Friday, 27 June 2008

Summer is here!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Am going to have to make this a tid short. We are going to Pasley within the next little bit; and have a few bittid things to do before we leave.

It is a 'perfect' summer day! The forecast is for plenty of sunshine; and hot temperatures. Glad we will be 'out of town' and appreciating an R & R tidbit of ocean breezes!

Tidbit - 'Pack light!' LOL! Keep things simple!

Bittid - When you have the time to get away, go for it! Leave all your 'cares' behind and just enjoy! You can ask Him to carry your Burdens; amazing what happens!

Here is wishing you a really nice weekend; will be returning on Monday. Love the above photo image!

God Bless.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Enjoy the day, as it unfolds!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Not what you would call a 'summer's' morning; overcast dark clouds, threatening showers any second, as well as a cool wind, coming in off our ocean coast. Hmmmmmmmm. Not to be undaunted, was up early, lit a fire; and enjoyed perusing through some 'coffee table books'; whilst savouring a few tid cups of freshly brewed coffee. Mmmmmmm. Books rich in history on beautiful scenery of the world, painters, artists, antiques etc were all catching my attention. My mind was far away, lost in these wonderful books, whilst being curled up on our cosy chesterfield; looking quite 'bohemian' with my dark navy 'cashmir' style dressing gown, and old comfy pink slippers, that have seen better bit days. Our Blue Heeler, 'puppy'. Blue has added his 'TLC' touches to my slippers. LOL!

Tidbit - Enjoy the moment; and make the best of it!

Bittid - Be grateful and thankful for ALL your Blessings each and every day. 'Praise Him In ALL Things'.

We did not use our new barbecue last night (see recent bittid posts, if you wish); as we had some tidbit 'leftovers' from the fridge; the food needed to be eaten; and we were not about to waste anything. There is enough wastage as it is, in the world. So, we had a mixed cut up combination of roast beef, chicken, rice, potatoes, seasonings, and gravy; and it was absolutely delicious! Mmmmmmm. There are times, when 'leftovers' are the absolute best! Alan also made up the burgers, 'a la Gourmet' avec onions, spices, egg, and Quaker Oats. Quaker Oats help hold the burgers firmly together. Voila! Take from freezer when needed, and barbecue away!

Am hopeful the weather will clear up; however, we will enjoy the day as it unfolds.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Enjoying the Garden

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

'Summer' is doing its best to spread! The am temps are still a tid chilly; but as the day progresses a bit, very pleasant climes. The last few evenings have been absolutely beautiful; you know that time of night, when the last radiating rays of sunshine filter through everything.

Our yellow climbing roses are a most gorgeous, bright, full bodied yellow colour! You would think I was referring to wine; as in 'full bodied'! However, wine and roses do go together! LOL! Our bittid garden/patio plants, herbs, and flowers are basking in today's gentle sunshine. Our 'Queen Elizabeth' Rose (as mentioned earlier, we have 2 climbing Q.E. rose bushes) are prospering wonderfully as well.

We have been working on various projects; and now it is just a matter of waiting for 'fruition' from Him. We are also taking a bittidz of 'time out' to recharge our tidbitz batteries from recent events of past weeks.

Tidbit - It is good to step back, take time to acknowledge and appreciate one's Blessings. 'Praise Him in ALL Things'.

Bittid - KNOW when to 'call a spade, a spade'. I referred to that in yesterday's post,'Further tidbits / bittids'; and there are 'those' times, when one needs to just simply take a stand for what is fair, right, and equitable.

Love the above photo image! Our tid herbs are really thriving; and tonight, we will enjoy a bit of them in our salad, as well as in the hamburgers, on our new barbecue!

God Bless.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Further tidbits / bittids

Hi Again!

A combination of tidbits and bittids! There are certain 'times' when you just have to make the 'first move'; as far as restoring a relationship and / or reopening a genuine channel of dialogue.

By nature, I am someone who believes in upfront communication and working things through for a win/win scenario for ALL; or, as best as possible. Yet sometimes, that does not always happen. Various dodges, avoidance tactics, excuses, whatever; and you reach a point, where 'enough is enough'. So, as of late, a tid few times, I have simply 'put my bit foot down' on issues that have not gone as smoothly, as they should have. I am 'slow to boil'; however, when I do reach the 'boiling point'; I do my best to ensure, there are no further misunderstandings / miscommunications.

Tidbit - When you have invited / accepted Him into your heart, you CHANGE; nothing is ever the same again; because His Holy Spirit is alive, within you.

Bittid - 'Roll with the punches'; and yet take the appropriate bold and strong stand for what is just and right; Him Guiding you all along the way; with His Words of Truth, Wisdom, Courage, Empathy, Compassion, Understanding, Humility, Love, Joy, Hope, Peace etc. 'Praise Him In ALL Things' and always RELY on Him to help you along the journey.

As referred to yesterday, our Queen Elizabeth Roses are coming out in full blooming force! Love the pink vibrant colour!

God Bless.

Happy Barbecuing!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been an unusual day, thus far. It is doing its best to be 'summer'; and when the sun shows up for a tid in amongst the overcast clouds, it is pleasantly warm!

We have been on the phone for a good bit of today; however, we have managed to successfully conduct our out of town business from home. To clear our heads for a bittid, we went back to Home Depot; and picked up a rotisserie (parts sold separately) for our barbecue; as well as 'discovering' 4 'discarded' tomato baskets. That has made my day; having the luxury of a rotisserie AND, baskets at a tidbit price!

We were going to be going out of town this week, for our business; but it has been postponed; as everyone is not present. We do have the opportunity to go to Pasley this weekend; and all being well, we will! Also, went to get some paint samples as our summer place needs repainting / staining. My sister-in-law gave us the names that she had previously selected; and 'Terrific Tan' (wonderful name!)may be the agreed upon rich brown colour!

Have a bit of bittidical business left to complete; however, a tid of tidbitical tasks are getting done at the same time; which is all to the good!

Tidbit - If there is a bittidz thing that should be done today, do not put it off til tomorrow. You feel much better, when you have put that tidbitz to bed!

Bittid - Enjoy your 'journey' in your daily Walk with Him.

Love the above photo image! Mmmmmm; those bits of 'sheish kabobos' look mouth watering! 'Unearthed' a box of unopened skewers in the garage; so will be barbecuing tids of various 'creations' with those tools as well! LOL! Happy Barbecuing! Tis the season!

God Bless.

Monday, 23 June 2008

A Restful Monday

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

The day so far has been gorgeous! 'Summer' may finally be here! Yahoo!
Mentioned yesterday, that I would share a tidbitz today about 'Hour of Power', 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and 'Living Truth'; but am enjoying a refreshing drink, instead of a coffee.

With Pastor Robert Schuller, the basic message was that the "Lord works with us'; and that with Him, we can do all things; and with Faith, we can move mountains! And even the closing Hymn, was 'Praising Him; and that all the Blessings come through Him'.

With Joyce, she was sharing about having a 'deeper walk' with God; not relying merely on our own 'feelings' & 'thoughts'; but by what you already 'KNOW'; which comes from Him. The Truth IS God. I also liked her message, about 'looking at people in the eye, and to stand up straight' (not with slumped shoulders, head and eyes down); and BE confident!'

With Charles, he was preaching, it is living in Faith and Dependence upon Him; and being self sufficient IN His sufficiency; as having an 'Inner Strength' from Him. Trust Him, Obey Him, Love Him, Rest in the Assurance that He will Provide for you. ie. When you are 'exhausted' from your labours and struggles in the Divine Battle, you will 'discover' the fullness of your sufficienty in Him. 'Everything comes from Him'.

As I have shared in an earlier bittidz (please refer to Sunday, June 8th post, if you wish), there is always 'something' so relevant and illuminating in their messages, to what is currently going on in our lives. In our case, we are relying and leaving all of our concerns to Him; as He has already Won the Battle. We are in a bit of a tid 'limbo' today; however, we are calmly 'resting' in FAITH, that He will Provide the Solutions.

So apart from having accomplished some business this morning and this afternnon, we are enjoying our bit patio garden! Alan presently, is assembling our tid 'pagoda'; and our barbecue!

Hope these tidbits / bittids have been of an enlightening encouragement to you. Better still, if you watch / listen to their insightful messages and see / hear for yourselves! I am joyfully appreciative for their 'words of wisdom'.

Love the above photo image of the Queen Elizabeth Rose! We have 2 of them in our tid garden; and they are really flourishing! If you would like, please refer to posts of March 30/08, April 30/07, & April 30/08. We are literally taking a bit of time out to 'smell the roses!'

Bye for now, and God Bless.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

A peaceful Sunday night

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a really nice 'laid back' weekend! We spent a great day yesterday; and today was much the same.

Watched the Vision Channel this am, appreciating the ministerial messages from the Schullers, Joyce Meyer, and Charles Price, who always provide such uplifting insights! They are on Sunday mornings, as well as during the week in the evenings; for those that missed Sunday; or want to hear them again! As I mentioned before, there is always 'something' that is currently relevant in our lives; no coincidence!
I will share pieces of tidbitz on their wonderful messages tomorrow; along with a hearty cup of coffee! At the moment, I am happily weary; and will be watching a movie in the next bittidz while.

We went back to Costco (could not keep away! LOL!) and picked up the 'lounger' cot and the 'pagoda', while the store still has these popular products in stock. (You can refer to yesterday's post if you would like). Have you ever thought, 'Oh, I will get that later'; and then when you return, not there; gone, out of luck'. So, it is true that the 'early bird catches the worm'; or 'if you snooze, you lose'. Hmmmmmmm.

We enjoyed our garden and patio furniture later this afternoon and well into the evening. We had our first dinner outside; and we felt as if we were on 'cloud nine!' Could not have been a nicer evening; the temperatures are gentle and everything is 'majestic' (nature, the lush greenery, the flowers, birds, etc) all around us. We are so appreciative of our Blessings and for living in this part of the world. Will tid a bit too, that our 'puppy', Blue loved his new 'bath mat' (from Costco); as I thought he might be more 'comfy' lying on that, rather than the hard concrete ground. LOL! We savoured a bit of a tid of roast beef (from Costco!); which I cooked with the various herbs fresh from our garden. The smell of these herbs fill your senses, inside and out!

Tidbit - Appreciate the simplicity and beauty of all things.

Bittid - Embrace each and every day.

I really LOVE the above photo image; which I have delighted in sharing from time to time in my posts. This serene scene suggests a wonderfully calm contentment; as if everything is at a 'hush', and the world / time is standing still. Our skies, and evening tonight is very much like what you see in this picture; very peaceful and soothing to the soul.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

A quiet summer evening at home!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been an incredibly beautiful 'summer' evening. Earlier, there was a mix of white and black clouds that moved rapidly through a blue sky. The outer edges of the clouds were all brilliantly shining with white; and the centres were dark. Very peculiar; but neat.

Eventhough, we were moving a tid slowly today, we had a full bit of a day! Will tidbitz for a bittidz. Our friend that came over last night approx at 5:00 pm; did not leave til after 10:00 pm. And, the last time she was here, she came at 4:00 pm and left after 9:00 pm. It was fun to see her; and I thought that perhaps we will just make some 'provisions' for food; in the event the same thing might happen. Oh no, she reassured me; I am only going to 'stay a minute!' Well? Not quite; but I had some Costco mini quiches in the freezer, so they were very tasty; and that was 'our dinner'. We enjoyed sitting outside last night on our new patio furniture; and it felt great to just 'chill out'. After she left, Alan and I sat outside; yes - until 2:20 am!!! Where did the time go? It was probably just what we needed (we shared a few rum and cokes; which hit the spot!)after Thursday. And our Blue, was curled up in my lap, head on my shoulder sleeping on me. So, it was a lovely Friday evening.

We were out for the afternoon and part of the evening; and have not been home all that long. We went to Home Depot and had to purchase a few bittidical supplies, including a barbecue cover for our new barbecue; which I will be trying out tomorrow! Although it is nice to go out for dinner at times, there is just something extra 'special' about a home barbecue! We will be cooking up hamburgers!!!!...Mmmmmmm! And savouring fresh produce from our bittid garden too!

Also, I rearranged our patio pieces so, we now have a bit space to add a tid 'pagoda' (30 in x 30 in; & 3 ft high approx); an outdoor heater / grill, 'pagoda' style. We will be able to enjoy its warmth all year through. It would blend in well with our tidbitical patio wrought iron black furniture, which has white, taupe, and black cushions. It is amazing how you can 'make room for one more!' And all the furniture just seems to 'fit' with our house colours!

We also enjoyed going to our favourite 'Produce Farm'; and selected fresh corn, and a few other garden tid delectables, that we do not have in our bit patio garden.

We then went to Costco and now our larder is full! However, on our next trip to Costco (which will be soon), we will treat ourselves to the black wrought iron 'pagoda', which is *reasonably priced,' As well, we will pick up a fold up style 'camper / lounge' chair; which appears to be very adaptable! Eventhough it has taken us 2 years to gather our outdoor furniture, it was 'well worth the wait!'

Tidbit - Be joyful in your life, and take delight in the simple things!

Bittid - Have a thankful heart each and everyday! 'Praise Him In ALL Things'.

Am looking forward to the watching and listening to the Vision Channel tomorrow morning; always such uplifting messages. If you wish, you can refer to my post of June 8th, (Sunday, a 'Day of Rest') for background. We were at Pasley last weekend, so I missed the programs; and the week just flew by. Am also glad it is Saturday night; and that we are spending a quiet summer calm evening at home! Love the above photo image, which depicts such a tranquil setting; very much like our sky here tonight.

Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Happy First Day of Summer! Again!

Good Evening!

Could not resist the 2 above tid photo images; which I have enjoyed before! You can refer to the bit posts of (March 14/08 about my deceased dear friend, and continuing through to March 15/08, 'Almond Roca Man' - reminds me of the above oyster plate! LOL!) and last year (June 21/07, 'Happy First Day of Summer').

Apparently, today is the first bittid day of summer; as of 5:00 pm! And the above post describes it still! We happen to have a new barbecue and we are very thankful for that outdoor patio treat! Barbecuing is so healthy and invigorating, isn't it?

Just thought the oyster plate gives me a tidbit laugh; and the barbecue is a joy! Perhaps, I will cook some tasty oyster morsels on the barbecue!

Tidbit - Appreciate the little things; keep things 'simple'.

Bittid - 'Praise Him In ALL Things'.

We have a very special friend coming over in a bittidz; and we will enjoy having a good tidbitz, relaxing on our new patio furniture this evening.

Here is wishing you a nice night; glad it is Friday!!!

Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sibling saga, perhaps resolved

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

'Well', (a deep subject; did an earlier post on that subject!) it has been an interesting time! Please accept my apologies for not writing yesterday; however, we have been 'recooperating' a bittid.

Yesterday morning, we went to the courthouse to await the judge's judgement per the committee application for Alan's Dad. It was awarded to the oldest two siblings for the 'person'(personal care); and to the second (who lives out of town) sibling for the finances. We feel the judge did her best, given the circumstances; however, it is very difficult to 'get around' 'certain documents', that have full weight of the law. ie the Dr. in question and the 'Representation Agreement'. They are legally INTACT; regardless of other factors, which were we feel, are just as valid; if not more so. However, from a LEGAL perspective, and also from a health care's viewpoint, we were not successful. As a tid, it is easier to believe a 'complicated lie, than the truth'. Unfortunately, we are dealing with pure malice and hate; very simple reflection. Perhaps in the future, there will be a change or an ammendment to a law to address these types of situations.

However being proactive, I look at things positively, in the sense that there will be a 'Public Trustee' to overlook any and all financial transactions; thus 'capping' or curtailing of any unexplained withdrawals from the accounts. So, this is to the GOOD; because there is now a 'watchdog' in effect! In a bit few words, nothing can happen from the bank accounts, unless approved by the Public Trustee. Also, the 'Restraining Order' against Alan was 'excessive' (in the words of the judge); and steps are now being taken to remove that court order, to allow Alan unrestricted visits with his Dad. (which is how it should be).

Eventhough, Alan was not awarded committeeship and / or co - sharing with the second sibling, the tidbit points I have just mentioned, are to ensure the Dad's continuous well being. We are 'awaiting' the 'summation' drawn up by the siblings' lawyer, as to the proposals that the judge spoke of yesterday. It will be interesting to see what transpires within the next few days.

We can walk away knowing we did the best we could; as Alan honoured his Mum's last wishes; and the promise he made to her, to look after his Dad. Believe it or not, it IS a 'Spiritual Battle'; Good versus Evil. We have the comfort in knowing that He KNOWS the TRUTH; and has already WON the battle.

The siblings' costs are to be paid for, out of the Dad's estate; and Alan will have to pay for his own. Ouch. Not the happy news our ears wanted to hear initially; BUT, we do NOT have to pay the siblings' expenses; which we sense they deliberately 'RAN UP'. I kid / tid you not! We are letting it ALL go and leaving it ALL up to Him to handle.

Interestingly enough, there is X amount of dollars in the Dad's estate; well, the siblings now will have the additional worry of how to provide his future care, after a few years have passed on. Alan had even suggested earlier that the Dad could have 24/7 quality live-in care at our old residence; and we ensured that he would have enjoyed a very active social life. Even various 'studies' have shown that 'seniors' thrive better in a nutured home personal care environment, versus some of the sterile institutions, that some seniors are just 'plunked into' and left; as in forgotten souls. We saw quite a few of those hollowed empty eyes and sad faces at the institution; and you wonder, 'what happened?' These poor people must have had a life, been vibrant at some point, contributing to society etc.

I ran this past Alan last night; given the tender subject matter; and because it was quite raw, I had empathy not to write it, as per his wishes. However, this morning we discussed it, and Alan suggested that since I am 'led' to write a daily blog to uplift others etc, then I should; so here it is. In no way, am I angry; if anything just disappointed. Just giving you some bittidz in the event you have been through this, going through this, or as a helpful guide in the future. And, I did say sometime ago, I would share the court tidbitz re: the 'sibling saga'.

I also know, that He 'Showed up'.

Thanks for your ear.

God Bless.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

All Tuckered out!

Good Evening or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is actually 'Good Night'; am about to go for a sound and restful sleep; as the morning arrives quickly!

Today was a good full day! Many tid things on the go; and a few bit of unexpected 'curve balls'; and 'it never rains, but it pours'. However, we always think the best, and 'Praise Him In ALL Things'. Love the above photo image; that pretty much says it all!

Our barbecue and tidbit patio furniture (table with umbrella in centre, 4 chairs with comfy cushions) arrived first thing this am; and it was so refreshing to enjoy the evening ambience in our bittid garden! We did not have a barbecue tonight; as we need to get a propane tank (rather helpful!); however, we will do so on the weekend! Now, what to barbecue? Hmmmmm. Mmmmmmm.

Our toilet was plugged; however, finally Found the 'plunger' in our garage; and that did the trick!

Tidbit - Appreciate a good day, be grateful for all your Blessings; and Thank Him for each and every day.

Bittid - Say your Prayers before you fall off to sleep; amazing how well you sleep!

Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Good Morning!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

There is no place like home; and yet, we would have loved to have stayed at Pasley for yet another day; as the weather was finally 'summer!' As mentioned in yesterday's blog, 'reality' does have its bittid way of reinforcing itself; however, when we return to Pasley, we always look forward to chilling out, a la 'bohemian style'. Alan and I are a tidbit 'bohemian' anyway; but at Pasley, we can totally appreciate the ocean, the simple life, and the peace of just being 'away' from it all. No cares, no nothing.

As touched upon in yesterday's post, our batteries were / are recharged; although we did not really welcome the experience with the battery scenario with our car; ie the batteries there needed recharging! LOL! Sense of humour is so vital! We will put it down to it being very strange; however, I 'Praised Him In All Things'. Now that I think about it, as soon as I said that, OUTLOUD, over comes one of the ferrymen with a 'jumper cable' to restart our batteries! So, I thanked Him joyfully for the ASAP assistance. We were just so grateful, that we could drive off the ferry! Was not going to worry about the 'what if' this, or 'what if that' situation (ie being stuck on the ferry etc); always believe in the positive outcome; and make the best of what there is at hand! Methinks this is a bit of a tidbit! LOL!

At the moment, the weather is a cool 50 degrees; with thunder showers and lightning forecasted for throughout the day and night; so perhaps it is best we are now back home. Am feeling very 'bohemian' today; sitting here with my old 'scruffy' pastel pink slippers (Costco), comfy blue cashmir-like robe, avec a LARGE cup of coffee; thoroughly enjoying the morning, as it unfolds. Maybe, now I need the cold cream on my face, my hair full of 'curlers / rollers'; and I am 'set'. LOL! We have a number of telephone calls that we initiated last week; so now it is a matter of waiting for those return calls. 'To go with the flow' is best; and always look to Him, for Solution! Guess that is another tid of a bittid!

When we were at Pasley with my son, his friend Doug, and his relative, we thoroughly enjoyed being with them. Want to share, that the relative, Tina, is a lovely young woman (actually Doug's niece; eventhough there is only a few years difference between the uncle and niece); and she is going through a bit of a tough time. Alan and I spent some quality time with her; and hopefully, some of our words may 'rub off' on her; and help her through her current difficulties. So, "Here is to you, Tina, that you can reacquaint yourself with Him; as He will Guide / Direct your choices (His, if you let Him in) for your life to be full of Blessings and Abundance". He is the Absolute Best 'Confidant' to 'talk to', to Pray to! He LOVES us all unconditionally. All we need to do, is to 'lay it on Him'; and He will Provide the rest! Albeit that can be a tid hard to do; particularly when it is 'new' to one, or returning to Him; or even during very challenging moments. FAITH in Him, however, carries you through each and every day.

Our Blue is happily 'worn out'; he is lying at my feet, with his head on a 'pillow'. Yes, a pillow! We 'spoil him rotten'; however, how well he deserves it! He is a very loving animal; and we are thankful that he is a wonderful family member. A dog / cat etc. is good company for one; and at times, they provide such wonderful comic relief, don't they?

Methinks I tidbitzed and bittidzed, as in the above thoughts. Just be joyful for each day; and always 'Praise Him In All Things'.

Bye for now. Have a good one; or turn / create your moments of the day into good ones! LOVE the above photo image!

God Bless.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Home Again

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have not been home all that long; as we chose to stay for another night at our beloved Pasley.

We left very early Saturday am; and we made it just in time, and thus were the last car on the ferry! My son, his friend, and relative were up there already working on the deck / stairs. We enjoyed spending time with them; and we were able to 'rearrange' our Monday morning projects to this afternoon. We think summer is finally on the way!

We have beachfront property; and it was so nice to be able to be 'bohemian' and just 'chill out' for a bittidz. We saw lots of wildlife - deer, seals, EAGLES (quite close up; 20 feet in the air). When we were walking the 'trio' to the waiting boat to take them over to another island; whereby you drive across, and onto the ferry to return to the mainland; the cookies we left in a plastic container on the outdoor table, were GONE, when we returned some 10 mins later! Imagaine that surprise! CROWS! Boy, talk about being on a tidbitz alert, when we vacated the premises; they swooped in pronto! We learned a valuable tidbit. There are also vultures flying about; however, they are quite different from the distinguished Eagle. I do not like snakes; and came across one (sunning and minding his own business); and it was a 3 footer, grey, thick snake. Ugh. I think the fact that they 'slither' and move so quickly around your feet, is why I am not overly fond of them. Apparently, snakes are more frightened of us, than we of them; or so I am told. I can not help but think when Harrison Ford, in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'; encountered a massive 'nest of swirling snakes'; I suppose meeting one, is so not bad. LOl! Plus, these are just harmless garter snakes.

Our Blue, loves Pasley; and wearing his blue bandana, he really does look like an alert Blue Heeler, keeping constant watch over his 'homestead'. He now has a light blue bandana, which really brings out the colour of his blue eyes! At this tid moment, he is totally 'tuckered out'; he chased a lot of sticks and crows! LOL! Methinks, we will all sleep well tonight!

Upon our arrival, we were surprised with FRESH CRAB from the ocean; and oh, was it ever GOOD! Mmmmmmmm! A bit of garlic, lemon and butter! Mmmmmmm! We 'pooled' our bits and tids of food between the 5 of us; and that always makes for the best of bittid meals!

As I mentioned earlier, we stayed another night; we just were 'not ready' to leave that place of 'paradise' in mid afternoon. And by then, no sea breeze, the water was calm, the temperatures were warm; and we sat out in shorts til approx 9:00 pm! It was a fantastic respite; and the sunset was 'out of this world!'

We tidied tha abode; and we arrived home this afternoon. We had a view spot on the ferry; as we were the first car to drive on; thus being, the first to exit the ferry. Well, when it came time for us to exit, our car would NOT start! Funny feeling! One of the 'ferrymen' came over with a set of bittidical 'jumper cables' to start our car. Thank goodness, it worked! Ultimately, we ended up being the last car off the ferry; inasmuch as everyone else could either back up and / or drive around us. When we returned home, we had some tidbitical 'stuff' to attend to; and then Alan took the car to the dealer (our car is about due for a service anyway). Apparently, the car is just fine; so go figure? Am sure some of you, can relate to your car not starting, thus creating all sorts of scenarios. A sense of humour helps too!

Tidbit - It is how you cope / handle the 'unexpected' that 'sets you free'; that is, if you decide to act on things; rather than be 'frozen' or stymied with obstacles; as in 'What to do?'; and then perhaps do nothing (or at least, for several minutes). Well, we were most fortunate that there was someone with 'jumper cables'; and, if that had not been the case; I had very definitely an immediate 'Plan B'. Plus, I immediately and jubiliantly 'Praised Him in ALL Things!' I guess it is a tid of an incentive too, to get one's car OFF the ferry, when it lands into port.

Bittid - Be appreciative when you have 'time out', to be a bit 'bohemian'; inasmuch as your batteries deserve a 'recharge!'

Have not forgotten about writing a post on 'Our Answer to Prayer'; please bear with me.

Good Night and God Bless.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

To all Dads

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is Father's Day this Sunday; and, I would like to say 'Happy Father's Day to all Dads' around the world.

Eventhough, my father passed away in 1998, I still have the same heartfelt thoughts today, as I did then. My posts of April 30/07 (a Tribute and in memory of my Dad), April 30/08 (My Dad Loved Roses), and June 17/07 (Happy Father's Day), express my tidbitz and bittidz.

Have to go now, as we are leaving to go to Pasley; will be home tomorrow night. However, I wanted to share with you, these 3 appropro blogs, as it is Father's Day, tomorrow.

Once again, Happy Father's Day to all Dads.

God Bless.

Friday, 13 June 2008

The weekend is here!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Whew! Today has just evaporated, practically. Was up early and we have been on the tidbitz go, non stop; til now.

Am enjoying a tid glass of South African Red Wine; and a Norwegian custom as in "Cheers", is to "SKAL!" So SKAL!

Will write our 'Answer to Prayer' when we return from Pasley; as we are leaving early tomorrow morning to catch the ferry. Arthur who is up there already, put the crabpot out, and 'lo and behold', caught some crab!!!! Yahoo! Melted butter, garlic, and lemon, here we come! Mmmmmm Yum! We will be bringing up some bit chicken thighs to 'lure' some more! Apparently, the crab go crazy for chicken thighs! Perhaps that is a bit of a tidbit for you crab lovers! It is a beautiful Spring evening outside; and I was out for a short bit to breathe in a tid of the last bittidical rays of the sun.

Will share a tidbitical, that whilst we were out and about today, we went to Home Depot; and purchased a few bittid items re a 'Father's Day Sale'. ie an affordable barbecue (we just want something that does the tidbit trick; nothing fancy!); and then a very reasonable garden patio furniture set, which consisted of a round table, with umbrella in centre, and 4 'wrought ironish' looking sturdy and hardy chairs with comfy cushions. A tid of a bittid, you can always substitute other cushions, for a new look / replacemnt! We are expecting delivery of these outdoor treats next week; and then we shall make room for a 'lounge cot' (2 if possible), along with a 1/2 heater stand; which we would employ all year round, when needed during cooler temperatures.

Tidbit - When things just 'work out', it is NOT a mere coincidence; I feel it is all meant to be! Relationships, jobs, hobbies, homes, gardens, whatever. "Praise Him in ALL Things".

Bittid - Be joyful and appreciative of each and every day. Also be receptive and open to always learn more. Even the littlest 'tidbits' are invaluable bittids of knowledge, that He gives you.

Am going to call it a night; as tomorrow comes quickly. Here is wishing you a good weekend. The above photo (see post of June 10th, if you would like), is a picture of Alan and I, taken a few years ago; we feel we still look the same! LOL! That photo is of Pasley; and, it is a very special spot in our hearts.

Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bit by tid

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have had a 'full' tidbitz day, thus far; will have to continue with "Answer to Prayer" in tomorrow's bittidz; as we have various projects this afternoon / evening. Just waiting for confirmation, which will set off everything; as in a 'domino effect'.

We are 'booked' for tomorrow; as there is a lot to do. We will go to our beloved Pasley on Saturday morning and return Sunday evening; eventhough, the weather forecast is highly questionnable. My son and his friend are working on replacing the deck(s); and this has been the designated weekend for completion. Apart from a 'change from city life', we will be up there as a 'support' and help to do the extra; whatever needs still to be done.

Can share that both Alan and I were 'tired' of the 'game'; ie the 'dating game'. It got / gets down to a matter of timing and no more "B.S". Like, we are not into the 'artificial / plastic stuff'; and WHEN we both independently, of one another stated our Prayers to Him, we were genuinely 'READY'; and that is WHEN He Stepped in. We believe full heartedly, that He had already predestined us to meet, fall in love, marry, and be a part of his wonderful all encompassing Plan. When I blog next, it will be our "ANSWER TO PRAYER" Prayer, that both Alan and I finally sought from Him. He IS THERE, all He needs is an INVITATION. 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Tidbit - Just go with the flow - FROM HIM. Just surrender and 'wait' for Him to unfold the Solution in His Way. "He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light".

Bittid - The Truth IS what matters; do not compromise your HONOUR, INTEGRITY, and STRENGTH of CHARACTER. Be true to what you know to be right within your heart, to be fair and just with all those you meet. "Praise Him In ALL Things".

God Bless.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Tid by bit, our story continues

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Still cold here; ie 52 degrees F. The damp coast air goes right through you; and it is raining, as I write. Our tidbit veggies seem to be 'hanging in there'; and we are looking forward to a bittid of warmer temperatures. However, could be a whole lot worse; so am thankful for where we live, our Blessings etc.

Alan and I enjoyed ourselves last night - immensely. To tidbitz on the food, Alan had French Onion Soup, I had Oysters on the Half Shell! (Mmmmmm!) to start with, then followed by a scrumptious Caesar Salad, as well as a Filet Mignon to die for! (Have not had steak for such a long time; so am very appreciative!). I devoured a trio of homemade fruit sorbet; (I went all out!) and we each had an after dinner drink; ie Alan had Sambucca and I had a Spanish Coffee. Also, with dinner, we savoured a lovely bottle of Red Wine, from the Napa Valley, U.S. Talk about a bittidz of International selections! LOL!

A bit more of tid on our story. Alan had been on his own for some 20 years; and I for some 16 years. He, alas, did not have children from his first marriage and fortunately, I was Blessed with 2 wonderful children. And am now, a 'young Grandma' of twin boys, who will be 2 yrs in July. How time flies!

Had gone out with 'someone' for many (14) years; and in an earlier blog, "Let it Go" of Dec 3/07; you might find it helpful to refer to it, if you wish. It did not work out (we did not live together) ; but it was not the 'right combination' and for that, I am truly grateful; because Alan and I so beautifully 'found' each other!

I had had approx 18 mos on 'my own'; still was recooperating, I might add from a very nasty bout of 'bad news' pneumonia. Eventhough, I went through the motions of 'playing the field'; I enjoyed my own company and spent time with my friends. ie on most Saturdays, I would go to the Hairdresser for 8:30 am, (thought I am going to look 'good' - for me; plus it is an 'up' when you have a 'good hair day'; AND, you are 'ready' for anything! LOL!), had a delicious cinnamon bun avec icing, and a gourmet large latte coffee. Mmmmmmm!

After that, I went down to the local Produce, Fish, Poulty & Meat, Flower Market / Food Fair; and enjoyed breathing in all the exotic smells of all that was around me. I would also select my food and flowers for the evening; because you see, I would invite various friends (happened to be couples) over for dinner! I would be responsible for the 'Main Course', someone would bring the 'appies', and someone would bring the dessert. Of course, people were more than welcome to BYOB.(Bring your own booze). Generally they offered to bring a bottle or two! of wine, which always worked out with the dinner (and I had some wine on hand; must always be prepared! LOL). I would do the veggies, main course, and salad; so it all was a very lovely and easy way to entertain - OFTEN! And nobody minded; because, it was a 'no fuss, no muss' evening. Also, 'they' then would ask me, 'How soon can we do this again?' LOL!

The weird tid thing was, for many a time, I would always set an 'extra' seat; and then realize that there was 'one too many!', as my friends would laughingly point out to me! LOL! My friends would say, 'Alright, who have you met?' Of course, I always replied, 'No one; or at least not anyone that has caught my eye', plus I was not 'looking'. Needed time to 'heal'; as far as I was concerned; both from the exhausting pneumonia (lost a lot of weight; not a good recommended way to lose pounds)and from a bit of a 'broken heart'. However, as I got 'more into the swing of things' and enjoying my new set of circumstances (I made up my mind, I would be proactive and positive each and every day!), I realized that 'life goes on'. And then as time passed, my life was becoming more full again.

In the next post or few, I will continue with our flourishing story (An Answer to Prayer).

Tidbit - My Dad used to say, 'Life is like a bank account; what you put in, is what you take out of it".

Bittid - "Smile, and the world laughs with you; Weep and you cry alone".

In other words, make the best of things; and "Praise Him in ALL Things".

LOVE the above photo image of the fellow's facial expressions on the plate, inhaling his oyster! For those of you, who love oysters, you can appreciate his amusing antics! LOL! Also, we happen to have that delightful plate; and I smile / laugh everytime I walk by it; which is everyday!

God Bless.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Met 6 years ago today! June 10th!

Good Morning or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Had a good sound sleep last night; and am enjoying presently a wonderful large cup of coffee that Alan brought to me.

We met 6 years ago today; and it does not feel as if it has been six years. We met at my daughter's baseball game; here is a bittid of how things went.

The evening was a lovely warm summery night; I was some 15 minutes 'late'; and I was none too pleased about not being 'on time' to cheer her on, at the start of her game. Can not remember what caused the delay; suffice to say, I was late; period. Plus I had to locate a parking spot close by; and yet not too close to the field, in the bizzare tidbitz event, a lone baseball would fly by and hit the windshield etc. I brought along with me a comfy lawn chair to watch the game; and as I was tugging at it from the trunk, I hear a voice 'Oh, a vanity plate?' And then a comment further on a 'bumper sticker' that was on the rear bumper, along with the license plate. I remember thinking first, 'Oh great; somebody talking to me; I do not have time for this, I am late....' and then thinking with the second comment, 'nice voice; but probably some old fart' (excuse the language; but that was what I thought at the time). Imagine my surprise, when I looked up and there was Alan and his friend (who ended up being our 'Best Man' at our wedding) gazing at me; well, I guess in a tidbit, 'that was the start'. Alan asked me for my business card (I was not carrying any on me); so he volunteered his telephone number; after the 3 of us had walked across the field together. I felt 'right at home', as if the 2 men on either side of me, were 'warriors'; and that we had just won a tremendous victory on the battlefield. It was really quite a unique experience; I remember also, being very calm, striding confidently, feeling good, and exhuberant with courage and direction. The 2 men continued on their way (a chance encounter; because they never went to the park); and I watched the rest of my daughter's game. On my way back to the car, I noticed that the 2 men appeared to be 'hovering' around my car. They looked as if they had turned the corner, and then 'somehow', as if, in an old movie reel played in reverse, they walked backwards to my car, waiting? It turns out, that Alan wanted to 're set the hook'; of course it went right over my head! LOL! As, I was not 'looking'.

Without going into too much of bit detail, we confirmed the possibility of meeting again; and as I drove away, I was thinking 'it happened on the way to the forum; NO; at a baseball field'. Then I thought, 'Where did those thoughts come from? Get out of here!' Will share this, that Alan was 'smitten' that day; and he still is! Of course, I am as well; but it did not happen as quickly for me - which was good, as there was no panic; everything just 'flowed', and fell naturally into place.

I called Alan a few days later; we met for 'coffee' at the 'safe' hour of 5:00 pm at a funky bistro. Alan actually had beer and I, after one cup of coffee, enjoyed Vodka Smirnoffs, along with some delectable and hearty nibblies. The time just flew; and we were the last to leave (at closing time), being 'swept out the door' at 2:00 am by the vacuum cleaner; who was most apologetic about us having to vacate! LOL! We go to this wonderful spot quite regularly; to keep us 'effervescent!' LOL! And, we have never looked back; save with heartfelt appreciation and a genuine 'Thank you' to Him.

We are going out tonight for dinner to celebrate; and we are looking so forward to it! Not to the bistro, but to one of our favourite romantic settings.

Tidbit - Appreciate your mate; let them know daily!

Bittid - It would have been so easy for me, to have ignored / dismissed Alan and not to have taken the wonderful opportunity to make the telephone call. But, 'something' Guided me to do so; and I was not 'fearful' or apprehensive this time. Sometimes, you just have to 'step out of the box and take a chance'; because you will never know, if you do not dare to try.

Will share with you in the near post or few, our "Answer to Prayer"; validating that He does, indeed, Answer Prayers. Tha above photo is a picture of us, taken a few years ago; and we really have not changed all that much! If anything, for the better! LOL!

Have a good one! God Bless.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Tidbits & Bittids

Good Evening, or whatever the best greeting is to you, in your part of the world! It could be morning elsewhere. Have not had a chance to write til now; as it has been a full but a good day!

Today, it rained 'cats and dogs'. Huge downpour this afternoon; and summer is supposedly on the way?

Made several bittidical phone calls this am; then went out for lunch with a very good friend (she and I are like 'partners in crime!'); we have a lot of fun with each other!

Upon arriving home, there were a tidbitical number of messages to my earlier calls; so fortunately, I was able to return the calls and reach most of them.

In yesterday's post, I made the following comment ie "As I watch and listen to their wise words, there is always 'something' that is a 'turning point', or an 'epifany', or has a direct relevance to a current situation happening in my life". Well some of the tidbit thoughts I 'blogged', were touched upon! You may want to refer to my post; and better yet, please feel free to tune in to them on the Vision Channel and / or check 'their websites out' online!

On the 'Hour of Power', Chris Rock? (an American Idol contestant) wrote and sang a song about 'Make me a Vessel'. Beautiful voice!
Also, Donna, (wife of Robert Schuller Jr) spoke and she was awesome! Basically she shared, 'to rejoice in all circumstances and that God will complete the postive works'. 'Be gentle to yourself and to others'. "Stop and Smell the Roses", is what her Grandma used to tell her; and in memory of her Grandma, she wore a lovely white suit, with her Grandmother's beautiful buttons lovingly sewn on it. The suit's original buttons were removed and replaced with these historical buttons, which apparently belonged to her Great Grandmother. Wow! Her Grandma loved and appreciated nature; ie birds etc. Donna also was saying, 'Breathe in Jesus' beautiful creations and breathe out stress'. Also, to be 'reinforced' by Him; and,'to be gentle, kind, deliberate, and persistent; and the God of Peace will be with you'. Tomorrow, will read 'Phillipians' in the Bible; which will refresh my memory a bittid, re: what Donna was referring to in her heartfelt message.

With Joyce, in 'Enjoying Everyday Life', she, along with some other unique women on her program, were sharing some of their messages. ie 'To not dwell on past things'. 'And that CONFIDENCE, comes not from what you do, but from Him'. 'Also He wants us to have a Balance; ie that means to take care of oneself, by eating well, exercising, and proper rest'. 'Also, it is not all about you; help and think of others; who could be in a worse dilema than you'. Think 'macro' basically. ie There was a single Mum; and she 'struggled and juggled'; however when she accepted Jesus into her heart and had FAITH, she was able to 'hang in there'. I thought that was quite heartwarming; and 'when you have CONFIDENCE in CHRIST; He will provide the rest!'

With Charles Price, in 'Living Truth', he shared about being 'United in Christ'; and those that represent Christ, are 'Sanctified' , or 'Saints'. See Paul's Letter in Colossians Chapter 1; 1-8. And that God will equip you, to give you all the Resources you need; as He pours Grace and Peace into your own life. In Colossians 3:15, 'Let the Peace of God RULE your heart'; because you are Recipients of the Grace of God, and Peace is your FAITH in Him. Faith, (always Trust); Love,(disposition towards others); and Hope, (disposition towards life; ie be optimistic; as the best is yet to be!) In other words, 'work on the 'inner' 'Spiritual surgery in our hearts'. 'Live life well, and to enjoy the Peace of God, ruling and reigning in our hearts'. Simplicity is the best!

Just watched the movie, 'Evan Almighty' and, it was well done! You can see the above photo image! When one does a 'random act of kindness' (also exemplified in the movie, 'Pay It Forward'), it is amazing what happens / transpires; one single unsolicited deed of goodwill, can go such a long way.

Hope the above tidbits & bittids are an encouraging uplift to you. They are to me! 'Praise Him in ALL Things'.

The 'Sandman' is beckoning! Good Night and God Bless.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunday, a 'Day of Rest'

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Have been wide awake since 4:00 am; and it was as if also, the bittid 'birds' were on 'wind up' cue! They were chirping, followed by more exhuberant 'singing'; when it was their breakfast / feeding time. As I was lying contentedly in our warm and cosy bed, my head was filled with many uplifting tidbit thoughts! We have much to be thankful for! ie Right outside our bay bedroom window, beautiful trees of green, with nests of happy music filled birds etc.

I arose just after 5:00 am; and enjoyed going downstairs, appreciatively walked around our quiet house, and then made headway to our inviting kitchen, to put on a pot of coffee. Why not enjoy the tid puttzing about the bittidical early hours! It is pouring with rain, so I lit a fire; and in a bittid, will read the morning newspaper. We use the 3 Hour Firelogs; very handy, wonderful tidbitical invention, methinks!

My guess is that I will be crawling back into bed around 8:30 ish to watch 'Hour of Power' (the Schullers); then 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer); and last but not least, 'The Living Truth' (Charles Price). I have referred to their awesome programs on the T.V. Vision Channel, in quite a few posts, if you wish to go back a bittidz (Nov 11th, 18th, & 25th and so forth). I thank them for their inspiring ministries and their helpful insights they share with so many people around the world. As I watch and listen to their wise words, there is always 'something' that is a 'turning point', or an 'epifany', or has a direct relevance to a current situation happening in my life. I feel it is NO tidbitz coincidence, when I hear their meaningful messages about having FAITH in Him etc.

Also, I enjoy writing a blog, because it is a tidbit journal / diary to me; and at the same time, I hope my posts give you a bit of tid encouragement of tidbits and bittids for each and every day!

Tidbit - 'Take time out to smell the roses'; particularly on a Sunday, 'a Day of Rest'. Reflect, re evaluate, re assess, and be grateful for what Blessings you have been given in your life. 'Praise Him In All Things'.

Bittid - 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'. He is there for you ALWAYS; all you have to do, is to genuinely invite Him into your heart. He will take care of the rest; just have the Confidence and FAITH to Rely on Him for His Guidance and His words of Wisdom in all that you do, each and every moment. 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

May be back later. Hope your day was / is a good one! Love the above photo image of the roses in the rain. Pretty soon, our colourful roses will be in fragrant and abundant bloom!

God Bless.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Fresh Produce! Mmmmmm!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We have spent a really nice Saturday; slow moving and low key; a refreshing R & R.

We went to Costco this afternoon; did a bittidz shop, then onward to Home Depot, followed by our visit to our beloved Produce Farm.

Costco really does have some neat stuff; and I like their affordable prices; particularly when you buy something (ie ketchup) on bulk. We were looking at barbecues, heater lamps, garden furniture; and one novel wood burning outdoor tibitz oven; good for providing warmth, burning wood, and cooking your meals a la grille. Thought this quite innovative; and it was well marketed in the store.

At Home Depot, Alan selected his 3 bags of soil (as I said in a recent post, he usually shovels our soil); but because of his knee, we are purchasing the bagged stuff this year. We also, found a 'Strawberry Plant, IN the actual strawberry plastic plant holder; that made our day; and there are bit blooms coming out! We also checked out barbecues and an outdoor patio set; including 4 chairs, an umbrella, with table. If that ensemble is still available after Father's Day, we will treat ourselves to that set. The 4 chairs (avec comfy cushions) resemble 'wrought iron'; and apparently are 'weather proof!' We will locate 2 lounge cots ultimately.

Last but not least, we ended up at our 'farm' for fresh veggies, fruit, and added some 'Sweet Basil' and Boston Butter Lettuce as reinforcement, should our own garden produce not survive this past rainy and cooler weather. At the moment, the sun is shining brightly and all the herbs are soaking up the wonderful rays; including our 'Sweet Basil' and BB Lettuce. However, as I love both herbs; we 'invested' in extra 'insurance'. Also, bought some Parsley (inasmuch as we have enjoyed the same 'batch' for 4 yrs) to increase this tasty edible foliage. Parsley is not only very good for you; but is wonderful for combatting 'bad breath'; ie garlic etc. Also, we found some asparagus root; apparently an asparagus plant grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet and 1 to 1 and a half feet in width; and are both perennial and provide good ground coverage!

Tonight we are going to enjoy 'Shake and Bake' on chicken breasts (Costco), and baby 'red potatoes' smothered with a bit of olive oil, some tid seasonings, along with our fresh garden dill. Another tid; red potatoes are healthier for you than the white potatoes; because the white potatoes have a disposition towards increasing one's cholesterol count. Will also enjoy our herbs in a salad with cucumber, avocado, and cherry tomatoes. We have 6 cherry tomato plants planted; so we look forward to their fruition, in about 60 days time! Also Skal, with a glass of delicious South African Red Wine! The smell of the chicken smells so good, throughout our house; and we are very grateful for living in this part of the world.

Tidbit - Enjoy the weekend and / or your time off; and appreciate all your Blessings. ie Fresh Produce! Love the above photo image!

Bittid - Be 'joyful' or 'up' as best as you can be; and always think positive thoughts; even when there is a change in plans. When that happens, it is most likely for the best. 'Praise Him In ALL Things'.

Good Night and God Bless.

Friday, 6 June 2008

It is Friday evening! Yahoo!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Glad it is Friday evening and the weekend! What an impactful week ( following the United States Primaries etc.); and again, I ask, 'where oh where, did these seven days go?' Reflecting back, overall, it was a bittidz of a good week! Had some 'road rash'; however, 'things were turned around'; particularly since it was not even our error. We are thankful we had other 'stuff' to take our minds off those particular tumultous tidbitz moments.

We have experienced a very cool June thus far (yesterday was the coolest on record, since 1954; approx 50 degrees F); however, now the sun is shining in full force; and it is about 65 degrees! Quite a bittid of tidbit difference! Our flowers, plants, and herbs are starting to 'revive!' We are going to go to our favourite 'farm' tomorrow to pick up strawberries, asparagus ('easy to grow', I understand), and some more 'Sweet Basil' and some Boston Butter Lettuce, to plant in our tidbit of bittid garden patio haven. The 'Sweet Basil' and the lettuce did not fare as well with all the rain; so am restocking our future harvest; to be 'on the safe side'. We will also select our weekly supply of fresh produce; and it is wonderful therapy to just go and be entranced with all the wholesome produce that these farmers grow. I say a hearty 'thank you' to them! We will also be heading to Home Depot, to pick out a 'strawberry pot' and few tid bags of soil. Alan normally shovels soil into bags (cheaper; and there is more dirt / manure in the bags!); but with his knee acting up a bit, it is simply easier to buy the soil this season.

We moved here 2 years ago; left the 'brambled' and neglected patio garden as it was, and in 2007, we enjoyed seeing what 'came up'. Combined with nuturing what was here previously, we added our own 'gardening touch' of "TLC"; and this year, we have a vibrant thriving 'jungle' of lush greens and appealing eye catching multi coloured flowers, along with an abundancy of healthy plant life. Forgot to maybe mention, we planted some snow peas; and they are madly climbing, as in 'Jack the Beanstalk'. I loved that story as a child; and now as an 'adult', it still has its adventuresome and uplifting charm. There is also, a pair of Hummingbirds making their tidbitical nest in the beautiful tree beside us; we have Blue Dragonflies zooming here and there; bees, and a bittidical bevy of 'song happy' birds.

Have also done some more 'Spring Cleaning' within the last couple of days; the poor weather was an encouragement ; inasmuch as there was a bunch of 'indoor stuff' that was begging to be attended to. Done!

Tidbit - 'Roll with the punches', and make the best of each and every situation. Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is promised to no one; and today is what matters. If you do that, life is a lot simpler. Make the most and the best of all moments. You have a choice - to be either Proactive or Reactive. We chose to be Proactive; always has the more positive outcome!

Bittid - Appreciate living a 'simple life'; or keeping 'things simple'. That being said, when you do that, you are far better equipped at handling both the micro and macro situations; even simultaneously. Always 'be ready'; and place your TRUST in Him to Guide you and Give you Words of Wisdom. He will always provide Solution; just have the FAITH in Him, as 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

There are times too, when it is good to just 'step back'; and not to be pressured into making any decisions. 'Sleeping on things' is 'prudent'; and, when you have a calm and peace within yourself (from Him), decisions (the right ones) are that much easier to make. Right? Love the above photo image; all about having FAITH; the worthy movie, 'Facing the Giants', was / is a very poignant and heartfelt true story.

Good Night and God Bless.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Good Night and God Bless

Good Evening or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today has been very cold (48 to 50 degrees F max Brrrrr.) for Spring; unreal! Our bittid herbs, flowers, and plants are all taking quite the bittidz beating; as it has been pouring with rain non stop! Our tidbit 'Sweet Basil' herb, and other tidbitz home grown produce, in particular. Fortunately, the herbs do not cost a lot of $; so if we have to, we will replace them; and by then, the tid weather should warm up a bit; you would think! Just heard on the news that more and more people are growing their own source of food supplies. In fact, a 'Head Gardener' was interviewed on the news, who is giving 'courses' on how to grow veggies etc. in one's own garden! I thought, 'Wow, what a neat idea!'

With escalating gas prices, one has to wonder how many sectors / jobs etc. are being economically affected by these huge petroleum increases. ie Trucks transporting fruits, vegetables; Manufacturers raising their prices to keep abreast of the rising costs; the 'whole 9 yards'. So, apart from enjoying one's own harvest, we are being further encouraged to take tidbitical steps to rely on 'our own back yard' efforts.

Last night went really well; a good time was had by all! I certainly enjoyed myself; and generally when one has fun at their own party or gathering, you can rest assured that it was a success!

Am feeling a bit weary; largely due to the weather, methinks. Completed a number of bittidical 'projects' today; so am about to retire to our tid warm and cosy bed to watch a movie. Glad we are staying home tonight. Love the above photo image!

Tidbit - Appreciate your health, peace of mind, and keeping 'things simple'.

Bittid - At the end of the day, be Thankful for all your Blessings. 'Praise Him In All Things'.

Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Be joyful, creative, and delight in simple things!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Today, feels like winter; very cold! (just barely 50 degrees F). We are going to have a cosy fire this evening; when our dear friends come over for dinner. We are looking forward to seeing them; as it has been a bittidz of awhile; and we will enjoy getting caught up on lots of tidbitz! LOL!

We ae going to serve pate on a crisp bagette & green grapes, as an hors' ordeuvre; Costco's Shepherd's Pie; a handpicked green garden salad and fresh herbs from our garden (the tid cherry tomatoes are not yet ripe; so we have a lovely bit bunch from our favourite Produce Farm! Also, from the 'farm', are snow peas; which I will whip up with herbs and butter. Of course my favourite wine (South African); white or red; whatever is their choosing; and last but not least, a fruit flan from a wonderful local bakery. We like to support her; and her baked items and sandwiches are tidbitically outstanding! I will spice the flan up with a bit of tid home grown mint! So there you have it, simple!

Eventhough I hobbled about on my foot, and took a tid extra bit of time, I managed to vaccum our house etc; and now our home is 'ready' to entertain visitors! Must add a tidbit; after it rains, everything looks so lush and green! The leaves and trees are just awesome; in so many contrasting shades of vibrant greens; and all the flowers (primarily rhododendrums) are bittidically flourishing in several beautiful eye catching colours.

Shortly, am going to go and prepare the dining room table; as I like to create a warm, welcoming and inviting ambience! Also, it helps 'enhance' the meal! LOL!

Tidbit - Appreciate the 'simple' things; and be joyful!

Bittid - Appreciate new growth; even if it is winter temperatures! LOL! 'Praise Him In ALL Things'.

Love the above photo image! I will be throwing in some 'Sweet Basil' in with the snow peas. Mmmmmm. Can taste it already! Also, Alan just brought me some gorgeous bright yellow 'Gerberas' and some pale yellow carnations. Am going to arrange the flowers in a beautiful blue and white Portuguese pottery antique vase; as well as enjoying my parents' (passed on to us now) old blue and white dishes for our repas.

Have to go for now; as our friends will be here before you know it!

God Bless.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

'Seek and Ye Shall Find'

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.
Well, we have had quite the morning; and where oh where, has the tid time gone!

We do have 'things in place'; however, there was a 'miscommunication' gap with one of our associates; that has reulted in a flurried bit of unnecessary 'grief'. We are dismayed about the 'lack of communication'; which we thought was crucially in place. At any rate, we are now 'going through the hoops' to resolve the situation, as best as possible. 'Communication' is such a must!

Tidbit - 'Throw everything on Him' to Provide the Solutions! Rely and lean on Him; period. That IS what He wants us to do! And, 'Praise Him in ALL Things'. That is a good piece of tidbitz; and it IS true, BECAUSE, 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light'.

Bittid - Very often, there are 'tests'; and it is a matter of how you handle 'stuff' - expected or unexpected bittidz. This is where FAITH is so key! Also, He is the best one to 'Communicate' with; particularly, when things 'go awry'. He says, 'Fear Not, I have OVERCOME the World'.

Will write later. Hope your day is a good one, thus far. I LOVE the above photo image!

God Bless.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Monday, after an R & R weekend.

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today, Monday, all day, has been an 'interesting day'. Like, we are a bit weary (from the weekend! LOL!); and yet, it has been a tid on the 'quiet side' as well. No phones, no nothing! Perhaps everyone has had a full weekend of R & R as well!

We were up at our beloved Pasley; along with my son and his 3 special friends. We had a most enjoyable Saturday and Sunday; alas, the bittidz time went by a tidbitz too quickly! We all brought various tidbits of food; and we just pooled our bittids of resources to stretch things into a wonderful communal 'harvest!' The sun was out and pleasantly warm on the Sat; whereas Sun was a tad tid cool; however fortunately, it did not rain! We enjoyed seeing the eagles; even took a picture of a grand one on the beach! When I learn how to computer 'connect' all the photos, I can happily post pics on my blog, to share with you! There were heron, seals, and amusingly, even a mink, 'trotting' contentedly with a fat fish in its mouth (almost bigger than him. LOL!). There are snakes (non poisonous; thank goodness!); however, am glad I never saw one. Have never liked snakes; perhaps it is the fact they 'slither' here and there. Sadly, it reminds me of a few people I have met over my life. There are also plentful deer; although, we did not catch a glimpse of any on this bit trip. Our dog, ('puppy')Blue, loves being up there; free to roam his 'homestead', with his blue bandana. He even dared to step into the ocean a wee tid; and he is becoming more confident, as he 'matures' into the fine animal, that he is!

Tidbit - Appreciate being 'away' from the stress of 'everyday' life, if you have the opportunity; and to leave everything that is "?" behind; to properly enjoy the tad bit benefits of a 'time out'.

Bittid - Also, if you can make a genuine point of spending 'bonding' quality time with family and / or close friends; building repoire and trust for a friendlier future, this is all to the good.

In between 'stuff' today, we watched bittids of news on the T.V. First, my heart goes out to Senator Edward Kennedy and his family; and, for a safe recovery for a successful surgery; and the Doctors feel they have 'achieved their goals'. I understand the brain / skull does not feel the pain of an operation; weird to fathom, but true. Glad that Senator Kennedy was 'awake' during the probing surgery etc. Secondly, Alan and I wish both Obama and Hilary Clinton all the best in the 2 remaining Primaries; and may they both work out the best positive scenario for the longterm benefit of the nation. Thirdly, also to John McCain, for him being the personable Republican Party Candidate. We are Conservatives; and the Republicans (in the United States) and Conservatives (in Canada) are quite similar in their party beliefs. We are looking most forward to the Democratic results; and will be 'glued' to the T.V. / news etc. Very interesting historical tidbits in the making!

Am signing off for the night; as tomorrow will come early! LOL! Also, I appreciate and LOVE the above photo image! So very true!

Good Night, Sweet Dreams, and God Bless.