Thursday, 27 February 2014

Be a Braveheart!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, since yesterday, one of the people who is treating me to lunch next week, called me to confirm the time and place. The lovely restaurant that they had picked out earlier, is closed for that particular day. However, we will enjoy going there another tid time!

It will be nice to see these 'old' friends. I had mentioned in yesterday's post, that they think of me as a bittidz of a 'light' to them. Well, methinks it works both tidbitz ways; as they are also a 'light' to me.

Earlier, there was a flock of chickadees that flew to our magnolia tree and what a good feast they were having amongst the branches! Tiny little birds; but Blessed with wonderful sets of lungs! For whatever tidbit reason (I guess 'branches' and the 'vine'), I thought of two empowering verses in the Bible, that I state outloud almost every day!

John 15: 5 - "I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me, and I in him, he bears much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing."

John 15: 7 - "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it shall be done for you."

On a different bittid note, that was great that the Canucks won the game last night! They have had injuries and so forth. I will Pray for them that with their 21 games left to play, they successfully make the Playoffs! That they become stronger and healthier each day; and be the resilient 'warriors' they are! Go Canucks Go! Be like mighty 'Bravehearts!' Be strong!

The bit photo (June 2013) is of our hearty and thriving Braveheart plant! It is very resilient to all types of weather!

Peace and God Bless.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A fresh and welcome start!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Am appreciating a 'special' quietness this morning. It is app 2 degrees Celsius and most of the snow has reverted to tidbit green again! Amen! Eventhough there is still a dampness and chill in the air, it is refreshing! The foggy mist is illuminating to the new blooms springing forth. Our glorious magnolia tree, with its pussy willow buds, looks extra awesome! The birds are happily flying about and chirping. Just think, Spring will be here before we know it!

I am enjoying my elixir (coffee!) and am just filled with a peace and a calm. May you all experience the same! A good start to the day, methinks! There is so much to be thankful for. Many Blessings indeed!

One of our neighbours popped by last night to thank Alan for the homemade soup that Alan gave him a bittid portion of. It turned out too, that the elderly gentleman needed Alan's help with a light in his garage. Alan was able to assist him and gave him another jar of the much loved tomato, consomme, veggie mix. He kept saying to Alan that he is so happy that we are not only his neighbours, but friends. That Alan is a 'light' to him; and that he always 'feels better' when he sees us! Of course, it works both ways. He is also a 'joyful' soul; a very nice and wise man.

May have made mention in one of my earlier posts, that when I was a tid child, I spent a great deal of time at various neighbours' homes! (Lucky them! LOL!) One of them, was our next door neighbour. An 'old' couple, and I always had questions for him. He reminds me of this particular man; who also has a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Of course, 'old' is not in my bit vocab anymore; it is 'young!' LOL!

One of the questions I always asked (their last name was 'Lord' God Bless them! Most likely they have passed on), was why did they never have any children? Their tidbitz answer was always: 'We have you!' Well, to a small child, that was 'music to my ears' good to hear! Both Mr.& Mrs. then would ask me, if I had heard of 'Dennis the Menace' and my response was always a vigorous 'Yes! He is my favourite!' Well, Mr. suggested that they were like the Wilsons and that I reminded them of 'Dennis!' I really thought. 'Wow!' This was all the more bittidz special to me; as I was always trying to be 'Little Miss Helpful' to them! LOL! Yet they did love me and Mrs. always baked cookies with icing for me. So small wonder, I was a 'regular' visitor on their doorstep! LOL!

Tidbit - Best to have an 'attitude of gratitude,' and be 'young at heart', with a positive outlook of Hope, Faith, and Trust in Christ!

Bittid - A sense of humour helps too! Being able to laugh as well, at your own calamities! Laughter is good!

Also received a call yesterday from an 'old friend;' (not age wise! LOL!) and a few of them are taking me out to lunch within the next week or so. It will be nice to see them again and to hear how they are doing. We will be meeting 'half way' as the drive for them and for me is a fair distance. Methinks, this may be a rebirth of better rappoire and genuine friendships amongst us.

I actually had called this 'old friend' and offered my support if needed, as they were going through a very awkward situation. That person was very thankful for my call! There are tidbit times, when there is nothing like having an 'old friend' to turn up and simply 'be a good friend.' (not 'busy body' like, but just there as a 'sounding board'). I was told by this friend, that they have found out who their friends are; and that I was, indeed, a 'true' friend. It was as if we had spoken only the day before; and the many years that had paased us both by, vanished! I appreciated the kind compliment and I gently added, "Have 'been there, done that' so, I know how you feel.' So, methinks I will welcome this, as a fresh start!

Long story made shart, this particular person had been drawn into a 'grapevine gossip' and was not aware of the TRUTH. (It was more convenient or easier, to just go with the 'stuff' that had been bantered about falsely). There was no need for me to say or defend myself and, I didn't. As deep inside their hearts, they 'knew' that their behaviour towards me had been less than 'stellar.'

It was a big step for them to acknowledge the TRUTH. Guess when one goes through their own set of misfortunes, circumstances, they in turn, gain an awareness and empathy for others. This particular person I know, was / is truly sorry and I had already forgiven them. That being said, when I originally called the person, I did so with no bittid hesitation. I just knew it was the 'right thing' to do and I am glad I did.

Sadly and prior to this, I did take a pause and step back. ie. Leaving it all in His Hands. There is wisdom in these famous worldwide words: "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" and, "Love thy neighobur as thyself."

In closing, if we have more understanding, compassion, and empathy for others throughout the world, the world would be a far better and joyful place! Life is fleeting and too short! However, treating others well is vital; as is the TRUTH.

My friend kept mentioning how important TRUTH was and that they thought I was a 'light' to them. I thought, interesting how the 'Holy Spirit' works; albeit it may take awhile! Yet, I am thankful and welcome this fresh start! Amen! Now I have to be
a 'light' to them; and genuinely and caringly uplift and encourage them. To be an understanding sounding board, who has 'been there, done that.'

Am discovering also in my daily walk tids, that I do not give my bits of advice, unless I am asked to do so. However, for answers and help, SEEK Him always and He will never leave you. Be courageous to continue to have that thought and refuge of comfort in Christ! The Holy Spirit arms and equips you with what you need at the time; be it by 'words, actions, or deeds.'

I like this cheery photo image of the daffodil!

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

There are NO coincidences!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

To recap, at the bit moment we are 'dogless.' It feels weird without a 'pup' around the house. Eventhough we miss Shadow, we are thankful for the time we had him with him, when he was entrusted in our care. He will be two years young in May; and we know that he is a better dog, for having been trained by Alan. We have been invited to visit him; but we feel we should wait for awhile, so as not to upset the dog. He was with us for app 7 to 8 months. Shadow (Great Dane / Black Lab mix) taught us a few tid things too! We also looked after Massi (English Bull Mastiff) for a short time, and he is also a 'gentle giant', all 155 pounds plus!

Writing of mixes, we have had a 'mixed bag' of continual rain and snow on and off, back and forth for the last 4 or 5 days. This morning, there was a sunny mist of white blanket everywhere. When I think of all the horrid storms, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, snow / freezing rains, etc in other tidbitz parts of the world (reminds me of Revelation), we heartily count our Blessings!

We enjoyed also watching the Olympics on our TV and appreciative kudos to all those who participated in any capacity in these Games. The Closing Ceremony in Sochi was awesome! They 'finished well.' May Sochi be a door of genuine encouragement and future propserity!

Yesterday, I happened to turn on the T.V. and watched a wonderful interview between Pastor Matthew Hagee(John Hagee Ministries: Home and Producer, Mark Burnett.

The interview was on the T.V. broadcast ':The Difference ' with Matthew Hagee - Season 2 - Guest Mark BurnettOriginal Air Date: February 23, 2014

To quote: "The Difference interviews Executive Producer Mark Burnett of the upcoming feature film, “Son of God.” Mark Burnett is well know for his successful television programs such as “Survivor,” “The Voice,” “Shark Tank,” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Mark believes it is this success that has allowed him to take the life of Jesus Christ and showcase it on the big screen for the world to see."

The interview was incredible! Totally blew both Alan and I away! We could discern the genuiness and passion of Mark Burnett. His wife, is Roma Downey, and she plays the kind hearted angel, 'Monica' on the T.V. series, 'Touched by an Angel.' I have always appreciated that heartwarming series. I had thought that the woman playing 'Monica' was a very special person in real life. That bittidz being said, I am delighted that they are a couple and have produced such a movie, that will be an inspiration to all those who see it.

I liked too, what Pastor Matthew Hagee said that each person who goes to the 'Son of God', should take another person with them. The more who go to hear and see it, the better informed one will be, to accept Christ into their hearts.
(Matthew 11:15 - "He who has ears to hear, let him hear.").

Also, what Mark Burnett was saying (it may have been in an interview with Piers Morgan) that he would rather produce something that is making a difference in a movie, rather than a whole bunch of movies that are less stellar.

When Mark shared with Pastor Matthew Hagee, that when the time came to have a 'generated wind' in the movie, it turned out that there was no need for it. Instead, a WIND suddenly out of nowhere in the desert appeared!!! Mark felt it was the Holy Spirit! Wow! Talk about 'goose bumps!' and GOOD 'gouse bumps,' methinks! We agree and what an awesome validation / endorsement for Mark's and Roma's movie! So, we look forward to going and will be thinking of some people whom we will give tickets to, to turn up at the theatre, and see how their lives will be affected and transpired for evermore.

Last night, while I was reflecting and in 'Prayer dialogue' with Our Father, The Holy Spirit 'Guided' me to get up out of bed, and 'go to the Bible.'. The page fell open to Job 42 - verses 10 to 17 ('God Restores Job's Fortunes') Wow! That tidbit section (that I have been often 'Directed' to) is full of comfort and strength. Also, I have many bookmarks and this particular bittid one had 'The Ten Commandments' inscribed on it. Very timely!

Tidbit - When you invite Christ into your heart, you are forever changed. You have an inner 'edge' because you have turned everything over to Him! And HOPE replaces FEAR; because the Holy Spirit lives within you!

Bittid - If you follow the Will of Christ, the Holy Spirit is your ADVOCATE; and He Guides and Directs your path. Just think of Job and the final section of Job. Pretty awesome, methinks!

In response, to some of my readers. Eventhough I have been writing posts for seven years? (Oh my goodness!); as far as me putting together / designing websites, my apologies, as I draw a complete blank there. I am not a 'techy' soul. LOL! At the beginning, I know I had bits of help from a few kind people to get me started in my 'blogging journey.' However, I am mainly 'self taught,' largely through my tids of 'trial and error.' LOL!

Also before I forget, I would like to express my thanks to all those who find my posts uplfiting. I appreciate your comments, as they in turn, provide encouragement to me, to keep writing!

I love this photo image; as if feels so comforting to me; as if I am right there too!

Peace and God Bless.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Perservere against all odds!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

This past week has gone by far too quickly! Methinks, one notices that more and more, as one gets 'younger!' LOL!

Absolutely awesome with the Women's Hockey; and that through mighty perservance, the Canadian Women's Team won the Gold! A victorious moment for not only our Country, but for women!

To recap, as per the last post, Alan and I take our hats off to all those - both men and women who competed in the Winter Olympics (in Sochi!) this year. In whatever country / nation the Olympics are held, there are huge sacrifices that are made along the tidbitz way to even get there!

Way to go, to ALL Olympians, from ALL countries, be it from going from the 'first place' finishers to those who placed 'second' or even finding themselves (temporarily - until the next Olympics!) in a 'last' place spot. Just the sheer bittidz effort of participation and all the odds that one may face, is awesome! ie. The Russian woman who won Gold for the Figure Skating! Like it just goes on and on; YET to a better tidbit level!!!

I think this is totally magnificent that so many countries and more countries are athletically doing their best with the best!!!! That is the way it should be! No one needs to feel that they have 'lost.' If anything, everyone has GAINED! ie. Through building, and having a better rapport / understanding / disposition towards people of ALL nations in the world. Our world is a 'pretty big place;' and we should welcome the 'macro' instead of fussing and feuding over the bittid 'micro.' That is pretty much tid it, in a bit nutshell, methinks.

The tremendous movie: 'Chariots of Fire' vividly illustrates the 'champion within.' I love that movie, along with its powerful and gripping music! Very true! For those of you, who have not seen it, I recommend it! It is totally awesome and full of encouragement!

Tidbit - Go for it! To all who have a dream; be it Olympics, or whatever your visions are, just GO FOR IT! The KEY ingredient, to 'depend upon' our Almighty Father to Guide us! He takes the Glory and Glory be to Him!

Proverbs 3:
Verse 5: Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And lean not on your own understanding.
Verse 6: In all your ways acknowledge Him;
And He will direct your path.

Bittid - Do not let 'dream stealers' / naysayers etc stand in your way! Rely on the Lord. He IS your Refuge and Strength!

Re: the 'Tidbit' and the 'Bittid', WHEN one genuinely invites Christ into their heart, the Holy Spirit Provides the VICTORY! The 'victory' may not be seen right away; but it IS there! Just simply stand fast and endure the challenges ('against all odds') and continue 'trekking on' with HOPE, FAITH, and TRUST in Our Heavenly Father, as per His Promise, that He Prevails. Be constantly and consistenly confident, courageous, and ALWAYS be BOLD in expecting His Almighty Providence in abundance! Be it in Olympic sports, and / or whatever your dreams / visions are! Also, one is NEVER too old nor too young, to dream! Dream BIG! DARE TO DREAM BIG!

Thought I would include this photo image of the Canadian Womem's Olympic Team. Wow! What an inspiration!

Peace and God Bless

Thursday, 13 February 2014

'Building better bridges' throughout the world!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Am really appreciative of my elixir of coffee today. As mentioned before, Alan prepares the coffee the night before; and then all that is needed is to push the 'on' button the following day. Am reflecting thankfully upon our many daily Blessings.

If one starts the day off by being thankful and grateful, and then continues with a joyful spirit throughout the day, everything is much simpler and takes on a calm. Also, at night because you have 'cast all your burdens upon Him', you are Blessed with being refreshed and free from all strife. In short, you enjoy a good and restful sleep and wake up the next day with an enlightened heart of gladness!

No tid coincidence, when I was 'Guided' to these verses in Proverbs and 2 Timothy in the Bible. Sums everything up in a tidbit nutshell, methinks! Cheers with the remnants of my coffee! Hurrah!

Proverbs 3:26 (Amplified Bible)
Verse 26 - For the Lord shall be your confidence, firm and strong, and shall keep your foot from being caught [in a trap or some hidden danger].

2 Timothy 1:7 (Amplified Bible)
Verse 7 - For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.

Also, my heart goes out to all those parts of the world that are being ravaged by terrible snow / ice storms, freezing rains, flood deluges, hurricanes, drought etc.
The cold Arctic air mass appears to have departed from our area; and it is currently a balmy 7 degrees Celsius. The rain has subsided for a bit and tiny bittids of blooms are starting to appear on our rhododendrons!

As I ponder, I am 'Directed' to refer the following list of verses to those, who could use a tidbitz of an uplifting encouragement. And / or to 'pay it forward' to others they may know of, who would appreciate some comforting and helpful tidbits. This was sent to us a couple of years ago by a good friend.


These are more effective than 911


You are sad, phone John 14
You have sinned, phone Psalm 51
You are facing danger, phone Psalm 91
People have failed you, phone Psalm 27
It feels as though God is far from you, phone Psalm 139
Your faith needs stimulation, phone Hebrews 11
You are alone and scared, phone Psalm 23
You are worried, phone Matthew 8:19-34
You are hurt and critical, phone 1 Corinthians 13
You wonder about Christianity, phone 2 Corinthians 5:15-18
You feel like an outcast, phone Romans 8:31-39
You are seeking peace, phone Matthew 11:25-30
It feels as if the world is bigger than God, phone Psalm 90
You need Christ like insurance, phone Romans 8:1-30
You are leaving home for a trip , phone Psalm 121
You are praying for yourself, phone Psalm 87
You require courage for a task, phone Joshua 1
Inflation/investments are in your thoughts, phone Mark 10:17-31
You are depressed, phone Psalm 27
Your bank account is empty, phone Psalm 37
You lose faith in mankind, phone 1 Corinthians 13
It looks like people are unfriendly, phone John 15
You are losing hope, phone Psalm 126
You feel the world is small compared to you, phone Psalm 19
You want to carry fruit, phone John 15
Paul's secret for happiness, phone Colossians 3:12-17
You have a big opportunity/ discovery, phone Isaiah 55
You want to get along with other people, phone Romans 12

For dealing with fear, call Psalm 47
For security, call Psalm 121:3
For assurance, call Mark 8:35
For reassurance, call Psalm 145:18


We have been watching on TV the Olympics in Sochi, and as per yesterday's post,"Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." is so very true!

This 'Golden Rule' and to be a 'Good Samaritan' is prevailing throughout the Games. The good sportsmanship, the camaderie, the building blocks of future athletes and creating better diplomatic / ambassador ties between nations, is right on! That was so awesome that the Canadian coach gave the Russian cross country skier a ski to put on to finish the race. The Russian skier was determined to finish with his half ski! Plus, one of our athletes gave up his Olympic spot to another team member who, he felt would be in a better position to win a medal. And as it turned out, he did!

Alan and I take our bittid hats off to all the 'Good Samaritans' throughout the world! To all those who are participating in Sochi, be it an Olympian, an organizer, a news broadcaster, the helpers etc. WOW, is all I can say! Also, Sochi looks to be a very beautiful scenic spot!

Our car battery needed to be recharged. Yesterday, as we were waiting for one of our neighbours to help, a young man came along in his car, going in the opposite direction. He saw the jumper cables, and immediately turned his car around and offered assistance 'Johnny on the spot.' Our nearby neighbour was just in the process too of coming to our aid as well. At any rate, this 'stranger's' spontaneous gesture was appreciated (we are also thankful for our neighbours). He just simply knew that we needed a bittidz of a helping hand, and in he jumped. Very much like what happened with the Russian cross country skier.

Tidbit - Make a difference with the 'Golden Rule'. When you are a Blessing to others, your spirits are uplifted as well.

Bittid - When you invite Christ into your life and into your heart, He will never leave you. The Holy Spirit then guides you for evermore.

I enjoy writing; and the Holy Spirit provides me with the words to share my posts. May there be hearts warmed and touched to make our planet a better place! I think that with the Olympics in Sochi, this is a wonderful way, ie.'The Golden Rule' to continue 'building better bridges' throughout the world!

I like this photo image of restful calm and peace!

Peace and God Bless.

Friday, 7 February 2014

"Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Friday again! The bittidz days have been flying by! Cooler temps; no complaints though.

Just got wind of some rather sad tidbitz news re: a friend of ours. I have not spoken nor seen this friend for some bittid time. The friend used to be a close friend. The person was quite unkind towards me and I left it at that. That being said, I gave this 'old friend' a call yesterday, to offer my / our support and well wishes. Suggested that I am not a 'busy body'; and just want to say that I have compassion and empathy for the family and that hopefully, it will work out for all those concerned. Left our telephone number, if the person wishes to call back and that I would be a 'sounding board' if needed.

I got to thinking about how we treat our fellow man. Not really that well, overall. It just hit me all the tidbit more - "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." That is so very tid true. I watched a Tyler Perry movie last night TYLER PERRY'S GOOD DEEDS and the story is very heartwarming and full of compassion and understanding. I really enjoy his movies, as they all have a common theme and / or lesson as to having a genuine compassion and empathy for mankind.

I have found that those who have more empathy, compassion, and understanding, are very often those who have experienced their 'ups and downs' with major obstacles / challenges. They 'have been there, done that' and, they know what it is like.

I was directed by the Holy Spirit to call this 'old friend'; and I know it was the right tidbit thing to do. The message machine was on; and I do not know if I will hear back. However, that was not my motive; it was to uplift and offer a source of bittid comfort, if needed, whenever.

Meanwhile another friend of mine, happened to call me to let me know of the 'situation' and, adding that now I would be able to get my 'two bits in, as that person had been very mean spirited and nasty towards me. Hence, not wishing to have nothing to do with me.' My friend who had let me know, was surprised when I shared what my phone message was to the person. In fact, the friend even 'kibutzed' that now I can do the same to that 'old friend.' ie. Me / us not wanting to associate or having anything to do with that person. My gentle reply was, 'all I wished to do, was to provide a bit of gentle encouragement and compassion; as I have 'been there, done that.' (In other words, do not stoop to doing 'tit for tat.' if you have been falsely maligned etc. Instead Seek His Help and Grace to 'rise above it and show mercy.' Also, imagine yourself in their bittidz shoes. Of course, if you have been through 'stuff,' it is easier to 'be there' with a kind word, action, or deed.

Tidbit - Treat your fellow man well.

Bittid - "Do not judge lest you be judged.' This message is found in Matthew 7;1. The chapter (verses 1 to 6) - 'Concerning Judging Others', sums things up in a tidbitz nutshell.

Glad and thankful it is the weekend again! I like the TLC photo image.

Peace and God Bless.