Thursday, 27 September 2007

Himalayan Goji Berries!

Good Morning! Hope you are fine; and enjoying the full glory of Fall; or Spring, if you are in other parts of the world. It has been a tid of a few days, that I have not posted any tidbits. My apologies; to those that may have missed reading some of my bittids.

I really enjoy the "Blog"; and it has become more like a journal of thoughts, and hopefully helpful "tidbits"; and / or of the day to day "stuff". It has been a rather interesting time for us; because everything is happening all at once! Life seems to go like that, doesn't it?

Tidbit - Take a breath, take a calm, and just tackle whatever it is you have to do. Live each day at a time. I always ask Him for His help, to carry our burdens; which He does!

I wrote lastly on Sunday, the 23rd Sept; and here it is, already Thursday! In between everything, I managed to pull a bit of muscle (my breastbone); very strange......may have been from an over exhuberant vacuuming! However, it is on the mend; and speaking of "on the mend". we have been working with Alan's parents to help improve their situation. We will have more of an idea next week as to their scenario.

A wonderful tidbit! We have just been introduced to an amazing nutritional beverage, the Himalayan Goji berry.(please see photo image). For those that wish a tid of info, please let me know and I will supply you with a bit! Alan's Mum and Dad can hardly wait til they receive their product; which they will receive on an ongoing monthly basis. AND, it has given my-mother-in-law hope and a new lease on her life! She has already told some of her friends about this special and unique juice; and not only will she be sharing her experience(s) with others, she will be rewarded with monthly income!

Also a bit of bittid, we had the conference telephone call re: the tenant on Monday, the 24th. The Arbitrator "threw it out!". The tenant sent us an email on Monday am; we could not access the info; which looked like "goobly gook"; even our realtor and leasing agent could not make it out. So, the Arbitrator dismissed it; primarily on the grounds that 3 business days are legally required for a postponement. Our tenant apparently was called away on an emergeny business trip; so she had the boyfriend (maybe a lawyer) represent her. So, now they have to start again on us, if they wish. Talk about a waste of time; and we had 2 other professional people lined up with us for the call. I think it is on record that we have a very greedy and manipulative tenant. So, she will have to pay the costs. The "boyfriend" wants "justice done" - well, everything is moot; and it is very obvious that she and the "boyfriend" are "out to lunch!" Monday, Oct 1st, will be a very interesting day; we will be able to determine what the tenant decides to do. Most likely, she will terminate the lease and leave. That would be the best; that having been blogged, we can move Alan's parents into that spot. If she stays, then she is only there til the end of Jan/08; when the lease expires.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

A fun afternoon with Alan's parents and Blue!

We just came in the door from having spent a nice afternoon and lunch with Alan's parents. We picked them up, had a bite to eat, and then went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm sunshine. We took our "puppy", Blue, along with us; and he just loved the freedom of the park and the ocean air! Plus, there were lots of doggies there for him to chase and play with! The picture is our Blue; taken about a year ago, when he was almost 2 yrs old; he has not changed; he is still a "puppy" to us!

Tidbit - Alan's parents' spirits were appreciatively buoyed, as they were "out" of their "prison!" We, in turn, were also uplifted by their joyfulness. "Pay it forward!"

Glad to be home again; and we have another full week ahead of us. Think we will be going to bed early tonight; as we have a very very early start tomorrow morning. We know too, that Blue will have a really good sleep tonight!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday; the first weekend of Fall!

God Bless.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Do you want to be out of the Starter's Gate?

Hi, Well, today is an outrageoulsy different topic; and, I am excited about it!!!

We were unexpectedly introduced to an awesome product today! We are going to participate, because if it helps Alan's Mum, and others, that we hold dear to our hearts. you can not lose! There is NO risk involved; AND, there is a 90 day money back, a 3 mon guarantee! Absolutely incredible! Also, for those that wish not only to improve their overall health, there is a major business as well! We have been in touch (actually, them with us!) with some very successful people; and we think that the monthly monies earned, is totally DOABLE. There may be some of you, who would appreciate a supplemental income, or to help make ends meet a little easier, mortgage needs, perhaps a new family, or fixed income needs, or to buy a house, a property, a boat, a car, a vacation, whatever.....and this may very well, be the ticket! The people that have been in touch with us, are REAL; and the way they have succeeded, is by a team effort; helping others! They actually help us!!! Stop and think about it. How many people genuinely want to help you get successful in a business??? This is pretty fantastic; and I am not tiddying about this, not, one single bit!

Tidbit - If something genuinely catches your attention, go for it!

That is what we are doing; in between everything else. However, this is OUTRAGEOUS! So, for those of you, who are looking to improve your health / overall well being, and / or enjoying a business (from home; or wherever, - on the phone, website, etc. whatever works the best for you) this may be something of key interest. If that is the case with any of you, please comment and we will happily go from there.

Bittid - The gate is open; and we are out of the starter's gate!!! Alan and I will enjoy building this together with others' help; as well, as being of service to others!

In a tidbit or bittid, this is a "win win situation!" There is no pressure; just a viable option for those who genuinely wish to better their circumstances.

Friday, 21 September 2007

First Day of Fall - September 21st!

First Day of Fall; September 21st! What does the first day of Fall mean to you? Is it the brightly coloured leaves, crisper temps both in the ams and the pms, cosy fires, projects on the go, Thanksgiving, whatever comes to mind!

We have been getting a lot accomplished; even with poor Alan's leg. As I eluded to earlier, the "best laid plans of mice and men". Interesting how things have a way of working out; so that everything still gets done!

And here it is, the end of day. It is pouring with rain; am glad to be indoors for the night; not having any committments, save to enjoy being home and to chill out.

Tidbit - Appreciate the seasons; and thus, the vivid change in nature, that comes with each season.

Please feel free to leave your comments on your thoughts of Fall!

Good Speed, and God Bless you all. Good Night!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

New soil, new growth!

Good evening! Am about to say "Good night" in the same breath, practically! Been a long day; a good one. but a tid lengthy!

We had new soil put in today on our common area! This is a fabulous victory! Since my Dad's passing in 1998, everything has been quite a bit neglected. Since we moved in here at the end of May / 06, it has taken all this time, to have this finally done. The new soil, is like a new lease on life!

Tidbit - Till, add, and dig in the new soil, which produces a wonderful garden of life! Look at life that way; a new chance to grow; and in abundance!

Bittid - Appreciate the gift of seasons. Being adaptive to change, is good.

God Bless all of you who read this post.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Arthur! The Big 30! Hard to believe! And, I thought I was becoming younger with each passing year! However, better than the alternative! as in no birthdays! And yes, I was glad about my birthday this year; and plan to be more so with each evolving year!

Alan and I both wish you a wonderful day; it is a great benchmark in one's life. You will be entering a new decade; and with that, you will experience changes and choices; hopefully all for the best; as in onwards and upwards. The good thing is, that you know the difference between right and wrong; and, if you stick with integrity, honour, and truth, these traits will hold you in good stead throughout your life. That is a bit of tid advice from your Mum; however, you were brought up in this manner.

Tidbit - Make the most of each day; particularly if it is your birthday! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, again, Arthur!


Mum and Alan

Sunday, 16 September 2007


"Where is it now, the glory and the dream?"
William Wordsworth
" Imitations of Immortality"

by Langston Hughes

Hold onto dreams
For if dreams die
Life is like a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Hi again. Soon after I had published today's tidbits, Alan's Mum and Dad arrived on our doorstep. A close family friend had taken them to Church; and, as they have not attended for awhile; it was an extra special event for them. The family friend had a luncheon; however, some other people who live close to us, dropped them off.

They were glad to be "out"; and as the photo image shows of the old man in the chair, with his head in his hands, that is pretty much the situation for Alan's parents, at the horrid bit place, where they have literally been dumped into, and left to die. Not a nice scenario. We are thinking that once the tenant leaves (of her own accord) then, we will move his parents in; because they are not currently, experiencing a quality of life. As Alan's Mum said, they are merely just existing; pretty sad, don't you think?

They enjoyed a tidbitz of lunch along with a bittidz beer for Alan's Dad; and a bittidz Bailey's for Alan's Mum. Alan is still on medication; but he did enjoy a beer. I had a glass of champagne! Alan loves his beer; and I appreciate champagne! Go figure! They say "opposites attract"; well, it works! The tidbitz drink uplifted their fragile spirits and hope was restored to them; and they are looking so forward to relocating to their new nest.

Tidbit - Have a genuine empathy and compassion for others. When you uplift and give encouragment to others, you feel so much the better for it!

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

A nice cup of tea in the morning!

This morning Alan made me a nice cup of tea. I was delighted to remain in bed; as it had been a really full week; Alan's injury and all. Fall is certainly here; it is raining as well; so today is a good day for R & R, to quietly 'recharge our batteries', for the upcoming week.

I enjoy watching Joyce Meyer on Sunday mornings; she calls it "as it is"; then followed by Charles Price, who is also an excellent resource on His behalf. We do not attend Church often; however, these programs on the Vision Channel, are very good and uplifting.

Tidbit - If you can live each day as if it were a Sunday; life would be a lot more joyful and simpler. It is so easy to revert back to the old tid habits for the other 6 days of the week.

Bittid - Be thankful for what you have; do not "covet" and long for what you may not have. ie. A lot of people can "covet" someone's choice of lifestyle - "wish I could 'have' your lifestyle.." Well, be it envy, jealousy, resentment, or whatever fills one's heart; it is in the journey and the prices paid to achieve that lifestyle. So many have yet to pay the price; and, it is far easier to just "covet"; whereas, if you ASK Him for His help, He will help you make changes and good choices in your life! Joyce mentioned this today; and she is spiritually right on!

Hope you are enjoying a peaceful R & R Sunday. God Bless.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Appreciate the end of a good day!

Today is almost gone! It came and it went; almost like the snap of one's fingers! The day was a great one; and a lot of GOOD things happened - like a domino and / or a ripple effect!

Tidbit - Appreciate the calm and peace you are left with, at the end of a good day. We have lots of projects on the go; and eventhough Alan's injury has slowed us down for a bit, we managed to get many things done. ie him with his foot elevated a tid, and handling administrative details and business via the phone. Plus, we have prepped stuff for next week.

Am now going to go to sleep; so here is wishing you all Sweet Dreams; and to enjoy a wonderfully good day tomorrow! Love the refreshing photo image of the roses; Queen Elizabeth, I think!

Good Night and God Bless!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Have you ever been on a bit of a "buzz"; ie where you lie wide awake at night, with tids of thoughts "buzzing" through your brain? Last night was one of those nights!

As of late, there have been so many variables and unexpected situations, that my whole head was "buzzing" with non stop activity. I was sorely tempted to just get up and prop myself at our kitchen table and write out a list! That would have been an exceedingly long list! LOL! I think I would have felt better, had I done it; because then I would have had a prioritized organized list for the remainder of this week and over the next few weeks! Like falling or "buzzing" into Fall!

Today has been a beautiful Indian Summer; it appears to be even warmer than our "summer" temperatures were! Have always loved the Autumn and this time of year! The leaves are a gorgeous array of colours; of crimson, yellow, orange, and red!

Enjoyed a long planned lunch with one of my best friends; it was so nice to carry on for a bittidz; as if we had just seen each other yesterday! LOL! We got caught up on quite a lot of juicy tidbitz!

Tidbit - Appreciate and enjoy a good friend. Better still, if you both share a genuine rappoire with one another; in that you can talk about anything; then indeed, that special friendship, is 'worth its weight in gold!' Treasure those precious moments; because they are rare.

Bittid - When you are on "a buzz" at night, just ask Him to give you a good night's sleep; and to put on hold any thoughts; brilliant or otherwise. When your mind is at rest, you are able to enjoy a peaceful sound sleep.

By the way, the RH photo image of the 'Queen Elizabeth Rose', is what we grow in our bit of a garden; and our roses are gorgeous! We have a few beautiful roses in a lovely antique vase, in the middle of our dining room table! Plus our veggies are awesome; and the tid green peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes etc. are fabulous right now! Talk about having a full harvest, "buzzing" with life! There is an abundance of hummingbirds, ladybugs etc; and, with the branches of the tree removed yesterday, more light has been established! So, next year, we will grow our garden produce (in pots) in that newly created bit location. As a tid, earthware pots are wonderful; however, if you are in a climate where the frost prevails, then plastic pots are excellent for that purpose! We have 'earthware' colours; and the pots look so real!

Must go and prepare dinner! God Bless! We are thankful for each and every day! Also, if any of you have experienced not so good a day, just appreciate that you have made it through the day! And, tomorrow is a new day!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Appreciate today!

Sept 11th. Eerie day - thoughts of Sept 11th, 2001. That tragic date totally changed the world forever. We must be vigilant for evermore.

In our part of the world, we are very grateful for our freedom and, for what we have!

First thing this am, the gardening crew arrived! Long long overdue! We have had tree branches extending over the fence into our bittid patio; and now with the branches (most of them were dead)have now been removed. It is a whole new world! Sunlight! Space! And, no longer a dangerous overhang. Also, we have a tidbit Japanese Maple shrub, which is being planted in our front entrance way; replacing some rambling weed like bushes, that have gone wonky. Plus, on the common area, we are being given dirt; dirt dished out in a good way! That spot has been neglected for some 8 years; so there is now a new look; which will encourage healthy growth. We have a couple of rhodos from last year; and a shrub; which we will donate to that location. So with mulching, and a bit of TLC, it will be a huge improvement for all eyes.

Have been a tid 'tied up' for the last few days; so it is nice to be back. Alan has really had to take it easy with his leg; he is still not out of the woods. He will be seeing the Dr. again tomorrow; and hopefully will be given another dose of antibiotics and pain killers. His parents were over on Sunday for lunch; it turns out that they have not eaten much for the last week or so. It just endorses all the more, their vital need to be moved out of their present "home" - you can not even call it that. In recent blogs, I have written a bit about their living conditions; not satisfactory; and once our tenant moves out, we will move them into our old apt. We just hope they will both still be with us, when the time comes. The move will uplift their will to live, and will wonderfully enhance their quality of life; because, right now, they do not have a quality of life. Very sad.

Tidbit - Appreciate today; particularly today, the 11th of September. We are so fortunate to be living in this blessed part of the world. It is not as safe as it used to be; but it is a whole lot safer than other places.

Here is wishing you a good today. God Bless.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Indian Summer - Wonderful time of year!

Good Morning! I love this photo image! It looks so peaceful and tranquil; as in an Autumn calm; where everything is standing completely still. It is as if you can feel the wonderful silence and serene beauty enveloping your senses. As of late, I have "been out to pasture"; so when I see this scene, it is a tidful appropro to describe our most recent bitful days and nights.

Alan's leg is healing; along with the antibiotics; and the morphine is helping to ease the pain. Alan has lost a bit of weight from all of this; so he has inadvertently lost a few tid pounds; picked up from the summer. He wanted to shed a few tid pounds anyway; so this is a bit of a start.

Speaking of summer, we are enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer. The mornings are definitely crisp and cool; but refreshing! Love this time of year! Do not wish to rush the days, but I am thinking of Thanksgiving already! We have the opportunity to go to Pasley for Thanksgiving; as I have never been. It would be wonderful, if my son and my daughter were able to be there with us as well. Everybody can pitch in; and enjoy the fun festivities and a mini R & R holiday.

Tidbit - Appreciate the seasons for their special uniqueness and admire the beauty found in nature; particularly with the changeover from Summer to Autumn. Also, it is a time to enjoy Fall flowers in the house, fires, friends, and family. In a bittid, a return to a "routine" of sorts.

Bittid - Every day is like a "Thanksgiving" to us. We have so much to be thankful for; and we 'Praise Him in all things' each and every day!

My apologies that I have not been blogging; but we have literally been "busy"; just a tid of a bit!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Hi, Finally! Whew! It has been a tid frazzling; however, we have got quite a bit done!

This am, after various phone appts, we went to Alan's Doctor; and he was given a prescription for Tylenol 3's. The morphine that he has presently been given for the severity of the pain, is extremely powerful stuff. So, instead of taking the morphine every 6 hrs; we are going to reduce it to one at night, until no longer necessary. Alan has crutches; but a cane works far better; as the crutches are more of an impediment, believe it or not.

After the appt, we went to see Alan's Mum and Dad. They were at lunch in the depressing cafeteria; and we are all looking forward to moving them out of "that" horrid lifeless place. The food does not even look appetizing. Small wonder people in there, look like skeletons.

We then went and picked up Alan's prescription, got some food supplies (eggs for scrambled eggs...his Dr. highly recommended scrambled eggs!), did some banking, and then headed for home.

We have a dear older friend, who just lost her husband; and most unexpectedly. On our route home, we went to our friendly florist; and he very kindly made up a wonderful arrangement of colourful flowers and fresh salial. Absolutely breathtaking!

Tidbit - Be of good cheer to others; even if you are feeling a tidbitz weary. It is the little things that help. Alan's parents were uplifted by our surprise visit. The florist noticed I was feeling a bittidz out of sorts, and he said, "leave it to me; I will put together a beautiful bouquet for you and for your friend." And he did just that; and I enjoyed watching him put together the heartfelt display! It was an interesting link of events; Alan's parents were uplited by our visit, we left their hovel, that much more appreciative and thankful; and then the florist, who joyfully created a gift of beauty, which in turn gave a lift to our friend.

Our friend is Japanese; and she had tea and special Japanese bean cakes prepared for us. We were taken back in time a bit; and we are honoured that she is our friend. Her husband was a lovely man. Fortunately, she has her son who is staying with her; and close friends nearby to pitch in.

Bittid - When you give to others, you feel so much better. That is so tid true; and it is amazing, how many positive things start happening!

Tidbitical - The doctor suggested that scrambled eggs, ginger, and shitake mushrooms may add a holistic nutritional benefit to help with the recovery re: Alan's shoulder injury. Because of the recent "skin infection" with his leg, the pain in his shoulder, has subsided temporarily.

Bittidical - Also, we came home to our Nikken order; which now Alan is wearing as a support. The product is an "Elastomag Shoulder Wrap"; a mixture of Magnetic and Far Infrared technologies. He has already noticed a bit of gentle warmth and soothing. Can not make medical claims; but it certainly would be nice, if Alan did not need to have surgery at the end of the day.

All in all, it has been a good day; and I am glad that dinner is coming up! Am about to make up some scrambled eggs, mixed in with a fresh green pepper from our tidbit garden produce, and some bittid of store bought Portabella mushrooms. (Portabella, I like that name!)

God Bless.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Good Morning, and a good morning it is! Or at least, at this end!

A tidbitz of an update! We went to the ER last night around the dinner hour; we were given that bittidz gem; that 6:30 / 7:00 ish is the 'quiet before the storm'. We were at the ER for about an hr and a bit; and Alan was administered with his 24 hr antibiotic, via the IUV drip. Apparently, it was an open cut that caused the damage. Alan was very lucky; however, we have to keep his leg elevated as much as possible. He was given the prescription for an oral antibiotic; which means he does not need to return to the hospital for reinforcements. The doctors, nurses, all staff, were just wonderful. Fortunately, Alan receieved swift care. However, a few tid hours after we had been home, he brought everything up. Hmmmmm. combination of the pills, along with the morphine. We called the ER this am to confirm whether the antibiotic would still work; inasmuch as he "upchucked" over our balconey (lovely, I know). He received reassurance; that things would be okay; because the antibiotic via the IUV, had already infiltrated his entire system. Pretty amazing stuff...a 10 min hookup for a 24 hr antibiotic relief.

On another subject, we are glad that we are home for a bit. We were planning to go out of town for another week; but as eluded to in my earlier tid posting, "best laid plans of mice and men"... So instead, we will be staying put for now; and will be attending to our projects via phone; and with people coming to us at home. It is as if Alan is holding court, with elevated foot and all.

Tidbit - Make the most of each day. Whatever plans you make; and if they go awry, welcome the change in a positive way! Very often, it is for the best.

Monday, 3 September 2007


Well, that will be a birthday celebration I will never forget. Oh yes, yesterday was my birthday; and I am glad of it! Will make a tid of a tidbit out of that comment in a bit.

Alan's parents came over for lunch yesterday; they were just so happy to be released from their "prison" - it really is. So, once the 'tenant from hell' leaves our old apt, we will move Alan's parents in there. His Dad is asking all the time, "Has Alan found us a place yet, to live?"

When we were at our beloved Pasley, a week ago today, Alan stepped on a rotting piece of deck two by four on our deck. Our 50+ yr deck needs to be sorely replaced; and it is just a matter of concensus when and how best to do it. (ie in the spring) Well, that fiasco, has really made that a priority in both Alan's and my minds; before it happens to somebody else!!!

It happened that his right knee went right through the deck; and immediately, his knee became very swollen. We iced it, elevated his leg; and for a bit that did a tid of good. Well, then there was major bruising; above and below his knee. We have seen black, blue, red, purple. green, yellow discolourations. As the days went on, the bruising went down his leg and ultimately is now into his foot; which looks like a two by four (very engorged) and toes. The swelling went down a bit in his knee; but his foot is a tid grotesque. He could not put his weight down on his foot yesterday (makes sense)and finally I persuaded him to go to the emergency. "They" (medical staff) took one look at his leg; and asap he was given a drip antibiotic; a 10 min process for a 24 hr antibiotic medication. My dear husband does not like to put anyone out; let alone to admit that he is in physical discomfort. Well, he was administered some morphine for the severity of the pain. Plus he had 2 sets (15 photos x 2) of X rays; because his front calf, was literally all red and burning hot. Hmmmmmm. Immediate alarm signals to the Drs. It turns out that Alan does not appear to have any tidbit broken bones in the calf; but there is a major skin infection underway. (the Dr. even eluded to a 'flesh eating' infection). We hope this is not the case. It is serious; and after 6 hrs of being there - bloodwork, tests, a tetanus shot, (just in case), X rays, crutches, antibiotic drip IUV, we were able to return home. We got home just after 3 am; and we sat outside on our tid balconey, discussing the unusual events that just took place; and also feeling very grateful. The emergency crew were right on the bit. We are returning to the ER tonight again, for Alan to undergo another drip of a 24 hr antibiotic. We have been given a "Fast Track" card; which enables us to perhaps? have quicker service; inasmuch, as Alan just needs to be hooked up with the antibiotic. We may be given more of an idea of what is what, later tonight. And the possibility exists, that we may be coming back to the hospital for the next bit few of days to have the tid of a 10 minute hit, if you will.

I am glad we went; because the previous night we had NO sleep; so I said, "better we have No sleep at the hospital"; because at least you are receiving critical medical attention.

Also, Alan has an old 25 yr old soccer injury in his right shoulder; and it is very painful...rotor cusp and / or arthritis / tenenitis...and the painkillers have not really helped; and there have been quite a few sleepless nights. However, with the raging skin infection, the shoulder ache has disappeared to the back burner, for the time being. Alan is waiting for an ultra sound appt; and currently he is scheduled for the end of Oct. Much too long to wait; so we will be checking out other possibilities to facilitate the process for his shoulder.

Tidbit - I was saying to my son yesterday, when he called to wish me a "Happy Birthday", that I was glad it was my birthday! I am looking forward to another whole NEW year! I believe if we are positive in our outlook, that makes all the difference, in appreciating happy and joyful lives.

Bittid - Do not do as we did. ie If an injury feels weird etc, go get it checked as soon as you can. Playing the martyr does not work; AND, we found the Doctors are only too readily there to help; particularly, if it is in a real emergency; which this was. Eventhough, there was a shortage of staff, the "team' of ER crew were excellent.

Now, Alan has regained a bit of an appetite; I went out and bought some deli sandwiches, along with some chocolate eclairs, when I went to pick up some very necessary prescriptions (morphine). He now has his foot propped up on pillows upon pillows and is like a little kid watching the T.V. I am like "mother nurse" here; checking in to make sure the foot is elevated. No fooling around with this scenario.

We are saying our Prayers; and please feel free to make comments, and or, to say some Prayers, if you wish.

"Best laid plans of mice and men" - so very true. However, as an added tidbit/bittid combination, just go with the flow, one day at a time; and keeping life SIMPLE.

Now, to go and get ready to head back to the ER. Hope all will be well.

God Bless.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Hugs are good!

We are home again! Where or where has July and August gone? For all the joys in being away, there still is no place like home! Lots of fresh running water, electricity galore, the works!

We returned from our beloved Pasley on Thursday; and we have been on the go ever since. Thank goodness, it is Sunday; and I do not mind the rain! Today will be a good day for a cosy fire!

Alan's parents are coming over for lunch today; and that will be a fun and sane break for them. To reiterate, their present lodgings are dreadful. We were there yesterday for a tid visit; and when Alan and I left, we were literally shaking our heads. A cantankerous old lady waving her cane, being nasty nasty to all those around her, saying that she has the right of way with her walker, (that she hates!)her sore ankle; which she says is why she is in need of the walker. Then all the other old folks, all just limply and sadly seeing their lives slipping away; and trying to think of an "escape"; asking us if they can leave with us; as we practically run for the exit to 'freedom'. And a lot of these people are in wheel chairs; and are constantly poised "ready" to wheel out at any open opportunity! It is not humourous; however, can you not see a whole brigade of wheel chairs zooming for the doors - all at once? Very depressing and crippling conditions and no warmth or genuine TLC anywhere in that empty vacuum of an institution. They are all being shuffled and tossed aside, as if they were just bit numbers, in a morbidly cold, aloof system. Very tragic to see. And, this very same little old lady was unnecessarily rude to my mother-in-law. In fact, she was in an explosive rage to all who crossed her path, be it in our shared very slow moving elevator or wherever. The others around her, just accepted it; they either ignored, or were too tired / fragile to fight.

Tidbit - Reach out genuinely to those that you recognize, who are in sadness or pain. Once off the elevator, I decided to go up to the little old lady; and gently tapped her on her shoulder. She turned around, glowered at me for a tid of a bit; and then I said I would like to share a bit of tid with you. (I did not say those exact words; but that was the drift) She looked at me with amazement and puzzlement; and I could see in her eyes, that she really did not like herself; thus the anger, bitterness, resentment, loneliness, and sadness. I softly said, I am going to give you a hug. I gave her a hug; her eyes welled up with major tears. I told her that she was worthy and very worthy of a hug. She could not believe it! I thought she would never let me go; and, she gave a good hug back. I suggested that she has a lovely face; and that she would be far more attractive, if she would just SMILE. I said, "try it, you might like it", I also re introduced her to my in-laws and husband; and she said, "oh yes, dear, they are lovely people". Well, that is a start, I guess. Then, she gave me her floor / room number and implored me to come and see her. Well, I was not expecting that gesture; and yet it is not surprising. So many lonely and sad people in that dwelling or 'hell hole'. I will make a point to take her some beautiful flowers and some bittid momento to remind her to smile daily. Besides, smile lines are so much better than frown lines!

Bittid - "Smile, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you cry alone". My Dad always had that wonderful philosophy.

A tidbitz update: When our 'tenant from hell' chooses to move out, we will move Alan's parents in; so that they can live out the rest of their days in peace and comfort. We have been provided with a service, that will prepare their meals, clean, take them out for errands and walks, for a few hours each day. Of course, we will be there in a heartbeat if needed, as well. They want to pay us rent (which will be nice too)but, they will not be having to pay as much as they are for their present spot.

On other bittidz matters, things are working themselves through. We have a lot of projects on the go; and once again, we rely soley on Him to provide the solutions in all regards.

Here is wishing you all a nice Sunday; and Happy Labour Day Weekend.

God Bless.