Wednesday, 31 December 2014

God Bless us all in 2015!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is New Year's Eve and tomorrow will be a brand new year with a 'new canvas' to enjoy! The last few days have found us reflecting upon this past year; as well as looking forward to moving into 2015. As mentioned, I have been watching various ministries on TV and their insights have all been hugely helpful! A heartfelt THANK YOU to them!

Was watching and listening to Jeremy Pearsons (for reference, you can refer to my recent posts)impart words of wisdom in his series: 'Jesus is leading you out'. I take solid stock in that and believe (sight unseen) that Jesus is Leading His children into abundance! As in an overflowing abundance! So, may we all reap bountifully from the harvest that is on its way. In the 'Parable of the Good Shepherd' - John 10:10 - 'The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.' This is totally awesome and speaks volumes; and Jeremy expands wonderfully on The Good Shepherd providing a life of overflowing abundance!

Also, mentioned that I really appreciated the wonderful Christmas CD from the Kenneth Copeland Ministries. We received a calendar as well as some other resources yesterday! I was like the 'kid in the candy store!' Like wow!There was a compact disc - 'Your Wealthy Place in God'; a DVD - ''Jesus Born of the Spirit, Born of the Word'; and a Minibook - '3 Steps to the Good Life'. The good sized calendar is beautifully done. I look forward to utilizing these special tools!

On their calendar, Kenneth and Gloria have offered a helpful way to read the Bible in its entirety in one year! It begins on Jan 1st with some chapters from Genesis, as well as some chapters from Matthew. So basically each and every day there are x number of chapters from both the Old Testament and the New Testament to READ. I have often wondered 'where to start.' Alan has given me suggestions and that has been great, but then after a bit, I tend to just read and memorize certain verses that 'jump out.' So this should equip me with a much more solid footing. THIS WILL BE VERY GOOD FOR ME. However, am glad it does not start until the 1st Jan. LOL! LOL! LOL!

Am truly looking forward to being more disciplined in reading the Bible. ie. Reading and then studying it each and every tid day. I may have to break the 'reading' into 2 times during the day (Old / New Testament); as there is a lot to digest all in one go. However, I will simply ASK Him for Wisdom and SEEK His Help in helping me to understand the Bible. I also have a bittid notebook that I will write down the extra special verses that touch my heart, that'speak' to me; so that I will have them for easy reference at any tidbitz time. I will be like a child, who enjoys being read a wonderful story!!!!!

Also, appreciated Andrew Wommack' wonderful insights in his message today-'Don't Limit God'.

In the middle of the night, I was 'guided' to go to the Bible and the page literally 'fell open'to 2 Chronicles 20 'Jahaziel Answers the Prayer'(this follows:'Judah Invaded' and 'Jehoshaphat's Prayer') As if on queue,this verse 'flew' out at me!- Verse 15 -'and he said, "Listen, all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and King Jehoshaphat; thus says the Lord to you, Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God's.' THAT IS A HUGE EPIFANY to me: ie. Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God's. As of late, we have also had a lot of 'bittidz' on our plates and it appeared that everything was 'piling up'in 'great multitudes.' Immediately, I sought Him out and Asked Him for His Help; saying at the same time, that 'I cast all my cares upon Him and leave all consequences to Him.' That is when I was told to 'get up'and SEEK. This verse really says it all; the tidbit TRUTH being: 'the battle is not yours but God's.'

We have also a 'Tony Gazelle' walking machine, that will now be 'pressed into service'. I plan to 'walk on that' while I listen and / or watch an online teaching video from various ministries. I'll start on the machine for ten minutes, twice a day, and then work up a longer exercise regime over time. This will be of good cheer for the heart too!

The daily Bible Readings and the Tony Gazelle 'work out' will be every morning. (I will take Sundays off from the walking machine). However,I will enjoy these two special 'Walks' at the start of each day; so that I am 'ready, willing and able' to enjoy all the bountiful Blessings that He Provides and pours out excessively each day! I am thankful and THANK YOU, to the Copeland Ministries for their wonderful calendar and tools, along with their suggestions on how best to properly read the Bible. Yahoo! I also have just 'partnered' with them.

In closing, Alan and I are finishing 2014 with gratitude and appreciation; and we are looking forward to an awesome 2015! May you all enjoy the same! Happy New Year!

I love this majestic photo of the White Dove!

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Blessings in overflowing abundance!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We had a very wonderful quiet Christmas. The two little dogs we had staying with us were a special Blessing. We enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner, with all the tid trimmings and we have been appreciating the leftovers ever since, as well as Alan's tasty tids of turkey soup. It is, indeed, the Celebration of Christ's Birth!

At this bittidz time of year, a lot people reflect on the past year and moving forward into the new year. We have received a few awesome tidbitz miracles and may they keep on coming! Thank You, Our Father! The more you make an effort to SEEK and know Christ (you have to INVITE Him in first), the more that you are given. Honour Him and He will honour you. When you also SEEK WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, and the Kingdom of God first, everything else is supplied by Him.

Alan and I are still relatively 'young' (in age) and I know that He has a Purpose and an awesome Plan for us. We just have to keep walking each bittid day by day in Faith and Trust, KNOWING that He always Provides. There are a few verses that come to mind. For example this morning I watched and listened to Andrew Wommack and his message is right on! Please tune into him. He made several references to the Bible and one of them is Deuteronomy 8:18 - ' But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who is giving you the power to make wealth, that He may confirm His convenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.' Actually the whole chapter is a good tidbit one to read.

Want to thank all the ministries that are 'out there' and spreading the message of Christ throughout the world! Peter Youngren is constantly expanding his ministry; and has been 'Provided' with the first Christian station in Pakistan. Wow!

Today I also listened to the Copeland's grandson, Jeremy Pearson speak and he was right on and sharing about overflowing abundance. How about having the attitude that you can still have an awesome breakthrough before this year ends and then see it move forward into the new year! Check out his empowering video / sermon: 'Jesus is Leading You Out.'

Interesting, because I had been in Prayer Dialogue about some matters, and what both Jeremy and Andrew were sharing, was pretty much what I had been speaking to Him about. There are NO COINCIDENCES.

Have many ministries that I appreciate and may you tune into them as well! Yesterday I was only able to watch a few. ie. Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. David Jeremiah, Joel Osteen. There may be those of you who would be appreciative of these helpful ministries with their bittids of insights and tidbits.

Also yesterday, I watched the last part of 'Hour of Power' with Bobby Schuller and his guest was Nick Vujicic. Now if any of you think you have obstacles that can not be overcome, turn your ears and eyes and hearts and take in what Nick shares in the video: A total inspiration throughout the world, methinks! WOW! Seek God's Plan

During this next week, Alan and I are treating each and every bit day like a restful 'Sunday' - as in an extra special 'time out' to appreciate and enjoy our bittids of Blessings and also to be Blessings to others.

This morning I particularly enjoyed my breakfast of a half grapefruit, 2 soft boiled eggs and some melba toast with peanut butter. I thought, how awesome to have food on our table, and to enjoy the gentle rays of sunlight in abundance, streaming in through our kitchen windows! And chickadees happily hopping about on the branches! There was such a peace and a calm that infilled me and I gave joyful Thanks to Him! The verses 6 and 7 from Philippians 4 were bits of music to my ears! Verse 6 - ' Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.' Verse 7 - 'And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.'

May He Provide you with a breakthrough of overflowing abundance for the remainder of this year; and then carry forth in the New Year!

I love this photo image as it provides to me such a restful calm, a quiet comfort, and a peaceful refuge of inner strength. Again, INVITE Him IN. He is waiting!

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Be a Blessing to others!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Just six more days til Christmas Day! The tid time goes by quickly enough, but the next few days will just fly by. We are thankful that we have done most of our food shopping for our turkey Christmas meal and the various subsequent left overs! Just have to buy some groceries (sprouts, carrots, potatoes) and that should be plenty!

As mentioned, we have 2 little dogs staying with us and they will be celebrating the Birth of Christ with us. At the bittid moment, we are looking after another wee pup, as of earlier this morning, til later tomorrow (or Sunday) as the young couple (one of our neighbours) were able to get reservations for a 'getaway'. She is expecting their first child in mid February; so this is a holiday, 'away from it all' for them.

Right now, as I type I am listening to Kenneth Copeland's DVD ('Christmas Every Day') and the Christmas Carol, 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing' is just booming forth. And then there is 'O Holy Night' and Kenneth's wonderful gift of a voice He has been Blessed with, is awesome! The 2 wee 'lads' just love the music! Very calming, joyful, and peaceful. One of the 2 dogs, is a 15 yr old pug and he is on his last legs. We are Prayful that he will still be alive when picked up later in the month and we are doing our bittidz best to make him as comfortable as possible.

However, the owners and us agree that 'they should not put their lives on hold' as one does not know the eventual timing. So a bit of tidbitz, is to simply go for it! It was a 3 week trip that had been planned for a long time. The little dog who just recently arrived, will be a good pal with the younger dog and most likely they will wear each other out with their playing!

Yesterday when we were at the little Produce Store, I met an older lady. For whatever reason, I smiled at her and she smiled back. (It costs nothing to smile and a smile can be a 'door of hope' to someone else. You just never know). I discerned that she had a sadness. As it happens her husband, at age 83 years, is in a care facility and she is now living on her own (which is a major adjustment). She does her best to see him every other day, if not every day. She has 7 grown children (2 sons and 5 daughters) and a number of grandchildren and she was at a Christmas School Play, cheering on her grandson. I asked her what Nationality she was, as she spoke with an accent. She told me and I immediately replied, that we were brought up in a 'European household' and that we are all the more appreciative of what goes into Christmas. She heartily agreed. Not knocking anyone, but there are tidbit similarities in European style and of the 'old world' way of doing things. She knew what I meant and she nodded appreciatively. In fact, her eyes totally lit up; they shone!

While at the store, we picked up a bag of sweet potatoes (they were 'on special' in the dollar bin) and I offered to give her a couple of the potatoes but she gracefully declined. However, it did not stop there. I sensed she needed a hug (I did phrase it by saying, 'I think you may need a hug, but maybe you would not like a hug?' Her immediate reply was: "I certainly do need a hug, more than ever!'). So we gave each other a genuine hug and the whole store noticed it and they ALL smiled; and everyone said "Merry Christmas!' to each other. It was quite a neat experience. And it all started with a simple smile AND to a total stranger!

I hope to run into this woman again, as I had an empathy and a compassion for her. Our parents went through their hoops with unwell spouses; so Alan and I both have the understanding of how it feels to be without a loved one. ie. a Spouse.

Tidbit - Have compassion and empathy for others. Also, when you become a 'certain age' it could be you, who is in need of a hug and a kind word of comfort, along with uplifting encouragement. Actually at any age, at any time is good!

Bittid - As Christ says: "Love one another as I have loved you."

Our kind neighbour, the one who arrived on our doorstep with 'dinner' (as mentioned in the earlier post), brought us a delicious homemade dessert as a thank you. Alan helped them with their garage door, as it was not closing. Alan makes various soups and always gives them batches and they love it. So, 'Love thy neighbour, as thyself.' 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.'

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and may 2015 be the best year yet for us all! This is a time for families and close friends to get together. However, it does not always work that way. Regardless, continue and endure to be of good cheer and to have a joyful countenance! Be a Blessing to all those you meet! And do not forget to say THANK YOU to Him; particularly at this special time of year!

I am including these wonderful bittid photo images and may these pictures encourage more tidbit sharing and caring of both the Christmas Spirit and celebrating the Gift of GRACE, and the Message of the GOOD NEWS!

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Be lights of encouragement to others!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today is the 16th of December! We have been taking care of various dogs and these 'doggone' days have zoomed by! So this has been the first opportunity I have had to write my next post.

Have decorated our wee home a bit and as mentioned in the post of December 4th, the Christmas Spirit is permeating throughout the house. The 'pups' even feel the peace, the joy, and the love. We look forward to this being the best Christmas ever!

Mid last week, in the tid middle of the night, I was 'guided' to get up and read some Bible passages starting from Matthew 6, verses 25 to 34: ' The Cure for Anxiety'. The message is empowering! Basically do not be anxious for food, drink, or clothing as He Provides. Plus, a BIG PLUS - see in verse 33: " But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." All these verses and that one tidbitz verse gives me a major comfort!

As mentioned, we have experienced (like again, who hasn't?) our tids of ups and downs. However, since having read that tidbit passage as well as a few others (which I will include in a bittid), we have received some wonderful Blessings! A couple of situations that we have been Praying for, are starting to overflow with good tidings in abundance! Certain things that we have had no choice but to simply and patiently 'wait', are now coming to fruition!!! Verse 26: "Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?"

Also, other gleaned messages from Matthew 7, verses 1-6: 'Concerning Judging Others', as well as verses 7 - 12 as in 'Encouragement to Pray' and also verses 13 - 28: ' Ways Contrasted Fruits Contrasted'. The verses 13 & 14 - 'Enter by the narrow gate, for the gate is wide, and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it.' 'For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it.'

Also, last week, one of our neighbours brought us over a meal, and it was just at that bittidz time, when we were thinking as to what would we have for dinner? Just literally 'out of the blue', our friend appeared on our doorstep saying: "Here is your dinner!"

With the Christmas season upon us, as mentioned in the earlier post, Christmas can be a very sad and bleak time for many. I am Prayful that today's post provides you with bits of uplift and encouragement. Seek Him out and it is amazing how your life changes - for the better OR RATHER, FOR THE BEST!!!! Be ongoing and confidently EXPECTING in FAITH and TRUST in Him to ALWAYS Provide! When things appear to be a bittid uncertain or not adding up to you, 'Cast all your cares upon Him' and let Him carry your burdens. ALSO, give Him THANKS and when you say it OUT LOUD, that really bolsters your spirits, from the 'inside out!'

Am presently listening to 'Christmas Every Day' Christmas Carols, sung by Kenneth Copeland. He has been Blessed with such a wonderful voice. Music is very uplifting and soothing to the soul, isn't it? Have also really appreciated both his and Gloria's 'down to earth' ministry. A heartfelt Thank you, to them! Also, for those of you who wish a tidbit of Good Cheer, get in touch with them; and they will send you this special Christmas DVD for FREE! The little 'pups' who are with us presently appear to enjoy the joyful sounds of music as well! LOL!

Also in closing, Isaiah 40, verses 1-31- "The Greatness of God' provides many encouraging insights! I love the following verses on Strength!
Verse 29: 'He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.'
Verse 31:
'Yet those who wait for the Lord
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary."

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Be of extra good cheer and a light this Christmas!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

As I mentioned, we (like everyone else at tid times) have experienced ups and downs. As of late, it has been more on the downside of the ledger, than an 'up'- in the sense that certain things we have been working towards, would appear on the bit surface, to be into 'slow mo.' However, we choose to keep our eyes focused upwards and upon Him; and to continue onwards to have the attitude of gratitude and simply trust Him to Provide.

Alan and I believe in His Promise of Provision full heartedly! Not only that, but we have also been on the 'receiving end' of 'Answer to Prayer.' One of the best tidbit answers being, that Alan and I wonderfully met 12 years ago in 'Answer to Prayer.' Our 12th anniversary is coming up on December 10th, the same day that my parents celebrated their marriage. Have shared a few bittid posts about how Alan and I met and so forth, should you wish to refer to them.

That being said, we are here in the here and now. We remain stoicly steadfast in Faith in Him and we know that He has an awesome Purpose and Plan for us. We are living in 'uncertain' times and we choose to continue to be thankful for our daily Blessings and live in accordance with His Will. We are looking forward to celebrating Christ's Birth and that is more than enough! He IS our refuge and strength!

As of late, in the 'secular' world, we have had a few tidbitz things go sideways and / or put on hold. As the bittidz expression goes: 'Everything is Timing.' Well, everything is to be in His Timing. We know that we can not rely on ourselves and also, that we are absolutely NOTHING without Christ. All things are possible with God and we can do all things in trust through Him. Philippian 4:13 - "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Therefore, we must have TRUST in the UNSEEN and in His Supernatural miracles!

Today, we received a free DVD from the Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Kenneth has been Blessed with such a gift of a wonderful singing voice. A heartfelt thank you to them and their ministry! We also received today a beautiful Christmas card (our first one) from some dear friends. It may be amongst the few cards we receive, and we are thankful for the true friendship. Would rather have a few friends and know that, indeed, they are loyal and genuine.

Was not sure whether I was going to put out some decorations this year. We also have a couple of wee dogs coming to stay with us over the Christmas season; so that partly factored into my thinking. But then today, when we received both the Christmas DVD and the Christmas card, that altered my thoughts and changed things! We won't have many decorations, but enough to enjoy a joyful Christmas with a spirit of thanksgiving and celebration! Plus methinks, the wee pups will feel a part of the spirit of Christmas as well. We have 2 small stockings and in those we will put a couple of treats for them for Christmas morning. Therefore, we will enjoy a Merry little Christmas with each other and the 2 pups. Our door too, is open to family, friends and neighbours (and dogs) who choose to stop by.

Tidbit - Regardless of your circumstances, know that they are only temporary. What matters to Christ is, is the contents of your heart. Things or 'stuff' is not what defines you, should you be 'down and out' at times. What defines you is your inner character and the grit to be steadfast in Faith and Trust in Him. Honour Him and He will Honour you.

Bittid - CHOOSE to have an attitude of gratitude and thanks towards Him; all the more so, when the 'chips are down.' Be resilient with that inner resolve.

In closing, Christmas can be a very very sad time for many. That being said, we have empathy and understanding for those who are suffering. I hope that this post will help encourage and uplift those who are feeling discouraged or even discarded. Be a 'light' to others.

Take stock and be of good cheer, in knowing that Jesus loves you unconditionally! It is not too late, to INVITE Him into your heart! You will be amazed as a new person in Christ, as He equips you with a new lease and resolve, on how you live your life

The ministries too, that I have recently referred to, are excellent with their solid teachings of Christ and the Word of the Bible. Also, as an extra tidbit of info, do not allow Satan to deceptively steal your dreams or your joy! INSTEAD, appreciate and treat each and every every day as if it were a brand new canvas, such as a 'mini' Christmas of thanksgiving! As a further weapon against Satan, ALWAYS give Christ thanks! Saying it out loud, really helps too!

I like this photo image that shows a bittid of encouragement! Stay the course and continue having HOPE, as well!

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

There is always HOPE!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

First of all, we have so many daily Blessings to be thankful for! Thank you Our Father! Praise Him in all things!

Currently, it is 22 degrees F and the skies are totally glorious! It will be another sunny gorgeous day with a horizon of blue. The sun appears to be giving off a brilliant golden hue everywhere this morning. We received our first snowfall a few tid days ago and the rooftops and lawns are now a vast vista of white patterned blankets.

Our beautiful magnolia tree now leafless, is sprouting up thriving pussy willow buds and the sparrows, the chickadees, the thrushes just love flocking to this big old tree. There was a chickadee that was chirping and hopping on the magnolia branches just bit moments ago, right outside our window. This is one of God's wonderful creations!

We also have a hummingbird (turquoise / greenish colouring; shimmers in the sunshine!) and for the last few days, it has literally 'stopped' for a few seconds in mid air app a foot away from me. It was like a mini bittidz hovering helicopter. Another awesome and rare tidbitz Blessing! Plus in various parts of our house with the rays of sunshine streaming in, there are mini tids of rainbows showing up on the walls. Bright and peaceful!

Am appreciating my 'elixir' of coffee this am and reflecting with good cheer upon all our Blessings. To us, each and every day is a 'mini' Thanksgiving. It has been another interesting week and again, we have experienced our ups and downs; but then, who doesn't? Methinks, it is a matter of attitude as to how one addresses and lives each day. It is a decision that one has to make. One can be sour and bitter etc OR, take on 'an attitude of gratitude' and CHOOSE to be of genuine good cheer in spirit, no matter what. When you invite Christ into your heart and have a grateful heart of thanksgiving, it is amazing how much better the bits of the day unfolds.

Have also been watching various ministries on the TV. Here are a few more that I appreciate and enjoy: 'One Faith to Live By', 'Tomorrow's World', and Peter Youngren of World Impact Ministries. Peter Youngren has just recently been given a mega opportunity, an open door if you will, to do the first 24/7 Gospel TV in the World's largest Islamic city. Good on him!

Yesterday early evening, I watched and listened to John Hagee's empowering message, 'Surviving the Storm.' Alan and I can identify totally with what he shares. Again, thank you to all the ministries who have made such an inspirational impact, not only to me, but throughout the world!

Also, as I was reading the Bible, I came across Psalm 138 (the page literally fell open!) - 'Thanksgiving for the Lord's Favor." There are NO coincidences! I love all the 8 verses; and the last one is of such strong comfort! Verse 8 - "The Lord will accomplish what concerns me; Thy lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting; Do not forsake the works of Thy hands."

Tidbit - Make your mind up to just surrender your will to Him. He Provides as per His Promise. You may not always have an Answer to Prayer right away, but ultimately, you do.

Presently, Alan and I are in the 'waiting' and we KNOW that Our Father KNOWS what is best for us. So we trust His Purpose, even if we do not know what the Purpose is. However, from past experiences, we can look back with appreciation and see that He has answered our Prayers; albeit differently at bittid times. It has been for the tidbit best. We are abiding in Him and we look forward to His Provision, as per His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan!

Bittid - Always seek WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING. It helps while you 'wait' in TRUST and FAITH in Him to Guide and Direct your daily journey.

Lest we forget, Christ's last instruction to us, was to 'Go Ye into all the world and share the messge of the Good New!'

This bittid photo image is very similar to 'our' tidbit hummingbird!

Peace and God Bless.