Monday, 29 June 2009

Seek and Ye Shall Find - Peace!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Can not believe that 4 days have passed since I last wrote a tidbitz post! If I have offended some in that regard, please accept my apologies!

It has been a time of major 'challenges' for us: and 'brush fires' that we have been doing our bittidz best to 'put out'.

Will say, that yesterday, I totally embraced the Vision Channel and enjoyed watching 'Hour of Power', 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and 'Living Truth'. Will write some tidbits about the bittids I learned, as I was Blessed with some major ephifanies!

Will come back to it - but, on the "Hour of Power', I 'discerned' that there was / is a 'power of healing' taking place amongst the 'scattering of seeds'. To gain the most 'fruitful' knowledge and for best harvest, check into -! It was totally fantastic! As I just said, I will revisit, but will do it a better justice in a later post.

Watched Joyce Meyer, of 'Enjoying Everyday Life' ( and her first words practically were: "Has WORRY ever helped?" 'Like worrying about yesterday and tomorrow, steals today'. She is right. She is also endorsing to 'TRUST GOD AND LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME'. That is what Alan and I DO; eventhough we know many have misunderstood and have been critical of us attempting to doing so. Also, it can be hard to do; particularly when obstacles are 'skittled' / 'skuttled' along the way.

Yesterday morning, before watching the start of the Vision Channel, I lay in our bed and was thinking 'what is the APPROPRIATE word to describe how I am truly feeling at this moment?'. I was thinking 'discouraged?' and / or 'disappointed?; but I could not come up with the 'RIGHT' word?

Joyce began her teaching, also by speaking of 'DESPONDENT' - and I immediately knew - RIGHT ON! That was EXACTLY the RIGHT description that I was 'searching for!' (Thank you, Joyce!). There are NO coincidences! Then Joyce added the word, 'FOREBODING'; and that means to be 'afraid before something bad happens'. Hmmmmmm (Not good food for thought, methinks; or to put it simpler, 'snap out of those negative thoughts asap!'). 'DESPONDENT is because of ANXIOUS THOUGHTS!' as per Joyce's adequate description. Now that is an enlightening ephifany to me! No Kidding!

The gist of it all is, is to 'WAIT ON GOD' and 'WAITING WITH ENTHUSIASTIC EXPECTANCY!'. I personally like that tidbit thought! Also, never give up, and enjoy your Blessings; but also BE a Blessing to others. Joyce was sharing too, that 'the more you TRUST God, the more He will Protect you etc.' Basically, 'Leave it to God to solve, as it is His Problem (not yours) and also, let your mind be RENEWED to the Word of God'.

Had made mention that, before I watched the Vision Channel yesterday morning; I had a little 'chat' with Him. I also Asked Him to infill me with His Holy Spirit. Well, I can tell you, that experience really happened; because I was wonderfully filled with a comforting 'Peace, a Confidance, and, a Joyful Calm!' Thus, the 3 televised programs I watched, became all the MORE special and meaningful to me! I also agree and full heartedly appreciate when Joyce says with 'FERVOUR' (I like that bold word!)- " How we behave at home, is more important than being in Church". Basically, you are looking at 7 days of 'walking your walk in Christ, rather than just one day day - ie Sunday'. In other words, 'Walk the walk in Christ everyday!'

A tid of a bittid - When I was a child of 8 years young, (still can be 'young at heart!'), I went to Sunday School. Did not really appreciate getting dressed into a dress (was a tomboy) and attending an indoor 'school' on a Sunday, when I loved climbing my trees and making forts (in other peoples' gardens!). I even 'threw it' at my parents, 'Why don't you ever go to Church?' Anyway, one particular Sunday or two, I 'played hooky'. Did not go; a 'no show'. When I ultimately went 'to face the music', the minister left his pulpit and literally walked down the Church aisle to me, (I am sitting quivering in the pew; there was a Service first before breaking into Sunday School classes), and he asked me where was I for those 2 Sundays? (I guess it was a reasonable request). He asked me in such a 'sneering', almost 'hypocritical' way, that I immediately replied, 'All I see is, that you are always asking for MONEY, MONEY, MONEY'. Well, that did not please him; inasmuch as I STOOD UP and stated BOLDLY OUTLOUD my answer. (As it turned out, my Sunday School classes came to a severe halt). Later in life, when I was marrying my first husband, we ran into the same minister, and sought his counsel, as he had been refered to us. He immediately 'snarled' at me, and said, 'I remember you'. My quick, yet gentle quiet reply was, 'And you have NOT changed!'. Needless to say, we did not get married in his Church. There are other growing grapevines to share; but not at this present momento.

At any rate, I hope you have received a bit of encouragement and uplift. I feel better that I wrote a post today; eventhough we have experienced our various difficulties, with unexpected 'stuff'. Please feel free to say an Intercessary Prayer for us, if you wish. Will share too, that it is true of me - 'good, bad, or indifferent' - "What you see, is what you get".

Love the above photo image - 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'. Very true!

Here is wishing you Peace and a nice evening.

God Bless.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday Flowers!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Can not believe that it is Friday, all over again! Do not get me wrong; we are thankful it is Friday and the weekend again! It looks as if the weather is going to be wonderful as well!

It has been a full bit morning / afternoon thus far; and we have been working on various projects. Alan is currently having a meeting with someone right now, as I tid write. I have 'retreated' to my post; along with my elixir of coffee.

In yesterday's post, the picture also shows our beautiful wine glass with all the handpainted flowers on it. A very dear friend gave me a set of these 8 colourful glasses years ago; and we have 7 glasses left to date (unfortunately one broke). Whenever I drink from these magnificent glasses, I always have a smile and fond memories. The glasses were from a person very close to my heart; and as they say, 'Time heals all'. I went out with him for many years after my first marriage. However, it was not meant to be.

I met Alan in June 2002; and we are genuinely appreciative of one another, and that we 'found' each other. Not a tidbit day goes by, that we do not confirm our happy hearts with one another. It is very definitely a 'give and take' between us; and as I have mentioned in earlier posts, it is the 'combination' that works best. People can 'look good' together, BUT, there has to be more than just 'fluff' and a 'pretty face'. Methinks too, because of our Faith, we treat each other extra well, and we work towards good resolution. We have our bittid moments too (who doesn't?), but we just simply RELY upon Him for His Guidance and Direction; inasmuch as 'HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT'. One can 'disagree'; but it is how one wisely chooses to 'agree to disagree', employing and enjoying the utmost diplomacy all the while. A good banter / dialogue comes to my mind! LOL! Anyway, enough of that bittidz. Perhaps some of this tidbitz is helpful. Communication is also vital. There would be a lot less misunderstandings, if things are just 'straight up' and upfront; and yet presented with a positive and truthful outlook. As they say, 'Keep It Simple' (or the KISS principle) works best!

Do not allow 'Doubt' or 'Fear' to enter your mind; or if it does, may it vanish, as quickly as it arrives. ie. Immediately turn to Him for Solution; 'Do not rely upon your own understanding'. It is written in Psalms, in the Bible, to 'Have Faith, Trust, and to be of Good Cheer, and that those who have total TRUST in Him, He will Provide!' That message really jumps into both my mind and my heart, when challenges and obstacles occur.

Once again, if you tune into 'Hour of Power' (Dr. Robert Schuller,; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer,; and 'Living Truth' (Charles Price,, their International Ministries / Bible teachings / insights are wonderfully uplifting and full of encouragement. 'Seek and Ye Shall Find!' Am looking forward to watching and listening to them on the Vision Channel this Sunday!

Here is wishing you a nice Friday and may your weekend be an extra special one for you!

The photo is of the same gorgeous flowers, however residing indoors by our awesome fireplace!

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Genuineness Revisted

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

For some reason, I 'revisted' some older posts I had written; one being from August 18/08, parts of which are included in today's post. I think because 'genuineness' is where it really is at; in all things you do, people you associate with, the works! However, the most important is to be Genuine with God. If you are 'straight up' (Truthful) with Him, and do your best to live a 'genuine' life, it will be easier to be 'genuine' with all whom you meet. Methinks too, that from 'genuineness' comes compassion and a gentle empathy for others. Regardless of your challenges and circumstances, always 'put your best foot forward', think of encouraging others, and be of a giving genuine nature, rather than micro thinking 'what about me, what about me?' and / or 'what is in it for me?'

"In my post of August 16th, I made reference to having a few 'true' friends; and that one is fortunate if you can count the number on one hand. I would like to add that there are many awesome people I know and appreciate; just that I am Blessed with 2 or 3 close female friends. Alan is my best friend; inasmuch as we are married and choose to spend our time together; be it in developing our business interests, and daily enjoying our personal lives.

'Genuineness' is what it all comes down to. Have had past and recent disappointments; however, there are those who have exposed themelves by their own 'words, actions, and deeds'. Some of them do not know what to do because of embarassment, shame, whatever shoe fits; and it is coming back to haunt some of them, whereby they are getting caught in their own webs of deceit and lies. With some (ex friends), I have tried to show compassion etc; but their purposes are quite different from mine.

Alan is from a Christian family; and it was Alan who genuinely helped me accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour. Since that time, our lives have been taking many amazing turns (most would not believe it); and the fact that I have 'changed' (because Alan has 'brainwashed' me; and, indeed, he has not!), are angry, jealous, spiteful, etc - just because.

Alan has been the scapecoat and the whipping boy, as well as myself; however, that is fine. We are happy and are enjoying our lives; regardless of the ups and downs. Our Faith in Him has wonderfully Blessed our Marriage and our lives together. You can refer to my post of June 10/08 etc, if you wish to read about 'Our Answer to Prayer'.

Anyway, I am enjoying my cup of coffee, whilst writing my blog. Alan and I have done / are doing a lot of reflecting and it really DOES get down to being 'genuine'. We are so grateful that we met, fell in love, and each day just gets better; and this has now been approx 6 years. There were and still are those that oppose our marriage. Alas for them, that they did /do not wish to take the time to have a genuine understanding of the Truth; but perhaps they are more comfortable with their own versions, false gossip, or divisive heresay. And instead of being happy for us, they are not; but all the sadder for them, in that they do not appear to be content with their own lives. And yet, there IS a Solution; and that IS Him. If some would turn to Him, their lives too, would be 'changed' for the better and for the best. Alan has been a 'messenger' in His Service; and that is the simple TRUTH of it.

Tidbit - 'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you'.

Bittid - Commandment # 8 - 'Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour'."

As an update bittidz, I am still enjoying my cup of coffee, 7 years later! It certainly has not felt like 7 years; the time has gone by very quickly; as if it were yesterday!

We have much tidbitz to be thankful for; and we 'Praise Him each and every day!' ie In our own back yard; as in our neighbours, that we have come to know and appreciate over the years.

The above is a beautiful bouquet of flowers that was recently sent to us; as a 'Thank you' for services rendered by us to some friends. The flowers were not necessary; yet our friends felt otherwise, and their genuineness in turn, uplifted our spirits and brightened our household. 'Pay it Forward', comes to mind. We have a good friend coming over tomorrow morning; and the flowers are / will be a joyful Blessing and a refreshing touch! As the expression goes: 'Say it with flowers!'

Another bit 'found' treasure! Alan just came back with a cooler and a thermos that had been discarded in the garbage bin of our complex. The items appear to be in good shape! We are grateful for this latest tid find; as it will be very useful. We say, 'THANK YOU!'

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lush and Prospering Garden!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

This morning, it is absolutely POURING with rain. Generally the past Junes have been rainy, cool, and damp; inasmuch as we live on the coast. This June has been awesome; and if there has been a bit scattering of rain, it has been a short lived sprinkle or overnight shower. A good way of watering our tid garden, methinks! LOL! Our juicy garden is prospering with healthy abundance; although perhaps our 'Sweet Basil' may prefer drier conditions.

Speaking of the veggie herb, 'Sweet Basil', we enjoyed some in our tortellini pasta last night. Just a bittid of butter, parmesan cheese, and the 'Sweet Basil'; which really adds a tidbit perk to the dish. Along with a Caesar 'creation' salad, and a glass of South African Red wine, it made for a very enjoyable repas; international, one might say! LOL!

Love the above tidbitz photo I took last week of our 'garden in the sunshine'. The bittidz background is of our yellow climbing roses, and healthy lush pink peonies; and in the foreground, are 3 Queen Elizabeth Pink Climbing Roses, freshly picked. I love that vibrant colour of pink! If I had it my way, I would have a 'pink' room! LOL!

We have various projects on the go; so have to attend to those now. However, would like to share that late last night, I was 'Directed' to the Bible and the page literally fell open to Psalm 1 of Book 1, which I embraced full heartedly. All the verses in that passage, 'spoke to me'; yet verse 3 really reassured me. Perhaps some of you are seeking encouragement and comfort at this time.

"And he will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,
Which yields its fruit in its season,
And its leaf does not wither;
And in whatever he does, he prospers".

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Take time out to smell the roses!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Thought I would quote what I wrote in my post of October 10/07, as per the title ' On the go and yet, take time out to smell the roses!', I began to reflect a thoughtful tid upon those particular words.

"It has been a really busy on the go time! I prefer to not even mention the word, "busy"; because more often than not, busy does not always mean being busy. Busy is more of an excuse; and could also be illustrated to show up as "busyness". Hmmmm. Was going to spell it as 'business'; and interesting the word, "business" appears. Tidbitz for thought!

Tidbit - Remember to take a deep breath, when you find your life is really on the go! So often, one does not take that moment. It gets easier to put that into practice, when you make a point of doing that each day!

Bittid - I often find that people who are on the go; create time to fit something in; or they work around things. Ask someone who is on the go; or as "they" say, always ask a truly busy person, and you will find the job or whatever it is, gets done; regardless of how tied up they may be. However, when one says "too busy or sooooo busy", then hmmmmmmm.

Have to admit, that I have also said. "tooooo busy or soooooooo busy"; generally due to lack of interest. So now, I just say, 'thanks, but no thanks'; or 'perhaps at a another time'; or 'I will see what I can do'. Because when I say "I am tooooo busy or soooooooo busy"; that is a good reality check for me! Hmmmmmm.

When things appear overwhelming, I just step back, take a breather, appreciate a calm pause, say a Prayer, and then I feel much better. Things become crystal clear, and I find that I focus much more enthusiastically with whatever is on my plate!

Sadly, I have observed that there are people who are "on a constant treadmill"; or; "as gerbils going around and around in a cage"; or those, who are always "in a hurry" - because they are so "busy busy". That amuses me a bit when I encounter "busy busy" people and / or who always are "in a hurry!" Reminds me of the Mad Hatter!

As a futher tidbitical, when on the go, and if feeling anxious, stressed, overworked, or whatever, just slow down a tid and take a deep deep breath. Live one day at a time; challenges and all! Praise Him in All Things. It is amazing how your life becomes a joy and easier to manage. Please take the time out to smell the roses; before you no longer can! I hope this is a helpful bittidical".

HOWEVER, EVEN MORE importantly TODAY, what comes to my mind, is Joyce Meyer's (Enjoying Everyday Life) insights when she shares her encouraging message of June 7/09. - 'Are You Too Busy?' - ie. 'If you are too busy for God, then you are too busy'. 'He wants us to bare good fruit, and walk in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit' and much much more! I really enjoy and appreciate Joyce; and her teachings are 'right down to earth', as well as 'right on!', methinks. My tidbit suggestion is to tune into her website; as you will receive a whole bittid of wonderful knowledge and genuine inspiration!

Love the above photo image!

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Enjoy the bloom!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Have not forgotten about you; we have just had a number of tidbitz tasks on our plates. There is now a bittidz moment to breathe, before our day begins. Am calmly appreciating my elixir of coffee and writing a tidbit post.

Listened and watched the Vision Channel yesterday morning, and embraced the insights and the epifanies gained, from the three wonderful International Bible Teachers. ie Dr. Robert Schuller on 'Hour of Power' (; Joyce Meyer on 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (; and Charles Price on 'Living Truth' ( They are excellent with their messages of empowering encouragement and enlightenment of Jesus Christ and the stories from the Bible. I will share some of their tidbits; yet for you to receive the best knowledge, it is better that you check their websites / programs out for yourselves. As in, 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Yesterday was the first day of summer! The weather was 'mixed'; however, still a pleasant start to the season. Our strawberry plant of 2 years, surprised us with its first berry blooms ever! To me, those are such awesome Blessings! Plus, our Queen Elizabeth Pink Roses are gorgeous, along with our other healthy budding roses, colourful flowers, plants, and fresh garden produce. Our 'Cilantro' herb plant is growing bountifully and is exquisitely flavourful! ie. For a 'Quacamole Dip' - Mash Ripe avocadoes, dice fresh onions, mix in with bittids of lime juice, and Cilantro; and voila - a tasty and refreshing summer treat! It is extra delicious, when served with green coloured Quacamole Tortilla Chips flavoured with Avocado (from Costco!). Also, we have a hummingbird that appears to have taken up residence in our tid thriving jungle! Love the above photo image of the Queen Elizabeth Rose.

Have to go for now; may be back a bit later today. Enjoy the bloom of each day!

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Take Courage!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My apologies for not writing a post til now. Apart from it being a 'whirl wind' of activity, for the past few days, our computer has been 'wonky' and finally 'froze' yesterday. So, am totally thankful that things are 'working again!' My fingers are running with glee over the tid keyboard! LOL!

Without going into too much bittidz detail, we have been 'on the go' and 'wearing many hats'; all at tidbitz once. So when nightfall arrives, we have been grateful to retreat to our bed.

Will be offering more tidbits from the Vision Channel ie. 'Hour of Power'; 'Enjoying Everyday Life'; and 'Living Truth'. However, with regards to 'Hour of Power' ( with Dr. Robert Schuller, I must recomend to those of you or those whom you know, who are feeling discouraged or 'lost', guest, Stacy Rebecca (Becca) Cook, has a wonderful story of hope, insights, and Salvation to share! She has been through a lot; and I admire her courage!

Also, on Monday evening, as we have been experiencing some bittids of 'challenges', I 'Prayed' to Him for His Direction, Guidance, Words of Wisdom, Understanding etc'; as HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT. It was as if my Prayer had 'reached' His Ears and / or Heart; because there was a silent 'dialogue' of thoughts that I immediately received from Him. I was 'Directed' to get up out of our bed and go to the Bible. Interestingly enough, the Bible 'opened up' to the Book of JOBS. I knew He wanted me to read the last page, in the final chapter of JOBS; however, I was 'Guided' to read Chapter 41 and 42; before I fell upon the comforting verses 10 to 17, in Chapter 42. That to me, was / is endorsement; and my spirit was made calm and still again. As He had earlier suggested to me, 'Fear Not, For I Have Overcome the World'; plus, 'I will Provide and take care of you' were His 'Words' to me.

Just now, read Psalm 27; and Verse 14 - 'Wait for the Lord; Be strong. and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord'.

The above bit photo is of of our dear 'Blue', our Blue Heeler; and eventhough, he will be five years young in July, he is still a 'puppy' to us!

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Being joyful and appreciative for Blessings!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is a really gorgeous morning! Not a cloud in the blue sky; radiant sunshine, birds singing, and flowers coming into magnificent colourful and healthy bloom everywhere! To me, these are wonderful Blessings and a great boost to start a 'summer' day! As I walked contentedly about our home, and appreciating the quiet calm of the morning, I 'Praised Him In ALL Things', and Thanked Him for our Blessings. We have so much to be Thankful for! As I have mentioned in various posts, 'each and every day is like a mini Thanksgiving' to us. I also Asked Him to give us Guidance, Words of Wisdom, and Understanding; as well as Praying for Good things to happen today.

Am playing a bittidz of catch up here. ie From the Vision Channel, within the last few weeks. Will share a brief tidbitz; however, here are the uplifting sites once again, for your enjoyment, that offer encouragement and knowledge of the Bible and Jesus Christ www.hourofpower (Dr. Schuller of 'Hour of Power'); (Joyce Meyer of 'Enjoying Everyday Life'); and (Charles Price of 'Living Truth'). Most likely things will make more sense, when you read and reference their teaching tidbits for yourselves.

On 'Hour of Power', here are some bittids that jumped out at me. Lee Butler, (a retired USAF General) is the Founder of 'Second Chance Foundation'. -'Divine Intervention' - 'His infinite wisdom, He has forgiven and given us a second chance'. Plus, 'Prayer for those who simply added to their Nation's call'. Then Kathy Ireland with her encouraging insights in her book, 'Real Solutions for Busy Mums'. Also, Reverend Tony Campolo - that he Prays in the early mornings, lying in his bed, in 'waiting' for the Holy Spirit; as well as 'Focusing' on the Word of Jesus Christ. I try to do that each morning as well. For those of you, who wake up with heavy hearts, if you do this every day, you will feel the burdens disappear, only to be replaced by a joyful calm. I always think of Psalms 46:10 from the Bible - 'Be still and Know that I am God'. Also, I really enjoy Reverend Campolo's amusing and uplifting story of the inspiration he gives and receives at his Church (Mt. Carmel Baptist Church). Can almost envision the genuine fun and hear the rousing encouragement found in that joyful atmosphere!

We have a few tid errands to do; which involves an hour's drive; so best to go now. Will be back later to share some tidbits from 'Enjoying Everyday Life' and 'Hour of Power'. Also, on the way home, am looking forward to stopping into our favourite Nursery and Produce Farm for a few bittids of veggies & fruit, as well as looking for 'Cilantro' to plant in our garden / patio. I have discovered some wonderful tasty recipes using a bit Cilantro; and we just 'happen to have' one spare planter!LOL!

My apologies for not writing a post yesterday; however time just got away from us. It was a full day. Love the above photo image; have utilized the fresh looking picture in some of my past Spring / Summer 'produce' posts from 2007 and 2008. That also makes for a delicious, light and easy to prepare summer repas - cold tomato soup (or whatever soup you prefer), with sweet basil (or other spices / herbs), and a dollop of sour cream, and freshly baked (or store bought! LOL!) rolls. Perhaps, a green salad too!

'See you later, aligator' - my Mum always said to me!

God Bless.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

In the 'pink' of our garden! Blessings!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Thursday, already! To tell you the tid truth, it has felt like a 'Friday' for this whole week thus far; eventhough we have experienced many a 'stressful moment!'. Write about 'stuff happening out of left field', and yet, it IS our steadfast FAITH, HOPE, and TRUST in Him, that He WILL Provide the Solution! I believe we have a story / movie here worth telling. as I mentioned in an earlier post! He also says to be of 'good cheer'; so we have been endeavouring to do that, regardless of any and all circumstances!

As an aside, a wonderful dear friend (close LOYAL friends are few and far between) of ours did a bit of a computer 'stress test' on me; and 'nothing moved'; which apparently means that 'I am not stressed' - at all! Perhaps this ALL has something to do with our fervent belief in Jesus Christ, that 'He IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT' and that He IS in charge of us (if we totally LET HIM!) and that it must be left up to Him to fight our battles; that He has already WON! That is HUGE! It takes a lot of courage to just 'let go' and 'leave it ALL to Him'. We have had various situations; one of them being today; and quite frankly, I finally hung my head in my hands. And yet, the Proverbs 3: 5-6 kept staring at me in the eyes. TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LEAN NOT UNTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH. (That brings tears to my blue / green/ violet eyes).

Interestingly enough (there are NO coincidences!), He 'showed us a WAY'; shortly after I hung my head in despair. I am NOT complaining; as we 'Praise Him In ALL Things' each and every day; sometimes several moments during each day! In good and not so good situations! And at night, when we fall upon our bed, we are thankful, appreciative, and reassured that we have bravely endured another day of challenges; AND, we are grateful for ALL our Blessings!

As of late, have been not writing my posts (and I really enjoy and love writing them!) because we have been 'weighted down' with obstacles; and yet because we live one day at a time, we are succeeding in getting through the hassles; bit by tid, or tid by bit. A lot of the 'festering issues' are 'bureacratic'; however, we do know that our final 'treasures' are stored in Heaven. THANK GOD! Remember, 'You come into this world with nothing; and you leave with nothing'. It also is a matter of how you treat others; and eventhough, we have been sorely 'let down' by some, we MUST remain compassionate and have genuine empathy for all. -Friends, foes, and otherwise!

Went and reviewed my tidbitz 'notes' (which I will share a tidbit or two ulitmately). that I enthusiastically took down from the Vision Channel re: 'Hour of Power' (; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (; and 'Living Truth' ( for the last few bittidz weeks; and all I can suggest is that for those who wish to 'Seek and Ye Shall Find', please check these invaluable websites out! They give such wonderful teachings and encouraging insights of both the Bible and The Word; which in turn helps and equips us all for coping better with each day as it unfolds.

The picture that was of me yesterday, I am 'in the pink', as another precious friend,
graciously shared with me, is true; however in our garden! We are to be joyful, under ANY and ALL circumstances! We just received some more bittid GOOD NEWS! Will be happy to share that Blessing with you, when we receive the endorsing validation of what we have been trying to bring to 'FRUITION' for all these past years! We have certainly 'been there, done that' and then some! As my dear Alan said to me today, 'We have packed twenty years in seven'.

We appreciate all those that have gone through 'sh--'; and can still be 'stalwart' and opptimistically 'chipper' to share their experiences! For all those who are ill, have their 'tests' (trying moments); just "STAND TALL and DREAM BIG, AND COME BOLDLY BEFORE HIM!! That is what He wants us ALL to do!"

Have had quite a few epifanies, today! It has been awesome; and I am presently enoying a glass of South African Red Vino! Skal and an 'Absent Friends Skal' to all those, who are not able to be here with us. That can be a 'global toast', methinks to all those alive, as well as honouring / remembering those who have died. PEACE and FORGIVENESS is key to living an abundant and a rich life, full of joyful daily Blessings! Here is to making a worldly positive difference - even 'a smile, a kind word, or a random act of kindness' to whomever you meet in your passings, each day. If we all do a small bit part, that helps a tid, in the larger macro scenario!

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Happy Day!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Monday and Tuesday have 'zoom zoom zoomed' by us! We have had a full plate and in the evenings, we have appreciatively and gratefully fallen into our bed. Have also been working out details re: the selling of our old apartment; and there is much to be done before next week's close.

Today is an 'extra special' day for Alan and I! Will share some tidbits; as well as giving you some bittids from past posts, to make it easier for you to refer to, if you wish.

"'ie'. July 23/08 post (Our Answer to Prayer) - "Today, am going to write a bittidz on 'Our Answer to Prayer'. You can refer to various tidbitz posts for background if you wish; ie 'Let it Go' Dec 3/07; June 10/08; and June 11/08. Perhaps, this will be of encouragement to you, or some others that you know".

"We met 6 years ago today; and it does not feel as if it has been six years. We met at my daughter's baseball game; here is a bittid of how things went.

The evening was a lovely warm summery night; I was some 15 minutes 'late'; and I was none too pleased about not being 'on time' to cheer her on, at the start of her game. Can not remember what caused the delay; suffice to say, I was late; period. Plus I had to locate a parking spot close by; and yet not too close to the field, in the bizzare tidbitz event, a lone baseball would fly by and hit the windshield etc. I brought along with me a comfy lawn chair to watch the game; and as I was tugging at it from the trunk, I hear a voice 'Oh, a vanity plate?' And then a comment further on a 'bumper sticker' that was on the rear bumper, along with the license plate. I remember thinking first, 'Oh great; somebody talking to me; I do not have time for this, I am late....' and then thinking with the second comment, 'nice voice; but probably some old fart' (excuse the language; but that was what I thought at the time). Imagine my surprise, when I looked up and there was Alan and his friend (who ended up being our 'Best Man' at our wedding) gazing at me; well, I guess in a tidbit, 'that was the start'. Alan asked me for my business card (I was not carrying any on me); so he volunteered his telephone number; after the 3 of us had walked across the field together. I felt 'right at home', as if the 2 men on either side of me, were 'warriors'; and that we had just won a tremendous victory on the battlefield. It was really quite a unique experience; I remember also, being very calm, striding confidently, feeling good, and exhuberant with courage and direction. The 2 men continued on their way (a chance encounter; because they never went to the park); and I watched the rest of my daughter's game. On my way back to the car, I noticed that the 2 men appeared to be 'hovering' around my car. They looked as if they had turned the corner, and then 'somehow', as if, in an old movie reel played in reverse, they walked backwards to my car, waiting? It turns out, that Alan wanted to 're set the hook'; of course it went right over my head! LOL! As, I was not 'looking'.

Without going into too much of bit detail, we confirmed the possibility of meeting again; and as I drove away, I was thinking 'it happened on the way to the forum; NO; at a baseball field'. Then I thought, 'Where did those thoughts come from? Get out of here!' Will share this, that Alan was 'smitten' that day; and he still is! Of course, I am as well; but it did not happen as quickly for me - which was good, as there was no panic; everything just 'flowed', and fell naturally into place.

I called Alan a few days later; we met for 'coffee' at the 'safe' hour of 5:00 pm at a funky bistro. Alan actually had beer and I, after one cup of coffee, enjoyed Vodka Smirnoffs, along with some delectable and hearty nibblies. The time just flew; and we were the last to leave (at closing time), being 'swept out the door' at 2:00 am by the vacuum cleaner; who was most apologetic about us having to vacate! LOL! We go to this wonderful spot quite regularly; to keep us 'effervescent!' LOL! And, we have never looked back; save with heartfelt appreciation and a genuine 'Thank you' to Him.

We are going out tonight for dinner to celebrate; and we are looking so forward to it! Not to the bistro, but to one of our favourite romantic settings.

Tidbit - Appreciate your mate; let them know daily!

Bittid - It would have been so easy for me, to have ignored / dismissed Alan and not to have taken the wonderful opportunity to make the telephone call. But, 'something' Guided me to do so; and I was not 'fearful' or apprehensive this time. Sometimes, you just have to 'step out of the box and take a chance'; because you will never know, if you do not dare to try.

Will share with you in the near post or few, our "Answer to Prayer"; validating that He does, indeed, Answer Prayers. Tha above photo is a picture of us, taken a few years ago; and we really have not changed all that much! If anything, for the better! LOL!"

A few tid additions today! We will be embracing a tasty barbecue on our patio tonight, instead of going 'out!' However, we will enjoy eating 'outside' and are looking forward to the simple, but good hearty repas. Also, re: the 'bittid' - Alan gave me his telephone number to call, as I did not readily supply him with my telephone number! LOL! There was 'no game playing'; just that I did not have a card on my person; and he quickly suggested instead, that he would give me his number. I am not in the habit of calling men; however, after a bit of time, I thought well, 'I have nothing to lose; all it is, is for a cup of coffee'. Little did I know! LOL! Glad I made that call; as it changed my life! As I have mentioned before, there are NO coincidences!

Also, here are two very recent photos of us; as well as providing you with a bittidz glimpse of our patio garden of flowers and home grown produce. (We will be enjoying some of the veggie herbs and butter lettuce in tonight's dinner!) Perhaps you can see the beautiful pink rhodi in the background; the petals of which are in the lovely silver bowl; I LOVE pink!

Will also share tids from the 'Vision Channel'; however, it is best to check out the websites for yourselves (as per the Sunday posts of June 7/09 (ie 'Encouragement', 'Today's Blessings!') for the wonderful bits of knowledge that these programs generously offer.

Have to go for now. However, here is wishing you a great day.

God Bless.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Today's Blessings!

Hi again,

Wanted to share that my attention was joyfully and thankfully captured, whilst I watched 'Hour of Power' -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' -; and 'Living Truth' -

All I can suggest is that for those of you who wish to know more about Jesus Christ and to gain encouraging bittids, a good plan, is to tune into these wonderful programs. Had a number of 'ephifanies' today! Will touch on a few of those tasty tidbits in my upcoming posts; as they always give me a greater clarity and a better understanding of Him.

Actually, the 'clarity' comes when 'He is invited into you!' He tells us 'I am at the doorway of your heart. If you open the door, I will enter and never leave you'. When this happens, we all 'change'; and you just naturally want to know more! 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'.

Here is wishing you a Blessed Sunday. 'Praise Him In All Things!'

Again, many thanks to my 'gifted' friend, who took this photo of the beautiful Iris, from their magnificent thriving garden!

God Bless.


Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world.

Woke up early and am now appreciating my 'elixir' of coffee that Alan made and brought to me, whilst sharing some tidbitz. It is an overcast morning, and it looks as if rain could threaten any second; despite all the lively neighbourhood bird chatter and banter. Our bittidz garden / patio plants are looking wonderfully green, vibrant, and are thriving with all the sunshine they have recently been Blessed with!
Our cucumber plant is starting to sprout yellow flowers even!

We have much to be 'thankful for'; ie everyday to us, is like a mini 'Thanksgiving' and we 'Praise Him In All Things'. Have to admit, we are feeling still a wee bit 'numb' about our old abode; and, if it were a 'perfect world', we would have kept the beloved apartment, rented it out; and perhaps sell it 'down the road'. However,'the best laid plans of mice and men', as they say; and that being said, we are moving forward. In tid reality, best it was sold; and may someone else enjoy the ambience as we did!

Nothing is ours anyway. 'We all come into this world with nothing; and we leave with nothing'. My Dad used to often share with me that Biblical TRUTH.

Thought too, I would refer to various posts; as they offer a tidbit or two; as well as a bittid of tales.

'ie'. July 23/08 post (Our Answer to Prayer) - "Today, am going to write a bittidz on 'Our Answer to Prayer'. You can refer to various tidbitz posts for background if you wish; ie 'Let it Go' Dec 3/07; June 10/08; and June 11/08. Perhaps, this will be of encouragement to you, or some others that you know".

Also another 'ie'. for further tidbits, you can refer to - 'Sunday, a 'Day of Rest', June 8/08; 'Tidbits & Bittids', June 9/08; 'Bit by tid', June 12/08; and 'The Weekend is here', June 13/08.

This am, am 'prepped' ready for the Vision Channel (as per yesterday's post), along with my cup of delicious coffee! Perhaps some of you are as well!

Here is wishing you a peaceful and happy Sunday. I love the photo image of the majestic purple rhodo; we have a number of them in our complex.

Also, from May 13/09 post - 'Flowers mean so much!'

"- Tidbit - Appreciate a quiet and gentle calm, before your day 'perks up'. Take a bittidz of time to 'Praise Him In All Things'; and Pray for good things to happen to you and others during the day. Amazing what clarity and positive tidbitz takes place! 'Keeping things simple', also works best!

- Bittid - If you feel 'overwhelmed' at times, just ASK Him to Carry your Burdens. He ALWAYS DOES. RELY upon Him (not upon your own understandings) and LEAVE it all to Him to Provide Solution. You enjoy a joyful peace, TRUSTING eveything will be alright; and ALL according to His Purpose. Plus, when you Thank Him for your daily Blessings, you 'perk up', and in turn, you spontaneously and genuinely uplift others around you! That is a 'stalwart' start to the day, methinks! (If you wish, you can refer to my March 5th post: 'Stalwart! - I like that word!' for bits of background)".

Am going now to embrace 'Hour of Power', then 'Enjoying Everyday Life', and then 'Living Truth'. Perhaps there will be some ephifanies; as there is always something wonderful to learn!

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Much to be THANKFUL for!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Have to apologize for not having written any tidbitz posts since June 2nd. We have been on the go; and are wearing many bittidz hats.

One thing I will share, is that we sold our old home; and it is with mixed emotions; because we loved the little apartment. After a considerable period of time of it being on the market, we received five offers, all within ten days of each other. What has happened, is that the market is stabilizing a bit, which affects the equity value of property. We knew what threshold we needed; and I said a Prayer to Him, asking for one of the five buyers to offer 'over asking price'. Specifically I 'threw out' a price. 'LO AND BEHOLD', the next day, the offer came in for that EXACT Blessed amount! We accepted the offer and the close is for June 18th.

We also had an arrangement agreed upon with our realtor that he would 'waive' aside his commission fees, should a family member wish to purchase it from us. The family member had ample opportunity; and I guess that is why both Alan and I have 'mixed' feelings, because we know it would have been a good and prudent move for the individual. Real estate is on the rise; and we know that our old abode will return to its higher fetching value in time. Due to the financial debaucles (greed) starting approximately September 2008, there has been a worldwide domino effect, which has trickled down to many of us unsuspecting 'bystanders'.

We work with INTEGRITY; so had there been a deal struck with the family member, we would still be honour bound to decently compensate our realtor 'something' for his hard earned efforts. Our realtor has had 'mud thrown in his face' by his colleagues, because our unit has not been the easiest to sell, during these 'testy' times of 'trials and tribulations'. Unfortunately, the previous realtor did not work out; and it was a tid awkward, because both realtors work in the same location. The other realtor had a fair chance; however, we needed an 'energizer bunny' realtor to achieve positive results.

We took into consideration, the fluctuation of the market conditions; thus we were flexible and reduced our asking price substantially. However, we had a vital bottom line; and we stuck to it, as we felt 'enough is enough'. Because of the surge of current confidence in the marketplace, we contemplated in increasing our asking price this month. However, the offer came through yesterday. No question, we are relieved; but a little disappointed and saddened that a dearly loved family member chose not to participate. However, c'est la vie; and we have to simply 'let it go'.

We are happy however, for our realtor, because he now has a big smile on his face; and we would love to be 'flies on the wall' at his office Monday morning meeting! We heartily recommend him; and, we gravitate towards his tenacious optimism! We called him this morning to let him know we appreciate him as a 'quality' person, as well as a consistently 'upbeat' realtor. He has offered to sell some of our existing furniture in the suite; so 'what goes around, comes around'. That also will help us with the challenges of moving out some of the heavier objects, methinks! With Alan's knee difficulty and my injured shoulder, we are grateful for this help. Also, we will not be seeing any money to us; as everything will be consumed by the various fees. Once again, I am totally thankful for my answered Prayer; inasmuch as the additional 'boost', helps pay the two realtors' commissions. In the ultimate payout figure, it will be tres close to the wire.

It has been a real 'learning curve'; particularly as of late. However, we are joyfully 'Praising Him In All Things'; and we are leaving it all up to Him to Provide the rest of the Solutions. Just have to have the continual FAITH, TRUST, and to be of GOOD CHEER, knowing that He will always 'Show us the Way'. 'He IS the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT'.

Here is wishing you a nice weekend. Love the above photo image / message - 'Seek and Ye Shall Find'. When you invite Him (Jesus Christ) genuinely into your heart, He never leaves you.

Am eagerly looking forward to watching the encouraging Vision Channel tomorrow morning for illuminating teachings. Here again, are a few websites for those who wish to gain further knowledge and insights of Him! 'Hour of Power' -; 'Enjoying Everyday Life' -; and 'Living Truth' -

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More Flower Majesty!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It is a gorgeous morning here! 75 degrees Fahrenheit! Wow! I was awake with the birds; finally got up at 6:45 am; and have enjoyed the peace and Blessings of a summer morning.

Yesterday, our Blue jumped up on my right ankle and crunch! Ouch! Needless to write, I was not feeling my bittid best. There was a slight situation; and I had to make a choice. Inasmuch, as I made a rather 'hasty' decision; I decided to 'sleep on it'. I Prayed to Him for His Guidance, and first thing this morning, I relented, and called the woman back to give her the item she had expressed an earnest need for. What kept sticking in my mind and heart, was when she was in our home a few weeks ago, she took the time to copy a message excerpt in our 'powder' room; and that really touched my soul.

Proverbs 3: 5-6

"Trust in the Lord
with all your heart
and lean not unto your
own understanding.
In all your ways
ackwowledge Him and
He will direct your path".

Was trying to share a bit of that wonderful tidbit in yesterday's post; however, the Bible says it so eloquently!

After I spoke with her, I immediately felt a 'calm' and a 'joy', because a tid of an uplift had been freely given to her.

Tidbits and Bittids:

'It is better to give, than to receive'.
'What goes around, comes around'.
'Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you'.

The picture is yet again of another beautiful Iris, taken by my gifted friend. You can refer to yesterday's post, 'Flower Majesty!' Also it is magnificent that He created the Universe in six days! WOW!

'Praise Him In All Things!'

God Bless.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Flower Majesty!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a full day; and we are thankful for a day of wonderful Blessings that came our way!

Am sharing the beautiful photos of both Iris' that grow in my friend's garden. She has very kindly sent me pictures of her 'paradise'; and a 'thank you' to her, for allowing me to enjoy her pictures in my posts. Have not forgotten about writing the article either; will do so, as soon as there is a tid quiet moment. Look forward to creating the time tomorrrow am, if not tonight.

Tidbit - 'Praise Him In All Things'. By stating that first thing in the morning, and then ASKING Him for a 'good day' (of Blessings and also saying Intercessary Prayers for others) really works best!

Have been doing that a lot as of late; and it is amazing what special bittids of 'Blessings' transpire! When you are joyful and calmly confident that He Will Provide your needs, you are better equipped to handle whatever occurs on your daily plate. Plus, you become all the more FOCUSED upon Him; as you have 'thrown' everything upon Him to work out. Leave it to Him to carry ALL your burdens, and to give you Guidance in everything you do! It is that simple; although it can be hard to do at bittidz times. However, the more you Depend upon Him (and NOT upon your own understandings). the better the tidbitz results are for you!

Bittid - 'Keeping things simple' and genuinely and gratefully focusing upon Him, brings 'clarity'; particularly when dealing with various bit challenges and stressful times. And, to be totally appreciative of your Blessings, also does wonders for your spirits!

Have had quite a few tidbits of epifanies! ie. By Relying totally upon Him, and then giving Him Thanks for the Blessings that happen each and every day!

God Bless.