthy! We and the other set of grandparents, each bought a bottle of white wine. Not surprising that the 6 of us appreciated both the Australian and the Argentian Chardonnay to the fullest. My daughter gave the 2 'Moms' a beautiful bouquet of Spring Mums and other flowers. We gave her and her hubby a 'care package' (rarer items; much like we did when we went to their house for lunch about 10 days ago) of fresh veggies, fruit, and salad makings. The twins are so dear too. We were only there for a few hours; and the time just zoomed by us; also, took some neat digital photos of the 'babies!' Just have to learn now how to add pictures to the blogs!

Here are some other tidbits / bittids to share from the Vision Channel. I only saw the last bittid of 'Hour of Power'; and basically it was about having FAITH. Also, with Joyce Meyer, her message was / is about the 'unseen' Faith; and that when you totally forgive others, God can now do something on your behalf. Always believe in the positive; even in 'times of waiting'. With 'The Living Truth, Hilary Price (Charles' wife) gave an awesome message to Mothers; inasmuch as it was 'Mother's Day'. She was referring to the Biblical story about Hannah and her being 'barren'. Well, the word, 'barren' has other meanings as well; because 'barren' can also refer to what is 'missing' from someone's life; as in not letting go; and / or allowing / enabling other circumstances to CONTROL you. ie sadness, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, whatever. She basically said, "Hurt people, hurt people". That is so true; and we have just recently seen that type of 'barren' behaviour.

Alan is cooking up dinner; ie frozen prawns (from Costco!) avec garlic, herbs, and butter. It smells soooooo good.

As much as I appreciate the doctor's wise advise, I am hoping that I do not hear from him; because that will mean a cast on my foot / leg. However, if that is the case, I suppose it will help 'set' whatever broken bones correctly, and thus be 'better set' for later life!

Am going to enjoy a glass of red (South African) wine; think a tidbit glass would hit the spot! Plus, the news is on; horrible what has happened in China - The Earthquake. We have much to be thankful for!

Good Night and God Bless.

' Groggy foggy '

Good Afternoon, or whatever the best greeting is to you, in your part of the world.

My apologies for not writing a bit sooner in the day; but I have literally had my foot elevated; and applying tid ice packs diligently; or Alan has. He has had to go out re: our Monday tasks; but when he has been here, he has been a great 'nurse'! LOL! It has been a tidbit of a 'rest'; although there are a muriad of bittid thngs to do. However, am going to the Doctor's this afternoon; so he will check out the foot and most likely will suggest X rays. The foot is full of lovely, amber, yellow, black, blue, red, whatever comes to mind....Probably nothing can be done; save to just 'rest' and elevate the foot. Have also taken the odd painkiller, plus tidbitical anti inflammatory pills; however, not a hugely visible bittidical difference from the onset of the injury.

Am going to go and 'get ready' to go to the Dr's appointment. Am feeling a bit 'groggy foggy' ; so will write a tid later (hopefully later today) re: the wonderful visit yesterday with my daughter; as well as a few tidbits / bittids from the Vision Channel.

Love the above photo image; kind of describes how I am feeling; plus there are dark clouds looming overhead; a good day to stay home.

Tidbit - Praise Him in ALL Things.

Bittid - Just keep having the FAITH; even in the 'unseen' Faith.

God Bless.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

AND, Happy Mother's Day, to all those of you who are Mums, 'Mums to be' etc.

We had a really nice evening last night with our friends. I have known our host since childhood; so his and my memories go way back! LOL! D & M had recently moved (downsized)to their new home; which they have wonderfully decorated with gorgeous and interesting antiques. I love our house; however, their house is very lovely; full of charm and style.

The dinner was delicious; and what a tid treat to enjoy a 'home cooked meal'; and it was beautifully presented on their white plates. The bittidz dessert was also to die for; baked from scratch angel food cake, fresh strawberries; AND, the best bit was a tidbitz dollop of whipping cream with an outstanding lemon flavour! Can still taste it! The wines were excellent as well; and the encore, was a liqueur (Grand Marnier), a tid of sugar, with whipping cream in our coffees; better than a 'Spanish Coffee' even!

We thought it was going to be a relatively early night; inasmuch as we were asked for 7:00 pm. As they say, 'Time flies, when you are having a good time!' It was well after midnight when we left! I had managed to hobble around on my leg; as it had an elastomag wrap on it. The wrap contains a far infrared technology; which not only acts as a strong support, but it provides 'thermal' relief; in that it has the ability to work with your body temperature. ie If you need cold or warmth, it is soothing; plus it has a magnetic strength to it. I was glad I found this terrific black ankle wrap; and it is really helping my foot! Although at the tid moment, my foot is quite swollen and black and blue; and Alan just got me some ice; and that is feeling good.

Also nice, to reconnect with old friends. We look forward to seeing them soon.

Today, we are going to my daughter's for a 'Mother's Day' lunch. On route, we will stop at our favourite 'farm'; and take them a generous supply of fruits, veggies, and salad makings. For the mother-in-law, perhaps a nice plant, that can be planted in her garden. It is raining, as per the forecast; but we will enjoy a fun visit, nonetheless!

Tidbit - Life is what you make of it! AND, how you genuinely treat others. Christ said, "Love thy Neighbour, as thyself". Appreciate true friendship and family. And today, the 'Mums'.

Bittid - Do random acts of kindness for others, each and every day. Even as simple as a smile.

Must admit, am welcoming this bag of ice and its majorily cooling effects. On that note, am going to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee; and watch and / or listen to the Vision Channel, with the Schullers, then Joyce Meyer, and then Charles Price. Have made mention of them in some Sunday posts.

Here is wishing you a great Sunday; and once again. 'HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!'

God Bless.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

An R & R Saturday

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the most applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world.

As in yesterday, am still elevated up in an most awkward sitting stance, and attempting to write today's post. Did not make it back to continue another post last night, as I was exhausted. Even a bit injury like this, can take a whole lot of tid out of you.

To summarize the court procedings of yesterday, the Judge is going to weigh all the data and will let us know by the end of the month, as to her decision. So, until then, we will have to abide our time and 'wait'.

Of all the weekends for me, to not be literally 'on foot'. We are invited out for dinner tonight to good friends; and then for 'Mother's Day' lunch tomorrow at my daughter's house. We are looking forward to both invitations. I think if it was anyone else tonight, I would postpone the kind invitation and stay home with my foot (feet) up. However, 'these' people are genuine friends; and I believe they and us will enjoy a nice tidbit of an uplift; as well as a fun evening. Tomorrow, it will be wonderful to see my daughter, her hubby, his parents, and 'last but not least'. the wee grandsons.

Do feel a bittid better, but am not out of the woods yet. Getting pretty good at crawling though! LOL!

Tidbit - Appreciate genuine friendship and family.

Bittid - When there are challenging changes to one's 'routine', 'go with the flow'. Cope cheerfully and just work around obstacles; with a positive attitude!

Am going to go now and rest up for tonight; as there are some tid muscles that are a bit stiff, from crawling, pulling, hoisting up on rails / furniture, and sliding about, so as not to put any weight on my left foot! LOL! Love the above cosy and inviting photo image.

Here is wishing you a nice Saturday evening.

God Bless.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday, May 9th.

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Methinks I am 'ready' for a tid R R, as seen in the above photo image of the bit seaside etc. Please see my post of May 7th, 'Good Morning!', if you would like a bittid background.

Yesterday, we went to the Court House, as 'scheduled'; with one exception. I sorely twisted / sprained my ankle; and could not put even a tidbit of weight on my left foot.(literally, my left foot). I went over in or on my shoe; and down I went for a concrete landing. The Court House Security Staff were all wonderful; ie got me ice, a blanket to put my foot up, and then a 'court nurse on call' came by and 'diagnosed' my injury. So, there I sat in the foyer of the Court House, while Alan was in the Court Chambers. My heart was to be with him; but physically, alas, I could not walk; plus there was quite a bittidical bit of swelling. Quite grotesque actually. And, I was given a couple of extra strength Tylenol. I may have broken a tidbitical tid of tiny bones (I think a break might have been simpler); so methinks I will have to follow the nurse's recommendation to see my doctor and go for some X rays. However, how does one do that, when not able to walk etc. I am literally 'crawling' on my knees around the house; muscles that have not been used for awhile in that manner, are starting to manifest in a few aches! LOL! I was 'told' to keep my foot elevated, ice on and off every 10 mins, and just rest. Well, believe you me, I won't be going anywhere soon. Probably should have an X ray; but feel I should just 'lay low'; and perhaps, it is just a nasty sprain; and one can not do anything for that condition, so I have been told. It is more of a 'drain' and hassle' than anything else. Am not one to readily pop pills; however, am appreciative for the pain killers! They may be helping a bit; but I am only taking them every tid 4 hours. However, I 'Praise Him in ALL Things'.

I feel that the fall is all a part of a Spiritual Battle in this Court case; and yet, perhaps it was just as well, that I was not in the Court Chambers yesterday with Alan and his 3 siblings. 'Their' lawyer took over the 'floor' most of the day. Alan's lawyer will be speaking today; inasmuch as approx a foot high of Affadavits arrived to his lawyer's office late in the afternoon, the day before the court date. Not really enough time to rebut; is there? Under the circumstances, I think Alan's lawyer may have considered to ask for an adjournment. However, the 2 days had already been set aside for the last x no of weeks, as well as a Judge; so today is D-Day. Plus 'their Affadavits' were done in mid March; with a few 'tweaks' added recently. I guess 'they' anticipated Alan's Affadavits; and attempts were made to 'cover their butts'. There is only one thing; their Affadavits are taken out of context, are in 'half truths'; in a bittid - full of malice and old news. The oldest sibling really HATES Alan, and the other female sibling, is not too far behind in that line. The second oldest sibling, the male, is totally complicent. 'Reconciliation' has not appeared thus far in the 3 siblings' vocab; after numerous attempts over the years to work out the differences. This heartfelt wish carried over to Alan's Mum's final wishes; and even the Dad wanted a 'meeting of the minds' with all of his children. Apparently, the Dad now HATES Alan, since he has been placed back in an old age institution, as of the end of Feb; after he had lived quite happily with us for about 5 weeks? 'Indoctrination tactics', possibly? The siblings are stating that 'Dad is now back to normal!' (He has dementia; to boot). Alan has always been agreeable to reconciliation; but with him being labelled, as the 'Black Sheep in the Family'; (he marches to a different drummer) this alas, has been to no avail.

As in the Biblical story of Joseph and his coat of many colours, jealousy comes quickly to my mind. My character and integrity have been attacked as well; inasmuch as I am Alan's wife. However, HE knows the TRUTH; and we believe it will be illuminated more clearly today. Wish I was a fly on the wall; and yet my body is simply saying 'just relax' at home. It also is pretty hard in the secular world to defend against lies, innuendos, and malice. Alan bears no malice towards his siblings; instead, he has been desirable of a genuine reconciliation. Forgiveness is what is needed; and he has forgiven them. We still to this day, do not know why the siblings are so full of anger and hate towards Alan. No concrete reasons; heresay; and largely 'third' parties? Also, it is Alan's Dad's birthday today; tragic that Alan can not call him, to wish him a Happy Birthday! Because of the current 'parameters' placed by 'them'.

Will say when I was propped up on 2 lounge seats at the Court House, it was like 'old home week'; as I saw a few tid people I knew. ie my lawyer from ex divorce; a neighbour, and met a few bit others. There was a 'gentleman' (a street person) who was in need; and I guess he was being a bit of a nusiance in the foyer, as he was approaching most people he saw, for coin. Amazing how many people discarded him; as if he was a 'filthy piece of rag' - which we all are. I 'Witnessed' gently to him (and I gave him what $ I could) and suggesting that he should Ask Him for His Help and Solution; and that he might be surprised at the outcome. ie 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'. I would like to think that he 'reached out' to Him.

So, right now, am elevated up in an most awkward sitting stance, attempting to write today's post. Shortly after we had moved here, I found an old hot plate; so now, that is being pressed into service! Very convenient to have the heated coffee pot at hand; rather than placing extra and undue strain on my leg.

Tidbit - Trust in Him.

Bittid - Forgiveness is huge! Have written a few posts re: the importance of forgiveness.

Have to go now and properly plump up against my bed pillows. Am feeling a tidbitz weary; and a bittidz nauteous as well.

Hopefully, will write later today.

God Bless.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

'Seek and Ye Shall Find'

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Arose early, did a few tid things around the house, and am now enjoying a freshly brewed cup of wonderful coffee, before we appear in Court to take a stand re: the 'sibling saga'. It will be a bit of an enlightening experience in the court room; and I will share more tidbitz with you, at a later bittidz.

Tidbit: 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

Bittid - 'FEAR NOT. I Have Overcome the World'.

I LOVE the above photo image; and here is wishing you a GOOD one! 'Praise Him in ALL Things'.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Spring temperatures!

Hi Again!

Just finished vacumming; and am about to do a quick tidbit dust, a bittid clean in the bathrooms, and a) our home is a tidbitz tidier; and b) our house is made 'ready' for our dear longtime family friend / cleaning woman tomorrow. Sadly, she recently discovered, that she has been diagnosed with ostereoposis; am really surprised because she is in such great limbo condition! However, it is always a wonderful treat to see her; from a friend point of view, as well as a house cleaning bittidz, every 2 weeks approximately! She does the silver polishing, the heavier duty dusting (crooks and crannies that I do not get to), and the more due diligence in the bathrooms / kitchen areas.

It has turned into a glorious Spring Day; will be going out to enjoy it, in a bit; after I have done the tid above mentioned tasks! The doors and windows are open; airing everything out. Am still wearing a sweater; but there is the delightful transition to warmer weather. We are looking forward to that refreshing change; and to prepare our bittid of a garden / patio! You feel so much better too, don't you, when you have 'organized' the soil, the flower / herb pots, the patio, garden furniture etc. Barbecue season, yes! We ultimately will purchase a barbecue; as our old tid one of many years, is now no more. We are coming up to living here for 2 years; and we have attended to the 'garden'; but we have also observed to see what grows and what best suits this place. This season, we will be focusing on 'getting our bit 'outdoor retreat' into shape! We will be in better shape too, methinks! LOL!

Tidbit - Gardening is such a peaceful endeavour; as well as good therapy, for 'whatever ails you'; or, so they say.

Bittid - 'The Art of War'; the book I referred to in yesterday's post, offers invaluable life lessons. Interesting too, that when one has 'an inner calm', it is displayed outwardly.

Hope this is an encouraging uplift! Love the above Camelia flower; we have a couple of trees / bushes of them; and they are coming out in full gorgeous pink blooms.

Will be back!

God Bless.

Good Morning!

Good Morning; (and for those in other parts of the world, there is always morning sooner or later!), as the above photo image shows! Doesn't that picture suggest complete relaxation? At the tid moment, that sight looks so restful to my weary bittid bones. Sitting there on the beach rocking chair, taking in the beautiful ocean vista, 'shooting the breeze' a bit; and just chilling out in tidbit 'Bohemian style'. I would be enjoying my freshly brewed cup of coffee, and writing whatever tidbitz comes to me. Love the flowers in the bittidz flower boxes, the cosiness of house; all very peaceful!

Tidbit - Whenever your eyes are tired, your body fatigued, just think of something bright to uplift you. Also, when you ask Him to take away your burdens; He DOES.

Bittid - Appreciate whatever unfolds and make the best of things. Even in challenging times a la 'waiting mode'; just be cheerful and 'keep things simple'.

Will write more in a tid of a bit.

God Bless! And GOOD MORNING!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have been on the go since the bit 'crack of dawn' practically; home for a short tid while. Much tidbitz all at once! Why is life like that! We have also been dealing with a lot of 'sibling saga' bittidz; as the court date is drawing nigh. 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

Tidbit - Look to Him for SOLUTION and He will Provide. ENDURE and have FAITH.

Bittid - 'The Art of War' (an Illustrated Edition SUN TZU and Translated by Thomas Cleary); is an excellent resource; and the ultimate purpose of War, is Peace.

However, from this empowering book, I would like to quote a passage; which I feel is illuminating! "Weapons are inauspicious instruments, not the tools of the enlightened. When there is no choice but to use them, it is best to be calm and free from greed, and not celebrate victory. Those who celebrate victory are bloodthirsty, and the bloodthirsty cannot have their way with the world."

'Praise Him in ALL things.' The aftenoon has turned into a sunny one! Love the above photo image of Spring flowers!

God Bless.

Monday, 5 May 2008

A 'unique' Monday

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Before I forget a tid; here are a few bit messages from Joyce and Charles from yesterday! ie. Joyce Meyer and Charles Price; if you wish, you can refer to my earlier posts about them. We enjoy listening to them on the Vision Channel on Sundays, when we are in town.

Joyce illuminated how important it is to 'Keep it Simple'; and enjoy your life. As far as Prayers; there is a difference between Righteous Prayers and 'self righteous' Prayers. The 'self righteous' Prayers are when you feel you have been 'good'; and thus you feel 'entitled', or have 'earned it'. In a Righteous Prayer, you are genuine within your heart; and when you have LOVE inside, the Prayer is a sincere one.

Charles was speaking about 'Walking by Faith, Obedience, and Trust". He referred to the Biblical story of Abraham; and how his Faith was sorely tested; when offering his son, as a human sacrifice to Him. Basically Abraham, at the 'burnt offering', laid EVERYTHING before the Altar of God; and at the last moment, God intervened; and the son was not slaughtered; a lamb was, instead. The message is, that we must genuinely Trust Him; and let go, placing everything before Him for His Solution; not relying on our own understandings. The testing of FAITH, produces an ENDURANCE, and you are 'stronger' at the end of it; and it is WHO you are going with, not where you are going, in these trials and tests of life. It is a never ending process; and He is constantly molding and re molding us, so that we can be more like Him!

The above tidbits / bittids are very true; and life is a lot simpler, when one follows His Guidance; and remember He has already WON; when it comes to the Spiritual battles. For those of you, who may be / or are under 'attack', FEAR NOT.

Today has been a fully 'unique' one; and I will share more illuminating bittidz when the tidbitz is all assembled and the TRUTH is brought to bear. Very 'interesting stuff' (the 'sibling saga') that is becoming more clear, with each passing day; and as He says. 'Fear Not, I have Overcome the World'. 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'; and in that message, we rejoice!

Tidbit - PRAY for your enemies.

Bittid - Lest we forget, 'Absolute Power corrupts absolutely'; and / or 'you reap what you sow'. 'Generosity of Spirit' is good; and the TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS.

We went to Costco on Saturday (See post of May 3rd, if you wish); and we enjoyed some wonderful tidbit savings, including a few bittid racks of delectable spareribs. Am cooking them all up now; and our house is filled with such a delicious aroma! Mmmmmm.Yum. This is, indeed, a special treat! The sun is now out in full force; a lovely Spring afternoon!

Here is wishing you a nice evening. God Bless.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Glad it is Sunday night!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has literally come and gone!

It has been a full bittid of a day; and we are glad to be home for the night. And, it was a good tid of a day! Tomorrow starts a bit early; and, when I am not so weary, I will share some tidbit thoughts with you; which hopefully, you will find enlightening.

Tidbit - "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone." Very true.

Bittid - Focus on enjoying the moments and Blessings of each and every day, that you are given.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Glad it is Saturday evening!

Good Evening, or whatever is the applicable greeting to you, in your part of the world!

What started out as a dark, rainy, cool day, has blossomed into a beautiful warm sunny evening (almost 60 degrees F, in the sunshine).

We were 'out and about' this morning; including getting our hair cut; and you do feel so much better, don't you, when a 'bad hair day' transforms you a tid. Very true; as in the 'before and after' scenario, in giving you a bit of a 'hair' lift! LOL!

We also went to Costco; and 'found' a whole tid of 'goodies'; and now our heaving tidbit larder is wonderfully stocked full again! Costco has such neat 'stuff'; and the prices are so reasonable. Ultimately, we will purchase a barbecue, along with a heater lamp, and a couple of 'comfy lawn cots', and 4 'cushy' matching chairs. We have our patio table already; so it is just a bit matter of adding and matching; all to fit into our bittid patio space. When the weather is warmer and more reliable, we will prepare our garden soil, pots, and then plant with gusto!

We have a 2 day court case ('sibling saga') coming up later this week; and, we are looking forward to this date. "Fear Not, For I have Overcome the World", are words spoken by Christ; and we take comfort in His empowering message. Also, 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'. I will share more tidbitz with you at the right bittidz time.

Tidbit - Appreciate what you have in your life; and 'Praise Him in ALL things'.

Bittid - Enjoy each and every day; and live one day at a time. Keep things / life simple.

Love the above photo image of the yellow Hotei Rhododendrum. We have 2 Hotei Rhodos that are starting to bloom! We bought them last year; so this is exciting to see their first growth! Also, multi coloured tulips are abounding everywhere!

The wonderful smell of dinner (lasagna!) is beckoning both to my nostrils and tummy. Am going to go and make up an accompanying healthy salad to go with it. We are glad it is Saturday night; and we are just going to 'chill out' and relax. Hope you have a nice evening as well.

Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Seek and Ye Shall Find!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the BEST greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Today's tid time has gone by far too quickly; can not believe that it is bit afternoon already! Was up 'early with the birds'; so I feel that it is a much later time in the day!

We have been tied up with 'legal' matters; and all I can say, is that the TRUTH is wonderfully surfacing! Praise Him in ALL things!

Enjoyed the tidbitz visit yesterday with my daughter; for the few bittidz hours we were with her and their 2 baby sons. Great lunch too! The 'grand twin kidlets' were very active; but then, so they should be! Our 'Blue' and their 'Pedro' had a 'doggone' good time together as well; and we look forward to enjoying many more fun occasions with them throughout our lives.

Tidbit - TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH. 'The Truth always sets you free!' "Seek and Ye Shall Find!". That is 'right on!' I LOVE the above photo image!

Bittid - KNOW that He has OVERCOME the World; and that He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light! Have the FAITH, to follow His Guidance and Direction for each and every day. Makes your life far simpler; and thus, there is a Joy and Calm always present!

Alan just poured me a glass of bubbly champagne! Skal to HIM (Jesus Christ) and to the TRUTH! (and to Alan, for bringing me an appreciative surprise!) And, it is the weekend again! Good cause to celebrate with a glass of champagne! Cheers! There is also, a lot of construction happening in our complex; so the champagne is a much welcomed treat to 'counteract' the extreme pounding of machinery noise directly across from us. 'Can be deafening to one's ears', or so 'they' say! LOL!

God Bless.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Good Morning!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

The above 'down to earth' song, "Pass Me Not' is sung by Romance Watson. What a wonderful name; 'Romance!'

Am quoting my friend, Steve, who sent me this 'roots' song. He describes it best, methinks.

"I don't know if I gave you this one or not but it's a very good one to listen to...... so many times people can put themselves into a song so much that those listening don't even know when the end comes..... that's the case in this one where the man that sings the solo captures their attention making you think back to the old black spirit filled songs of times past...... watch and listen and you will see what I mean....."

Perhaps that will give some of you a bit of a bittidz uplift; as it has to me both yesterday and this morning. Thank you, Steve! I still do not know how to do the linking in; hence it is showing up in the title; rather than s link, in the post. My friend, Cathy, has explained (most patiently!) what to do; but our tid computer still, is not responding to that worthy tidbitz advice. If you wish to hear the music, please click on the title.

Tidbit - Music is good for the soul; and a good positive start to one's day!

Bittid - Act with Grace; do your best to 'rise above things'; in all circumstances.
Praise Him in ALL Things.

Will write more tidbits later; as there are many bittids on our plate, at the moment.

Love the above photo image; our house is filled with these bright golden yellow amazing flowers! Today is darkly overcast; so the flowers are of good enlightening cheer!

God Bless.