Friday, 11 March 2016

Be Awesome Seed Sowers! Amen!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today’s tidbitz message is about the majestic opportunity of sowing of seeds! (to all those you meet!).  I have been fully and truly embracing and appreciating the heartwarming ministry of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland (and other special ministries as well). Also, Pastor George Pearsons.  A major heartfelt thank you to all of them; and to all their special guests! .This ministry truly touches my heart, with their 'heart to heart' messages.

Today, Gloria and George were finishing their 2 week awesome series on: ‘God Is My Source’. Each sermon is ‘right on’ and is full of wonderful tidbits of wisdom and enlightening encouragement!
Today’s bits in the illuminating video - 'Blessed to Bless' is STELLAR!.

Once you watch the video and the other previous videos, you may appreciate more of the wonderful messages that they are joyfully sharing to us all! Plus, they mentioned, Jesse Duplantis who is a very 'special' person as well.

George and Gloria co-authored a little booklet called, ‘God Is My Source’ and it is for free! However, because of the bittidz they are sharing, apart from us receiving our free book, we ordered 25 more books ($2.00 each) of those special illuminations to ‘sow the seeds!’  We will be ordering more, as the books offer such truth and solace. Believe it or not, both Alan and I have ‘found’ ourselves handing these little bittid ‘gems’ out to those, whom we ‘discern’ are in major need! People are‘seeking' and they are also very receptive!’ Amen! It is a most rewarding journey! That is where our tid hearts are; and Revelation is also happening, as we speak.   

My thoughts also ‘flash’ to Matthew 6: 25- 35. That is so very TRUE!!!!  PLEASE read that passage! It will FOREVER change your thoughts to more positive thoughts to a more positive outcome! I might add too, that, Alan daily (Thanks also, to Costco for your large bag of seeds!) puts bittids of seeds out to feed the amazing numbers of birds that flock and ‘gather’ in our garden and chirp incessantly and incredibly amongst the branches of our magnificent magnolia tree! Inspiring Blessings, indeed!

One of the stories in the Bible, touches a huge inner chord within me. When the Disciple, Peter, was ‘concerned’ about having his robe stolen; and Jesus Christ basically said, ‘Take this, I can get another,'  Meaning, yesterday has gone, so do not lament about yesterday. Give Him TODAY.

Also, in today’s message with ‘G and G,' George made a spiritual special reference to Donald Trump. It does not surprise us that Donald Trump is a ‘GIVER’ and he wants to ‘give back’ and ‘UNIFY’ all those he comes into contact with. In short, being and SOWING a ‘Blessing’ to all he meets.  For those of you are interested in knowing more of ‘SEED SOWING’, please listen to this video. Totally awesome bits!

Also, Donald Trump is a ‘Christian Warrior’ and, we truly understand what he is attempting to impart to all those, whose hearts are hungry (for the Truth) and whose ears are open to making things better. Makes total sense. We KNOW also, that Donald Trump will surround himself with ‘good and quality’ people to help make the U.S.A. the country it was / is meant to be!  Amen! We are Canadians; and we see it from the outside, looking in. Or better still, we see things from the ' inside out.' That is, we are directed by the Holy Spirit to see things in a different light.

Tidbit – Simply know that God is Our Source!  Our Provider. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all the rest shall be added. BANK upon Him and in His Word!

Bittid  – When you are ‘grounded’ in Christ, you know that the Holy Spirit indwells within you to empower you!

In closing, last night (after the Republican Debates), we watched the movie “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner;’ and you know, that movie is totally insightful. Amazing for its day!  And so many tids of  lessons to be learned! That bit being said, if all of us in this world, would choose to: “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you', this planet would absolutely be a far better place!


I love this awesome photo image! ie. The radiating 'inner' warmth, the calm, and the beautiful and peaceful evening setting! It truly speaks to and uplifts my heart!

Peace and God Bless.