Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tidbits of good cheer, encouragement and hope!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Just reread my December 9th post - "An 'eureka' Blessing' and that sums up much in our daily walk with Christ.. However, to recap the bittidz since then, we have had some other 'eurekas.'

Eventhough we encountered and experienced more challenges and some unbelievable obstacles, Alan and I  were / are thankful in celebrating the Birth of Christ.

Alan and I were given a 15 pound turkey by some kind friends and by their random act of kindness, that provided our Christmas meal and several other meals. On Christmas Day (had the day off from work), we did a 'team' effort in putting together a lovely Christmas dinner for the two of us. Alan makes a wonderful turkey stuffing (an old Scottish family recipe), however, did not have all the tidbitz ingredients needed, so he had to improvise. It was the best stuffing ever; as well as the 'butterball' turkey!  He mashed the potatoes, cooked the veggies (broccoli, carrots) and I made the gravy (had to be creative there too, as we did not have the favourite supplies in our food larder) and a wonderful Cranberry sauce. We were rather late in getting our Christmas meal supplies; so we gratefully settled for frozen cranberries, which were extremely tasty. The grocery clerk was right; in that we would not even notice the difference from fresh / frozen berries once prepared.

If I say so myself (LOL!) we set a 'nice' and festive table for the two of us and we were appreciative to partake in a Christmas dinner. (Many people around the world do not even have food / shelter; so we are all the more thankful for the Blessings we have been given!). We are also very thankful to a dear person who gave us some food coupons; and that went a long way in providing us with groceries; including the fixings for a Christmas dinner / leftovers. (They are the best part! We also bought a delicious apple crumble pie on sale! That treat, as well as Alan's home made turkey soup from the leftovers, have provided us with wonderful meals). We listened to Christmas carols (A station on the radio played non stop Christmas music!), and we enjoyed our gas fireplace. Regardless of all the 'stuff' going on around us, we reflected upon our Blessings and came to the conclusion, that this particular Christmas has been the most special and most meaningful one ever! I also put up some decorations on the 23rd (had not felt like it; as we had had the 'wind knocked out of our sails,' in a few situations) and that 'warmed up' our two rooms downstairs.

As mentioned in the earlier post, Christmas can be both a sad and / or a happy time for many. We had a mix of both and yet certain tid things that did occur, we are glad about; as they are life lessons.
When one goes through 'trials and tribulations,' there is more empathy, compassion and understanding towards others.  Even if there have been (and there have been!) mistakes made, it is sad to see people 'rub salt in the wounds'  Unfortunately, we have experienced that; and at the same time, it just strengthens our resolve in Him and gives us resiliency.

This morning, I watched Dr. Charles Stanley ( and his son, Andy gives a wonderful message and also honouring his Dad, who very recently turned 80 years young!

ie. To quote: "Life Lessons With Dad
Not all pastors’ kids grow up seeing their fathers consistently live out the biblical truths they teach. Thankfully, Andy Stanley had that privilege. Full of personal anecdotes, fond memories and moving stories about his relationship with his father, Andy’s message will encourage you to live out these biblical lessons in your own life, and pass them on to the next generation."

Andy Stanley's message was about family and that really hit a 'home run' to me. All those of you, who have their family strifes /  rifes etc, today's teaching is invaluable and gave me comfort. I wished I had been taught more like that, when I was a child; or perhaps, maybe I did not grasp my parents' teachings then; as it was not yet my time to understand. (My Mum and Dad did their best for me; as per my Nov 12th post -'Honouring my Mum.'  Eventhough, I was adopted;  I knew my earth parents wanted children; and I am forever thankful for them).

As shared, Alan and I have been going through many unreal 'trials and tribulations.' This past little while, I got to the point where I literally just turned everything over to God to deal with, and that included consequences. I felt an immediate peace within, after that happened and as the bit expression goes: "Let the cards fall where they may." Interestingly enough, in today's message from Andy, he was saying that his Dad basically instilled / encouraged him to Obey God and Leave the Consquences to Him. That is a major TIDBIT of advice!!!!

Yes, I continue to persist in having Trust and Faith in our Heavenly Father; however,  there have been some trying bittid moments that have sorely tested us re: the 'Fruits of the Spirit." Today's message is RIGHT ON and THANK YOU to Dr. Charles Stanley and Andy. They are leaving a legacy. What a wonderful purpose and plan that He has helped them with!

Alan and I have spent a lot of time as of late, re evaluating and reflecting upon everything and we will continue to continue. ie. From Proverbs 3:5-6 - 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." (One of Dr. Stanley's favourite verses too!)   Also, from Psalm 46:10 - "Be still and know that I am God." These passages are awesome and have helped us through difficult times.

Today, another TIDBIT verse that Andy Stanley was sharing is from Psalm 32 - 8. I LOVE this one and wish I had known about it when I was a child as he had done. ie. "I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you." This is another verse I will now heartily rejoice in!

Also, another BITTID in Proverbs 22, 'On Life and Conduct;' particularly about borrowing and hence becoming a slave. That gave me the final  resolve necessary, to 'leave the consquences to Him.' That has removed a huge load  from my heart and has provided me with a peace and a confidence from within. The whole passage from Proverbs 22 is an excellent encouragement.

My suggestion is to tune into Very insightful and empowering teachings!

Tidbit - OBEY GOD AND LEAVE THE CONSQUENCES TO HIM.  Methinks, that makes life a lot simpler and helps erase worries, anxieties, doubts, fears etc.

Bittid - What is Faith?  Hebrews 11 - 1. "Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."  It is having the trust and faith in the unseen; not in the visible. ie. Remember the story of Doubting Thomas ('You see Me and believe; think of those who do not see Me; but believe." That's Faith).

This is where Alan and I are at in our lives presently; living one day at a time (and in the unseen Faith and Trust in Him). Many do not understand; and again, perhaps it is not their time yet.  Regardless of our circumstances, Alan and I will continue to continue to daily bloom in His Service and to be Used by Him to encourage and uplift all those we meet. 

As an aside, we have flowers (Roses; my Dad loved roses!) blooming at this time of year in our garden! Heard a Robin also sing a cheery sing song early this morning, as well as seeing chickadees jump joyfully from branch to branch on our big tree in front. Plus, the sun is brightly shining!   We are appreciative of these, as Blessings!

We had an interesting experience yesterday; and the Scripture from Romans 8 - 28  is a majestic example!  "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."  We literally saw honesty and dishonesty at work. Two people; wherein one was not truthful and the other was being honouable. Alan and I were put in a most awkward situation and wanting to do what was right and fair. However,  He magnificently brought the TRUTH to light, by exposing the untruths and the deceits shown.

In closing for 2012 and a positive thought also, for going forward into the New Year, remember that each and every day is a brand new day! A new canvas if you will! So expand your horizons, Seek Him out, and He will Guide your path. Never lose hope, as it is not too late to invite Him into your heart. He will never leave you; as ' He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life!'

Also, want to thank all the ministries that give so generously of their time on the T.V. network stations (ie The Vision Channel and Joy10 T.V). They are also wonderful resources to tune into. Alan and I have also appreciated reading Pastor Charles Price's monthly free booklet, 'My Daily Journey with Christ' and his daily messages have provided us with a greater understanding and empathy in our walk.  So, a special 'Thank you!' Charles; and his website is: We have enjoyed his down to earth teachings.
Love the photo images of the daffodils; they are of such good cheer!  Here is wishing you a Happy New Year, as in a new canvas!

Peace and God Bless.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

An 'eureka' Blessing!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today is Sunday, ALL DAY....A day of total rest for us! I know it has been a bittid of awhile since I wrote my post of November 12th.

I have been given more hours at work (which is good) and I am very definitely learning LOTS!  Regardless of experiencing some challenging situations, my goal is to continually uplift others (co-workers and customers); with the hope that they leave the location, feeling better!!!

Alan has been searching high and nigh for various jobs and they are not that easy to find. Seems these days, one has to be computer skilled etc. However, he has been given some tidbit leads and is diligently following them up.

Today, I watched Dr. Charles Stanley ( and, he is right on with his message - 'Solving Problems Through Prayer.' Best for those who are curious for some tid teachings, to check out his website.

Reflecting, Alan and I will have been married ten years as of tomorrow. The time has literally flown by and we are more in love and more thankful than ever for one another.

I also had a bit of an ' eureka' today. ie. Instead of being 'distracted' by 'micro matters' and being discouraged by disappointments, look for doors to open and not waste time on 'closed' doors. Accept the fact that certain doors have been closed and look expectantly forward to positive breakthroughs (from Him). When He closes one door, He opens another. The trick is, knowing when to accept closed doors and embrace new opportunities.

Tidbit - Focus on God's guidance, and have Him direct your path, as per His Will, His Purpose, His Plan, and in His Timing.. Leave everything to Him and cast your cares upon Him and just have the FAITH in Him to Provide Solution.

Bittid - Keep it SIMPLE. Do not get bogged down by the confusion and / or deception of distracting and time wasting details. Look to the more macro picture (ie. the unseen FAITH) and RELY totally upon Him to Prevail, as per His Promise to us.

He has sustained us thus far; so we are keeping that as THE focus, that He IS the Provider of Solutions. "Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10) Let Him carry your burdens and fight your battles.

Above, is the photo of our dear Blue, who passed away in February. We miss him terribly, and trust that he is in Heaven at peace and free of his devastating and tragic illness. We will also, raise our glasses to Blue, as in a 'Skal' to 'Absent Friends' when we enjoy our Christmas turkey dinner.

We may not have the exterior trappings,  however, we have the interior trimmings of the Holy Spirit! We will be celebrating the Birth of Christ; and we are thankful for the daily bittidz Blessings He gives us. We have very much to be thankful for!  We will simply continue to appreciate each and every day and keep an open mind and heart. 

Also, this time of year can be both happy and sad times for many; so our thoughts and Prayers go out to all those who are experiencing tidbitz tough times. 

Peace and God Bless.