Saturday, 18 February 2012

'Hey! Hope, don' t mope!'

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We are thankful it is the weekend. It has been quite a bittidz of a week. We are sorely missing our Blue. Thursday was NOT a good day and to help us through the 'emptiness' engulfing the house, we went out to a movie matinee. Of course, there were not too many people in the theatre (a bunch of 'old folks!' LOL! They are probably our age! LOL!). My son gave us a movie pass, which included 2 regular drinks and a regular popcorn. which we shared appreciatively. We really were touched by my son's kind gesture and we saw 'The Grey.' Believe it or not, I really enjoyed the movie; albeit it is not a movie to create laughter in any abundance. Actually, I learned quite a tidbitz bit; and I thought Liam Neeson was excellent in the part. Plus the film was filmed in our glorious Province!!!

Yesterday was a better day and inasmuch as we had some matters to attend to, that took our minds and hearts off our Blue (temporarily). As William Shatner (he looks great!) says on his interesting show, "Weird or what?" that is pretty much what Alan and I have been experiencing this past bittid while. ie, We can still sense the 'smell?' of Blue and hear various 'familiar' sounds around and / or behind us? I look around and see no Blue; yet it all seems so very real. As mentioned in my earlier post, I hope Heaven has a spot for dogs and if that is the tidbit case, may our Blue be up there, herding galore and wagging his tail with joy!

Should add too, that we have been checking into 'Blue Heelers' eventhough it is 'too soon for us' to have another doggie in our lives. When we are emotionally 'ready' we will genuinely love and enjoy another 'Blue Heeler family member.' Have rethought that perhaps our new future 'pup' does not have to look like Blue; nor does he have to be given the same name. Why saddle a dog with that tid? Also, because Alan and I are 'dog' people, it sure feels 'weird' without Blue.

The picture is of the lovely spring bouquet basket of fresh yellow flowers that our vet sent us. We were totally moved by their kindness. The photo is of the flowers 'resting' on our pullout sofa, that Blue loved to recline upon and stretch out on, with his head propped up against the pillow at the edge of the sofa.

Tidbit - 'Hey! Hope, don't mope!' (in any and all matters). That is easier said than done and it takes a tidbit of courage. However, do it anyway! The movie, 'The Grey' for whatever reason, gave me a bittid of 'starch.'

Bittid - Turn everything over to Him. Just leave it ALL to Him to work out the rest; inasmuch as you have tried your best.

Alan and I are re evaluating and reflecting; hence to re quench and retrench. Grateful too, for a quiet Saturday evening and Alan and I will toast together with a tid glass of red wine and say "Skal and Absent Friends" to our Blue. Feel free if you wish, to partake in a 'Skal.' Pehaps some of you have also lost a beloved family pet member; and maybe this will help ease some of your sadness a bit! "Skal! Absent Friends!" (I am starting now!).

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

In memory of our beloved Blue Heeler, Blue

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is in the 'wee' tid hours of the morning here. However, I could not sleep and thought I would write a post.

Our beloved 'pup' of seven years, passed away at midnight on February 12th. We are just devasted and feel so sad. Blue was our 24/7 wonderful family companion for seven years. Our house feels totally empty without him. I keep thinking the noises I hear are him and even can smell his presence. Weird.

He had his moments of ups and downs; and over the weekend, he just went downhill. We took him into the vet on Sunday, to have some of the fluid build up drained, as he was not able to eat, had trouble walking, etc. His stool was black to boot. The vet took out app seven cups of fluid and apparently there were many more litres of fluid still within him. We had the option of leaving him overnight at the vet's but decided we wanted him home with us, where he could rest more comfortably etc.

We also had the hope that because some of the fluid had been drained, his appetite would return etc and that in a few days, we would take him back to the vet for a bit more of fluid drainage. It is a very fine line procedure; can not take out too much fluid, as there had to be enough fluid still left. However, Blue had lots remaining and we were prepared to take him in every few days or whatever, to gently continue with the drainage treatment. The liver was so damaged that everything else went wonky and closed down.

The prognosis was not good and it was simply a matter of bittidz time. Me, being the eternal optimist, suggested that Blue just might 'pull through' by a miracle. The kind vet had compassion and empathy but both he and Alan had the more pragmatic approach.

Will mention that when we picked Blue up from the vet (a few hours later on Sunday afternoon), the dog walked just fine (well perhaps a tid wobbley), wagging his tail all the while. When he came home, he just wanted to remain outside on the covered patio (like the Saturday night before). He was lying on his blue quilt, all nicely wrapped up and warm. We sat bundled up with him for several hours, taking turns until he came in.

On Sunday evening, it was raining and as the damp goes right through one, we carried him in and up the stairs, when we turned in for the night. However, a couple of tidbit tales. Blue was not hungry and turned his nose up at everything (save a bit of water) and I ultimately gave him a piece of a cookie, which he took somehow very gently with his mouth and paw. He then very carefully placed the cookie piece in his paw and lay down on his pillow, with his head tenderly resting on his paw. That provided me with such a comfort, that I knew I would never forget. The other tale that will be etched forever in my memory, was a short bittid later, I was silently Praying and asking God as to what His Will was for Blue. If Blue was suffering, then I know He would take care of Blue; be it in Blue moving on and / or rising up and living. Well, as I was thinking these thoughts, I happened to open my eyes and there was Blue, SITTING UP, LOOKING UP ABOVE (for a few minutes), THEN GAZING STEADILY AT ME (with his beautiful blue eyes)FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE A LONG TIME, AND THEN HE LOOKED BACK UP (above) and then lay down very quietly (almost resigned). Again, I sensed Blue knew something I did not or put it this way, he had some form of communication from above.

The cookie was one of the 100 cookies I baked that Sunday afternoon, when we brought Blue back from the vet. The house was filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies. Small wonder Blue was happy to remain close to the kitchen at that time, eventhough his appetite had not returned. I am not a great baker; however, I wanted to bake up some bite size sugar cookies for our twin grandsons for Valentine's Day. The plan was to give them each their own little care package of cookies, cinnamon hearts, gummie hearts, and jelly jube jubes. Plus a nice card. I liked the tidbit message so much, that I gave them both the same 'Grandson' card."You are always loved (every single minute) That's why this special Valentine has so much love tucked in it! Happy Valentine's Day. XOXO" Also, in the cards I included, 'may each and every little bite be full of love!'

Blue passed away upstairs. We think his heart finally gave out etc. Alan and I wrapped him up very carefully in a sheet and a bag of sorts (did not cover his head) and carried him awkwardly to the car. (actually Alan carried him, I just opened all the doors etc). It was not funny; but it was 'funny' to be carrying a body, under the guise of night and in pouring rain.

We took Blue to the vet on Monday morning. We made the decision to have him 'communally' cremated as opposed to having him privately cremated, whereby we would have his ashes in a nice little urn. Well, we do not need an urn and it was a lot cheaper to have it done communally. But get this, the communal ashes are all scattered in a farmer's field(s). I thought what a great idea; as that will wonderfully fertilize all the crops. We still have our other dog, Rocky's ashes, (in a cardboard box), and I am going to give the vet his ashes as well for the same purpose. We had had another spot designated for our Rocky, but we were not able to work out the bittid details, put it that way. So, this is actually a much better plan!

I did ask God about Blue, as to His Will, Purpose, and Plan. Well, with the passing of Blue, I believe that his death has brought family members more together. Everyone was kind and generous in their condolances. Alan and I are very appreciative of their genuine gestures. We are very thankful for family and in these types of situations, when the family comes together and rallies around, that really touches our hearts (my eyes are welling up with tears). Even the vet sent us a beautiful basket of yellow spring flowers. I had earlier said to Alan that it would be nice to have a flower on our coffee table. (I am thinking for Valentine's Day. LOL!) Then presto, the refreshing and uplifting flowers arrive, a short time after we arrived home from the vet's.

As you can imagine, we were pretty bunged out. The day (Monday) itself was a magnificent one, with brilliant warm sunshine glowing everywhere! We sat outside on our patio and had a couple of stiff drinks. A mini wake, if you will. We thanked Him for Blue and the fact that we were given him as a Blessing for seven years. We basked in the gentle rays of the sun and that was a bit of soothing comfort.

I hope dogs are in Heaven and if so, perhaps God has given our special Blue Heeler the task of herding all the dogs etc in Heaven. Alan suggested perhaps even the sheep. I added that I hope that Blue will be amongst the first of the line to welcome us into Heaven, when it is our time. And may he now and always be at peace, joyful, happy, and wagging his tail all the while! A tidbitz, a friend of ours has a picture in his Bible of an 'angel' holding a fish, and there is also a dog with blue eyes standing beside him, who looks exactly like our Blue. Uncanny!

My son and his girl friend invited us over for dinner and that was all the more appreciated; and a far nicer way to spend the evening; and particularly under the circumstances. The next morning (Valentine's Day), Alan and I surprised the little grandsons at 8:00 am before they left for kindergarten. They were finishing their valentine day cards for their classmates. Brings back so many memories to me, as if it were yesterday when I was doing the same thing, both with my children and when I was a child.

Also on February 14th, Alan's Mum passed away. Hard to believe that was four years ago. So, it was a day of sadness, of reflection, and of thankfulness. When Alan's Mum passed away on the 14th, I immediately said to Alan (more as a bittidz of comfort), that as she was full of love and so special, it was the perfect day for her to go to Heaven.

Before I sign off (the sandman is beckoning. I think I will be able to sleep better tonight), wanted to share something that Joel Osteen said in an earlier Vision T.V. service. Basically, Be Bold when Asking God for what you want. It is fine to Ask Him for your needs, but go further, do not limit Him. Expand your thinking into macro. ie. Ask your request, but Ask for it in abundance, and add something extra that will also benefit somebody else. Anyway, that made a huge impact om me. I have been following what he was saying, and it does make a difference! I have to admit that eventhough I am sad about Blue, I have to think that Blue's passing has a Purpose.

The above is a picture of our Blue. We will get another pup, but we will let the dust settle first. We would like to find another 'Blue', that is a Blue Heeler, with the beautiful blue eyes and wonderful markings. Blue was a cross between a Blue Heeler and an Australian Shepherd; but he had more Blue Heeler in him. (He looks very similar to a Blue Heeler / Border Collie cross too). Guess you can guess what name we would call him! When the timing is right, we will do our due diligence in Prayer and Ask Him to send us another Blue!

Well, I am dozing off. Thank you for reading this. I Thank Our Heavenly Father for our Blessings too. 'Praise Him in ALL Things.'

Peace, and God Bless.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Living with Grace, Faith, and Hope

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a few tid weeks since I last wrote a post. However, today is a new day, a new month. The morning is gorgeous, like spring! Not warm, but brilliant with sunshine and blue skies! Glad too, it is the weekend, as it has been a rather 'up and down' time.

Our 'pup' Blue (7 yrs young), is 'hanging in there.' (his eyes are becoming blue again!). He has had his good and not so good days. One not so good, was in the wee bit hours of this morning, where he had us up a few times. Sadly he can not speak, so we are not able to understand the full degree of whatever it is, that he is going through. It is the liver. We are not sure as to where, how things came up so suddenly. Our vet suggested that the toxins could have been there for a long time and then finally appeared, just like that. Alan and I and a few others have our tidbitz thoughts as to what may have caused the situation, but it is a bittidz 'tricky' to prove. That being said, we have him on a new food regime, especially designated for liver disease. We are giving him anti oxidants, vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Omega 3), antibiotics, predisone (small doses), and a medication to help eliminate bile / poisons etc. Fortunately, Blue has maintained a good appetite. In other matters, he is holding his own; eventhough he has his moments. He is receiving lots of rest and extra TLC. The other day we had to drive into the 'Big City' (app 45 minutes to an hour journey; depends on traffic etc) and we took him with us and the drive was good for his spirits. Plus his quilted blue 'blankey' was a comfort to him, as he curled up in the back seat.

All we know is, we are doing our tidbit best; as is our Blue. To 'open Blue up', would cost thousands of dollars; but more importantly, chances are he would not wake up from the surgery. So, we are focused on him getting well with meds. It will take time; but well worth it, as he is a trendendous family member.

Also, it would appear that we finally have 'closure' in a matter that has been ongoing. We have been through two years of grief and hardship. To make a long story short, we turned everything over to Christ and Asked Him for His Direction as to the outcome, as per His Will. Hence, a Solution turned up and we believe it is in Accordance with His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan for us.

Tidbit - When He closes a door, another door opens. Continue to live in Faith.

Bittid - Always focus on God each day, regardless of your 'ups and downs.' Continue to live with Grace towards all you meet. "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."

Eventhough, we may feel fatigued etc, we have been strengthened within by experiencing and weathering the various bittid 'trials and tribulations.' He has SUSTAINED us! We may look 'tattered' (as in the old cat in 'Cats') to others, but we are JOYFUL and THANKFUL for our daily Blessings! Was watching the Vision Channel last Sunday and Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen were so inspiring! They have their hearts in the right place! Joyce was sharing about tests and having the Faith to endure; and Joel basically, added 'Turn your tests into testimonies.' I like that one! As I have mentioned before, there are NO coincidences, folks!

Personally, I have really appreciated the Vision Channel with their various ministerial programs. Thank you again! Each has an invaluable message to impart! For those of you, who are seeking more clarity etc about Him, tune into the ministries, as they offer genuine tidbits of encouragement and hope.

When one has experienced 'trials and tribulations,', there is more empathy and compassion shown towards others. Plus, when one invites Christ into one's heart, one changes. Many people appear to take offense to that 'change.' ie. "What is wrong with you? You have changed. Or he / she has changed you. Go back to your old ways. We like and prefer you better that way. What has happened to you?" It is as if by their 'words, actions, and deeds', aspersions are cast and 'divisions' are rife. An ephifany for me is that I have to continue to have 'understanding' for those who truly do not understand. I have to continue to Pray for them; so that they will invite Him genuinely into their hearts; sooner rather than later. Revelation is in the works, just a matter of time when the Rapture happens. We feel it could be in our life time.

Hope this post offers you some uplifting bittids. I love the above photo of Blue, taken last year. A lot of people think he is 'Fido.' A similar looking dog is pictured on the Science Diet food package. He is a very wonderful pet and we are Prayful that he will pull through this. He is very tired; however, it could be due too, to the medications that are at work to restore the liver.

It is a gorgeous day; so am going to go outside on our patio to embrace the beauty of today.

Peace and God Bless.