Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Press on with 'Bulldog Faith!'

Good Evening, or whatever is the best greeting to you, in your part of the world!

My Oh My, where do the tid days go?!

Have not forgotten about you, or writing some tidbitz posts. However, we have had a few bittidz ‘curve balls’ thrown at us. Just when we think certain things are FINALLY going to work out, then ZING!  There is an entourage of ‘out of left field’ happenings.  From our foes, who do not wish it to be so.  Sadly, they have already lost, because they have not invited Christ into their hearts.

Alan and I have been walking in His Service for many a day. It started when I first met Alan, coming up as of June, 14 years ago.  That is how we engage in our daily living. ie. Living thankfully one day at a time, with Him as Our Guide. No sense grieving over the past, and no sense either in worrying about the future. That is not to say, that we do not give ‘wisdom’ its due. We just live simply and one day at a time. It makes life a whole lot easier and with more joy.

We appreciate many ministries; and one of them is the Copelands. They are so ‘down to earth’ and they have been exceedingly helpful to my growth and daily walk in Christ. A ‘hearty’ thank you, to them!

Recently, actually very recently, we were hit with a major disappointment.  Totally unthinkable!  I know we are not alone in this particular bit arena. However, that being said, Alan and I have ‘dusted ourselves off,’ and we are HEARTILY moving forward, against all odds. When I say ‘against all odds.’ I am referring to the ‘secular’ bittid matters that seem to overtake the world. Fears, doubts, angst, discouragement. bitterness, anger, and so forth.  We have CHOSEN instead to RELY upon Christ to Direct and Guide our paths. Plus, He IS the Source and we believe in the tidbit ‘unseen’ versus the ‘seen’ of the world.

The two week series that I have been absorbing heartily on TV as of late, is the building of ‘Bulldog Faith’ and it  is totally ‘gripping.’ When you watch and comprehend Gloria Copeland’s and Pastor George’s tidbits of insights, methinks, you will be Blessed with Wisdom and Understanding, that will help you through the maze of bittids of challenges you may be facing each day.

Their inspiring series started on April 18th; and I heartily recommend you tune into them. The word, ‘heartily’ is mentioned in today’s teaching; and it is such an AWESOME word!

Tidbit – NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Do not quit; no matter how hard things may appear for you. Have the ‘Bulldog’ Faith to continue to have Hope and Faith, as well as enduring resilience and claiming victory over any and all circumstances!

Bittid – As the true expression goes (my Dad said it often) ‘ You can take a horse to water, but you can not make it drink.’ 

In addition, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil.’ Sadly, we have observed that first hand. 

However, at the end of the day, Our Father will judge and determine one’s eternity; based on their heart; and NOT upon their, status, wealth, ‘friends’, and / or good works.  One needs to genuinely Invite Christ into their heart and to daily follows His Commandments.  Those who are deceptive, manipulative, controlling, arrogant, prideful, indignant, power tripping, whatever, that will not ultimately cut it with Our Heavenly Father.

We Pray there is a rethink; hence a re evaluation in their lives.  Look at how many 'ordinary' people became His wonderful examples in the Bible; and such 'shining' people in His Service!  It is not too late!

Last but not least, here is a stellar piece of wisdom from Gloria Copeland about Patience and Faith. This is No coincidence, as this arrived at a very appropro time for us.

Press on with Patience

Be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.
(Hebrews 6:12).

"You've been walking by faith. You've been believing God to meet your need.
But what do you do when the results seem slow in coming and you are tempted to give up?
Be patient!
But when it comes to receiving from God, it is just as important as faith.
Patience undergirds and sustains faith until the result is manifest.
After you have meditated on the promises of God and have them in your spirit, patience
will encourage you to hold steady.
Patience is power. It has the courage to refuse the lie of Satan that says the Word is not
working for you.
It knows that God's Word has never failed.
Patience will not draw back in fear but will press forward in faith until you have
the answer.
When the results of your faith seem slow in coming, don't give up!
Continue to put the Word first, with patience, and you will surely receive the
promise of God!"

Peace and God Bless.

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