Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

The time has flown by in a tidbitz! Alan and I are in the process of rebuilding and restabilizing. We have been 'let down' in some instances; and we are doing our best to remain positive, as we move forward. It is going to take a bit of time and creative effort. However, we know that He is Directing us and therefore by His Grace, we will make it through these challenging times. May those bittid words be of good cheer to those who would appreciate a tid of an uplfit. It takes courage too, to 'pick up the pieces' and in some ways, go right back to 'sqaare one.'

On Sunday late afternoon / evening, I again enjoyed watching the Vision Channel with the various ministries on at those particular hours. Each ministry that I tuned into, had very helpful tidbits of reinforcement! To just keep on trekking and to not give up, regardless of what challenges manifest before you. My Dad always said: "Be ever ready." I think I have a tidbit more of an understanding now, as to what he meant. He had his major share of obstacles, but you know, he went and succeeded 'against all odds.'
That alone gives me extra bittids of hope. My Dad was a very spiritual person with engrained steadfast Faith, and he did go 'against all odds' to make things happen. He was not a 'fence sitter' nor a 'yes' man. As I write this, I wish I had had more understanding about him; but that being said, I do now.

Interestingly enough, Alan and I have been watching the CBC series on Don Cherry. ie. 'Wrath of Grapes.' I think the movies are most refreshing, heartwarming. and extremely character building. I like the integrity and the genuine grit shown. I also think that his wife, Rose, was a very strong and smart and supportive woman. (I have to laugh, because I do the same to Alan! And, many a time, I say: "Be nice." I have my glass of red wine, instead of the rose; but rose is very nice wine too). My husband Alan is a 'mix' of a 'Braveheart' sort. (He is of solid Scottish heritage; and one would prefer him on your side, rather than not). Also, a combination of my Dad's spirit (my Mum loved Alan because of the similarities with my Dad), and even a courageous blend of Don Cherry, who also takes a stand for what is right! Alan and I grew up with one's word / as in a handshake; and I guess we are 'dinosaurs.'

That being said, we are truly thankful for our Blessings. We have recently had a few more (believe it or not) some more challenges. However, we are focused on 'turning things around' with Christ's and the Holy Spirit's help!

Tidbit - The TRUTH always shows up! Best to live by truth, honour, and integrity.

Bittid - This IS bigtime! "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."

As of late, there have been all sorts of bittidz happening and I am totally Relying upon our Heavenly Father to help us through everything. Maybe being a bit of a 'Viking' helps; however, 'leave it to Him to show you the way."

Will share this Biblical verse, that I just love; particularly when one is in the 'good fight!'

Exodus 13:21

"And the Lord was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night."

Believe it or not, it SNOWED today! However, that just makes us look more appreciatively forward to Spring! Also, we moved the clocks forward this past weekend, so that is a Blessing to have more hours of daylight! Right now, the sun is out and the trees have a magnificent golden / reddish 'glow' / hue about them. One wee chickadee, is on a branch on the tree in front of our home; and for a little bird, it sure is singing its little heart out! What a joyful and wonderful way to end the day, methinks!

We hugely miss our dog, 'Blue' (Blueheeler / Australian shepherd mix; he used to wear a blue bandana scarf), but I know that he is in Heaven and is at peace. Eventhough, we are checking out other 'puppies'; it is still too soon though to take in another dog. It does feel strange though, without a 'dog in the house.'

The above photo was taken a couple of years ago of our Blue. He used to cross his tid paws in total comfort! In this case on the furniture! LOL! Yes, he was a very special dog to us!

Peace and God Bless.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Turn stress around!

Good Afternoon, or whaever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Am glad today is Sunday! Alan and I are definitely appreciating a day of rest and are thankful that He IS our Refuge and Strength!

We have had a lot on the go as of late; as in re trenching our paths. We are doing our utmost, yet at the same tid time, we are reflecting today, all the more upon these words: "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46-10).

Our bodies and spirits are a bit weary because of various puzzling 'bittidz.' It came 'to a head' on Friday, as certain things that Alan has been working towards, have taken an even more 'confounding' turn. As in 'things are not quite adding up and / or not making sense.'

We recently received an email from Joyce Meyer's Ministry: 'Enjoying Everyday Life.' Her message is about "Getting God's Help with Stress"

There are NO bittid coincidences here folks. The passage that Joyce writes, is 'right on!' I was dismayed and somewhat discouraged because of what appears to be some perplexing 'boulderdash' going on around us.

I truly like the word, PRUDENCE! There were times in the past, (I repeat in the past) where I was not as prudent as I should have been...However, I am embracing the word, Prudence these days! Thus, am extra appreciative for Joyce's message. ie. If any of you or those you know of are experiencing 'stuff', this offers an excellent explanation / encouragement. THANK YOU, JOYCE! I like the idea of being PRUDENT with management of time etc. Alan has been doing his due diligence, yet he has been let down. I was 'guided' to open up Joyce's email today, as I HAD my 'moments' as well. Grateful that I did!

Alan and I lay everything down in Trust upon Him and live one day at a time, knowing He has a Purpose and a Plan. That He knows what is best for each and every one of us. Certain tidbitz things have just NOT added up to me (or to Alan) and perhaps this 'day of rest' is a day to simply be thankful and reflect calmly yet joyfully, upon Him for all the Blessings He has given us!

Here is Joyce's inspirational message!

"Getting God’s Help with Stress
by Joyce Meyer
Today it seems like everyone's stressed.

Yes, it's true that we're built to withstand a certain amount of stress, and it can help us to become better problem solvers. But we shouldn't be so stressed that we can't handle our day-to-day life.

There's only so much we can take.

For example, a chair is designed to bear a certain amount of weight. And if it's used properly, it should last a very long time. But if it consistently bears more weight than it was designed to hold, it will wear out prematurely and eventually break.

You and I were also designed to bear a certain amount of physical, mental and emotional strain. When we take on more than we can handle, we eventually break down.

The Way to Set Limits
A word we don't hear much about today is prudence. It means "careful management: economy."

In the Bible, prudence or prudent means "being good stewards or managers of the gifts God has given us to use." Those gifts include time, energy, strength and health—even material possessions. They include our bodies, as well as our minds and spirits.

Just as each one of us has been given a different set of gifts, each of us has been given different levels of ability to manage those gifts.

We need to know our limits, and prevent ourselves from reaching "full capacity" or "overload."

Instead of pushing ourselves too hard to please others or reach our own personal goals, we need to listen to God and do what He's telling us is wise.

We need to learn to put God's wisdom into practice so we can enjoy our lives.

Your First Step to Beating Stress
Did you know that anything can cause stress? Stressors can be big or little things. In addition, what causes you stress may not bother someone else. And what bothers you today may not bother you tomorrow.

For example, going to the grocery store may be a stressor for you, especially if money is tight. The checker in your lane runs out of change and has to shut down temporarily. You switch to a new lane and learn five of your items don't have a price on them. The checker has to call for a price check and the line behind you grows.

Small, seemingly innocent circumstances have a way of piling up until you finally explode from the pressure.

Nobody can remove all the big and little things that cause stress in our lives. So we must learn to identify our stressors, study how they affect us, and learn how to respond correctly.

Fine-Tuning Your Approach
The world responds to difficulties by becoming upset and stressed, but our attitude and approach should be entirely different.

When we approach a circumstance already stressed out, we're setting ourselves up for misery before we begin.

The right approach can completely turn a situation around.

Instead of stressing out and tensing up, calm down, take a deep breath and try to get some perspective on the situation. Refuse to allow your circumstances to dictate how you're going to feel.

You may not be able to control the situation, but you can control how you respond to it. Take a proactive approach and decide beforehand what your attitude will be.

A right attitude opens the door for God to supernaturally help you."

Also another invaluable tidbit from Charles Price of 'Living Truth.' Alan and I receive a monthly booklet "My Daily Journey with Christ" and it is also, a wonderfully appreciated resource. ie. 'A Theory of Everything'- "God has nothing to give us outside of Christ and He has everything to give us in Christ." Charles also shares: "Worship has little to do with external rituals but everything to do with internal realties."

I like too, what Charles says ('Solving the Mystery'): 'about the whole way the Old Testament comes alive in a new way. We find that everything God has portrayed, promised and predicted in the Old Testament moves to its fulfillment in an experiential relationship with Christ."

Tidbit - Pick out some verses from the Bible that help encourage you in Seeking Him. ie. "Trust in the Lord wuth all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path."

Bittid - Psalm 37:4 " Delight yourself in the Lord, And He will give you the desires of your heart."

I also love 1 Samuel, Chapter 16, verse 13: "Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward...." That is of major comfort to me. David is dear to my heart too.

As Joel Osteen expresses, 'make your dreams big enough and bold enough for God to fit into!' I look forward to hearing him tonight on the Vision Channel. He has been given such a Gift, methinks.

Missed other empowering ministries earlier today; however, for all those who wish to Seek HIm out, these ministries provide wonderful resources. their time, and their invaluable insights about sharing the message of the 'good news' as well as teaching the awesome Truths in the Bible.

Hope you are uplifted a bittid and that you will be encouraged to Seek Him and genuinely Invite Him into your heart. We miss our Blue very much and in due time, we will enjoy and love another 'pup.'

I love the above photo image, with its tidbit inscription. Spring is on its way and be comforted in knowing that Life goes on. Turn to Him, as 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life.'

Peace and God Bless.