Sunday, 27 February 2011

Skal to Blessings!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

First of all, we did not have a tidbitz soup repas last night. Alan (he is the one who does most of the cooking; eventhough I do love to cook! At the same time, appreciatively, I certainly do not wish to 'rain on his parade' either! LOL!) We enjoyed the tasty bit leftovers of marinated steak (from Costco) in savoury sandwiches. Tonight, however, we will take zesty delight in a simple green pea soup. The Oscars are on; so that will be exciting to cheer everyone on!

Now that I think about it, each and every one of us has a vital part to play each and every tid day. We can greet each day with joy, OR we can choose to be overwhelmed by 'doom and gloom.' Sometimes, one has to put on an attitude of 'academy award performance' to turn negatives into positives. Praying with positive thoughts and Seeking Him to Direct your Path, certainly helps you get through the tougher times; as He IS there waiting, to Guide you through all situations.

It is more imperative than ever to 'Praise Him In ALL Things;' regardless of your bittidz circumstances. Alan and I have had quite the week; and yet there have been several interesting experiences we have learned along the way. Even today with Charles Price of 'Living Truth,' he shares that to know God, is by experiencing Him in whatever situations we are going through. Like, we need to have total TRUST in Him to Provide; and if the way is 'right' (His Way), He will Give you what you Ask of Him. A tidbit, just know that; and leave everything to and for Him to work out.

As there were quite a few ephifanies we experienced, here is one that really 'gladdened' one of our days. A very close friend of ours was over this past Friday afternoon; and we enjoyed a most refreshing visit. In the course of conversation, I mentioned that she was in my Prayers. Well, her immediate response to me, was to 'Keep on Praying for her, as everything good was happening to her!' (ie Blessings). As the conversation ensued, she also suggested that I was not a 'herd follower.' (Since very young, I have been asked / told by many over the years, 'Why don't you do what everyone else does?' My reponse, Well, if it is right, fine...). As you can imagine, I loved her remark; and, I enthusiastically agreed with her! HOWEVER, there is a however...I then added that 'Eventhough I may not be a herd follower, I am a joyful follower in His Flock.' That was a perfect comeback! A gentle, and yet an exhuberant way to witness to her! She then reminded me that I must continue on with my Prayers for her; inasmuch as I had already started to do so. (No problemo!). Then another friend, has since asked me to Pray for her - ie for to get a job...This was after I told her as well, that she was in my Prayers. So, He has His Way of working the Holy Spirit through each and every one of us!

We have received 'random acts of kindness'; as well as being made aware of deception and lies of various individuals. All we can do, is simply 'Thank Him' and be grateful for our Blessings. A bittid thought - when things appear too much for you to handle, just turn it all over to Him and He will help you through it all.' When you do that, you receive an inner 'peace'; because you know you have 'surrendered' everything to Him. Alan and I know that He has sustained us thus far; so would He do any less now? We do not know what the future is going to hold; yet we do know He has a GOOD Plan for us. Actually He has a good Plan for each and every one of us; as He knows what IS BEST for us all. He loves us all unconditionally; so you can take strength and comfort in knowing that that is so.

Last night's beautiful wintery scene is now being replaced by a major rainfall. In the meantime, our next door neighbour gave us a jar of freshly homemade marmalade jam; which was a wonderful touch to our brunch today. Some time ago, I gave away our last jar of marmalade to a friend; so it was 'extra special' to receive this treat! I have always felt that when one gives a gift, it should be given straight from the heart. Also, if you wish to give someone a gift, it should be something that you would not mind receiving in return. However, that is not the reason you give a gift.

Alan and I appreciated a glass of champagne and orange juice this am; and tonight, we will enjoy the rest of the champagne to 'Skal' the Oscar participants. We have 'safeguarded' the bottle of champagne in our fridge for some time; so today is a glorious day to toast Blessings for all! It has also been a wonderful R & R Sunday; and we are pacing ourselves for the upcoming week's activities. However, we are enjoying today; and that is what we must do each day - is to appreciate the joys of each day.

Embraced the Vision Channel this morning; and with the Academy Awards on, I will not be viewing the other ministerial programs this evening. However, as per my earlier posts, many thanks to all ministries who provide of their time, teachings, hope etc. If you wish to know more, best to check into them; as they are very inspirational and full of encouragement. 'Seek and Ye Shall Find' is very true.

Like the photo image of a popular champagne; well priced and tastes delicious!

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Encouragement & uplifting! See

Good evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Will write back in a bittidz to recap our tidbit experiences since February 22nd. Meanwhile, a good friend of ours sent us this heartwarming message; which I feel compelled to share with you. I am not a computer techy guru, however, I want to relay this wonderful uplift tidbitz to the spirits. You can click on to the title.

To quote our friend, "For those looking for a little encouragement about God or know someone that may be searching for faith, click below and watch this and some of the other testimonials, very encouraging!" Thanks to our friend for sharing this incredible story, which is a miracle!

It is now full fledged winter again! Snowing up a storm! We are thankful to have heat on again! If you wish a bittid of background, you can refer to my recent posts.

Glad too it is the weekend and that we are at home, this quiet Saturday night. We are going to watch the hockey game (Go Canucks, Go!) and hopefully, there is a good classic movie to enjoy later in the evening. It has been quite the illuminating week of 'tidbits'; so bittids to follow in the next post.

Looking forward to also, watching the Vision Channel tomorrow morning - ie. 'Hour of Power'; 'World Impact Ministries'; and 'Living Truth'; and then hopefully tomorrow night, seeing 'Enjoying Everyday Life' and 'Door of Hope.' They are some of the wonderful ministries, if you wish to tune into them!

I like the above photo image! Tonight, we will be appreciating a bit of soup for our dinner; a perfect tid meal on a wintery night! And, a glass of red wine to accompany our repas! 'Skal'(cheers) in advance!

Good Night, Peace, and God Bless.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Good cheer!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

It has been a week since I last wrote! The time has flown by; as if in a tid blink of an eye!

To recap. We did have the meeting and upon reflection (we slept on things), we have taken a pass on that option for now. We have been 'through the ringer' and then some; and it would be just more of the same. We can appreciate the process; (hence jumping through more bittidz hoops); but it would not be prudent or practical. We also have been following up on other possibilities and same scenario. However, we have not lost hope; and we are more reinforced than ever, that Christ IS our greatest and only ally. So, while we continue to endure and work through things, we are totally Relying upon Him to Direct our path. 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light.' Indeed, He IS sustaining us through each and every day! 'Praise Him in ALL Things!'

In our downsizing efforts, we have decluttered a lot of 'stuff.' Like we do not need 'things.' Alan and I are content with the basics; no more, no less. We are experiencing daily changes and making the best of whatever unfolds. As mentioned in the most recent post, those who have gone through tough / challenging times, have more of a genuine empathy and understanding towards others. This is not a criticizm; but it would appear that there is an interesting contrast to those who have not been through too many obstacles. Best to just smile gently to yourself and / or at them, and carry on.

Tidbit - 'Keep it simple.' Appreciate your daily Blessings. ie. Hearing the poignant sounds of robins (and other birds chirping) singing first thing in the morning etc.

Bittid - Have Him as your resolve. Be steadfast in your Faith and Trust in Him, knowing that He will Provide your needs. John 15:5 - "I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me, and I in him, he bears much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing."

We have been without heat (as per the last post) and today, the heating company is here! Hurrah! It is an unexpected expense; however, we have worked out a fair payment plan with them. For these past few days, the temperatures have been below zero at night and just above zero in the daytime. Albeit necessary, it is very strange to be falling asleep with hat, scarf, vests, long underwear, socks, the 'whole nine yards.' We look somewhat ridiculous and have enjoyed a good laugh! A sense of humour always helps! LOL! We are grateful that we have clothing (other parts of the world do not); and extra blankets to boot. Also, the 'elusive' flu bug has lingered; methinks due to the bittid of arctic air in our home. It is warmer outside than inside; however, in a few hours, we will be thankful for the restoration of warmth. We are fortunate we can retreat to our car that has a heater; as well as the provision of hot water.

On Sunday, I watched (with teeth chattering; however, I had my hot cup of coffee; my hands wrapped around my mug. LOL!) a bit of the 'Hour of Power.' Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman's message was most encouraging; and methinks for those of you who wish an uplift, tune into the program for full clarity. ie. Part of her tidbit message: "We're going to talk about our love lives based on 1 Corinthians 13, beginning with verse 7: "Love bears all things. Love believes all things. Love hopes all things. Love endures all things." In other words, love believes!"

Later in the evening, viewing the Vision Channel on our T.V, I caught the last few minutes of 'Enjoying Everyday Life' with Joyce Meyer. Again, her inspiring message also speaks volumes. There are NO coincidences, here folks, methinks! All through these days (and nights) I have been steadily saying Romans 8: 28 - "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Am going to go now, as my fingers are a trifle frozen on the keys. I am grateful that the heat will be on today; as there is a heavy snowfall forecasted for tonight. Winter is still with us; however, I take joy in seeing all the tidbitz signs of spring sprouting forth.

Love the cheerful photo image, with its warm 'words of wisdom.' We all have been given the wonderful 'gift of choice;' however, when you exude genuine 'good cheer', your spirits, as well as others are uplifted!

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Always be thankful!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, since yesterday, it has been a most interesting time! I have quite literally (on my knees) 'thanked Him for our empty bank account', and have ASKED Him to 'fill it up.' I have also thanked Him for our other various 'trials and tribulations'; and also asking Him to Provide and fill those specific needs...Well, 'Lo and Behold', there have been some new developments / changes. Certain bittidz calls both Alan and I had to make, were treated with 'no problem.' Eventhough at the time, I was a tid nervous, He supplied me with the tidbitz words necessary to deal with the issues, that were causing me a bit of dread. I immediately and joyfully exclaimed to Him, 'Thank You!' Certain things appear to have been set on the path of Resolution!

Pastor Jim Penner, of Crystal Cathedral (Hour of Power) suggests that we all thank Him for an empty bank account, along with other 'trials and tribulations.' If you wish a bittid of background, you can refer to my posts - 'Rejoice in all circumstances!' (January 6th); and 'Be confident and joyful!' (February 12th). I repeat again, I can not believe that I would ever thank Him for an empty bank account! We have nothing to hide. We have nothing; but everything, as the 'Truth sets you free!' We are genuinely grateful for Christ; our Blessings from Him; and that is everything! This helps one get through each and every day; knowing that He has a Purpose for everything! Methinks too, one would have to walk through others' shoes, to have a greater appreciation, an empathy, and an understanding towards those who have experienced their tidbits of tough times. ie. The Melt Down (Lehman Bros) and consequent worldwide domino effects and so forth.

What I can take true tidbit solace in, is KNOWING that He IS our REFUGE and STRENGTH! And that He has 'us' (that means each and every one of us; Alan and I are no exception) exactly where He wants us to be. It is a matter of being thankful for ALL our circumstances, and continuing to be trusting in Him in everything! He overcomes ALL obstacles!

Tidbit - Galations 6:9 - "And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time, we shall reap if we do not grow weary." That is an empowering tidbit, methinks!

We are meeting with someone tomorrow; so there may be some new light and validation shed upon our efforts. All I know is, that we are going to 'keep on trekking', regardless. Simply put, we are in His Hands.

Bittid - When one has experienced bittid 'trials and tribulations', there is a more receptive and genuine appreciation, empathy, compassion, and understanding towards those, who have also gone through their share of 'hoops and loops.'

When I think about other parts of the World, that have limited supplies of water or food, and are over run with poverty, drought, famine, disease, bloodshed, floods, storms, earthquakes etc, I am extra thankful for everything (including obstacles). In comparison, all our challenges are very small.

An enjoyable ephifany, when I was Asking Him to 'fill up' our empty tank, I received a tremendous 'peace.' Also, in Thanking Him for 'trials and tribulations,' I could feel certain 'changes' taking place - for the good!

It was been pouring with rain today, mixed at times, with bittids of hail. We are still without heat. ie. A few furnace difficulties; as well as the suggestion for a new hot water tank! Ouch! What timing! However, we are fortunate that we have extra clothing to combat the cooler indoor temperatures. Again, we are thankful for all our Blessings.

Love the above photo image. I have found that the Psalms provide encouragement and wonderful comfort!

Peace and God Bless.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Today is Valentine's Day; so here is wishing you all a 'Happy Valentine's Day!'

It would appear that this 'flu' bug is hanging on a tid longer; so Alan and I are taking a bit of recooperative time out. We are all the more appreciative of our Blessings, as well as each other. To me, Alan is a 'Valentine' everyday; 'just because'... and he treats me royally!

Eventhough we do not have much of an appetite, Alan is going to cook up the marinated steak (from Costco) as it has been marinating for the past few days. The tidbit expression: 'Waste not, want not', applies; and my Mum used to say that often to me, when I was a child! We will also look forward to enjoying sandwich leftovers for tomorrow's evening meal.

Writing of 'Mums,' Alan's Mum passed away from cancer, three years ago today. I remember thinking that she died on Valentine's Day; and when she was alive, she was loved by all who knew her. So, Valentine's Day is all the more a special day to remember her, methinks.

Interestingly enough, Alan recently found some tidbitz cards, with Scriptures of encouragement, that His Mum used to avidly collect, as a Christian warrior in His Service. ie. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 - "Two are better than one...if one falls down, his friend can help him up." That was the type of wonderful person, Alan's Mum was. The 'warm and fuzzy friendly' picture on this bittidz card, is of two adorable golden retriever puppies, each propping each other up! Cute!

Eventhough we have had a rather 'quiet day', we are grateful for this bittid of rest. 'He is our Refuge and Strength'; and we are totally thankful for His Omnipresence and Omnipotence. We have also made a few inquiries about certain matters; and now it is simply a matter of leaving everything to Him to Direct our Path. ie. "He IS the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT."

Tidbit - Have said it before. If everything appears to be overwhelming, simply turn everything over to Him. Ask Him to carry your burdens. Amazing how uplifted you feel.

Bittid - Also have mentioned, 'The Truth sets you free.' Know that He is there for you; just let Him Provide the Solution and rely not upon your own understanding.

I love the Proverbs 3:5-6. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. And lean not upon your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will Direct your path."

Well, am going to go and see what I can do to help with dinner (LOL!); eventhough Alan is preparing all the accompanying tidbits. Also Alan and I will be doing an 'Absent Friends' toast at dinner tonight to Alan's Mum.

An 'Absent Friends' Toast is a Norwegian custom, whereby one raises their glass. as in a 'Skal' to honour those who are not here. It is not restricted to just those who have passed away. It can also be for those who are away, or in the service, or wherever their travels may take them. It is a very thoughtful and kind gesture; and I always feel bittids of 'goosebumps' whenever I initiate or join in such a meaningful toast!

Alan just poured me a glass of red wine (Frontera, a delicious Merlot from Chile); so here is a toast / Skal to 'Absent Friends.' Perhaps you have 'Valentines' who are not able to be with you today; so please feel free to raise your glasses; and 'Skal to Absent Friends.'

I love the 'TLC' photo image!

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Be confident and joyful!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

What started out as a rather sunny morning (albeit cloudy skies), has now turned into a full fledged windy, pouring with rain, dark day. We are glad it is the weekend and that we do not have any pressing tidbitz matters to attend to, today. We are going to simply 'rest up,' soothe a bittidz flu bug, and enjoy a quiet weekend at home. Lots of apple juice, clear soups, and a 'toddy' at night, always help!

It has been another full week; and we can gratefully reflect, with appreciation, that He has sustained and provided us with our modest daily needs and means. We are still 'in the middle' (You can refer to my posts of November 23rd & 25th, 2010 for a bittid of background, if you wish); but tidbit things are gradually being revealed and coming to the surface. The TRUTH always shows up and we are thankful that He is our Advocate, who Overcomes ALL obstacles.

Yesterday, I had a tid of an ephifany! Alan was sharing with me about Abraham and how he doubted God's word. Hence God wanted Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. Well, just as Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac, God intervened; because He knew Abraham was genuine in his Faith for Him.

That being said, it just bittid hit me, that eventhough I love and trust God with all my heart, I have also been a bit discouraged and wearied by some 'extra' trials and tribulations; particularly as of late. Also, when you are not feeling well, you are more prone to being tired and just plain worn down. I asked Him to help me be BOLD (He wants us to come BOLDLY before Him and with EXPECTANCY!). Hence, I 'received' the reasurring tidbit thought from within, 'Turn it around, perservere with Faith and Trust, because I will Provide.' Moreover, when one doubts (the outcome is out of our human control anyway), it can interfere with God's wonderful plan.

So, get rid all bittid doubts, and CONFIDENTLY and JOYFULLY KNOW that ALL Things are Possible with Him. Do not ever give up and keep on trekking; casting all your daily burdens upon Him. Know that He wants the best for you; (because He LOVES you!) and that things always work out for the best; even if we do not see or understand at the time.

Here is another tidbit re: 'Worry: BAD / Prayer: GOOD. "Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Let your requests be made known to God." - Philippians 4:6.

As per my January 6th post, 'Rejoice in all circumstances', I take solid heart and nuturing comfort in reading Philippians 4:13. 'I can do all things through Him, who strengthen me.' Also am quoting here, Pastor Jim Penner (Crystal Cathedral, Hour of Power) his insights of encouragement. ie. "I encourage you that you can do it because there's a promise right here in Philippians 4:13, and it says, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." That doesn't say I can do SOME things; it says I can do ALL things. Repeat it with me: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Do yourself a favor this week. Take this book of Philippians - it's four chapters long, a very short book in the Bible - and read it. It will change your life."

Hope this gives you some tidbits of good cheer; as it does to me. Also more bittids -Best to 'Keep it Simple'; and live one day at a time, trusting in Him in ALL circumstances to Direct your path.

Love the above photo image; looks so cosy and friendly.

Peace and God Bless

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Refreshing ephifanies!

Good Afternoon, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

We enjoyed a restful Saturday; and today we are grateful for the peace that the rain brings. A good day to be indoors, methinks.

Think with everything going on, I am a bittidz run down; so am extra appreciative for this quiet day of rest. Watched 'Hour of Power' with Dr. Sheila Schuler Coleman and Pastor Jim Penner; 'World Impact Ministries' with Peter Youngren; and 'Living Truth' with Charles Price; and 'Cavalry Temple' with Pastor Barber. I was uplifted by their insightful teachings; and thus am encouraged all the more, in our daily walk with Christ. Alan and I have experienced our various 'trials and tribulations'; and today's programs enlightened me with some further ephifanies.

As referred to, in the earlier post, Alan and I are 'in the middle'; and we have quite literally turned everything over to Christ for Him to Direct our Path, as per His Will, His Purpose, and His Plan.

We were a bit let down yesterday; however, we can take solace and comfort in knowing that He has everything in Hand. ie. 'By their words, actions, and deeds', the TRUTH IS showing up and He, our Advocate, will PREVAIL. The lies, deception, the running away and then twisting the truth, being indignant at being exposed, and so forth, are just but a few of the tidbit experiences. Actually I was rather annoyed at the inequities and the lack of integrity displayed. However, I thought, 'Let Him fight this battle and ALL battles for us.' He has already OVERCOME and WON! So, I cast all my cares upon Him; and am confident and joyful in His Promise.

Eventhough, I am not feeling well and a bittid 'flat out,' I am infilled with an inner calm, as I know He IS our Refuge and Strength. Upon reflection, perhaps with the tid obstacles, and then our first time at babysitting, then the disappointment from yesterday, and just feeling a weary, this IS exactly where He wants us to be. Totally dependent upon Him and Trusting Him in ALL circumstances.

When I made mention of seeing things through eyes of a child (twins actually), there is a refreshing perspective, that very simply; have a 'childlike trust' in Christ. We must all be like a child, before we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Being an intellectual, doing good works, etc does not totally cut it. For you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is in Christ's indwelling in your heart, that imparts the Truth. Therefore, He knows your heart through and through. Reassuring to us, is that He is OMNIPOTENT and OMNIPRESENT; as He KNOWS ALL and is ALWAYS WATCHING.

This morning on 'Hour of Power'; there was a family; whose little girl. Gracyn, almost died. Because of her Faith and Trust in God, she survived. A total miracle! All things are possible with Him. Here are a couple of excerpts from the wonderful guest interview. Methinks, best to watch today's 'Hour of Power' from tid start to finish; first hand, for your own heartwarming experiences and ephifanies etc.

"SSC: So it was completely out of your control?

KD: Yes, in fact on Christmas day, the doctor's told us there was nothing that they could do for our daughter. Here she was, lying there on life support equipment. The machines were breathing for her and pumping her heart for her. She was on total life support and the doctors said there's nothing we can do.

And as a father, we're wired to jump in and try to save the day. There's my little girl fighting for her life but I could do nothing. And I thought back to the night before how she had climbed in bed with me and her freezing cold hands on my back were a distress warning that something was terribly wrong. But I had just put socks on her hands and asked her not to touch my back anymore. I had no idea that my daughter was dying right beside me and there I am hearing there's nothing we can do.

And at that moment, God spoke through a scripture passage, a short one, Psalm 46: 10, "Be still and know that I am God." So we had a choice: I could try to save the day when I had nothing to fight it with or I could just be still and place our daughter in the hands of the One who created her. So that's what we did and we didn't know what the outcome was going to be, but we knew that if God was going to take her to heaven, that she was in His hands and that was okay. But if we would just keep praying that He would give her back and if He would do a miracle like that, that that would be okay, too. So that's what we did.

SSC: Total surrender of your child to God not knowing the outcome. That's a tough, tough thing to do.

KD: I'd never been there before, but having been there now, it's an amazing place where you find that only God can do this. And that's where the kind of faith that can move mountains happens, when only God can do it. And when we know only God can do it and we tell everybody around us only God can do this, that's when mountains can move and miracles can happen.

SSC: And God was there with you through the whole process. I just love your book. It's such a testimony and a help no matter what crisis people are facing. And that's what you said in the introduction, you said people are facing all kinds of crisis today: financial or whatever, and I'll tell you there are times when I have a bad day or I feel like there's a crisis in my life and as I was reading that I thought well this is nothing. If they can trust God through the outcome of their child, whose life is at stake, we can trust God with anything else.

KD: Absolutely."

A tidbitz ephifany! Also, there are NO coincidences as Alan and I can relate to some of the challenges. ie. As in surrendering everything to Him; and not knowing the outcome. Or being 'in the middle.' Joyce Meyer of 'Enjoying Everyday Life' shares her insights about being 'in the middle'. (You can refer to my Nov 23rd & Nov 25th, 2010 posts for a wee bit of clarity). For the past few days, I have also been appreciating a solid comfort from Psalm 46:10 - 'Be Still and know that I am God.'

Here is the other awesome quote from the interview.
"GD: This song is called, "Healer" and it says whatever you're going through God will be with you. I listened to this song in the hospital every night before I went to bed and my mom would say to me "one day you're going to sing this in church" and so now I have the opportunity to do that. SSC: Here you are a singing miracle. Thank you Gracyn and thank you Kris and Robin."

He is the doorway to your heart; all you have to do, is to genuinely invite Him in; and He will come in and will never leave you. I love the above gentle looking photo image.

Again, many thanks to all ministries who generously provide their time and sharing the message of Christ. I look forward to watching some more programs tonight.

Peace and God Bless.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

A fresh perspective!

Good Morning, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

Well, we are now home again! We were 'babysitting' for the first time, our wee grandsons and the time just flew! The twins were great; very busy; and 'Grandma MoMo' learned a few new tidbit things from them. LOL! The experience takes me back to my days as a 'young Mum'; and I am thinking how did I manage it? Our hats go off in full support and empathy to my daughter and our son-in-law; they are doing a good job with the boys. A thank you also to them for having everything graciously organized, meals, and all. You can refer to my most recent post if you wish a bittid of background.

We were going to have a showing earlier this morning; but it was cancelled. We are thankful, as we are moving at a tid slower pace this cloudy Saturday! LOL! We have some errands to do as well.

As a bit of a precautionary measure, our pup, Blue, went to 'doggie daycare camp'; inasmuch as it would have been his first time to be in close and constant quarters with the boys. As much as we love our Blue, we can appreciate the parents' concern. And, as a 'Blessing in disguise,' it was beneficial for Blue to interact and socialize with other dogs. He apparently fared well and was a 'star' guest. He was far more receptive; and perhaps being age six (42 years in dog years), he displayed more confidence and playfulness.

Also to recap, Alan and I enjoyed a lovely and refreshing evening with my son; and as a special treat, he ordered in Thai food. We were given the delicious tidbitz leftovers to take home with us; and they wonderfully hit the spot last night!

Do not have much bittidz to share; save that we are 'in the middle', as per my posts of November 23rd and 25th, 2010. We are going to appreciate today; and are grateful it is the weekend.

Tidbit - Reflect upon your Blessings (perhaps some of your past ones, as well as your present ones); and continue to be upbeat, joyful, and thankful for the 'todays' you are given.

Bittid - 'Keeping things simple' always works best; and all the more so, when you are embarking upon new and / or participating in different situations. Also, you gain a fresh and an 'extra special' perspective from the 'eyes of a child.'

Am looking forward to watching the Vision Channel tomorrow morning and / or evening; that is a Blessing; methinks. Perhaps some of you will tune in as well, to some of the wonderfully inspiring and encouraging ministries.

Love the photo image, with its empowering message.

Peace and God Bless.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Take a stand for what is right!

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting, to you, in your part of the world!

February 1st! The past eight days have literally zoomed by us! We have had a lot on our plates; hence non ending activity (save for restful Sunday!). What with showings, exploring further options, etc, it has been a busy time for Alan and I. Gone by in a tidbitz in a blink of an eye!

It would appear that the 'spiritual attacks' have just been turned up full blast. However, we can appreciate a confident comfort, in knowing that He has already won! He has overcome all obstacles! He IS our Refuge and Strength; and thus our Faith and our resolve to 'hang in there', is stronger than ever! To continue taking a steadfast stand in what is right and not be bogged down! We know that He has a Purpose for each and every one of us; hence a good and / or even better plan for us all.

It has not been easy; as we have experienced increased deception, lies, major misrepresentation, guile, pre meditated confusion, 'out of the blue' situations etc. However, the verse: Romans 8:28 provides / galvanizes both a peace and a joy to our bittidz weary spirits. ie. "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Before I forget, our good friend's Memorial Service was held last Wednesday and what a spectacular send-off, she was given! She organized along with her loved ones, her Service and she wanted to make sure we all left with a flower upon leaving the Service. She wanted everyone to 'shine'; and the song, 'Let it Shine' was awesome in the Church; as if the whole Church lit up and came alive!

We have since reflected all the tid more upon our Blessings. We simply say, 'Praise Him In ALL Things.'

Alan, myself, and our Blue will be seeing my son tonorrow night for a bit of dinner and cheering on the hockey game. He, my daughter, and her husband are going away for a few days; a well deserved vacation! On Thursday and Friday, we are looking forward to 'babysitting' our four year young grandsons; and it should be quite the fun adventure, methinks. Afterall, Alan and I are 'like little kids' at heart! LOL! This is our first babysitting experience with them.

Tidbit - Take a stand for what you know is right and for the TRUTH. 'He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Light.' ie. The peaceful protests in Egypt are an inspirational 'light' to nations around the world; as in a domino effect. An encouragement to take a stand for what is right and to bring about positive change.

Bittid - There are times too, when one has to be extra PATIENT; and SIMPLY wait upon the Lord to Provide the Solution. You have done your best, and now let Him do the rest.

When you ponder gratefully on past days, you can rejoice that He has sustained you. Hence - 'Do not fret for tomorrow, as tomorrow will be here, soon enough.' Can not remember where that message is from in the New Testament, however, it is so very true! In tough times, best to take each day as it comes, and give genuine thanks for each day. Then you can enjoy a sound sleep that night; and be ready to embrace the next day / night and so forth!

As per my last post, I made a bittid reference to, "that perhaps we are also being 'tested' by Him, to see what metal we are made of." I think that is a tidbit, worth its weight in gold.

Also enjoyed the Vision Channel on Sunday morning. ie. 'Hour of Power' (Dr. Robert Schuller Sr and Pastor Sheila Schuller-Coleman); 'World Impact Ministries' (Peter Youngren); and 'Living Truth' (Charles Price). I will also tune into 'Enjoying Everyday Life' (Joyce Meyer) online; if not tonight, tomorrow morning. Again, many thanks to all the International Ministries, who provide such wonderful encouragement and solid Biblical teachings / insights around the Globe.

We are glad it is now the end of the day We are about to savour Alan's delicious thin crust pizza (from Costco)and a glass of Chilean Red wine for our meal. Our neighbour who has travelled extensively to wineries all over the world, recommended to us, this particular red Merlot wine, 'Frontera' (I like the name!); as it is excellent both in taste and in price.

I also love the above photo image; as in wearing the 'Armor of God.'

Skal, Peace and God Bless.